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Last update: 2007-09-25

Issue #18 - Who's Your Showrunner?

2007-09-25 :: Michael, Jefferson, and Jonathan

End of September 2007. Notes and Reviews: 1. Shout out to Bridge City Comics. 2. Jonathan reviews Silver Surfer: Requiem. 3. Comics/movies synergy? 4. Superman/Doomsday reviews. 5. Interview with Lori Petty. News: 1. Iron Man Trailer reviews. 2. Wolverine shooting in November in Sydney Austrailia. 3. Incredible Hulk shooting photos. 4. Showrunner change on Bionic Woman. 5. Blade pilot on DVD. 6. Spectacular Spider-Man series order extended from 13 to 26 episodes. 7. Season Finale of 4400 review. 8. Spiderman 3 getting full court press from Sony Oct 30th. First High Def release with all HD extras. Rumors: 1. Kevin McKidd possible for Thor or Donald Blake. 2. Iron Man not flying?. 3. Introducing the Gyllenhal scale for rumors.…


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Issue #17 - The Short One

2007-09-20 :: Michael, Jefferson and Jonathan

Beginning of September 2007 Emails and corrections: 1. Transformers 1: Optimus was Peter Cullen, not Culkin 2. Transformers 2: Voice of Starscream in new animated series is Tom Kenny not Chris Latta 3. DragonCon – CRAZY! 4. Interview clip with John Wesley Shipp. News: 1. Iron Man Teaser on TV September 10. 2. Stephen Sommers (Mummy) directing GI JOE. 3. A writer is hired for GI JOE. 4. Documentary about Christopher Reeve. 5. Punisher 2 is now Punisher: War Zone. 6. Hancock, casting and synopsis. 7. ACLU putting out comic books. 8. Scream Awards on Spike TV October 23. Rumors: 1. JLA Rumors continue, casting notices? 2. Wonder Twins?…


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Issue #16 - Those Blogging Directors

2007-09-12 :: Superhero Cinema

End of August 2007 Reviews 1. Dr. Strange DVD 2. Flash Gordon TV Series 3. Jonathan reviews World War Hulk. 4. Who Wants to be a Superhero? News 1. The Spirit casting. 2. Carla Gugino added to Watchmen as Sally Jupiter. 3. Heroes casting, Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars) is the big coup. 4. Nichelle Nichols added to Heroes. 5. Matthew Vaughn (Stardust) directing Thor. 6. Ed Norton re-writing script on The Incredible Hulk. 7. Iron Man footage from Comic-Con coming out. 8. The Dark Knight presentation at Wizard World Chicago. 9. Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy in The Dark Knight. 10. Spiderman 3 on DVD October 30th. 11. Fantastic Four 2 on DVD October 2nd. 12. Transformers on DVD in November. 13. 300 best selling high-def DVD title so far. 14. SciFi Channel show for 2008, The Awesomes, from the producers of Saturday Night Live. Rumors 1. George Miller directing JLA? 2. JLA back on the fast track?…


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Issue #15 - Comic-Con, Comic-Con, Comic-Con

2007-08-30 :: Superhero Cinema

Beginning of August 2007 Emails and corrections 1. Timelord from Jonja.net asks about Green Hornet 2. Linnie G about Cillian Murphy in The Dark Knight 3. USPS Marvel Stamps 4. Ray Stevenson was Titus Pullo in Rome. 5. Last day of Comic-Con sold out Comic Con Discussion You’ll have to listen to get the details. Rumors None this time, it’s all part of the Comic-Con discussion.…


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Issue #14 - Countdown to Comic-Con

2007-07-26 :: Michael, Jefferson, and Jonathan

Middle of July 2007 Discussion and Corrections: 1. The actor who played the head of Sector 7 in Transformers was Michael O’Neill. 2. Comic-Con schedule. News: 1. Laura Vandervoort cast as Supergirl in Smallville. 2. Heroes receives 8 emmy nominations. 3. Heroes named Program of the Year by the TCA. 4. Seth Rogen is in talks for Green Hornet. 5. Seth Rogen wants Stephen Chow for Kato. 6. Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) directing Wolverine. 7. Fox registers wolverineorigins.com and magnetoorigins.com 8. Transformers box office. 9. Jonah Hex news. 10. Who Wants to be a Superhero starts this week. Rumor Treadmill: 1. Watchmen casting...again. 2. Dark Knight teaser. 3. Ray Stevenson (Rome) starring in Punisher 2. 4. Avi Arad confirms Sam Jackson in Iron Man (Nick Fury) cameo? Hilary Swank too?…


