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Last update: 2015-07-28

003 Take A Jump- Overcome Fear

Length: 18s


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Ep 0002 - Annie Edson Taylor

Length: 16s

Annie Edson Taylor made headlines for being the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrell.  Discover what drove her to do and what we may learn from her stunt.


Visit Songs Inside to see photos of  Mrs. Annie Esdon Taylor




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Ep001 Keep On Singing

Length: 15s

Episode 001 the birth of Songs Inside -   I thought it would be appropriate to share a birthing story. This story is the birth of my son Severin, the oldest Forrest was also born at home, Zander the youngest was born in a hospital.   I mention the book Spiritual Midwifery in this episode you can find it here -   http://amzn.to/1dchC6m        If you have a story of birthing to share, I’d love to hear it  send me an email to kate@songsinside.com or leave me a voicemail  802-321-3485   I share the song Keep On Singing - it gets you through the harder times.     Here is how you can get a download of this song.  Leave an honest review on itunes or sticher, then  email me a copy of your review to kate@songsinside.com  . Listen to episode004 you may hear your review read on the podcast.     You can show your appreciation for the show by visiting http://songsinside.com - join the growing community of “insiders” and share it with others so they can discover this for themselves as well.   Till next time…. We all make a difference -remember- We got the power to change the world



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Ep 000 Introduction

Length: 13s

Defining feminism

A review of The Second Sex

President Obama - Lilly Leadbetter Act

First Lady Michelle Obama on Family

Theme Song - You Got The Power


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Songs Inside:Songs and Stories for the Second Sex

Songs and Stories for women to empower, educate and entertain women.

Songs Inside:Songs and Stories for the Second Sex

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