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Last update: 2006-09-17

Sub Tub 171 Programme #3

Length: 29m 40s

It's finally here after an evening of power failures. Listen to Randy Ringers very 1st news bulleting. Dick Hertz gets a shock tonight, and Ben Dover and Justin Cider just can't get it together on air. …


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Sub Tub 171 Launch Party

Length: 56m 8s

Well hello, they finally got there despite a whole day beering it up, just! Tub Sub 171 launches with a pick of some of the DJ's, albeit in a drunken state. Listen out for the 'Nuke a Neighbor' Phone in and Osama Bin Laden makes a surprise call during Justin Cider's show towards the end of the programme. Sub Tubs programmes are on Thursday and Sunday's, to be informed of our programmes, make sure you join our mailing list. Please note: Some language may offend so use your own descretion when listening. …


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Sub Tub 171 Test Transmission

Length: 23m 31s

12th September 2006: Sub Tub 171 transmits a Test Transmission from Red Knees Knock, 12 miles east of the Isle of Sheppy in the North Sea. …


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Sub Tub 171

Length: 1m 19s

Sub Tub 171 , the newest, fishiest, longest, phallic symbol to hit the North Sea. Playing all the songs from the 60's to today, Sub Tub 171 is the worlds first pirate submarine. Sub Tubs revolutionary Long Wave underwater antenna system provides world wide coverage on 171KHz. Our transmitters are the former Soviet 'Woodpecker' transmitters providing 2.3Mega watts of Mega Music . Visit our web site: http://subtub171.150m.com/ Sub Tub Club: http://www.mailspaces.com/spaces/subtub171/ …


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Sub Tub 171

Sub Tub 171 From the Heart of the North Sea

Sub Tub 171

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