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Last update: 2015-09-01

Lukla Apparel and BucketFeet Footwear

Length: 33s

Startup Parachute kicks off in style with Lukla Apparel, NASA-influenced outerwear, and BucketFeet Shoes, a global artist-inspired footwear company getting some serious traction. Plus you'll hear advice from a renowned crowdsourcing expert.


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Startup Parachute

Universities have always been the organic birthplace of new ideas. Students are changing the business climate from their dorm rooms and turning simple ideas into empires. This podcast began in a very similar way. Twins Sam and Dillon Reynolds, college students at Indiana University and Miami of Ohio, respectively, saw the need to bring a voice to the ever-expanding college startup movement. Startup Parachute is a weekly podcast that highlights the inspiration, motivation and how-to’s of doing instead of dreaming when it comes to starting a business in college. This podcast is here to inform, entertain and inspire students, offering insights into areas such as, product development, marketing, funding, scalability and building an audience. The startups featured range from fashion to smart devices and music to social media moguls. Each episode features the unique path each startup took, making each show a new and different learning experience. In the shows, you’ll hear interviews, discussions and engaging stories from student-led startups and business icons from each campus. Tune in to be inspired.

Startup Parachute

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