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Last update: 2012-11-17

You Can't Make a Movie With a Cellphone

Length: 1m 37s

It's just wrong, don't you see? …


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Who knows?

Length: 2m 10s

That's me (ca. 1963) in the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters.

Keyboards: Jim Leavelle; Guitar: Jack Ruby


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Tsunami One

Length: 2m 18s

My favorite composition...


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Mr. Memory

Length: 3m 26s

A track from the 'Alternate' album (2006). More details are available here...

Mr. Memory and here...

the ANnoTatEd aLTeRnAtE …


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Song for Judith

Length: 2m 40s

She knows who she is... Best wishes for a happy new year. …


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Length: 3m 24s

Another in the Millennium series... I guess …


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Length: 2m 1s

A brief mash-up involving keyboard and drum loops, streaming internet radio, and spoken word samples by President George W. Bush. …


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Length: 3m 29s

I made some music (from my heart) that was inspired by 'Rushmore,' one of my favorite films. Special thanks to Woob (Paul Frankland) for Odonna. …


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I Believe You

Length: 5m 1s

Here is an extended version of a song that appeared on ALTERNATE (2006) It's called, 'I Believe You,' and features an ambient intro / outro that I now wish I'd left in. …


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Turn Away

Length: 2m 17s

Here's a live version of a song from the Longtime album entitled, 'Turn Away.' The song was written on guitar, but this is a rare performance on keyboard for 'Impressions,' a local cable access show in 1993. And yes, that is a Rhodes - suitcase even! …


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Merry Christmas

Length: 2m 4s

Another teaser of sorts for an upcoming post...

This version of the hymn, "Go Tell It On The Mountain" was recorded at home on a Yamaha 4-track cassette deck. Best wishes for a very happy time at Christmas, and a good, fortunate, lucky New Year...

And a good time to be had by all. TMac …


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Fascist Fingers

Length: 2m 24s

A teaser for an upcoming post... Track 2 from the Longtime CD. It's amazing what you can do with a 4-track. All instruments and vocals by TMac. Enjoy... …


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Learning about time...

Length: 3m 10s

I have posted a short film I made using clips taken on my cell phone video camera. It is essentially a brief meditation on time as experienced through I2 technologies. All the sound and visual elements are derived from the clips themselves. Nothing has been added. Starring the teachers and students of the NYU class, COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS IN THE PERFORMING ARTS (E78.2031.001.FA06) Script by Dr. John Gilbert …


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Who is Einstein?

Length: 7m 0s

“All is the reality of time curving upon itself, and time and space merged as pure existence without dimension” (Dr. John Gilbert) - Rothko and Linklater? …


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Length: 43m 46s

For some time now, I've grappled with the issue of what direction my music should take following the release of my first CD, LONGTIME. Originally, I recorded a followup album entitled GONE SO LONG, which attempted to expand the guitar-based textures of LONGTIME into a piano trio format. Although this collection received critical praise, I was unable to generate label interest for an official release. In the meantime, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the guitar-bass-drums (and piano) setup that had come to characterize popular music. I resolved therefore to renew my study of music composition in an effort to explore the possibilities inherent in more diverse instrumental ensembles. Along the way, I re-discovered my former fascination with ambient music and as a result, my interest in absolute musical forms began to dissolve into a seemingly endless sea of color, sound, and texture. These days, I find myself more interested in the materials that emerge into form rather than the form itself. When the form has emerged, I figure my job is done. The following podcast entitled ALTERNATE is presented as a first step in unifying my interest in ambient sound and popular song. As on the LONGTIME CD, my method was recording technology. The works on this album were created in a variety of formats: 4-track cassette, 8-track analog, 16-track ADAT, 16-track analog, 24-track analog, and digital multi-track. Many of the tracks were then augmented using Logic, Audacity, and Garageband. My thanks to the friends and collaborators whose skills and insights made this project a reality. The results of our efforts are presented here for your approval. Best wishes... TMac

UPDATE: I have just added a post to my blog, FLUXUS1 which expands on the preceding information, and provides individual links to each of the songs on ALTERNATE, plus a few surprises. Copyright 2006, all rights reserved …


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