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Last update: 2009-07-02


2009-07-02 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 5s

In this episode we cover the initial tank setup, sand, rock work, etc. its a pretty short episode so hope you all like it. I know the intro and outro are out of focus, i didnt realize until i got it off the camera... didnt think it was a big deal since it was only my face.. lol…


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2009-06-05 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 18s

In this episode i spend about 15 minutes or so walking through a list of initial equipment that will be needed to setup the tank. Please forgive me, i had recorded this video 4 times so it was a bit of a struggle to get through some issues i was having.…


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2009-05-01 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 2s

Welcome to Talkingreef Tank Journal, This is an introduction episode, i used this episode to test out some stuff with the video and distribution process. The idea of this show is give you an idea of the HD video (for premium members) and and overview of the this new video series

*Please note, see Talkingreef.com if you have problems with this first episode*


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2008-06-08 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

*PoTM Contest Update
* MACNA - Atlanta - Sept 5-7
* * http://www.macnaxx.com
* New Local News

Topic: Sumps
* Proper Sump sizes
* Dividing/Partitioning Sumps
* Making Sumps
* Plumbing Sumps

Questions and Answers
* Correcting tank parameters with a mad batch of salt
* Behavior of a new Fairy Wrasse
* How how reefers dealing with high power bills / Energy Saving Tips
* Aggression with Coral beauty and Yellow tang, Dealing with aggressive fish
* When drilling a tank, where is the best place to drill a tank, and positioning bulkheads


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Talkingreef Live - Ep15

2008-05-07 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

*PoTM Contest
* MACNA - Atlanta - Sept 5-7
* * MACNA XX Atlanta
* New Local News - None

Questions and Answers
* Quarantine Tanks
* Proper tank hight for a reef tank
* T5 lighting for a reef tank
* System design questions for a muti tank setup.
* What is the best type of water movement device
* How do you handle Green Hair Algae and Algae control
* Best location for thermometer
* Culturing Tang Heaven Macro algae.
* * Tang Heaven Instructions
* Dipping Coral
* Harlequin Tusk fish with invertebrates
* Which side of the bulk head does the washer go on
* How do you cut the teeth in acrylic for overflows.
* how large can Euphyllia corals get

*Open Discussion Segment


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Talkingreef Live - Ep14

2008-04-22 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

*Petco Petition - Talkingreef is not promoting you sign, jsut htat you read and sign if you feel you agree.
* * http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/petcokills/
* Show Times - do you want to keep RL at 8:00 EST (GMT -4)?
* PoTM Contest
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/tr-contests/
* IMAC - Chicago - May 30 -June 1
* * http://www.theimac.org
* MACNA - Atlanta - Sept 5-7
* * http://www.macnaxx.com
* New Local News section coming

Mini Topic
* List of must have equipment items when starting a new tank

Questions and Answers
* Quarantine Tanks
* Transferring tanks and dealing with resulting cycles
* Kalkwasser
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/157-kalk-podcast-episode-13-a.html
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/674-diy-kalk-doser-video-podcast-episode-44-a.html
* What is and how to preventing "old Tank Syndrome" with regards to a deep sand bed (DSB)
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/188-substrates-pt1-podcast-episode-27-a.html
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/215-substrates-pt2-podcast-episode-28-a.html
* Do you need to turn of your skimmer when feeding Phytoplankton and/or rotifers?
* Maroon clown anemone and behavior in a new system.
* Using a phyto density stick, and what's the optimal density?
* Storing Kalkwasser
* Feeding Caulepra to display tank fish
* What is the right way to setup flow in the tank?
* Keeping Goniopora
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/693-goniopora-podcast-episode-45-a.html
* What causes a deep sand bed (DSB) to become "clumpy"
* Fragging Blastomussa sp. (Blasto)
* Emperor Filter or a Protein Skimmer


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2008-04-09 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Tank Cleaning
* Tank maintenance rout table show TR 103
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/4956-round-table-show-3-podcast-episode-103-a.html
* Prep water for water change and get it warming up and w salt
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/5245-talkingreef-live-episode-2-a.html
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/1996-q-8-wwest-podcast-episode-65-a.html
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/150-sea-salts-podcast-episode-6-a.html
* Cleaning powerheads
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/149-poweheads-podcast-episode-5-a.html
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/155-powerhead-care-podcast-episode-11-a.html
* Cleaning overflows
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/1867-top-off-s-overflows-podcast-episode-63-a.html
* Sand Bed care and cleaning
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/188-substrates-pt1-podcast-episode-27-a.html
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/215-substrates-pt2-podcast-episode-28-a.html

