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Last update: 2012-08-31

tibol Lobit Radio show (The Facebook Special) /episode 19/

Length: 1h 18m 6s

tibol is the one and only lobit radio show in the entire galaxy. it rocks it womps and it totally rocks everyone's socks! in this epic episode Justin Coughman takes the part as your wonderful host and dives into unknown lobit terrortory called 'facebook'. it happens that also lobit is present on this medium and Justin will explore it and serves the listener with a great selection of lobit music! Setlist 1. Bo Lit – Amongcoda Or otherwise known as Jukka Pekka Kervinen http://soundcloud.com/bo-lit 2. Topi Reta – Into The Flower Power http://archive.org/details/KoobaatooAsparagusAndTopiReta-collages-split-krnet003 3. Bash Nova – Bitten Bug http://soundcloud.com/bash-nova/bitten-bug 4.Army of 2600 – The Zaxxonion Theory http://soundcloud.com/ao2600/the-zaxxonion-theory 5.Obsolète Broadcast Système – Ntangu Top Of The Flops netlabels 6.Deafness – M111 Track 10 http://archive.org/details/gt494Deafness-MutationIi 7.Ambiant Konnekt – Citrus http://archive.org/details/siro101VariousArtists-10b1t 8.TOGORONOMIKO – 2011/6/21 http://archive.org/details/siro101VariousArtists-10b1t 9.POGOHM – Ice Licking Girls http://archive.org/details/gt473Pogohm-ForTheLulz 10.Rainbow Valley – Lunesta http://archive.org/details/RainbowValley-DreamCircuit Interview With Hectic Head. 11. Hectic Head – Succumb To The Numb http://soundcloud.com/cadicheman …


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Tibol Lobit Radio Show (episode 18)

Length: 1h 1m 17s

http://tibollobitradio.wordpress.com/ TIBOL is a radio show completly dedicated to lo bit music, their artists and the lobit netlabel scene in the 18th epic episode of Tibol dj Chicken serves a lobit audio meal by wicked artists that have released on wicked lobit netlabels. not so much talking just great music in that all surrounding lobit genre! also a guest appearance of nobody less than DJ Falco who interviewed in his native language (german) the not so native american glitch artist HLO! yes this is another great state of the art show for sexy teenagers and golden oldies! enjoy! playlis 1 idm man - idm man from the album: idm man - 1 released on stars in rehab download: http://archive.org/details/sir006 2 no succes from the compilation Monotronous Compilation (2012) lobit version released on bert recs download: http://archive.org/details/bent_recs_Monotronous_Compilation 3 static bass - inhale from the compilation va -20kbps in the mix (compiled and mixed by dimitryghst) released on 20 kbps download: http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/va_-_20kbps_in_the_mix_(compiled_and_mixed_by_dimitryghost)-(20kmix001)-2004.zip 4 syncretic - rub rub from the album syncretic - drink drink, fan fan, rub rub released on 20 kbps download: http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/Syncretic_-_Drink_Drink,_Fan_Fan,_Rub_Rub-(20k310)-2011.zip 5 graffiti mechanisme - imho 3 from the album graffiti mechanisme - imho released on Lome records download: http://archive.org/details/lome001Graffiti_Mechanism_-_imho&reCache=1 6.Emmoti ON - 3y3 Sensation from the album Emotti ON - Monofixation released on Dramacore download: http://www.dramacore.com/dramacore104.zip 7 flashroyal - fallout luggage 8 Clockwork Keyboard - Keyboard Cowboys from the album clockwork keyboard - clockwork lowbit released on spicot records download: http://www.archive.org/download/sphicotrecords/sphi057-Clockwork_Keyboard-Clockwork_LowBit.zip 9 pogohm - funky tramp from the album pogohm - This Sound Will Make Me Rich released on top of the flops download: http://archive.org/details/Pogohm-ThisSoundWillMakeMeRichtotf039 10 Jjoth-Opera Clitoris from the compilation va - Vziel anniversary lo-bit party released on genetic trance download: http://archive.org/details/gt270VzielAnniversaryLo-bitParty 11 ..... - Space Chuckles from the album: ...... released on ...... * i dont know the artist or where it came from.. please contact if you know it.. but its a awesome tune! thats for sure! 12 hertzcanary - end of live performance form 'loo of beauty' from the compilation VA_-_20kbps_Compilations_(2009-2010)_by_Jemset released on 20 kbps download: http://archive.org/details/VA_-_20kbps_Compilations_2009-2010_by_Jemset-20komp2-2010 13 Obsol?te Broadcast Syst?me - hack in from the album Obsol?te Broadcast Syst?me - Mediatic State released on genetic trance download: http://archive.org/details/gt523ObsoleteBroadcastSysteme-MediaticState 14 ploof - drum from the album: ploof - junkphenom released on sirona records download: http://archive.org/details/siro405Ploof-Junkphenom 15 Bo Lit - ideal bulb from the compilation: The Oldfactory bulb released on Effluvia recordings download: http://archive.org/details/er100TheOlfactoryBulb 16 Nythos - palmer has risen released on Slogre records download: http://archive.org/download/slogre/slo012-Nyhos-Palmer_Has-Risen.mp3 17 microbit project - koadem released on microbit records download: http://archive.org/download/Microbit-rec186/MBR186_2012microbit_project_-_kaodem.zip **Exclusive content: DJ Falco Interviews HLO!!** 18 Tommaso Busatto - Contatore from Lobit 035 (Laptop Hooligans downloAD: http://archive.org/details/Lobit035laptopHooligans 19 ARP Fundamentalists - Movement 3 Allegro vivace from the album ARP Fundamentalists play Schubert released on unaware records download: http://archive.org/details/uwr001ArpFundamentalistsPlaySchubert …


