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Last update: 2015-09-14


2015-09-14 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland

Michigan Outsider @RichGreene80 talks Harbaugh, Michigan football and his self-imposed ban on the NFL.


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Sportstalk313: NHL Trade Deadline

2015-03-03 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland

NHL Trade deadline

Suh… gone? Baseball is back! …


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220 podcast

2015-02-20 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland



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Sportstalk313: Some Tigers, but mostly Red Wings goalie talk

2015-02-10 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland
Length: 1s

Jimmy Howard is the starting goalie for the Detroit Red Wings!

Public Domain Techno …


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Sportstalk313: Guest Chris Iott

2015-01-27 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland

Special Guest Chris Iott from Mlive!

Beer of the week: Griffin Claw 3 Stooges Winter Ale. Brandon Jennings is injured, now what? Jimmy Howard haters are silly Superbowl hype! and actual talk about the game being played on Sunday. …


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Sportstalk313 1/20

2015-01-20 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland
Length: 1s

Beer of the week: Rochester Mills MILKSHAKE STOUT

Don Kelly

Max Scherzer 7 years. 210 Million Dollars. 15 year deferment.

Tigers rotation aftermath.

Red Wings- Looking good still. 4 in a row. only lost 11 in regulation

Tatar and Nyquist

What to expect from Pulkiennen

Are the Red Wings a contender?

Pistons-  Fall to the Hawks, the Hawks are good, Pistons are still playing really well.

Lions, Dom Raiola- His career in reflection


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Sportstalk313 1/15: Special Guest- Sean Baligian

2015-01-15 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland

Beer of the week: Magic Hat Snow Roller. Hoppy Brown Ale

Pistons! Form a F***ing Wall!

Red Wings - Howard. The Mrazek show!

Max Scherzer… what’s up?

We talk with Sean Baligian about the College Football Playoff, Big Ten, and the Plymouth Whalers.


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Lions Pass Interference

2015-01-06 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland

Beer of the week: at water brewery, Vanilla Java Porter

LIONS Pass Interfernce/officiating/ What cause the LIons to win or lose.
Matt Stafford overall? Matt Stafford in Dallas
Pistons- Josh Smith


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Harbaugh/Lions Playoffs

2014-12-30 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland
Length: 1s

Beer of the week: Griffin Claw raymondo el Rojo

Lions and Suh


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Sportstalk313 1212

2014-12-11 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland
Length: 1s

Beer of the:Frankenmuth brewery Xmas town ale
Pistons are the worst
Babcock rumor


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Sportstalk313 1204: Hoke’s Hoagies

2014-12-04 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland
Length: 1s

Beer of the week: White Christmas, Ale brewed Spice Samuel Adams
Red Wings: Getting in a groove. Starting to look like a complete team, it’s all health from here. Status quo.
Pistons still exist, are the worst Pistons ever?
Lions and Tampa [...]


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Sportstalk313 11/26 Thanksgiving!

2014-11-26 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland
Length: 1s

Beer of the week: Right Brain Brewery CEO stout
Red Wings: Stephen Weiss looks good. Datsyuk is back.  Oullet in. Jurco is still on the bubble? Cleary still hanging on. AND THE ISLANDERS.
Pistons exist. Still suck.   
College baske [...]


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Sportstalk313 11/13

2014-11-13 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland


Beer of the week: Guinness Blonde American Lager

Red Wings debuting in GR

Pavel Datsyuk is back friday against the Blackhawks


Pistons I don’t even.

TIGERS hotstove: V-mart 4-years 17.1

Davon Travis for Anthoy Gose !?!?

Alex Avila Trade Rumors Boston and Atlanta?

Michigan State drubbed by OSU.

Lions and Arizona

Drew Stanton!!!!  Carson Palmer’s injury.

8-1 vs. 7-2  HOLY CRAP

Reggie Bush might sit out again. 


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Sportstalk313 11/6

2014-11-06 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland

What you would have heard had technology not failed us:

Beer of the week: Magic Hat Encore

Pistons: Josh Smith Sucks

Red Wings: Dan Cleary Scores, lose overtime… interesting officiating… Gustavsson out

Devils Friday, Tampa sunday

Where the podcast actually starts:

Lions and Miami, 6-2 beginning tough stretch

Calvins, Reggie back, TEs are practicing, Fairley is gone. CJ Mosely is back.


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Sportstalk313 10/30

2014-10-30 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland
Length: 1s

Beer of the week: Short’s Autumn Ale

World Series (sort of

Pistons Start the season

Red Wings, Weiss, and what not

Michigan and Indiana (not really)

Michigan State and NCAA rankings

Lions and Atlanta in London:


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Sportstalk313 10/23

2014-10-23 :: Ryan Larimore/Justin Samland

The guys preview the local sports action coming up this weekend.


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