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Issue #13 - All Sparked Up

2007-07-23 :: Michael, Jefferson and Jonathan

1st half of July 2007 Show update 1. We’re moving to a bi-weekly schedule. 2. We now have phone number for feedback 303-800-HERO. News 1. Transformers Box Office, broke all records for a “non sequel”. 2. Transformers reviews. 3. New Transformers animated series. 4. Future Spider-Man films? 5. Christian Bale on second Batman sequel. 6. Casting news for The Dark Knight. 7. New Line options Conan. 8. Heroes casting news. 9. Heroes world tour for DVD release. 10. Watchmen casting historical figures. 11. Screenplay for Sgt Rock. 12. A rant about casting big name actors in Superhero films. 13. Comic-Con schedule announced. Rumor Treadmill 1. Billy Crudup for Dr Manhattan in Watchmen? 2. Has Watchmen viral marketing begun? 3. Superman Returns sequel? Kevin Spacey back?…


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Issue #11 - No Snake-Eyes, no dice

2007-07-11 :: Michael, Jefferson, and Jonathan

Week of June 13, 2007 Opinions and corrections 1. Mob boss in Batman Begins was Carmine Falcone. 2. What Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are doing next. 3. Jonathan rants about Fantastic Four 2. News: 1. Spider-Man box office post Pirates 3 2. Several scenes of Dark Knight will be shot in IMAX format. 3. William Hurt playing “Thunderbolt” Ross in Incredible Hulk. 4. Iron Man going for PG-13. 5. Supergirl coming to Smallville. 6. Matthew Fox is Racer X in Speed Racer. 7. Heroes Season 2 casting. 8. Teen Titans movie, for Warner Brothers. 9. Hasbro renews deal with Paramount for feature film of GI Joe. 10. Transformers moved up 1 day. 11. Warner Bros developing Thundercats, 12. Walt Disney in deal with Stan Lee. 13. Role Playing videogame “City of Heroes” being developed. 14. Superman vs. Doomsday will premiere at Comic Con. Rumor Treadmill: 1. Criss Angel (Mindfreak) In Mandrake 2. Zach Snyder still wants Butler in Watchmen. 3. John Cusack wants in Watchmen.…


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Issue #10 - Surf Worthy

2007-06-03 :: Michael, Jefferson, and Jonathan

Week of May 23, 2007 Opinions and Corrections: 1. Heroes finale - what the hell? 2. Smallville finale thoughts. 3. Fantastic Four 2 movie trailers – We ask, how many is too many? 4. Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. News: 1. Spider-Man box office, Week 3. 2. The Dark Knight, casting news and viral marketing campaign. 3. Heroes Season 2 and DVD news. 4. Thomas Jane out as the Punisher. 5. Sgt Rock film news. 6. Robert Rodriguez to direct Barbarella. 7. Bionic Woman picked up by NBC 8. Another convention appearance at Opus Fest. Rumor Treadmill: 1. The Rock wants to play Shazam/Captain Marvel. 2. Gerard Butler not in Watchmen. 3. Possible Watchmen casting, not sure we’re happy about it.…


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Issue #9 - Web Crawlers and Whining

2007-05-25 :: Michael, Jefferson and Jonathan

Week of May 9, 2007 Emails and Corrections: 1. Jerod from Pensacola asks who each of our 5 favorite Superheroes are. 2. Superman/Doomsday trailer correction. 3. Adi Granov was the artist for Iron Man poster. News: 1. Spider-Man box office news and reviews. 2. Liv Tyler is Betty Ross in Incredible Hulk. 3. Tim Roth is Emil Blonsky (Abomination) in Incredible Hulk. 4. The Batman Animated introduces Justice League. 5. Luke Goss (Nomak in Blade 2) back for Guillermo in Hellboy 2. 6. Torchwood premiering on BBC America. Thanks to Timelord from Jonja.net for the info. 7. Scifi Channel premiere dates: Doctor Who – July 6 Flash Gordon – Aug 10 WhoWants to Be a Superhero – July 25 Rumors: 1. Iron Man caught on video, Iron Monger pics? 2. Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) contacted about playing Gambit.…


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Issue #8 - Graphically Arresting

