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Last update: 2015-06-22

SFHM -047 Mustangs VS Cattle Ranchers

Length: 29s

Wild and free? Synonymous with the word Mustang- is free. Yet with the ongoing battle between cattle ranchers and Mustangs for BLM grassland, the mustang is not free, but dead. Kori and Bob Crutcher from Heartline Ranch are trying to help solve this age old problem. They work to place Mustangs in good homes to save them from the inhumane slaughter by ranchers in helicopters. Listen to Kori and Bob as they discuss this heart breaking situation. 


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SFHM -046 My EquiCoach

Length: 37s

Jane Pike of My EquiCoach equips competitive and recreational riders with the tools and strategies to break through performance and confidence blocks, empowering them to be the best rider they can be.

EquiCoach mental coaching programs are designed to empower the client with the focus, training and accountability needed to achieve the consistent results required for the top level riding performance. Just as a personal fitness trainer helps an athlete raise their standards for accelerated results in their body, EquiCoach will challenge and support the rider in attaining the desired outcomes.

As a qualified and successful mindset coach, Jane Pike has worked with both competitive and recreational horse riders all over the world, inspiring them to new levels of confidence and performance. She specializes in riders with confidence and anxiety issues and peak performance training for competition.


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SFHM -045 Pete Rosciglione - Horse Shoeing

Length: 24s

Pete Rosciglione was intrigued by horseshoeing as a young man. He admired his local farrier, and Pete spent the summer helping him. He enjoyed the physicality and challenge of the job and applied for an apprenticeship. 

Today Pete Rosciglione is a professional farrier located just west of St. Louis, MO.  Taking a holistic approach along with having a perceptive eye for even the most subtle details that can help improve a horse’s performance has significantly impacted his success as a farrier.  An adept competitor himself, Pete knows how important it is to keep your equine athlete performing to the best of their ability.


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SFHM -044 Donas Equine Star of Outlander

Length: 29s

Outlander fans rejoiced this Spring when the wildly popular series returned to the TV screen. The equine star of the show is Jamie's stately Friesan horse, Donas.  In her book, Outlander, author Diana Gabaldon created a sorrel colored horse for Jamie, but no one would argue with the choice of a stately black Friesian filling the role on screen.     


Listen to Sue Strickler, Twitter author of @DonasTheHorse, recount the "behind the scenes" stories of an equine star.     


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SFHM -043 The Equine Connection

Length: 28s

Amanda Pratt, has been involved with horses for most of her life. She started her journey into therapeutic riding and equine assisted learning nearly five years ago by volunteering at a therapeutic riding centre in Orangeville.

Once she'd been volunteering for a while, Amanda decided to pursue her Equine Specialist certification through EAGALA allowing her to be a certified team member in Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions. After volunteering at the centre for three and a half years, she progressed to working at the centre full-time as an assistant instructor and fundraising coordinator. Listen to Amanda as she describes the many benefits of Therapeutic Riding.


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SFHM -042 Equestrian-Bling

Length: 22s

The Equestrian-Bling company provides a bespoke digitizing service for clients who want to wear and be proud of their company logo. Dina Hooton, the owner of Equestrian-Bling, can produce a digitized logo and embroidered workwear, saddle pads and team wear. All Dina Hooton's products are professionally personalized in-house and Dina pays particular attention to detail. She uses only the best cutting edge technology and equipment. All products have been personally chosen for their quality and durability as well as looking amazing on the horse and rider.

Riders can choose the product, size and colour, and then decide how they want it personalised (with their name, their horse or pony’s name, or even both). Equestrians can add a design, choose the font, and the printing colour. Listen to Dina Hooton as she describes the many options of "blinging" to your heart's content. There is nothing more mesmerizing, or magical than a horse and rider sparkling in the show ring!


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SFHM - 041 Kathleen Aspenns

Length: 36s

Kathleen Aspenns is passionate about helping people and their animal companions. As a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, she works with clients over the telephone to create Flower Essence formulas to help address emotional and behavioral challenges. As a Certified Practitioner in TTouch Training, Kathleen pairs her knowledge of flower essences and the Linda Tellington-Jones method of training. Listen to Kathleen as she shares her knowledge with horse lovers in this podcast.