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Tibol Lobit Radio Show - episode 17

Length: 1h 26m 1s

http://tibollobitradio.wordpress.com/ TIBOL is a radio show completly dedicated to lo bit music, their artists and the lobit netlabel scene. in this wonderful episode Dj Madam Adam takes a different spin by proofing his point that even mainstream music sounds better in a fine lobit rate! also contains a very exclusive interview with Mike Bourque! yet another hot epic show that is not to be missed!!! tracklist: 01- Wagon Christ - Cris Chana 02- Mc Breed - aint no future in yo' frontin' 03- tribe called quest - find my way 04- Dabrye - with a professional 05- Crypt Thing - John Holmes feat Raw Moans 06- Boards of Canada - Buckie High 07- Michael Jackson - The Lady In My life 08- Color Me Badd - All For Love 09- The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost 10- Drexciya - Wavejumper 11- snd - untitled2 12- Alan Watts - Explaining Hermits 13- System - Park 14- Jan Jelinek - they, them 15- Brandy - I Wanna Be Down 16- Dr. Dre - 187 …


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Tibol Lobit Radio Show (Episode 16) / the physical episode/

Length: 1h 0m 54s

http://tibollobitradio.wordpress.com/ Tibol is the only ass kicking lobit radio show in the universe, completely dedicated to lobit music and all its wickedness. in this epic episode our host and dj Flat Affect takes us on a free journey of amazing lobit music where you normally would have payed hard-earned-cash for. many lobit releases are released out there in beautifully packed physical packages on different formats. In this great show Flat Affect will deliver the physical lobit records straight into your speakers. enjoy with your whole family, friends or alone! Rainbow Valley - Somnium (8kbps) Diskette Ettikiette Records Alexander Bianco - Untitled 3 (40 kbps) SP Records jjoth - Waste (darkslider remix) (16kbits) Diskette Ettikette Records Flat Affect - Evolution Track Six (Unreleased 1999; Undefined bitrate) Graffiti Mechanism - C (8kbps) Diskette Ettikette Records Dogprodz & Flat Affect - Altered States (8kbps) 4m@ Records Flat Affect - Abduct (toxic chicken remix) (16 kbps) Unidentified label Pollux - Cross & Crisis (16 Kbps) SP Records [SP Unreleased] Back to the Fucking Future - DLR (16 KBPS) Consistency Nature & Flat Affect (16 Kbps) [SP Unreleased Kbps format] …


