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Last update: 2013-06-07

PitchCamp is Back!!!


After a long break, we’re bringing back PitchCamp!. StartupLounge Co-Founder, serial entrepreneur, and PitchMaster Scott Burkett is back and will be leading this workshop on crafting a great mid-sized (6-10 minute) pitch. If you’ve got a pitch, bring it along! If not, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be edu-tained! PitchCamp is going [...]…


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StartupLounge Atlanta – March 28th, 2013!


Dear StartupLoungers! Registrations for StartupLounge Atlanta on March 28th are now open! Come on in – the water is fine! (and we think we have the registrations bugs from last year ironed out!). See you soon! …


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StartupLounge Atlanta November 7, 2012


The last StartupLounge Atlanta has been scheduled for November 7th and the signup form is now available. Just click on the link to the left of the page to get the ball rolling. It turns out that this date coincides with the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Being the Venture Communists that [...]…


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StartupLounge Savannah!


StartupLounge Savannah is back! The event itself is Thursday, October 25 from 6-8 and the application deadline is September 24th, so hurry! If you’re a startup or an investor and need a reason to visit one of America’s most beautiful colonial cities, what better excuse do you need? Apply here, and we’ll see you [...]…


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SL #44: Marshall Seese / Mowgli Games

2012-07-10 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 4s

Welcome to SL #44! Yes, we know.  It has been two and half years since our last podcast.  Well, the hiatus is over … we’re back!  The other day, we sat down with Marshall Seese, founder of Mowgli Games, and had an awesome chat.  Among the many things we discussed were Mowgli’s inaugural social [...]…


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StartupLounge Atlanta June 19th!


StartupLounge Atlanta is back! Apply now to attend on of the Atlanta venture community’s signature networking events for early stage entrepreneurs and the investment community! …


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Startup Spring Fling!


StartupLounge is proud to support and sponsor Startup Spring Fling 2012! Friday, May 4th, 4:30-10:30, Avondale Estates. The name of the game here is FUN and OPEN.   We’re roping off several blocks of Avondale Estates for our own devices.  We’ve got games, live music, craft beer and food trucks!  Even a dunking booth! There’s no application [...]…


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StartupLounge ATL March 20th!


Greetings StartupLoungers! StartupLounge is back and our first event of the year is on March 20th, 2012. The investment scene in Atlanta has been hot for awhile so if you’re looking for capital get out there! We’ve also got some cool surprises that we think will make the event just a little [...]…


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StartupLounge Atlanta, October 19th


We’re heading toward the end of registrations for StartupLounge Atlanta on October 19th. Once again, we’ve got good demand from investors and entrepreneurs. Apply now! …


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StartupLounge Savannah – Sept. 15, 2011


The second StartupLounge in Savannah will take place September 15th, 6.00pm-8.00pm. The best and brightest entrepreneurs in the Creative Coast will gather for an intimate albeit engaging evening of “face time” with investors from Georgia and the Southeast. The purpose with the event is to improve the capital environment for early stage companies with high growth potential in the [...]…


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Co-Founder Speed Dating from StartAtlanta


One of the questions we’re frequently asked is how & where to find co-founders. The gang at StartAtlanta has put together an event to help you – Co-Founder Speed Dating. It’s taking place on May 18th and you must apply to attend and pay a $25 registration fee. StartAtlanta did a great job with their [...]…


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Bubble or no bubble? to hell with it


There’s a lot of discussion on Twitter, Quora, blogs, et al. about whether we’re in another Internet bubble. Steve Blank makes a compelling case for a bubble and we see no errors in his reasoning but it’s a red herring for those of us in Atlanta. This phenomena is occurring outside of the Southeast. Deal flow is better than in [...]…


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Mike’s Office Hours – Jan. 20


We’ll be at Taco Mac Perimeter on Jan. 20 from 4-7pm to answer your questions and get NFL playoff picks from Mike who vanquished the competition in his fantasy football league. …


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Mike’s Office Hours – Dec. 21 4-7pm @ Taco Mac Perimeter


We’ll be at Taco Mac Perimeter next Tuesday, December 21 from 4-7pm to answer your questions. Grab a beer and let’s talk about what you’re doing. …


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Georgia’s Innovation Connection