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SFHM -040 Wild Mustang Competition

Length: 28s

Cowboy Bob Crutcher has been working with horses for many years, using natural horsemanship methods. He has been training horses, giving lessons and taking literally over 1,000s people on trail rides all throughout the Rocky Mountains and Oregon. Cowboy Bob and his wife Kori, have taken on the plight of the wild Mustang and through the Wild Mustang Competition June 27 & 28 in Klamath Falls, they hope to raise awareness and find homes for these Mustang horses.


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SFHM -039 Three Sisters Equine Rescue

Length: 33s

3 Sisters Equine Rescue is a collaboration of individuals who are on a mission to raise awareness around the plight of horses in the USA, where 100,000 young healthy horses are sent to slaughter every year. Carin Cundey, Cyndi Davis and Wendy Griffin joined together to create the non-profit rescue 3 Sisters Equine Rescue. They make a difference one horse at a time by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses that are bound for slaughter. The three women give the horses a new chance at life by placing them in loving, forever homes.

Listen to Carin Cundey as she tells about the beginnings of this amazing rescue operation and the wonderful team that saves horses from slaughter. You can help by making a donation to this non-profit organization or you may be able to offer a forever home.


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SFHM -038 Respond Systems Magnetic Therapy

Length: 36s

Respond Systems, Inc. is a private corporation founded in 1986 to meet the needs of veterinarians and trainers who desired a modality that would provide faster healing and better methods to reduce painful conditions.  The first adopters of laser therapy and PEMF therapy were owners and trainers of Olympic level horses, and Veterinarians with an interest in holistic healing. Listen to CEO Brian Richardson and Customer Service Manager, Sarah Fowler as they tell about the amazing benefits of all the equine products especially the Sentry PEMF Equine Blanket.


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SFHM- 037 Black Sheep Equine Services

Length: 23s

Black Sheep Equine Services has nearly 40 years of equine racing and breeding experience, guaranteeing expert analysis of potential stock and professional transfer of stock with personalized attention to each client. Black Sheep Equine Services encompasses all levels of natural horsemanship under the direction of a Certified Trainer - Dominic Manzi.
Black Sheep Equine Service agents will travel to national and private horse shows, sales and auctions to evaluate stock for their client prior to purchase. Pending client's authorization, they coordinate the paperwork for the sale, arrange transportation, and provide additional services for the stock to ensure that their client's purchase is healthy upon arrival. Listen to Dominic Manzi as he describes this unique equine service.


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SFHM -036 Young Western Entrepreneur - Jaime Macdonald

Length: 25s

Jaime Macdonald is a young barrel racer and western entrepreneur. Jaime is a third generation rodeo participant who wants to share her love of the rodeo and promote "good will" through her non-profit organization Helping Educate About Rodeo.  Jaime's  H.E.A.R website is dedicated to helping educate people about rodeos and to establish a positive relationship with animal rights activists. Jaime also shares her many talents as a western riding instructor working with young children. Jaime also coaches soccer.

Jaime's entrepreneurial spirit blossomed into her line of Western Show clothing and country home decor items. She has her own website - bmclothing.tictail.com where she sells BM clothing and Western home decor. Listen to Jaime's interview and be inspired by her passion and drive.


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SFHM -035 Step Up Stirrup

Length: 35s

Louise Ford had difficulty mounting her 17 hand event horse. Like many inventors, she was frustrated by this problem and decided to solve it. Louise knew what she wanted. She set to work and created the Step Up Stirrup.

Always be able to mount your horse where ever you are. Never be stuck miles away from the barn/stable having had to get off your horse and now not able to get back on again. With the Step Up Stirrup, you can mount your horse no matter where on earth your horse takes you. The Step Up Stirrup is complete. There is nothing as easy to use, elegant, or sturdier than the Step Up. Nothing. Listen to Louise as she recounts her creative process and becomes a successful inventor and entrepreneur.


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SFHM -034 Dianna Walker

Length: 36s

The Walker Method - Healing through Trauma Release
When Dianna Walker is called to assist a horse, the horse is at a point where all other methods have failed and this is the end of line. Fortunately for all Dianna can usually save the horse with her effective and unique method the Walker method.

In Eastern and Intuitive Medicines, focus is put on Energy therapies that facilitate change through the fascia of the body.
The Walker Method of Integrated Healing is a protocol and course of study. The concise and innovative instruction is aime to a final end of proficiency in healing Horses. It is licensed as a combination of highly effective approaches. Listen to Dianna as she shares her healing technique for horses without hope.


