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Last update: 2015-04-22

13. Winter Soldier Collection. FINALLY!

2015-04-22 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 56m 28s

We finally get to the Winter Soldier Collection review like we've been promising for what seems like forever! Plus, get the top geek news of the week in a sweetened condensed can, and let us pour it all over you! *Clarification* We will not literally pour anything on you. Sorry. *End clarification* Follow us on Facebook: Facebook.com/thatmightbecool, Twitter/Instagram: @thatmightbecool, and as always, leave us great reviews! :D…


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12. Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

2015-04-15 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 58m 27s

In this episode, a bunch of people are now superheroes! Also, we have a visit from a surprise guest! Take a listen to find out who! Follow us on all your social networks! Instagram: @thatmightbecool Facebook: www.facebook.com/thatmightbecool Twitter: @thatmightbecool And don't forget to leave us a rating to help others find the show! Thanks, as always, for listening!…


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11. R-Rated Superheroes ft. Deadpool and Daredevil!

2015-04-03 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 36m 20s

In this episode we discuss the rising trend in mature-themed superhero adaptations and what we can expect from studios in the future! Email us with your input: feedback@thatmightbecool.com Follow us! Facebook.com/thatmightbecool Instagram: @thatmightbecool Twitter: @thatmightbecool…


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10. Batman IN SPACE!!!

2015-02-20 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 1h 19m 5s

REviews and PREviews! We talk about the return of Magneto and Professor X! Guardians of the Galaxy Animated! Nightcrawler! Gotham! Arrow! Man from UNCLE! Outcast! Kingsman! Spider-Man! and last but not least, COSMIC ODYSSEY! Check TMBC out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Thatmightbecool, or email us feedback@thatmightbecool.com THAT MIGHT BE COOL!…


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9.NOW! Spider-Man Comes Home!

2015-02-10 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 11m 35s

This is a short episode summarizing all the news from today's announcement that Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Take a listen to find out all the details we know so far!…


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9. Violence!

2015-02-09 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 1h 18m 27s

In this episode, we discuss Arrow, The Flash, Zelda, John Wick, Battlebots, Nemesis, Kingsman, Deadpool, Titans, Daredevil, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics, The New 52, Convergence, Darkseid War, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and much more from the geek world! Check out our website thatmightbecool.com, as well as facebook.com/thatmightbecool and on instagram and twitter @thatmightbecool. Questions? Comments? Feedback@thatmightbecool.com…


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8. All The Reviews!

2015-01-30 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 1h 36m 4s

In this episode, we review everything! Kingsman: The Secret Service, Deadpool: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract! These two comic series, from Marvel, and DC respectively, reveal more of the origins of Deadpool and Deathstroke. We also discuss news about Green Lantern, X-Men, AKA Jessica Jones, Fantastic 4, Ikea, Netflix, David Tennant, Tyrese Gibson, The Purple Man, Hellcat, and more! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @thatmightbecool, on Facebook: Facebook.com/thatmightbecool, or email us at feedback@thatmightbecool.com!…


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7. Let's Play Catch-Up!

2015-01-23 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 1h 29m 9s

In this episode, our heroes discuss all the news in the industry! X-Men: Apocalypse, Gambit, Supergirl, Suicide Squad, Ant-Man, Infinity War, CIvil War, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agent Carter, Batman V Superman, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Avatar 2, Marvel Relaunch, Tom Hardy, Aquaman, Mjolnir, and your mom!…


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6. It's a New Year!

2015-01-06 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 1h 22m 2s

Now that we're in the new year, let's take a look at the 2014 year in geek! We talk about our favorite and least favorite movies, and give some of our thoughts. Those movies include TMNT, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Transformers 4. Let us know what you think! feedback@thatmightbecool.com, facebook.com/thatmightbecool, instagram @thatmightbecool…


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4. Gotham and Arrow

2014-12-05 :: That Might Be Cool
Length: 1h 11m 29s

In this episode we talk about a couple of the current comic book TV shows, Gotham and Arrow! Why we both love Gotham, and why Chace won't watch Arrow! We also talk about all the news in the comic book world! Listen if you love comics, TV, or life.…


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