2007-05-07 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Week of May 2, 2007. Emails: 1. Mark writes in to ban “Visually Interesting” from our vocabulary. News: 1. New Fantastic Four Trailer 2. Superman/Doomsday DVD trailer http://www.warnervideo.com/supermandoomsdaydvd/ 3. Iron Man news and new pictures. 4. Eric Roberts in Dark Knight as a Mafia Boss. 5. David Goyer Directing Magneto. 6. Chuck Russel hired to direct Mandrake (The Magician). 7. Warner Bros. options Frank Miller’s Ronin. 8. The Flash on The Batman next season. 9. Smallville online component. http://justice.cwtv.com 10. Free Comic Book Day info. (Would have been a lot more useful it I had gotten the podcast out by the weekend) Rumor Treadmill: 1. Wolverine casting notice? 2. Wolverine script review online. 3. Joker pics are fan fakes. 4. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Harley 5. Hulk Grey? 6. Is Shaun Toub Yinsen, not Mandarin? …


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Issue #7.5 - Starfest 2007 (Video)

2007-04-30 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Direct from the Starfest 2007 convention, Michael, Jefferson, and Jonathan go over most of the upcoming Movie and TV projects out there. All the stuff coming next including, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man 3 and many, many more. I tried to compress the video as much as possible to make it easy to download. I hope this doesn't tax everyone's network connections. We will be back to regular audio only next week.…


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Issue #7 - Starfest 2007

2007-04-27 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Direct from the Starfest 2007 convention, Michael, Jefferson, and Jonathan go over most of the upcoming Movie and TV projects out there. All the stuff coming next including, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man 3 and many, many more. This is a great first issue to listen to.…


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Issue #6 - Getting Things Wrong

2007-04-24 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Week of April 17, 2007 Emails: 1. We received another Fake news story from Blake, keep ‘em coming. Corrections and Notes from the previous show: 1. Nova was a member of the Nova Corps. and bore a very strong resemblance to Green Lantern. 2. The Sandman is unlikely to be a movie any time soon. 3. Secret Wars was done as storyline in the 90s Spider-Man animated series. 4. Thanos was used in the 90s Silver Surfer series. News: 1. Ed Norton cast as Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk. 2. Laurence Fishburne is the voice of Galactus in FF2. (Since we recorded this, this has since been corrected, he’s actually playing the voice of Silver Surfer). 3. Christina Ricci joins the cast of Speed Racer as Trixie. 4. Bill Smitrovich cast in Iron Man. 5. First picture of Iron Man in the first model “Grey Armor” has hit the web. 6. A new screenwriter on Punisher 2. 7. Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) talks Smallville Season 7 8. The creator of Ghost Rider is suing Marvel, Sony and anyone else with an address. 9. The Tribeca film festival will host the US premiere of Spider-Man 3 next month in all 5 boroughs of New York City, http://www.tribecafilmfestival.org 10. The festival will also have two panels on Superhero Movies. 11. A Will Eisner documentary will also debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. Discussion Topics: 1. Heroes is back April 23, watch it, we love it. 2. Read the graphic novels at http://nbc.com/heroes/novels we discuss how NBC has really created an active world outside of the show with the novels and the interactive text messages. 3. The next show will be in front of a live audience at Starfest http://www.starland.com…


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Issue #5 - Superhero Shtick

2007-04-16 :: Superhero Cinema

Week of April 11th, 2007 First we apologize for the amount of time since the last issue. Then we talk about our very cool new logo image provided by Cory Gray of thegraydomain.com. The apology for this week’s show is that there’s a really bad echo on Jefferson’s microphone. We got Jonathan a new headset mic after the first 3 shows, and he sounds much better ever since, we’ve ordered the same one for Jefferson. Emails: 1. Fake casting notice for the Superhero Guys in The Dark Knight, sent in by Blake. 2. We also answer Blake’s question about rumored villains in the next Superman sequel, as part of that we get a little into the history of Brainiac. 3. Jason asks us an entry on Wil Wheaton’s where he is asked about being in Watchmen, we discuss the possibility and the quote from the movie’s directory Zach Snyder about the direction the casting will take. 4. Jason also asks about Heroes and whether the hiatus is too long and if that can hurt a show, we have several different opinions on this one. We compare Heroes to Lost, X-Files and 24. 5. Jeff from Thornton CO asks about what characters would we like to see made into movies and TV shows. Not a small subject. News: 1. One last 300 box office report. 2. Incredible Hulk updates, new effects company, etc. 3. Eric Johnson (Smallville) will be Flash in SciFi Channel’s Flash Gordon TV series. 4. Leslie Bibb cast in Iron Man. 5. First set pictures from Iron Man are out, are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts an item in the film? 6. Lauren Shuler-Donner producing DC’s The Metal Men. 7. Ben Stiller producing an animated film for Dreamworks Animation called MasterMind. 8. Ghost Rider on DVD June 12. 9. The Secrets of Isis complete series on July 24. 10. New David Goyer project, Super Max, must be heard to be believed. Rumor Treadmill: 1. Returning cast and director for Spider-Man 4? 2. John Goodman and Susan Sarandon in talks to play Speed Racer’s parents. 3. Nadia Bjorlin is not Wonder Woman. 4. Jason Schwartzman in a possible cameo in Spider-Man 3. 5. Orlando Bloom in a future Superman film? Based on a lunch sighting. …