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SFHM-033 Ruth Buchannan- Artist Extraordinaire

Length: 29s

Ruth Buchannan Artist Extraordinaire

My principal focus as an artist is structure, form and anatomy; musculature and movement and the way the fall of light transforms the ordinary, everyday and commonplace into the extraordinary. In this, it is the equine form that most motivates me.

I am driven to draw and paint by a sense of unease if I don’t. I am constantly looking at skies, landscapes, perspectives and light play when riding, walking or driving. For me, the best compliments given about my paintings are that people can hear the creak of leather, the thud of hooves; smell the soft, sweet scents of horse and earth, and, from the corner of their eye, catch a hint of movement about to happen. Listen to Ruth Buchannan artist extraordinaire.


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SFHM-032 Confident Horsemanship

Length: 32s

Have you lost your passion for riding? Are you making excuses for not riding or only riding when conditions are ‘just right’?  Then it’s time to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE!

Too many horsewomen are not enjoying their time with their horses because they have lost their confidence – and they just don’t know how to get it back.   The dream of a true partnership with their horses has become a nightmare!

Anne Gage will show you how to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE by using simple and effective tools, so you can feel passionate about riding while building the true partnership with your horse that you know you both deserve. Listen to her interview as she describes her Confident Horsemanship course.


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SFHM - 030 Jennifer Kotylo

Length: 30s

Jennifer Kotylo developed a passion for body awareness and biomechanics while pursuing her lifelong quest of international level dressage riding. She is a certified Core Dynamics Pilates Instructor, certified Equilates teacher and certified Balimo practitioner.  “My goal now is to use my knowledge to help others fulfill their physical dreams, whether they are running a marathon, easing the debilitating effects of neurological disease or returning to bio-correctness after an injury or repetitive misuse.” Listen to Jennifer as she describes how her method can help you to become a better rider.


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SFHM- 029 Horse Country Campground

Length: 26s

In the spring of 2013 Walter Willet partnered with Wilderness Vacations to create Horse Country camping just outside Canada's capital, Ottawa. Horse Country Camp Ground has offices in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and Bellingham, Washington State, U.S.A. Horse Country Campground boasts of 37 km of trails on a 5000 parcel of land. Listen to Walter as he describes the Horse Country Campground vacation experience.


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SFHM- 028 The Original Rug Bag

Length: 31s

Janette Perrett’s story is one of a consumer searching for a solution and creating a product out of need. Many of us fume - if only someone would make a .... Janette decided to take the bold step and be that someone. She created the Original Rug Bag( Horse Blanket Bag). A  horse blanket bag to keep seasonal horse blankets fresh and clean. Listen to her story of moving from a horse owner to an entrepreneur.


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SFHM - 027 Red Scarf Equestrian

Length: 24s

Red Scarf Equestrian offers not just luggage and bags, but a wide range of equestrian lifestyle products that are truly extraordinary. 

The signature piece is still and will always be the red cherry leather boot bag which is how this company was started along with some frustration and passion. Listen to Joanna Wiseburg as she tells her story of creating a Canadian company of quality products for the horse lover.


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SFHM - 026 The Story of Ted

Length: 33s

Sally Anne Oultram saved a twelve week orphan Clydesdale foal at an auction 17 years ago. Listen to her story as she tells about gathering support from the whole country to keep this foal alive and make him the star of Britain. 


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SFHM -025 Equisafety Nicky Fletcher

Length: 25s

Nicola (Nicky) Fletcher is the technical sportswear designer for Equisafety Ltd. in the UK. Nicky is a mover and a shaker. She loves to create designs that are comfortable and stylish with more than a dash of her own creativity - form follows function. As a true creative, she caused a commotion in the UK with her POLITE Line of sportswear intended to keep non-motorized humans, horses and dogs safe on the streets and highways. Listen to Nicky’s interview as she recounts her journey as a young entrepreneur down into the bowels of the Dragon’s Den and stirs-up the British nation with her cheeky, sportswear creations.


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SFHM - 024 Save a Horse , Ride a Simulator

Length: 31s

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to repeat a riding transition a thousand times, but you know it would sour your horse? You've identified your problem as you, the rider. It may be your balance, leg position, or pressure. You know what you need to do, but you need the practice - not your horse. Listen to my interview with Barbro Ask-Upmark and find out how you can improve your riding within days without the wear and tear on your horse.


