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Last update: 2011-12-29

Cannibalistic New Years Resolutions ep.13

2011-12-29 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 8s

We keep it realz here on episode Lucky 13, a good number to end the year on. What did Garrito and Rusty get for Christmas? What is Rusty's latest obsession? And why does Garrito swim in a tub full of beef jerky? Find out all this on this week's episode of TWI(X)pod! This Week in The Coolest Fake Weapons There are certainly a lot of them in comics, movies, games, you name it. But what are the coolest of the fake weapons? Which fake weapon destroys them all? Oh you'll see... You. Will. See. This Week in Resolutions for the New Year -- Garrito completely offends his counterpart as Rusty pours his heart and soul into sharing his desires for bettering himself and his year to come. Game Time: The TWIXpod Conversation -- There is no end to our retardedness as demonstrated by the ridiculous IM's Rusty and Garrett share. …


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Electrons Wear Makeup ep.12

2011-12-22 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 50s

We missed last week. How dare we, I know, I know. But you know what? When Rusty is on deaths door with strep throat and telling each of his son's that they are the man of the house now, well, things get real. This Week in Secrets of the Universe -- Ever wanted to know how the Universe REALLY works? Well, Rusty did the dirty research for you and all you have to do is keep up. He discusses the wild theoretical physics such as Quantum Entanglement, the Double Slit experiment and even the very real theory that consciousness actually came before anything else. Yeah, I know, kinda geeky, right? Maybe more like, kinda FREAKY... Ok, bad joke... This Week in A Very Garrito Christmas -- Garrito lays his own phat Christmas poem down thick on our gingerbread loving minds! Game Time: Name That Meme -- So many memes, so little time on the internet. This is a desperate attempt to keep Garrett informed on the world of hilarious internet memes. …


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Hair Thong ep.11

2011-12-08 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 10s

How in the world do we come up with these titles? It never ceases to amaze me. Sorry Duane... PS... Diablo 3 is coming out... Oh yes... Prepare for the inferno... Rusty will be there... Why, you ask? Because Senior Garrito has addicted him to la video games again. This Week in The Daddy Contract - There are so many things in the fine print of the Daddy contract that a man can look forward to that wants to be a Daddy, and maybe Rusty will enlighten you a bit on some things in the contract that you can take advantage of if you are already a daddy? This Week in Stupid Superhero Powers - Oh yes, they exist. Super heroes with the most ridiculous super powers you can imagine have graced us with their presence on the sacred pages of the comic book. Game Time: Misheard Lyrics - Ever heard a lyric wrong? Yeah, we made a game out of that. …


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I Gave You Substance, You Gave Me Squat ep.10

2011-12-01 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 58s

Rusty is all about the obsessions... Every week he seems to have a different one. This week? Applying to Game Shows. Also, Garrito decides to create a new name based on flatulence. Flance Stromburg.This Week in Shows I'm Looking At What shows are Senior Garrito watching? Oh I bet you're just biting at the bit to know! This Week in The Life And Times of Senior Garrito Garrito has been in the news lately... Game Time: The Interruption Game Set the scene, interrupt it with sound effects. What else do you want? …


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Violent Love Letters ep.09

2011-11-24 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 13s

Garrito sure does love that villianous voice of villianry. We talk about food (as usual). We move into Garrital advice. Listen up as Garrito shows how you can save your marriage and maybe even your Xbox... Then, do you want to see into the very fabric of the FUTURE? Thought so...HOLY CRAP! Technology! …


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Slight Attitude Towards Butter ep.08

2011-11-17 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 7s

We start off with a slight attitude toward butter before moving onto Skyrim, Assassins Creed and Quantum Leap and maybe even a little side serving of Big Trouble In Little China. We finish it all off with Nyan Cat. Mmmm... …


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Lets Pee In The Corner ep.07

2011-11-09 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 9s

A curse has fallen upon Rusty's household... Nutella, though Garrett's Dutch father has raised him to believe Nutella was divinely inspired. Maybe even delivered by an Italian angel? This Week in Did You Know? When Garrett isn't hijacking my TWI, we talk about how large brand name technology companies surprisingly got their name like Apple, Yahoo and Google. This Week in Food Garrito dishes it up again with tips, tricks and wizardry in the food world. Whats a safety food at a Taiwanese restaurant? How can I spice up my meatball sub? What about a new and delicious drink? …