Questions and Answers Segment
* Can running carbon help with Hair Algae?
* Can Carbon remove beneficial chemicals
* Can you keep 2 Ocellaris clown and 4 Chromis in a 55 gallon tank
* Should we reduce flow/current in the tank at night
* When should we cool our tanks with fans and when should we move up to a Chiller
* What's the best way to setup flow for a high flow tank
* * Water switchers
* * Controllers

*Red Bugs
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/sps-corals/6308-red-bug-treatment.html

* Rubbermaid Stock tanks as sumps - regugiums

Open Dialog Segment
* Loads of discussion on rubbermaid sumps as refugiums
* * here is a show where you can see my fuge
* * http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/podcast-episodes/1867-top-off-s-overflows-podcast-episode-63-a.html


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Talkingreef Live - Ep12

2008-03-11 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

* Next weeks show topic: Tank Cleaning

Questions and Answers Segment
* Overflow system on a Nano Cube
* Using an old Freshwater tank for a Saltwater tank
* Can you over skim a reef tank?
* Are any skimmers plankton friendly?
* Can you over do UV sterilization?
* Forum Etiquette
- - Does Talkingreef allow out bound links to other sites sites for information.

* After a cycle completed when can we add clean-up crew
* Is there a procedure to change to a different Sea Salt
* Is a Tunze 6025 too much for a 41 gallon tank
* Can you mix a Puffer and a Maroon Clown in a 29 gallon tank
* Will SPS and LPS maintain natural color under LED Lights
* Can clams be used for Nitrate control and filtration.

Open Dialog Segment
* Nitrate Reactors
* Managing macro algae
* Astrivians Bangai Cardinal fry updates
* Expense with Watanabe Angles
* Tank light schedule


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2008-02-26 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

* PoTM contest
* Show format

* Intro Topic: Feeding your tank
- - Types of dry foods
- - Types of frozen foods
- - Prepaging homemade fish foods/mush

* Do you need filtration in a Saltwater tank

* 24th Annual Carolina Aquarium Workshop
- - http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/major-conference-events/5729-24th-annual-carolina-aquarium-workshop.html
- - http://raleighaquariumsociety.org/workshop/index.html

* 10th Annual Midwest Marine Conference
- - http//www.masm.org


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Talkingreef Live - Ep10

2008-02-12 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show

* PoTM contest
* Show length and format
* Try new open format section

* Intro Topic: Electrical Safety
- - Dielectric grease on plugs
- - Using drip loops
- - GFI outlets and strips
- - Common sense
- - Prepare for overflows
- - Grounding probes

* Schooling fish
- - Anthias
- - Chromis

* Keeping thawed fish food in the fridge
* Making homemade fish food
* Vanmo92's RO/DI issue
* Increasing fuge critter population
* Feeding Torch an open brain corals
* Issue with Ca over 500 ppm
* Best macro algae for refugium

* 24th Annual Carolina Aquarium Workshop
- - http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/major-conference-events/5729-24th-annual-carolina-aquarium-workshop.html
- - http://raleighaquariumsociety.org/workshop/index.html

* 10th Annual Midwest Marine Conference
- - http//www.masm.org


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Talkingreef Live - Ep9

2008-01-28 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 47s

* Trying Shorter shows - about 30-45 mins
* Tank of The Month or Photo of The Month contests

* Intro Topic: Converting Shallow Sand Bed (SSB) to a Deep Sand Bed (DSB)
- - Converting a tank
- - Remote Deep Sand beds
- - Related links
- - http://forum.marinedepot.com/Topic20039-13-1.aspx
- - http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/sh...hreadid=595109

* Ich Quarantine times
* QT tank sizes and lager fish

* Curing Live rock
* Seeding Base rock

* DIY Protien skimmers
- - http://www.aquariaforums.com/entry.asp?TYP=1

* Whats the best type of Macro Algae


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Talkingreef Live - Ep8

2008-01-08 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show

* Intro Topic: Metal Halide Lights
- - Past related shows
- - - - Lighting Part 3 Metal Halide - Podcast Episode 77
- - - - Q & A #9 - Podcast Episode 92
- - - - Metal Halides with Sanjay Joshi - Podcast Episode 94
- - - - MH Life SpanTesting - Podcast Episode 97

- - Pros and Cons
- - Using and replacing UV glass on HQI fixtures
- - Lighting needs for a 48" x 36" x 10" frag tank
- - Lighting needs for a 48" x 18" x 25" Display tank

* Breeding Bangi Cardinals

* Managing/eliminating flatworms

* dim-able Metal Halide lights
- - Coravue and Blueline HD

* T5 vs VHO
- - Tek Fixtures
- - Current USA

* Feeding a Mandarin Dragonette

* How to keep jumping fish from jumping

*Fragging a Lobophyllia sp. coral


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Talkingreef Live - Ep7

2007-12-16 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 52s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show