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SFHM -023 Dr. Barrie Grant Surgical Pioneer

Length: 32s

Dr. Barrie Grant is a board certified surgical veterinarian specializing in equine wobblers and cervical stabilization. While teaching at Washington State University, he saw a need to help owners and their horses with cervical cord compression. Working with a human orthopedic surgeon, Dr. George Bagby and another veterinarian, Dr. Pam Wagner, he helped develop the surgical treatment used in horses and people for cervical cord compression (wobblers). Listen to this amazing veterinarian as he talks about his accomplishments in surgery and some of his famous patients. 


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SFHM - 022 Joe Scully Pro Rodeo MC

Length: 32s

The traditional rodeo announcer is the voice of the rodeo. As a commentator, they give play-by-play of the action, interact with the crowd, and inform everyone listening as to what is taking place in the Arena. They are usually quick on their feet, educated about the sport, and have a clear voice that can be listened to for 2 hours.

In the spotlight, Joe Scully is an entertaining and energetic Master of Ceremonies and DJ Behind the scenes, "Scully" is a Sponsorship Manager, Statistician, Public Relations Executive, Marketer, Media Buyer, Promoter, Animal Welfare Specialist, Graphic Designer, Audio and Video Editor, Commercial Voice Talent, Writer and Event Logistics Coordinator and more! Listen to Scully's interview as he describes his interesting and unique job as a Rodeo MC.



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SFHM - 021 Nancy Kaiser Animal Communicator

Length: 43s

Nancy Kaiser believes that everything happens for a reason and for our highest good. She has no doubt that the animals and people she’s meant to help will find their way to her.

 Nancy was always involved with animals: from a youthful passion in ‘64, when she was blessed with her first horse, to later in ’77, when she married her horse vet  and helped manage their equine hospital and breeding farm. Listen to Nancy’s interview as she recounts how she learned to communicate with animals.


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SFHM -020 TemperALL Horse Blanket

Length: 20s

Geri Capobianco, founder and owner of TemperALL®, has endeavored to re-design, re-engineer and re-assemble every aspect of horse blankets as they exist in the industry today…to present horse owners with a blanket that is superior and “extremely” CUSTOM "handmade blanket"- the likes of which has never been seen before in the horse industry!

Listen to the interview with Geri Capobiance and be amazed at the creativity of this inventor.


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SFHM - 019 Equi Tailor &Togz Colleen Rolland

Length: 29s

Equi Tailor & Togz grew out of a friendship with a Magnetic Therapy practitioner, Debbie Dobson, who treated Colleen Rolland's horse. An avid horsewoman, Debbie had 25 years of experience with horses in various capacities.Debbie had definite ideas about what she wanted in the perfect breech. Colleen had a background in marketing. The pair chose two brands of breeches that met the criteria of comfort and durability-  Equissentilas and Tropical Rider.

In July, 2003, Equi Tailor & Togz (ET&T) was born based on Colleen's skills in marketing and sales and Debbie's knowledge of horses. Their goal was to provide a range of fine, affordable, durable and comfortable breeches. The pair's personalized customer service would set them apart from retailers. Colleen and Debbie would go to barns and sell directly to riders and do fittings there, at their premises, or at clients' homes at no extra cost.

In time, Colleen became sole proprietor of the company. With over 25 years of experience in nation-wide marketing and sales, and over 12 years of horse ownership, Colleen prides herself on maintaining quality relationships with her clients and suppliers.


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SFHM - 18 Jacqui Broderick Author & Publisher

Length: 37s

Living her dream - horses and books – a perfect life.

Jacqui Broderick was born in England.  When not riding she spent her time reading or writing, completing her first pony story shortly after her tenth birthday.Many years later, living in Ireland, a divorced mother of three children, Broderick founded a lifestyle magazine, Galway Life. Through the magazine she met ex-jockey Shane Broderick, who was paralysed from the neck down in a racing accident. Broderick felt the story of this brave young man should be told and approached Wolfhound Press in Dublin with an idea for a book.

 “The Shane Broderick Story” was published at the end of 1999 and led onto other writing projects, Trainers, Winners and Millionaires were published by Poolbeg.  However being a single mum meant that as well as writing, Broderick had two other jobs, working on the Connemara Trail, taking parties of riders through the spectacular mountain scenery of Connemara, in addition to being the editor of Ireland’s Horse and Pony Magazine.

In 2012, Broderick launched Lavender and White Publishing, an e-publishing company specialising in working with self-publishing authors on a wide range of mainly equestrian titles, both fiction and non-fiction. Listen to Jacqui"s interview as she tells about her journey through the horse and literary world.


