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Last update: 2013-06-11

The Role of Feelings in Learning


I had the pleasure recently of being interviewed by Sylvia Guinan on the role of empathy in language learning in Teacher Appreciation week. The interview with me formed part of a 2 hr session on WizIQ with various language experts from around the world, which explored the role of empathy in language learning. In the [...]…


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Lifting The Lid On Mastering Stress In English


Listen to the podcast below (an interview with Dr. Piers Messum) and discover valuable insights as to how we stress and reduce vowel sounds in English. This understanding and the resultant techniques talked about have the potential to transform the successes you have as a learner in mastering the unique demands of the English language. [...]…


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Does Imitation Have A Place in Learning Pronunciation?


Listen in as Dr. Piers Messum explains how by using imitation as a key to learning pronunciation we have been misled and then find out the keys we can use to learn pronunciation I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Piers Messum, who teaches in London and did his dissertation a few years ago on the [...]…


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Learning Language Through Reading


It is possible to learn a language in many different ways. One way that appeals to many people is reading. What is important to remember that if you wish to speak, nothing will replace the activity of speaking. However by learning to better use your reading time you may well be able to accelerate your [...]…


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Language Learning Practice Revitalised


A little understood language learning strategy Every language learner I believe understands the importance of practice but just what constitutes language practice that will lead to improvement is an important question. Many readers will I am confdent be able to relate to times when practice did not result in improvement. So what kind of strategy [...]…


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Practice Makes Perfect


Does “practice make perfect” or “does practice make improvement”? I think both can be true but really we will get much further and not get disillusioned if we aim for progress rather than perfection.  That way we can keep progressing until we get to perfection! Did you know that when a Shuttle rocket blasts off [...]…


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How To Improve Memory


Two ways to deal with the question of “how to improve memory”. Most of the articles I have seen on how to improve memory don’t necessarily relate to the needs of language learners. I will look at two quite different ways to improve memory. As a language learner you not only have to remember what [...]…


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How to Improve Your Pronunciation – Part 2


You will discover ideas and practical suggestions as to how you can mprove your pronunciation in this second part of a two part article.  You can implement them right now to improve your pronunciation in whatever language you are learning in any aspect of that language, whether it be at the level of individual sounds [...]…


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How to Improve Pronunciation – Part 1


Improving pronunciation is something that every language learner wants to do.  So, how to do it? Listening lies at the foundation of learning languages.  Not only will great listening skills enable you to improve all the elements of your pronunciation, but it will help you with nearly every aspect of the spoken language you have [...]…


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How to Remember Vocabulary


How to remember vocabulary is a question that virtually all learners I have come across try to solve by drawing up vocabulary lists…usually translations in their mother tongue next to each word.  Then these very same students come up to me and say “My memory is so poor,  I can’t seem to remember the words.” [...]…


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Mistakes are your friend – Audio


One of the most coming reactions to mistakes are, “Ugh, that was silly” or “@#$%” or some such thing.  This most of the time comes from our training in school where mistakes are regarded as something real bad and to be avoided.  In fact if we made them too often people would start to call [...]…


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