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Last update: 2009-05-27

SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 8

2009-05-27 :: Jason and the Zman
Length: 1s

This episode we discuss the Tony Hawk Skating controller, Plants vs. Zombies, Wii USB Loader, Xbox handheld, Wii Toy Story ride game, the Wolverine video game and movie, Sockington reaching 500,000 twitter followers, Coco the gorilla, the ATI gigahertz graphics card, Intel monopoly case, FBI social networking profiles, and Time magazine’s list of top ten [...]…


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SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 7

2009-05-13 :: Jason and the Zman

This episode we talk about the game Duke Nukem Forever, DJ Hero, music playing games, the Mt Rushmore of game characters, Somali Showdown: Pirates on the High Seas mission for KumaWars, South Park, Mininova taking down copyrighted torrents, Piratebay’s 13 cent plan, Apple rejects bittorrent iphone app, Derek Fisher twittering about the game while home, [...]…


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SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 6

2009-05-05 :: Jason and the Zman

This episode we talk about the game Red Dead Revolver, the Wii HD, homebrew on the PSP, We Cheer 2, the Dues Ex Nameless Mod, Google book scanning, employing goats, green house gases, Google search blocking utorrent, record label sponsoring isohunt, android trademark case, palm pre price and release date leaked, shambo’s swine flu conspiracy, [...]…


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SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 5

2009-04-29 :: Jason and the Zman

This episode we talk about Google Earth finding plane crash, swine flu misinformation and scams, the downfall of myspace, playing hooky and getting caught on facebook, twitter talk, World of Warcraft on the iPhone, the Billionth iPhone app, Baby Shaker app, worst game played: part 2, movie games, FC Mobile II the handheld NES system, [...]…


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SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 4

2009-04-22 :: Jason and the Zman

This episode we discuss the outcome of the Pirate Bay Trial, the media industry, Time Warner backing down from caps, an Israeli ISP actually boosting torrent traffic, Miramax on twitter, the Wii Motion+, Xbox Arcade, Starcraft 2, Halo Wars, World of Starcraft?, worst games, fighting games, Adobe Flash integrated into tv’s and set top boxes, [...]…


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SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 3

2009-04-13 :: Jason and the Zman
Length: 1s

This episode we discuss the Twitter Worm, Spam, the Conficker Virus, EA’s Brass Knuckles, Gamestop’s New/Used game practice, Oil cooled PCs, the possibility of a Refrigerated PC, the first open source BBC show, PirateBay’s new VPN, the Time Warner Bandwith Cap, Net Neutrality, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, MMORPGs, and lastly we reminisce about [...]…


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SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 2

2009-04-08 :: Jason and the Zman

This episode we discuss Google Street View, the upcoming on-demand video game service OnLive, the leaking of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and piracy, Skype on the iPhone, and then we talk about the new Wii update and Nintendo in general. Also the occasional unnecessary monkey talk.

Running Time: 42m 40s


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SuperNerdMonkey – Episode 1

2009-03-31 :: Jason and the Zman

This episode we discuss the crack down on free subbers, we talk about the pros and cons of the 4 different types of HDTVs, we discuss the lack of local multiplayer available in current video games, and finally we review the most recent Futurama DVD – Into the Wild Green Yonder. So give it a [...]…


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Super Nerd Monkey

Once a week Jason and the Zman have a casual conversation about Technology, Video Games, Gadgets, Movies, TV, and Current Events. It is also the first podcast that is operated by a specially trained crew of monkeys.

Super Nerd Monkey

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