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SFHM - 017 Nanna Salmi - Horse Hair Jewlery

Length: 31s

Nanna Salmi created an ancient and unique method of weaving horsehair into multi-colored ribbon. The nannasalmi™ collection is a horsehair jewelry collection created from horsehair, precious metals and diamonds. Nanna combines old world craftsmanship with contemporary modern design.  These unique designs have been displayed in shows such as Hampton Classic, WEF Wellingtond, WEG Kentucky, Hickstead Dressage, Longines Royal International Horse Show, CSI-W Geneva, GCT Monaco, Valkenswaard and Athens, CSI Amsterdam, Internationales Festhallen Reitturnier Frankfurt and many more.

This horsehair jewelry is worn around the world on cross country tracks, desert trails and show arenas. Clientele includes little jumper girls, Olympic and World champions – along with hundreds of riders, who love and admire their equine companion. Listen to Nanna’s interview  as she describes her very creative and unique work. 



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SFHM -016 Fiske's 100 Years of Animal Care

Length: 36s

Melanie Fiske is continuing in her father's footsteps. Leon Fiske began making what many knew as “Fiske’s Hoof Lotion"a medicinal remedy that he had been using on his stock for over six decades.

Before Melanie's father began making Fiske's Hoof Lotion, the product was developed and prescribed by a veterinarian in the late 1800’s. It’s purpose was to heal, treat and maintain all forms of hoof and hide ailments that animals are commonly susceptible to. Today we know it can also be effectively used as a muscle rub to relieve muscle soreness and swelling. It has been effective in healing cracked hooves and it is an effective balm to heal the skin while repelling irritating flies. Listen Melanie's interview as she recounts the origins of Fiske's Horse Care Products are where the company is headed today.


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SFHM -015 Jared Paul Wilson

Length: 33s

Jared Paul Wilson is a talented man of great strength and determination. Wilson is a two-time cancer survivor and through his life-threatening battles awoke a burning passion to share his love for wildlife and western art with the world.  It is this brush with mortality that has driven the artist to maintain an unwavering and uncanny work ethic evident through his artwork. Listen Jared Paul's interview as he talks about his art and life.


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SFHM-14 Literary Lady Extraordinaire

Length: 30s

There is never a dull moment around Patricia Daly-Lipe. Patrica is a horsewoman who has owned and trained race horses, a cross-country rider, a show jumper and she even played polo for a while. Patrica writes and paints in her spare time. You can see her wonderful paintings and books at Literary Lady.com. A woman of incredible energy and at the age of 72, Patricia is still an avid rider. Listen to my interview with Patricia Daly-Lipe and marvel at this talented and amazing woman!


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SFHM- 13 Countryside Watch Tricia Collings

Length: 33s

Tricia Colling has a mission to help reduce crime in rural areas. Tricia's website Countryside Watch http://www.countrysidewatch.org.uk/, has a wealth of constructive suggestions for rural residents to help them keep their farms, livestock, and equipment safe from theft and destruction.

On the Countryside Watch website you can access most of the information contained, download any leaflets available, and learn of crime trends. There are suggestions for products that can be used to mark and monitor personal property.

The information contained within this website can be used by anyone within the rural Community of the UK and beyond!


Listen to Tricia’s interview as she shares some excellent suggestions and advice for keeping tack, equipment, residences and horses safe from theft.   


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SFHM - 012 End of Year Episode

Length: 3s


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SFHM - 011 Anna Twinney Animal Communicator

Length: 46s

Anna Twinney is the founder of Reach Out to Horses®, based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado.  As an internationally respected Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Trainer, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master she travels the world teaching the art of creating a trust-based partnership between Humans, Horses and all Animal Companions. She has conducted clinics, classes and training sessions in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, New Zealand and throughout the entire United States. 



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SFHM - 010 Barry Ward Music

Length: 33s

Barry Ward’s songs come from his deep roots as a 4th generation farmer and rancher. He writes of the men and women whose lives are entwined with the seasons, the land, and the will of God. In 2014, his song, “Harvest in the Fall,” was featured in the closing credits of The Great American Wheat Harvest documentary; his CD, Lonesome County Road, was the recipient of the 2014 Rural Roots Music Commission Western CD of the Year Award; and he was inducted into the Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame in Dodge City in the Entertainer/Artist category. Barry is the 2013 Western Music Association Male Performer of the Year. His recording of the song, “Eli Crow,” (written by Paul Hendel), won the 2012 Song of the Year from the Academy of Western Artists. He is the 2008 Male Vocalist of the Year in the Western Division of the Gospel Music Association.