* Intro Topic: Tangs/Surgeon Fish
- - Blades on Tale
- - Cuts and spots on Tangs
- - Behavior of scraping on rocks
- - Tangs are scaleless fish making them more sensitive
- - Tank size
- - Using Garlic to prevent or cure Ich
- - Feeding

* Coralidea
- - Coral Identification and information at Coralidea.com

* Morish Idols
* Hang on Refugiums
* Cyanobacteria in Frag tank
- - Filtration
- - Skimming
- - Carbon

* Keeping snails in a Refugium
* Can Older MH or PC lights promote algae growth
*Missing LTA
* Why use vinegar when mixing kalkwasser
- - Kalk - Podcast Episode 13
- - DIY Kalk Doser - Video Podcast Episode 44

* How do you frag zoanthids
- - **Use protection when following these directions**

* Fragging Mushroom coral and Ricordeas


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Talkingreef Live - Ep6

2007-12-10 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show

* Free ways to support Talkingreef and Talkingreef Live
* Rant Topic: Impulse buying
* Frag Tanks
- - What type of tank do i use for a frag tank and where to get one
- - Frag Tank Lighting
- - Frag Tank Filtration
- - Custom acrylic Tanks
- - - Melevsreef.com - Welcome!
- - - Envision Acrylics
- - Using Egg Create (Light Diffuser)
* Pencil Urchins
* Wave boxes and surge devices
* Skimmer in the Red Sea Max tank
* Keeping Sand Dollars
* Best type of all-in-one nano tank
- - Nano cube vs aquapod vs biocube
- - nanotuners
* Thoughts on the Commercial Maxi-Jet Mods
- - Sea-Flo from Marcorocks Pumps and Water Flow - Sea-Flo
- - Stream pumps used with wave makers
* methods to manage overgrowing Zoanthids
- - Kalk paste, Joes Juice, Vinegar, Peppermint Shrimp, Copperbanded Butterflies
* How does the type of ballast affect my MH lights
- - Home - Reefkeeping Magazine Online
- - Sanjay Joshi's Publications - Untitled Document
* Best lighting for Zoanthids and Stony coral
* can we setup sloping/angled DSB from 1 inch on one side to 6 inches on the other side
* can we use epoxy in our tanks
- - AquaScape Aquarium Epoxy: Aquarium Equipment and Supplies - Aqua Buys
- - Aquascaping with Acrylic rods
* Make sure you join us live


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Talkingreef Live - Ep5

2007-11-19 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 59s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show

- Briefly: About water flow and currents
- How to get fish necropsy's performed
- Thoughts on replacing a sump with a closed loop
- Using Korillia, Tunze, and SEIO stream pumps
- Handling sickly looking anemone
- Adjusting the AquaC Remora Skimmers
- Handling Cyannobacteria
- Using Reefkeeper or Aquacontroller Jr controllers with X-10
- Keeping Pipefish in a tank with a sebae anemone
- Can we use overflows as refugiums
- Can i use an old freshwater tank as a reef tank


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2007-11-15 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 30s

This week Jake Adams does a great interview with Tullio del Aquilla, a real leader in the LED lighting industry. This is a great interview for anyone interested in Lighting technologies and LEDs.

Here is a list of items discussed in this interview
- Introductions
- how LEDs got started in the hobby
- Where LED moonlights came from
- Hi flux and low flux LED
- LED environmental requirements
- Details of LEDs wavelength output
- LEDs ability to target the wavelengths needed by coral
- Directivity of LEDs and how that affects there use
- Luminous Efficiency of LED, and comparison to other lighting types
- How LEDs work
- Columniation (Focusing) vs reflected light
- why aren't LED lights everywhere, what's the hold up
- LEDs do not emit UV, how will that affect coral
- Thoughts on Commercial LED fixtures


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Talkingreef Live - Ep4

2007-11-12 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 55s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show
I was again stuck using using my cell phone, so im sorry again about the audio.
Thanks again for everyone that joined in for this show, participation was great

- How to deal with advice from people and forums
- Follow up from last shows discussion on Kill-A-Watt meters
- - Monitoring the electricity usage of your tank and determining annual costs
- What type of Metal Halide should i use on my tank
- - Lighting Part 1 Intro - Podcast Episode 75
- - Talkingreef - Lighting Part 2 Fluorescent - Podcast Episode 76
- - Lighting Part 3 Metal Halide - Podcast Episode 77
- - Lighting Part 4 Reflectors and Ballasts - Podcast Episode 80
- - Lighting Part 5 Q&A#1 - Podcast Episode 81
- What type of supplemental lighting is needed for clams
- Importance of reflectors
- Is a TDS reading o 7 too high
- RO membrane rejection rates
- What would cause Green Star Polyps (GSP) to receded
- My tang has a cut on its side, what should i do?
- Do i need to use Live Rock and Live Sand when starting my tank?
- Can i run a skimmer when cycling?
- Aquarium Forums


