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Last update: 2015-08-07

Episode 4 - Camping

2015-08-07 :: Joe, Oli and George

This week the topic is camping. We chat about camping in the rain and Oli and George mock Joseph for his morning snores...…


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Episode 3 - Villains

2015-07-31 :: Joe, Oli and George

In this episode we get talking about villains and why we are obsessed with the villain character. …


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Episode 2 - Food

2015-07-24 :: Joe, Oli and George

This week we chat about food and try one of George's culinary delights. Plus we answer our first listener question and think about cows with air conditioning.…


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Episode 1 - Family

2015-07-21 :: Joe, Oli and George

We introduce one another and then get chatting about what family is and how we adopted George.…


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Talking Podcast is the foolish venture of three brothers who arrogantly assume that others would want to listen to them talking...


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