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SFHM- 009 Tiffany MacNeil -True Nature Horse Programs

Length: 41s

Tiffany MacNeil's background in the corporate world makes her the perfect faciliator for team building and collaboration in the workplace. A Certified Equine Interaction Professional and Certified Yoga teacher, Tiffany's goal is to blend the wisdom of the body, the mind, horses and nature to provide a holistic educational experience with lasting impact.

Listen to Tiffany's interview and see how she connects people of every age with horses using the evocative nature of horses to help them realize their true self. 


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SFHM 008 From Eventer to Inventor Linda Hauck

Length: 25s

As a Level 2 Equine Canada sanctioned coach, respected clinician and Level II Technical Delegate, Linda Hauck strives to ensure that both horse and rider, whether amateur or expert, are safe and comfortable within their abilities and having fun.

Linda Hauck was not content to live with the fact that horses were uncomfortable with the regular spur. Nor was Linda prepared to stand by and watch girthy horses suffer under saddle. Linda also made some revisions to the neck strap ensuring that all riders both professional and amateur had an attractive safety strap while at a show, or hacking out. Linda acted on her ideas and invented solutions for the spur, neckstrap and girth. Listen to Linda's interview as she tells her story of her inventions: the Spursauder, and the her new Tapestry Comfort  Girth.


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SFHM- 007 Interactive Horse Simulator

Length: 32s

Have you ever wished you could work on your riding position, but the necessary repetitions drive your horse crazy? Have you ever wondered what made your horse drift to the side while riding a straight line? Now you can correct your rider mistakes without sitting on a horse. The Horse Simulator, developed in the UK for jockeys, is now available for all riding disciplines in North America.


Invented in the 90’s the Horse Simulator is a diagnostic tool for all riders from the Grand Prix to the weekend rider. In one hour after riding on the simulator you can return to your horse with your quirks corrected.  Listen to Susan Cruickshank as she describes the benefits of the Horse Simulator for all riders.


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SFHM- 006- Brenda Westwood Horse Sense Healing

Length: 36s

Brenda Westwood is a certified Equine Gestalt coach. Brenda lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana. A perfect place to heal and re-connect with your authentic self through interactions with horses.Listen to Brenda’s interview to learn more about her coaching a programs.





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SFHM -005- Ingrid Kostron Equi-Art

Length: 33s

Ingrid Kostron is an fine artist, graphic artist and a former competitive dressage rider. Drawing came naturally to Ingrid as a young child. Her memory of her very first drawing was that of a horse.

Ingrid persued her art career and in the early eighties and became a commercial artist. Her fine art career took off when a painting of horses, Mares at the Source,  grabbed the attention of visitors at a graphic art trade fair. From that point on her watercolors and drawings of horses were in high demand.



Listen to Ingrid Kostron  as she describes how she captures the personality of beloved horses in her paintings and drawings


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SFHM - 004 All About Animal Massage with Megan Ayrault

Length: 38s

Megan Ayrault is a Licensed Massage Practitioner for animals and people and a professional educator with a Master in Teaching degree from Seattle University. Prior to her current bodywork career, Megan worked in schools and with horses, and enjoyed teaching therapeutic riding for children and adults with disabilities. The therapy horses, as well as her own animals, were her original motivation for learning massage. Listen to her interview and discover the benefits of massage and bodywork for your horse.


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SFHM – OO3 Horse Journey with Karin Bauer


Karin Bauer provides services as a professional Counselor, registered Social Worker and Life Coach in private practice in Kelowna, British Columbia and globally. Karin is a creative, innovative and intuitive healer. She utilizes very unique healing modalities in her coaching sessions, ranging from art therapy to equine facilitated therapy.Karin specializes in a unique method of counseling – Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. Karin’s horses Link and Rollie are well-trained and intuitive horses with innate compassion and gifts in helping humans heal - emotionally and spiritually.




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SFHM 002 Hannah Freeman The Musical Ride Company

Length: 27s


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Renee McBride Colorful Equine

Length: 29s

Colorful Equine

Want something unique and out of the ordinary for your horse? Join us to hear how Renee McBride created her Colorful Equine company in a downward economy.Renee used her passion for horses to create a small business making designer fly masks for horses using Aztec designs, stars, animal patterns and dazzle.


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