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Talkingreef Live - Ep3

2007-11-01 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show
I would like to apologize for by audio quality, i had some issues with my computer and had to join using my cell phone.
Thanks again for everyone that joined in for this show, participation was great this week

- Keeping clowns in 10 gallon tank
- Headloss calculator
- - Reef Central Online Community
- How should i light me refugium
- - Refugiums - Podcast Episode 54
- How much and how often should i clean my overflow box
- Growing Macro Algae as a means of exporting excess nutrients
- Managing Hitchiker Caulepra
- Handling Valonia Algae (Bubble Algae)
- Separating types of Macro Algae in your refugium
- During a problem, how much water can i safely change
- Carmies problem with her Montipora Capricornus and it shedding tissue
- How to i get medicinal prescription for my fish
- Thoughts on using a "Kill-A-Watt" device
- Building a custom DIY recirculating protein skimmer
- What do I use to paint the walls in my fish room


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2007-10-25 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 30s

This is part two in the RO/DI series. In this 30 minutes video i take you through a full break down of an RO/DI unit.
We Cover:
- Component identification
- Inline TDS meter
- Ro Membrane dissection
- Filter replacement
- Unit assembly and disassembly


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Talkingreef Live - Ep2

2007-10-15 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Keeping multiple dwarf angels
WWM link:

Lighting needs for Anemones and stony coral
Should we use a Watt per gallon rating
BTA and Rose Anemone
Anemone Podcast: Anemones-TR-Ep40
T5 Lighting with Individual reflectors
See also: LightingPart2-Fluoro-TR-Ep76

Acquiring Rare or hard to find fish

Costs to start up a saltwater fish tank
Live Rock
Base Rock
Types of Sand beds:
Downloading The Talkingreef Podcasts: FAQ

Controlling Algae
Water changes
Marine S.A.T.

Using Silica based sand in a Marine saltwater tank.
KolorScape Sand in saltwater tank

Controlling Nitrates in a saltwater tank
Downloading The Talkingreef Podcasts: FAQ
Nitrate Sponge in a PhosBan Reactor: Phosban Reactor

Running PhosBan and Carbon in the same PhosBan reactor
PhosBan Reactor: Phosban Reactor
Daisy chaining or piggy backing Phosban reactors with a small maxi-jet 400

Molding and sculpting Marco's Base rock
AquticEco systems: http://www.aquaticeco.com/

Hight for a DIY Metal Halide hood on a 30" tank

Events & Local Discussion
Down Under Frag Swap - Near Raleigh NC
LMAS is proud to Announce our 1st Annual Frag Swap


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2007-10-04 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 49s

In this show i cover the ins and outs of Reverse Osmosis and Deionization. discussing wht it is, and how it works.
i think work through various common questions that come up regarding water filtration and the use of RO / DI

Here is a run down of the show topics
- Reverse Osmosis
- Prefilters
- - Sediment Filters
- - Micron Filters
- - GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Filters
- Deionization

- Should i use more than one DI Filter
- Testing and monitoring water quality
- What is TDS and how a TDS meter works
- Zero Waster RO / DI units
- Supplementing DO / DI water
- RO / DI system maintenance
- RO / DI water storage and leaching concerns


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Talkingreef Live - Ep1

2007-09-24 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Here are a list of items discussed in this weeks Talkingreef Live show
Thanks again for everyone that joined us for this first show

* Ritteri anemones has two mouths, splitting??
* How to i add live rock to my tank without causing an ammonia spike
* Horseshoe crabs
* Foul spell from skimmer after adding a Horseshoe crab and a bullet goby
* Maintaining DSBs
* Can my Chromis really be that aggressive in which they are killing each other?
* Small little seastars, what are they? asterina stars
* I Have Red bugs, what to i do
* PH Meters and Test kits that read in tenths or hundredths
* How do i listen to older Talkingreef Podcast shows
* My Bubble coral is not opening up as it normally did?
General Bubble coral care info
* Coral densities and proximity's in maturing tanks
* What's the best media for a Phosban reactor
Various types of Ferris Oxide media no aluminum based medias
* Thoughts and ideas on LED lighting
* Planaria Flatworms, what's the harm?
* How accurate are Protien skimmer ratings
* How long can i store fresh natural sea water at my house
* Can i move the water from my old tank to my new one when im upgrading?
* how will a tank upgrade affect my pod population
how to i handle that when i have fish that depend on that population


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2007-09-20 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 31s

In this episode I start of with generic rundown of MACNA XIX and then some details on next years MACNA XX.
the Show then continues with some Questions and Answers from the voicemail line.
The questions are on the following topics.
> can we setup a true "Mixed Reef tank"
> What do i do with live rock after i bleach it
> can we do more shows on nano tanks