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TIbol Lobit Radio show 8kbps special (episode 15)

Length: 1h 16m 27s

http://tibollobitradio.wordpress.com/ TIBOL is a radio show completely dedicated to lo bit music, their artists and the lobit netlabel scene. in this special episode you will hear alot of fantastic slightly experimental music by a diverse blend of artist. with the beautiful 8kbps sound environment in common. a episode to dream away with, a friend who keeps you company while working, or relax with a drink while tapping to the rhythm. this special episode also includes a very special guest: Irrlicht Project (aka Pater Maria) a producer , servivor, music maker, nice guy who also happens to explore music making in 1bit! so dont miss out on his sharp words and good vibes! tracklist: Pollux - Mario from the album Pollux - Follow Me released on Effluvia Recordings http://archive.org/details/er039Pollux-FollowMe Dj Chicken blabla (on the background: Covolux - The Old from the album Covolux - The Now released on 8Ravens http://archive.org/details/8R067 Nancylovesgerms - TheKnifeSwing from the album Nancylovesgerms - valentine's day massacre released on: 8Ravens http://archive.org/details/8R011http://archive.org/details/8R011 Mono Syntax - Loading from the album Mono Syntax - Data Transfer 386 released on Genetic Trance http://archive.org/details/gt466MonoSyntax-DataTransfer386 Cat As Fury Theremin - In America from the album Cat As Fury Theremin - 8kbps released on: Very Nice Noise http://archive.org/details/VNN-058 Cryovolcano - a jug of blood from the album Cryovolcano - 005 released on 8Ravens http://archive.org/details/8R016 iAMesper - trees_of_the_city from the album I AM esper - attic recordings 2009 released on Microbit records http://archive.org/details/Microbit-rec140 Die Society Die - Light from the album Die Society Die - Fake released on Microbit Records http://archive.org/details/Microbit-rec132 Graffiti Mechanism - str8 thug from the album graffiti mechanism - chicago released on top of the flops http://archive.org/details/GraffitiMechanism-Chicagototf011_936 Rainbow Valley - Ascension Bridge from the album Rainbow Valley & Diu Pii - Split released on Effluvia Recordings http://archive.org/details/er041RainbowValleyDiuPii-Split Lee Rosevere -Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement from the album Lee Rosevere -Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement released on 8Ravens http://archive.org/details/8R045 Vlad Shegal - And this is my lullaby for you from the album Vlad Shegal - four songs in the early morning http://archive.org/details/VladShegal-FourSongsInTheEarlyMorning Sven Meijer - VH 20 from the album Sven Meijer - irritations http://archive.org/details/SvenMeyer-Irritations Ploof - madjestic meditation (snippet) from the album Ploof - Eight Day released on 8Ravens http://archive.org/details/8R048 Interview - Irrlicht Project with in the background: irrlicht project - 8x24 & irrlicht project - cave taken from the album: irrlicht project - obso-l8 http://archive.org/details/IrrlichtProject-Obso-l8totf022 irrlicht project - inf from the album irrlicht project - obso+l8 released on Top Of The Flops http://archive.org/details/IrrlichtProject-Obso-l8totf022 …


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Tibol Lobit Radio Show (Episode 14)