  If you’ve been wondering how you can get to the big technology buyers in Atlanta, you may get your chance.  In collaboration with the GA Department for Economic Development, the Technology Association of Georgia, the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Advanced Technology Development Center, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and Venture Atlanta, we are organizing a special [...]…


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StartupLounge Festivus, UGA-TI:GER Pitch-Off, and Mike’s Office Hours


Though we don’t have a StartupLounge Atlanta event this quarter, we’re bringing the action all over Atlanta in the next few weeks. StartupLounge Festivus Tue, Nov 30 7-9pm @ 151 Locust • registration is required (free) → Go to http://www.meetup.com/151locust/calendar/15414492/ for registration, latest details, and directions. In what has become something of a tradition, we’re working with our [...]…


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StartupLounge Savannah – Nov. 2


StartupLounge is taking the party on the road to Savannah, Georgia on November 2. The best and brightest in the Creative Coast entrepreneurial world will join investors for cocktails, gourmet food, and engaging discussions. Our hope is that those engaging discussions, especially amongst the entrepreneurs, are continued in the months to come. For those new to StartupLounge, this [...]…


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StartupLounge Changes for 2010


Crossposted from Unblakeable.com… 2010 marks a new direction for StartupLounge.  We are shifting our conversation away from funding businesses to building businesses.  This doesn’t mean that we think that funding businesses is unimportant.  However, other grassroots organizations are picking up that banner and our voice, frankly, is no longer needed in that particular discussion.  For any organization [...]…


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SL #43: Atlanta Technology Angels (Live at 151 Locust)

2009-12-28 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 49s

Welcome to SL #43! Recently, we got together with Gordon Rogers, the new President of the Atlanta Technology Angels (ATA), and had a great discussion about the current state of the Atlanta startup ecosystem, the angel investing landscape, and the merits of eating potato chips while trying to interview someone for a podcast.  This was [...]…


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SL #42: ATDC Now Rebooting … Please Wait

2009-08-20 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 33s

Welcome to SL #42! Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few weeks, you are no doubt aware that change is in the air down at the ATDC.  Stephen Fleming, recently promoted from his post overseeing Georgia Tech’s VentureLab is now the Vice Provost of the Enterprise Innovation Institute, and has folded VentureLab [...]…


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SL #41: AWE – June 2009 – Atlanta Startup Cloud

2009-06-29 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 0s

Welcome to SL #41! Mike Schinkel was kind enough to ask us down to speak at the monthly gathering of the Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs (AWE) group.  Initially, we were going to host a panel on raising capital (or something similar), but after a few conversations, the three of us decided to change it up a [...]…


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SL #40: Value Plus Ventures

2009-05-23 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 30s

Welcome to SL #40! There have been a number of new venture funds cropping up in Atlanta lately, which is helping to propel Atlanta’s early stage scene.  One of those funds, Value Plus Ventures (co-founded by former Noro-Moseley partner Steve Nusrallah), has entered the market with a very unique, hybrid venture model.  There have been [...]…


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SL #39: ATDC Entrepreneur Showcase 2009

2009-05-22 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 23s

Welcome to SL #39! In the spring of each year the StartupLounge crew packs up our studio and heads down to midtown Atlanta and records live on location at the ATDC’s yearly Entrepreneur Showcase event. This is always a wonderful event which features a new wave of graduating technology companies, and a new class of [...]…


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CapitalLounge Rescheduled!


We unfortunately have to announce that we are moving the date of the upcoming CapitalLounge event to June 10, 2009.  The time and location will remain the same. We have made this decision so as to avoid a conflict with the BIO conference that week, which is the largest biotechnology investing and innovation trade conference in [...]…


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SL #38: Intersouth Partners

2009-03-23 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 32s

Welcome to SL #38! In our first broadcast from our new recording home in the plush new offices of HA&W (a staunch sponsor and advocate of our efforts here at StartupLounge), we sat down and a fantastic chat with John Glushik of Intersouth Partners.  In addition to the staple series of questions we ask of [...]…


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Change of Venue for CapitalLounge!