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2007-09-06 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

It's been a long time coming and with the help of some faithful Talkingreef members we bring you a full show on Tank maintenance. Discussing everything from pumps, lights, cleaning, tools and supplies, along with a few tips and tricks to help you out. Please welcome Phurst, Astrivian, CarmieJo, lReef lKeeper, mikebharris, and myself to The Talkingreef Round table show number 3…


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2007-07-26 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 6s

heres a great video put together by Astrivian on how he used his Mag24 pump to create a closed loop. This video contains many great ideas and concepts that you can use in your own setup. As Astrivian warns in his video, the pump he employs is likely over powered for the tank, and we strongly recommend you use the appropriate sized pump and test all equipment before completing your DIY project…


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2007-06-07 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 29s

Part 2 in the clownfish series, where we dive more into behavior, breeding, the brood stock tank and such

Items covered are as follows:
* Brood stock tank
* complications from Anemones
* Spawning surfaces
* Feeding
* Co-Inhabitants
* acquiring your pair
* Mating behaviors

And we wrap up with some tips on getting reluctant clowns to start spawning

Here is a link to my main recommendation, the Clownfish bible
Clownfishes, by Joyce Wilkerson


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2007-05-17 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 30s

Here is the first part in a series of shows on clownfish. This is a basic introductory show where i cover a series of items related to clownfish in general.

Here is a list of the items i covered

* History

* Temperament

* Tank setup

* Anemones / Hosts

* Co-Inhabitants

And two tips for the following

* Helping a reluctant clown host in an anemone

* Stopping your clown from digging

Here is a link to my main recommendation, the Clownfish bible
Clownfishes, by Joyce Wilkerson


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2007-05-03 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 55s

One of the main goals is to learn new information about Marine invertebrates, and to educate the people those involved. One part of the project that is now wrapping up is an extended series of classroom based observational experiments and research efforts. These efforts were co-oridinated by Brian Plankis of Project DIBS with the participation of a local high school. In this podcast, i get the change to talk to Brian, the classroom teacher, Eric Borneman, and 4 of the students from the participating class to share there candid thoughts about the project, its impact on them as well as summarize what they did.…


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2007-04-26 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 32s

Following up with the theme on coral fragging, here is a full video on fragging various branching stony coral. In this video i show both in tank and out of tank fragging of:
* Acropora yongei
* Seriatopora hystrix
* Monitpora Digitata
* Pocillopora damicornis

I show mounting all these frags using super glue gel, using both vertical and horizontal mounting techniques.


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2007-04-05 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 27s

For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Allen Chantelois. Allen has spent the last year measuring and documenting the light output of 7 metal halide bulbs over a period of 12 months. In this months edition of Reefkeeping Magazine he publishes his results, and in this show we talk about those results.…


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2007-03-30 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 10s

Here we go, another video for you all.
As the title suggests, this video covers one of many techniques used to frag a Colt Coral.
Make sure you check it out and provide any feedback or share your methods or experiences.


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2007-03-22 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 28s

every hear of SaltwaterU? when this show is for you.. for those that know of it and those that dont. This Week i am joined by Kevin Jessop as he takes us through all that is SaltwaterU 3. The marine conference held in Atlanta Georgia and hosted by the Atlanta Reef Club (ARC)


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2007-03-07 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 45s

For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Sanjay Joshi. Sanjay is publishing an article describing what Metal Halides are and how they work. Make sure you check this out if you want to learn more about MH lighting from one of our hobby's leading experts


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2007-03-01 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 37s

This week with a "back to the basics" type show for you all. In this show i cover two topic. The first topic is on various types of water testing and details on water parameters, and the second is a quick topic on Aptasia control methods, here are some details:

Water testing and Parameters:
- Refratometers and Hydrometers
- Specific Gravity and Salinity
- Nitrate Nitrite and Ammonia
- PH
- Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium

Aptasia Control:
- Peppermint Shrimp
- Copperband Butterfly fish
- Berghia Nudibranch
Non Natural:
- Kalk Paste
- joes juice/lemon juice
- vinegar
- boiling water


Share: WaterParms-Aptasia-TR-Ep93


2007-02-15 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 24s

Heres another Question and answer show. I have some time to fill before we continue with the seahorse shows so here are some questions that i have come across over the past few weeks.

List of topics discussed:

- Show download speeds

- why only one video format

- purple up and cyanobacteria

- options for MH fixture

- DIY acrylics question


Share: QA#9-TR-Ep92


2007-02-08 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 22s

Have a Euroreef Skimmer?
Every wanted to see if you could get better performance from your Euroreef skimmer?