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Issue #4 - The Lost Episode

2007-04-12 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Week of March 28th, 2007 (This was uploaded 2 weeks late, the next show will follow very quickly) Corrections and additions from last issue: 1. Michael does a mea culpa about Captain Marvel/Shazam 2. Episode counts for the Superman 1966 and Batman 1977 animated series DVDs 3. Additional details on Whiteout and the Surrogates 4. Bud Collier’s history playing Superman 5. Joel Silver quote about the Wonder Woman Movie News: 1. Box Office TMNT, 300, and Ghost Rider all on the charts 2. Gatchaman next animated film from makers of TMNT 3. Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer 4. Robot casting finally for Transformers 5. Emile Hirsch cast as Speed Racer 6. Original Birdman and Space Ghost series coming to DVD July 17 7. Masked Magician graphic novel coming, yes, really Rumor Treadmill: 1. Alan Dale not in The Dark Knight 2. Simon Pegg and Jackie Earle Haley for Rorshach? 3. Is Shaun Toub the Mandarin in Iron Man? 4. Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas in Sin City 2 5. Matthew Modine likely to be in The Incredible Hulk, part unknown We answer an email from Jared of Pensacola Fl, and talk about who the villain Morlun is from Spider-Man and could he be a future movie villain.…


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Issue #3 - Property Rights

2007-03-26 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Week of March 21st 2007 (The show was uploaded very late, that will not happen this week, promise!) Notes on last weeks show: Frank Miller corrections. News: 1. Green Hornet optioned by Columbia. 2. Jefferson talks about some other comics properties optioned, Whiteout and The Surrogates. 3. We talk a lot about movie options. 3. Joss Whedon is off the Wonder Woman movie. 4. David Goyer is off The Flash. 5. What's up with DC? 6. New DVD releases this summer, animated Batman from 1977, animated Superman from 1966. 7. A big discussion about an interview Zack Snyder (300 director) did this week about Watchmen. We get on the Rumor Treadmill and discuss rumors about: 1. Watchmen 2. Shazam! 3. The Dark Knight 4. The next Superman sequel We also discuss whether the Transformers movie will suck, and why the Hellboy animated movies rule. We also whine about Cartoon Network's scheduling. …


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Issue #2 - Love Interest

2007-03-16 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Week of March 14th 2007 Corrections and Clarifications: 1. Jeff Bridges' part in Iron Man 2. Maggie Gyllenhal in talks for The Dark Knight 3. Bruce Timm is in the clear for Braniac Attacks 4. Teen Titans really is cancelled 5. Bionic Woman lead actress 6. TMNT voice cast 7. The original JLA lineup Plus we answer our first ever (and only so far) email. New items discussed: 1. Box office returns for 300 and Ghost Rider 2. Jefferson reviews 300 and we discuss hopes for Watchmen 3. Frank Miller's storytelling 4. A new screenwriter for Shazam 5. A new Batsuit? 6. Spiderman/Venom trailer 7. Hellboy animated updates 8. Special edition Fantastic Four DVD 9. Speed Racer details, release date and not much more 10. Lynda Carter cast in Smallville …


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Issue #1 - Collector's Edition

2007-03-10 :: Michael, Jefferson & Jonathan

Our first issue, welcome to Superhero Cinema! Week of March 7th 2007 News stories: 1. Iron Man 2. Fantastic Four: Rise of the SIlver Surfer 3. Hellboy 2 4. Dark Knight Returns 5. Superman/Doomsday Animated DVD 6. The Amazing Spiderman Animated Series 7. Spiderman 3 8. New TV pilots 9. TMNT Discussion: A hero falls - Captain America Heroes talk…


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