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Mormon Freegman ep.06

2011-11-03 :: TWI(X)pod

How in the world did we come up with the name for this episode... Well, I guess I am not really sure either... But know this -- it was going to be Leprosy Birthday Wish …


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William Defoes Vintage Cheese Grater ep.05

2011-10-22 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 21s

This Week in Stuff of INTEREST! Oh. My. Goodness. Did they just finally invent the eternally anticipated hoverboard from Back to The Future through the miracle of Quantum Levitation? With the shoes, the hoverboard and now the return of the Delorean, this is the age of Back to the Future and we're loving every minute of it! This Week in Laws I Wish Existed It's about Truth! It's about Justice! And maybe a dash of annoyed justice and a pinch of awesomeness! Find out what laws should exist in today's day and age. Someone drives too slow in the fast lane? Well, we got a new law for you. You're Welcome. Skit Time: LET'S MAKE A MOVIE! How are they coming up with movies in Hollywood? Do they just draw from a hat? Write the screenplays with fortune cookies? Nope, two old guys decide to play a game. …


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Megaman Prayers ep.04

2011-10-13 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 3s

We are still going strong and loving every minute of it! Fourth episode in and we're already mixing it up! We took down a few TWI's and decided to throw a game into the mix! And boy was it fun! (sarcasm...) This Week in The REAL News. Rusty is sick and tired of so-called news of kittens in trees and speed bumps being laid out! What about the real news?!!? What about secretly controlling governments and the latest on failed conspiracy projects? This Week in Little Garrito. What was life like for Little Garrito? Living in a van... playing old school NES games... Senior Garrito takes us on a journey to what it was like in the mind of Little Garrito. Game Time: THUNDERDOME. What is Thunderdome? Two men enter, one man-- well... uh-- you know... …


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Beware the Wombat Holes! ep.03

2011-10-06 :: TWI(X)pod
Length: 1m 5s

Here we are! Third podcast! Looking... well... looking like a PODCAST! -- Yeah, that's safe... This Week in Friggin' SOCIETY! Have you ever felt the pains of society? No, I am not talking about things that actually matter like homelessness or even the failing economy... No, I am talking about those little unspoken rules in society that SOME PEOPLE choose to ignore... I am looking at you, Rupert! This Week in Ways I Don't Want to Die Garrett takes us down the dark path of his worst fears... What are some ways of dieing YOU-- YES YOU, are hoping to avoid? This Week in The Daddy Contract Are you a Daddy? Thinking about being a Daddy? Well, sir, we have a treat for you. Rusty helps clarify a bit of the contract that all Daddy's must sign and adhere to. Some good, some bad and some so grotesque, you might just want to sanitize your body, mind and spirit. But see how in the end, it is worth it. Make sure you are taking full advantage of all the stipulations in your Daddy Contract. This Week in I Don't Miss Playing Video Games Online Some of us have to endure the horrors of life. Garrett reflects on what he does not miss about playing video games online. Oh, how we so wish this was a complete list but for you see, that would be impossible. For the list off all the small nuances, bitterness, and sorrows that are experienced in online video gameplay is like counting the sands of a beach... …


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It's Dancing, it's Potatoes! It's Peoples! ep.02

2011-09-29 :: Twixpod

Peoples is peoples! Straight up second podcast! Starting off the podcast with danger and intrigue we move into subtler subjects and a slight disection of why I call Garrett Mr. Garrito! …


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Socrates Air ep.01

2011-09-29 :: Twixpod
Length: 46s

Wow! Our first podcast! We talked about what TWIXpod which stands for "This Week in X" which "X" is the variable for whatever the heck we want! Food, Games, or even This Week in Samurai Rainbow Kittens. Whatever hits our fancy! So Listen in! …


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A couple of Generation X guys talk about pretty much whatever they want. The hilariously talk about random topics like Awkward Moments, Secrets of ordering at McDonalds and worse cliche movie lines!


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