Well this may be just want you are looking for.
In this video Dave Perry (JustDavidP) and Gustavo Pagnozzi (Neo) take us through step by step in the modification of pump that drives the skimmer to to get it to produce a better skimmate


Share: EuroreefMod-TR-Ep91


2007-02-01 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 52s

For this months Reefkeeping edition show, i interview Brian Plankis. Brian is publish a feature article this month that is an introduction to Project DIBS. Many of you have seen the name, and the logo in our partner section, some of you may have even registered with the community. This show is for you, and for the people that have never heard of Project DIBS. listen in as Brian walks be through the In's and Out's of Project DIBS


Share: ProjectDIBS-TR-Ep90


2007-01-25 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

It has finally begun, the long anticipated series on Seahorse care.
In this first episode i am joined by David Perry (JustDavidP) and Greg Hix (Saxman) to talk about the basic care of seahorses and then into topics on picking out seahorses.

Here is a high level list of the seahorse topics covered in this show:

Seahorse Basics

Tank setup Proper Filtration Types Acceptable water parameters Compatible clean up crew Compatible fish Proper feeding items and techniques

Preparing for Seahorses

Quarantine tank Quarantine procedures Hospital tanks


Wild vs Captive bred vs tank raises Selecting healthy specimen Mixing different Species

And Much more


Share: SeahorsePart1-Intro-TR-Ep89


2007-01-18 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 21s

This week i am presenting a video on building a DIY Tube Fuge, this video walks you through the process of building and putting in place a DIY Tube Fuge.

The video was done by Samuel Helms, its a concept project that was he researched put together.

I would like everyone to keep in mind this is a version 1.0. So if you see a better way of doing something, we kindly as that you help contribute to this project and post your suggestions here :) lets collaborate on this.


Share: DIYTubeFuge-TR-Ep88


2007-01-11 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 59s

The week we have a quick listener question from Mark, then we move on to an interview. In this Interview Jake Adams interviews Alina Szmant. During this interview they dive into the details behind coral reproductions and current research efforts.


Share: IntroToCoralSpawning-TR-Ep87


2007-01-04 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 36s

This months reefkeeping edition podcast is an interview with Sarah Lardizabal. In this show she gives us a great introduction to macroalgae.
Here are some of the topics discussed Differences between plants and algae Differences between macro and micro algae Difference between beneficial and nuisance macroalgae Tips to identify Macro algae Explanation of macroalgae sexual reproduction Beneficial uses of macro algae


Share: IntroToMacroAlgae-TR-Ep86


2006-12-14 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 22s

Well hello everyone, as the year winds to a close, so do i.

ok, im just kidding. In this show i take a minute (actually about 15) to look at where talkingreef has come from, where we are, and most important, where we are going.

There are some things with the podcast that are going to change, you can listen to the show if you want to know.

As for the future, we are going to spend a lot of time on series shows, and in this episode i give a sneak peak into three upcoming Talkingreef series shows

Finally, i have a lot of ideas for website customization, but implementing them goes beyond my web development knowledge, if you are a web developer familiar with PHP and MySQL, please contact me.. i have some work for ya.. ;)


Share: TRPastPresentFuture-TR-Ep85


2006-12-07 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 36s

Jake Adams is back again with a great, in depth interview with Dr. Steve Stancyk of the University of South Carolina all about Brittle stars.


Share: BrittleStars-TR-Ep84


2006-11-30 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 28s

Its been a busy week for all of us, and a slow week for the Talkingreef. im going to give everyone a break from the normal show and present a video presentation that was put together by Samuel Helms (Astrivian). Many of you will remember Samuel from the podcast episode on using aquariums as educational tool, well this is the presentation he gave explaining why that was an effective simulation. If you are at all interested in the used of aquariums for education please check out this video.


Share: NASAGAPres-TR-Ep83


2006-11-22 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 47s

Well, tomorrows the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and sticking with our tradition, i wanted to say thank you to everyone hat has helped support the show and continues to listen and spread the word. Because of the holiday, i am also releasing the show early, this is the show for the week.

In this show Wes is back to help me with Part 2 of the Q&A, in the show we get to fluorescence and Metal Halides, and hopefully wrap up most of peoples lighting questions.


Share: LightingPart6-QA2-TR-Ep82


2006-11-16 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 46s

For this weeks how im joined by Wes as he presents this weeks questions for the lighting part 1 Questions and Answers show.
We have a whole list of question for this show all around general lighting concepts, i will get a sit of the questions posted shortly.

Lighting Part 6 Q&A#2 is next week and we will present questions and answers around Metal Halide lighting and fluorescent lighting


Share: LightingPart5-QA1-TR-Ep81


2006-11-09 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 48s

Part 4 in the lighting series.
In this part we are going to talk about reflectors and ballasts, not extremely technical, but some important topics to cover, here is a highlight of what we discus in this show

- Types
- - Parallel
- - Vertical
- Designs
- - Hemispherical
- - Squared
- - Spider

- Magnetic
- - Probe start
- - Pulse start
- Electronic


Share: LightingPart4-Ref-Ballast-TR-Ep80


2006-11-02 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 23s

Coral Spawning Research, maybe not the top thing on everyones list, but should it be?
Sexual coral reproduction is more important to the hobbyist than you might think. In this episode I Interview Jake Adams who recently completed is research trip to Puerto Rico where they began data collection efforts for just these typs of studies.