Length: 1h 6m 50s

Tibol, the one and only lobit radio in the world is back! in this epic episode a intoxicated DJ Pollux is your well beloved host and takes you and your ears away to a nice place called lobit land! expect the unexpected, open your speakers and enjoy this feel good episode! also included a very very very very special guest: Flash Royal! so hold on, open your bottles of liquor and enjoy the show! tracklist: Origami Repetika - Baby, I Can Fly Like a Bird http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/origami_repetika_-_pharmaceutically_damaged-(20k238)-2011.zip Cryovolcano - Mimas http://archive.org/details/Microbit-rec110 Mystified - No Path But Ahead http://archive.org/details/obr005-VariousArtists-LoStroma Pogohm - Eat The Sun http://archive.org/details/siro324Pogohm-RaptorJesus CopyrightKiller - Einsnull (Extract) http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/CopyrightKiller_-_Einsnull-(20k183)-2005.zip Death On Glamour - Fuck That Smokazzz!! http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/Death_On_Glamour_-_Tradition_Rare_Dixieme_Generation-(20k123)-2004.zip Native Raver - Feel Love http://archive.org/details/siro232VariousArtists-DrivingOffToLobitLand c4 - digital this and digital that http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/c4_-_nuclear_love_powerhouse-(20k226)-2007.zip atarix - dont be commercial & sellout http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/atarix_-_socium_trasher_ep-(20k086)-2004.zip Razxca - Flogl Untitled http://archive.org/details/8R062 Dying Butterfly - Flying Slowly http://archive.org/details/8R059 Hectic Head - Unsung 2 Attack Ships On Fire Vangelis Remix http://archive.org/details/siro315HecticHead-Unsung Eugenekha - Morning Star http://proc-records.net/disks/%5B4m@018%5DEugeneKha_-_Morning_star.zip Hyphens - Islands http://proc-records.net/disks/%5B4m@101%5Dhyphens_-_islands.zip ???????? - Virtual Dj.exe imported in Audacity and encoded in 32kbps 8khz Interview of Flashroyal Flashroyal - DopU-FilL http://effluviarecordings.wordpress.com/er024-flashroyal-dope-your-feel-like-a-wool/ …


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Tibol Lobit Radio Show (Episode 13)

Length: 59m 26s

http://tibollobitradio.wordpress.com/ TIBOL is a radio show completely dedicated to lo bit music, their artists and the lobit netlabel scene. in epic episode 13, dj Chicken spins a diverse collection of lobit music, from glitch, experimental, to folk and beyond that! next to this great xxl show of wonderful musical challenges there is also a very very very great interview with nobody less than the most innnovatice/ prolific /coolest lobit character of the globe: Jukka-Pekka Kervinen better know as D0X10! we really hope you will enjoy this MAD MAD MAD show of intens music, and experimental goody's! Playlist: 1 Flowers Of Disgust - Them Bugs from the album: Well Off To The Horse Races! label: Microbit Records http://www.archive.org/details/Microbit-rec171 2 butchre sleeve -03- you was highclassed label: www.Dramacore.com http://www.dramacore.com/dramacore074.zip 3 Hectic Head - Dream Land Lobit from the album: Hectic Head - Sickling http://www.archive.org/details/fp003HecticHead-sicklinglobit 4 Ethnomite Pux - driving my electric car From the album: Lobit 035 (Laptop Hooligans) http://www.archive.org/details/Lobit035laptopHooligans 5 Overthruster - Lamers released on: 20kbps http://www.archive.org/details/overthruster_-_20kbps-20k206-2007 6 HuruHara 696 - Najis Rojak from the album: HuruHara 696 - Najis Rojak released on: Minimism Records http://www.mediafire.com/?77lm7e2cbwu1cf8 7 Strange Kid - str8tment from the album: Strange Kid - Blond On Blond Released on proc records http://proc-records.net/upload_music/%5Bproc314%5DStrange_Kid_-_Blond_On_Blond.zip 8 The MM project - work roboter from the album: Various Artists - Bring em low released on: 20kbps http://www.archive.org/details/VA_-_300_-_bringem_low_-_20k300-2010 9 Flat Affect - Frovratriptan from the album: Flat Affect - Frovratriptan released on: 4m@ records http://proc-records.net/disks/%5B4m@097%5DFlat_Affect_-_Frovratriptan.zip 10 Judy - Beauty Unintended from the album: Various Artists - Lo Stroma released on: Oh Bleep Records http://www.archive.org/details/obr005-VariousArtists-LoStroma 11 Master Toad - Pulse Infused Wave Frequency from the album: Master Toad - Chaos EP released on: Sirona Records http://www.archive.org/details/siro233MasterToad-ChaosEp 12 Get Married - Lover CHeeks Quick from the album: get married - instamental released on: Stars in Rehab http://www.archive.org/details/sir007 13 Rainbow VAlley - Lucid from the album: Rainbow Valley - Dream Circuit released on: Top Of The FLops http://www.archive.org/details/RainbowValley-DreamCircuit 14 The Pink Blob - Heart Of Love from the album: Hearts Of Love released on: Sphicot records http://www.archive.org/download/sphicotrecords/sphi047-The_Pink_Blob-Hearts_Of_Love.zip 15 Genetic Trash - Disconnected rmx from the album Genetic trash - beer & cigarettes released on: Sphicot records http://sphicot.wippiespace.com/releases/%5Bsphi002%5Dgenetic_trash-Beer&Cigarettes.zip 16 Consistency Nature Written By Dishdawash, Sung By Calypso Bizaar from the album: Consistency Nature Written By Dishdawash, Sung By Calypso Bizaar released by: Sphicot records http://sphicot.wippiespace.com/releases/%5Bsphi013%5DConsistency_Nature-Written_By_Dishdawash,_Sung_By_Calypso_Bizaar.zip 17 Hlo - Clock Cant set who fucked it up from the album: Various Artists - 10b1t released on: Sirona Records http://www.archive.org/details/siro101VariousArtists-10b1t 18 Hertzcanary - from the album: Hertzcanary - 61ogg62ogg75ogg6cgif69gif61m3u and i released on: Abulia Concepts http://gorehole.org/abuliaConcepts/releases/abulia_24.zip 19 Sylver Second - E=MC2 from the album: Glitchy Attitudes by Sylver Second released on: 20kbps http://www.archive.org/details/GlitchyAttitudesBySylverSecond -- interview D0X10 performance D0X10 -- …


