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Last update: 2010-11-12

Episode 181: Fpoon

2010-11-12 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 26s

First things first: This is not the final episode of Stereo Radiation. It is one of those outtake episodes, which we periodically put out to demonstrate that the offal from our shows stands up to the prime cuts of others. We talk about Smurfs and starving children, plus introduce you to a woman whose body [...]…


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Episode 180: Dead Podcast Walking

2010-08-30 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 50s

Fulfilling our contractual obligation for the third episode this month was as fun as it was easy. Texting thumb makes its way onto the public stage as the newest thing to freak out over. The over-analyze segment brings you Styx’ Mr. Roboto, which unfortunately provides no respite from our recent flare-up of Bieber Fever, if [...]…


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Episode 179: Quick Phase

2010-08-28 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 39s

It is completely amazing how easily someone will just shit out $20 without even thinking about it. We get to talk about one of our favorite topics, one that seldom dominates conversations these days: the moon. There’s also another topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on: fatties. And that’s before we get to [...]…


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Episode 178: What’s Scott Baio Tweeting?

2010-08-18 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 57s

48-year old Scott Baio is having a 50th birthday party. Break out the rainbows, better make it a double, and get your tickets before they run out. This episode has the Duo indulging in a little 80′s pop cultural “what-if?” It’s how we roll: dancing in the dark, walking through the park, and reminiscing. Over-the-top [...]…


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Episode 177: Get On The Good Foot

2010-07-29 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 59s

Capital Z becomes a juke box hero in this latest installment of the program. We help spread the panic about downloadable drugs. And we wonder why anyone would want to buy a beer inside a dead squirrel. No, seriously, it’s roadkill, there are only 12 bottles in existence, and you have to pay the better [...]…


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Episode 176: Fur The Vote

2010-07-07 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 58s

We sincerely hope this episode finds you in good spirits, it sat on the shelf fermenting a little bit before finally being uncorked right into your i-prefixed or droid-suffixed device. We have an animal round-up, and by animals we do not fail to exclude “those people,” the un-fur-gettable costume-wearing, but otherwise normal, un-challenged human beings. [...]…


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Episode 175: Fail Whale

2010-06-25 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 57s

It happens only once every four years, and no I am not talking about a new episode of this podcast. Anything that happens so rarely is an easy excuse for thousands to cut loose and blast jet-engine-nose-level bee noises in a stadium. The vuvuzela is ruining not only the soccer, but Donny & Marie’s latest [...]…


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Episode 174: You’re The Best Around

2010-06-10 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 1s

When Capital Z and McG get together, there’s Radiation. Sometimes there is a microphone in front of them and sometimes there is not, but this time the mics were there, this time for an hour. We plan to talk about an overweight bird, but wind up using valuable studio time to rip into the new [...]…


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Episode 173: It’s So Funny

2010-04-16 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 57s

We are into our twentieth year of talking about beans, and how they give us super human capabilities and the ability to bring down empires. Funny thing is, that’s not the funny part. The Duo imagine how cool it might be to flash pictures of your liver to your friends at school. Hm. Anyone tried [...]…


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Episode 172: Mouse Milk

2010-03-12 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 33s

What could you possibly do with $100,000 worth of gum? Chewing it all would cost you also your teeth too so try to be more creative than that. We nostalgia for 1980′s sitcoms and their spinoffs, in one way or another, every show is a spin-off of something else, starting with the first long-flippered fish [...]…


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Episode 171: Quarter Pounder With Cat

2010-03-02 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 36s

As a nation falls upon hard times, we pause and reflect on what crazy stunts people will pull when faced with a desperate situation. Whether it is breaking the law, breaking into buildings or eating something disgusting, no doubt people will resort to conduct not only previously thought of as disgusting, but also presently thought [...]…


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Episode 170: Natural Flavors

2010-02-24 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 46s

Your favorite duo changes up the format as we have been increasingly doing on the zero-ending episodes, this one has us discussing both the winter and the Olympics, we reopen our recurring robot segment, and help get the word out about the newest way to tell your valentine to kiss off. We’re breaking out own [...]…


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Episode 169: Doppelgänger

2010-01-08 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 56s

You remind me of this guy. No, really. We ring in the new decade of radiation with a plan to take over the old media – and by old, we mean like Pleistocene. Anyhow, an available opportunity is, statistically speaking, almost ready for us to jump on. Shades of the infamous Episode 69 are audible [...]…


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Episode 168: Shake ‘Em Up

2009-12-17 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 46s

A Podcast Award loss can’t sideline the Duo, and so we’re banging your eardrum with this episode. We have new robot-themed story music, but no robot stories. An unintelligible Hannah Montana doll is alleged to be teaching young children to be potty mouths… that’s a lawsuit. We have the new Colorado marijuana restaurant, which we, [...]…


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Episode 167: Sexile

2009-09-30 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 46s

Too much information in this episode? We have a homeless doll, a college banning intercourse, and a yoga class than allows dogs – the same dogs you feed organic, vegan, fair trade dog food to, because the dog is very concerned about that. Seriously, he even voted for Nader so his sincerity is beyond question. [...]…


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Episode 166: Show Us Your D

2009-09-25 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 1s

Who doesn’t love the Aughts? Twenty years from now, you may be asked that very question by some poor uninformed individual who will have the benefit of many years in which all the cruddy pop culture will be forgotten and only a handful of current songs are played on “classic rock” stations, while stuff by [...]…


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Episode 165: I Have To Break Your Face

2009-09-22 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 47s

If you were thinking of going into the loan shark business or bookmaking, this episode might talk you out of it. The seedy world of deadbeats and broken faces can not be the route to happiness. If you can invent a more wack-ass piece of exercise equipment, then your financial future will be more brighter [...]…


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Episode 164: Multi-Delicious

2009-09-17 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 45s

Maine is a scary place unless you are properly armed with a claw cracker, a teeny tiny plastic two-prong fork and a cup of melted butter, and also your opponent has thick rubber bands prohibiting use of his most potent weapon. This episode also features a cardboard boyfriend cutout and a new fusion cuisine that [...]…


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Episode 163: Partying Gifts

2009-09-04 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 1s

This episode raises more questions than answers, for example, how intimate was the relationship between Richard Dawson and female Family Feud contestants? Can you deep fry coffee? Would you get kicked out of kindergarten for having an Everlast backpack? This is old school Stereo Radiation, the kind you fell in love with.…


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Episode 162: Crevice Tool

2009-09-01 :: Capital Z and McG
Length: 52s

It is an almost certainty that we are most manly podcast available at the moment, even though in this episode we struggle with the concept. At age ten, you need a good hobby, and if collecting antique swords freaks people out too much, why not collect vacuum cleaners? Well, it’s been done and it’s not [...]…


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Stereo Radiation

Capital Z and McG analyze audio clips of news stories and compliment the reporters on their meritorious journalism. Just kidding... we tear them apart. Abstract, absurd, abnoxious... new episodes twice a week.

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