Share: CoralSpawningResearch-TR-Ep79


2006-10-24 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 25s

ok, for those of you that saw my other thread, and have been waiting for the details, well here they are... not much more i can say about that.


Share: MyDisaster-TR-Ep78


2006-10-19 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 30s

Part 3 in the lighting series.
Ok, here we go with the MH show, in this show i discuss what the MH bulb is and how it works

- Plasma
- Halides
- Bulb
- Arc Tube
- Fireing and burning
- how the light is produced and changed
- why a cool down period


Share: LightingPart3-MH-TR-Ep77


2006-10-12 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 38s

Part 2 in the lighting series.
I didn't really get any feedback as to what you guys were looking for, so i assume that part was perfect.. ok, so im sure it wasn't perfect, but if you have questions or comments for the next part, please let em know
Ok, Part 2, i cover all things Fluorescent

- What is Light
- Electromagnetic Spectrum/Radiation
- Wavelength
- Spectrum
- Color/Temprature
- Lumen
- Lux
- Photosynthesis
- Effects of water on light


Share: LightingPart2-Fluoro-TR-Ep76


2006-10-05 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 30s

This week im starting the long awaited, much anticipated series on lighting.

Im going to try and get these out all in a row, but that might not happen. Im want to get as much feedback after each show, so help plan the next one so please let me know what im missing in each step. This step is all introduction to terms and concepts, so if there are foundational terms or concepts i missed that should be highlighted, please let me know here

- What is Light
- Electromagnetic Spectrum/Radiation
- Wavelength
- Spectrum
- Color/Temprature
- Lumen
- Lux
- Photosynthesis
- Effects of water on light


Share: LightingPart1-Intro-TR-Ep75


2006-09-28 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 30s

Ever wonder how much light is really in your tank, or how much is lost hen your bulbs are dirty, old, or the canopy isn't completely enclosed? For this month's Reefkeeping show Brian Plankis joins us to discuss his featured article. In the article Brian highlights the test results of these and other tests he performed with a light PAR meter.


Share: LightMeterTesting-TR-Ep74


2006-09-21 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 57s

Ok, here we go for another round about Phyto, this time its not a video, or me droning on (well, ok, a little of that), we have a guest expert. Joining me is Erik Stenn Owner of AlgaGen. Erik joins me to talk about all things Phyto. here is a run down of the items discussed: Topics: - Brief biological background - Brief taxonomical overview - common types of phytoplankton in the hobby - Nutritional value of these types of Phytoplankton - intro to various EFA, such as EPA, DHA, and ARA - More info on culturing Phyto, items such as - - Light, effects and cycle duration - - Mixing, why we do it, maybe more than you think - - nutrients, what's actually in those F medias - phytoplankton culture contamination, identify and rectify


Share: AboutPhytoplankton-TR-Ep73.mp3


2006-09-14 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 43s

How about this, two shows in one week.. In this show i cover two topics from the forums, the first topic is on feeding corals, one thing i realized after recording this show is that i generalized a bit too much.. I refer to corals using light to gain nutrients, while this is true for many corals its not true for all, some corals do not need light as they do not contain the algae. The next part is an various aspects of Live Rock.


Share: FeedingCoral-LiveRock-TR-Ep72


2006-09-14 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 11s

Well, after much feedback and commentary around the Phyto Culturing video, i realized one main thing i left out was how to start the culture. well in this video i highlight how to do this using liquid starter culture. THis process is the same using culture disks, but since the liquid is a bit new and seemed to be more confusing i decided to go this route


Share: StartingPhyto-TR-Ep71


2006-09-07 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 25s

For this month's Reefkeeping I'm taking a few minutes to talk to Kim Lowe. Kim is the Vice President of MARSH. This year MARSH is hosting the MACNA conference. Kim discusses the details and highlights of the conference, along with providing some behind the scenes info that you might not know about.


Share: MACNA18-TR-Ep70


2006-08-31 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Copepods, you think you know them? well in this show im joined by Dr. Adelaide Rhodes, a world recognized expert on Copepods. Adelaide will take us though the in's and out's of copepods and what they mean to out tanks today, and in the future.