Unfortunately, we just received word that our normal location for CapitalLounge (The Pavillion of Dunwoody) has had to close their doors due to a disagreement with their landlord.  So, for our upcoming event on Wednesday, Februrary 25th, we have had to change the venue. If you’ve already applied and been accepted to attend, you should receive [...]…


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SL #37: Shotput Ventures

2009-02-09 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 23s

Welcome to SL #37! There has been quite a bit of discussion over the past year or so about the possibilities of a Y-Combinator type venture fund here in the Southeast. After a few failed efforts (notably Boostphase), we finally have one off the ground here in Atlanta.  David Cummings and Sanjay Parekh, two of [...]…


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SL #36: StartupLounge Documentary


Rick Cohen of Endorphin Entertainment was kind enough to shoot and produce a short 5 minute documentary on StartupLounge.  It isn’t a full documentary, but it does provide some interesting glimpses into what goes into putting together our big quarterly CapitalLounge events here in Atlanta.  Good stuff! Click the video below to view. If you [...]…


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SL #35: A Conversation with Frontier Capital

2009-01-16 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 5s

Welcome to SL #35! We kicked off the 2009 podcast season with a great chat with Joel Lanik of Frontier Capital out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Frontier is one of many regional venture capital funds that routinely visits Atlanta in search of new deals.  In addition to talking about their newly closed venture fund, we [...]…


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SL #34: Ken Stewart, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development

2009-01-01 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 5s

Welcome to SL #34 (originally recorded on 12-15-2008)! We thought a great way to close out the 2008 year would be to sit down with someone who can provide some valuable insights for Georgia-based entrepreneurs who are looking at an uncertain economic climate in 2009.  We sat down and had a nice chat with Ken [...]…


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SL #33: Atlanta’s Tech Operators

2008-11-16 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 21s

Welcome to SL #33! We sat down and had a blast with Glenn McGonnigle, one of the founding partners of Atlanta’s newest venture capital fund – Tech Operators (founded by Glenn, Tom Noonan, David Gould, and Said Mohammadioun). We discussed a variety of things, including the details of the new fund, the landscape in the [...]…


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SL #32: Spotlight: Accelereyes

2008-11-05 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 15s

Welcome to SL #32! In the first of a new series of short podcasts at StartupLounge.com that focus on profiling early-stage companies in the Southeast, we sat down with John Melonakos, co-founder and CEO of Accelereyes.  These guys are a very cool new company here in Atlanta which provides some exciting technology that they believe [...]…


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SL #31: Don’t Despair!

2008-10-31 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 26s

Welcome to SL #31! Join us for a very cool chat with Dr. Lawrence Kersten, the king of demotivation, and co-founder/COO of Despair.com.  He shares with us the fascinating (and hilarious) entrepreneurial story of Despair.com. Making lemonade from lemons is never easy, but these guys did it through viral marketing and persistence, and are rocking [...]…


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SL #30: Catalyst Magazine Panel on Raising Capital

2008-09-12 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 8s

Welcome to SL #30! Catalyst Magazine recently hosted a panel on “Raising Capital” at The Vinings Club here in Atlanta. The panel featured Greg Foster (Noro-Moseley Partners), Brian Patrick Cork (Brian Cork Human Capital), and Braxton Jarratt (CEO, ClearLeap). Catalyst asked StartupLounge to moderate the panel, which we were more than happy [...]…


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SL #29: Getting Engaged with Noro-Moseley

2008-08-23 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 31s

Welcome to SL #29! We recently sat down with Alan Taetle of Noro-Moseley Partners, one of the largest venture capital firms in the Southeast.   Joining him was Greg Foster, who recently joined Noro after driving the corporate venture arm of Turner Broadcasting. If you want to know what drives Noro, and these two investors [...]…


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SL #28: Angels in Atlanta

2008-08-15 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 11s

Welcome to SL #28! Join us for a great chat with two of Atlanta’s most well known angel investors. Sig Mosley and Charlie Paparelli joined us for a intriguing deep dive into the angel environment in Atlanta. If you are seeking angel-level capital in Atlanta, you owe it to yourself to tune in [...]…


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SL #27: From Bootstrapping to Entrepreneur of the Year

0000-00-00 :: StartupLounge.com
Length: 1m 25s

Welcome to SL #27! Join us for a great repeat visit with Mitch Free, founder and CEO of MFG.com. A lot has been happening with MFG since Mitch was on over a year ago. MFG facilitated roughly $5B in transactions in the first five years of operation. No…


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