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Tibol Lobit Radio /the Microbit Records special/ (Episode 12)

Length: 1h 20m 23s

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* TIBOL Lobit Radio Show _*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* Microbit Records special episode -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* get ready for a very special delivery of delicious lobit music, packed in a psychedelic journey with music by amazing artists in a whole spectrum of genre's. from experimental, electronic, ambient, acousmatic, rock punk poetry and more! with 3 things all in common: they are all excellent! all encoded in a delicious lobit sound & all released for free on the magnificiant lobit label MICROBIT RECORDS!!! so if you want to find out what kind of music microbit records got to offer for your trippy ears, that this one is you! or even if you dont care about the label but care about great music which proofs big time that lobit is a well respected format to release excellent produced earblowing tracks in, than this one is certainly for you! take your favourite drink, inhale / swallow what makes you happy and enjoy this deliriously tasty journey of sound exploration! after more than one hour of the finest trippy-est masterpieces around there is also a very very very VERY exclusive eye-opening in-depth interview with nobody less than the man behind this amazing netlabel and a prolific artists of the genius kind! Eugenkha aka MICROBIT PROJECT or Evgenij V. Kharitonov !!!!!!!!! the one and only!!! this episode got it all! a great mix to trip on and some fine lobitinfotainment too! a must have for the whole lobit family! and a lovely gift of love for anyone with a special heart for Lobit!! Enjoy the special Microbit Records episode! hosted anomiously by Dj Chicken for your pleasure only!!! …


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TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 10)

Length: 1h 12m 5s

TIBOL Lobit radio show (episode 10) In This wonderful new Tibol episode the fresh host: Hectic Head serves your eager ears a wonderful show ful of his personal lobit favorites from this very moment! next to the wonderful handpicked music and sounds by Hectic Head there is also something not heard on Tibol or on any other radio show before: a live recording of nobody less than the wonderful Swin Deorin doing a wonderful and exclusive HUMAN BEAT BOX set! and that all in that wonderful lobit quality! We hope you enjoy and spread the love! …


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TIBOL // Lobit radio show

TIBOL is a radio show completly dedicated to lo bit music, their artists and the lobit netlabel scene. we spin a diversity of great sounds/music with the only rule that it has to be encoded in 8 to 80 kbps. we also deliver news from the lobit scene and give directions where to download the works in every show. its either our way (lobit) or the hi way!

TIBOL // Lobit radio show

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