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Last update: 2008-12-25

Episode 2 - Disunity, Part2

2008-12-25 :: Tanveer Naseer

"Disunity, Part 2" is an action/thriller story that follows up on the events set forth in our Parsec-nominated premiere episode "Disunity". If we said anything more about it, we'd ruin the surprises in store for you in this episode. So get ready and hold on tight as the ride is about to begin. Featuring special guest star Kurt Carley reprising his role as the Shan Rihannsu Leader. …


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ST Unity Project Update #1

2008-09-18 :: Tanveer Naseer

Join executive producers Tanveer Naseer and Matt Boardman as they discuss the latest news regarding their Star Trek: Unity series, including the latest on the next episode, "Disunity, Part 2" and new information regarding the CGI animated series. …


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Disunity - Director's Commentary

2008-03-13 :: Tanveer Naseer

A look behind the scenes of the making of Star Trek Unity's first episode "Disunity" with director Tanveer Naseer. This commentary also provides some insights and clues on what listeners can expect to hear in the second audio prequel episode in the Star Trek: Unity series. …


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Episode 1 - Disunity

2007-12-15 :: Tanveer Naseer

The premiere episode of Star Trek Unity, "Disunity" is a mystery/suspense story featuring Special Guest Star Kurt Carley. Although the exact plot for this episode cannot be divulged since that would only ruin the mystery for our listeners, we can say that the story is an allegory to a contemporary issue facing our world today. …


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Star Trek: Unity

Star Trek: Unity is a fan-produced series based in the time period between Star Trek: Enterprise and The Original Series (TOS), specifically 7 years after the founding of the Federation. These audio-only episodes tell the stories of how the crew of the USS Unity came together and the adventures they experienced before starting their journey out to the stars . . . and beyond. Visit us at www.StarTrekUnity.com for the latest news on this fan-produced series.

Star Trek: Unity

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