In this show we discuss
- What are copepods
- Identifying copepods
- What are copepods good for
- How to get copepods in your system
- Breeding copepods in and out of your tank
- And much more


Share: Copepods-TR-Ep69


2006-08-30 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 7s

Here is a real quick video that shows exactly how to use and read a Salifert Calcium test kit. its about 7 minutes, and i hope many people new to test kits or to Salifert test kits find it helpful


Share: SalifertCa-TR-Ep68


2006-08-24 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 50s

This week i'm joined by Samuel Helm (Astrivian). Sam is joining me to discuss a recent project he and a friend undertook with a Denver Charter School class, where he used Marine Aquariums and the Talkingreef Podcast to teach high school students about various science topics. If you are interested in getting more information on this, or if you want to participate, please send me an email at podcast@talkingreef.com


Share: EducationProject-TR-Ep67


2006-08-17 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 50s

Brain Plankis is back with us again to talk about Night viewing. so many people dont even realize the stuff that await them in there tank when the lights get shut off, so here we are taking some time to give you the ins and outs of viewing your reef tank at night

Questions discussed
* Night Viewing tools
* What to do with startling hitchhikers
* What harm are hitchhikers
* The good sides to hitchhikers
* and more conversation about out night viewing experiences


Share: NightViewing-TR-Ep66


2006-08-10 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 47s

This week Wes (wwest) and i were working on some of his tank questions and though it would make a great Q&A show. so here is some audio we put together for everyone. hopefully many new comers can learn from Wes' questions

Questions discussed
* Dosing Kalk
* When to use Kalk
* what are normal water parameters
* water treatments
* Changing salt types
* Water Changes
* Water Flow
* Washing hands
* Rules when dealing with LFS


Share: QAWithWes-TR-Ep65


2006-08-03 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 45s

For this month's Reefkeeping Chris Jury has taken time to join us before he heads of on a research trip. This month i'm talking to Chris on his most recent article titled Nutrients and Coral Reefs: Part I, Biogeochemical Cycles. This is the first part in a series of articles Chris is doing.


Share: IntroToNutrients-TR-Ep64


2006-07-27 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 19s

Heres a quick video where i take you on a small tour of my system,

specifically with showing and talking about my auto top off system, and overflow boxes.

Special thanks to John (DJGonz69)
Why? well watch the video.. ;)


Share: TopoffOverflows-TR-Ep63


2006-07-20 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 32s

Heres the deal, as you know i wasn't planning on releasing a show this week, but i wanted to. so sitting back thinking of a topic, i was thinking why dont i get voicemails, those would be great for topics, then i realized i hadn't check the VM line in a while, well there was some there.. so check this quick Q&A show and also some other podcast recommendation i make after the topic

Questions discussed
* Keeping Mandarins
* Freshwater and iodine dips
* Removing copper from aquariums
* Copepods and Amphipods


Share: QA#7-TR-Ep62


2006-07-13 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 36s

Question and answer show #6, not much more to say, you guys know the drill.. i bring up a series of questions, and well, then i answer them.. SHOCK!!..


Share: QA#6-TR-Ep61


2006-07-06 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

This week in joined by by Brian Plankis for the first in series of shows i will doing with him discussing various articles and projects he's working on. In this show we discuss his recent article in Reef Hobbyists online about Hobbyists helping hobbyists and Aquarium Educators.


Share: HelpingHobyists-TR-Ep60


2006-06-29 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 29s

For this month's Reefkeeping show i am joined by Eric Borneman. Eric has an article coming out in the July issue of Reefkeeping that discusses the importance of looking at various products and systems with a skeptical eye


Share: SkepticalAquarist-TR-Ep59


2006-06-26 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 7s

So you want to win a brand new 30 GB 5th gen iPod with video (your choice black or white) During the month of July we will be selling raffle tickets to win this iPod. You can get your tickets at any time until the end of July. In the beginning of August (the 1 year anniversary) i will be releasing a video podcast where i sill draw the winner and announce who it is.


Share: iPodContest-TR-Epxx


2006-06-22 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 47s

For this round table show i join Gwen (who hijacked the show) and Kevin. Listen in as we discuss items such as tank additives, DIY projects, synthetics salts, and more. You will also get your first glimpse of the next big contest.


Share: RoundTable-2-TR-Ep58


2006-06-15 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 19s

Ok, the last of the original video episodes i have been working on. There will be more, but this was the last of the original plan. This show is about Hatching Brine shrimp for use as fish/coral food


Share: HatchingBrineShrimpTR-Ep57


2006-06-12 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Well, in light of the recent show on refugium Kevin (Kevin McG) was kind enough to give us a small tour of his fuge.…


Share: KevinmcgFugeTour-TR-Ep56


2006-06-10 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 9s

A quick video for everyone, Gwen (Gwen_o_lyn) was kind enough to provide us with a tank tour video of her 12 gallon nano tank.


Share: GwenNanoTour-TR-Ep55


2006-06-08 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Dave Perry is joining me this week to talk about refugiums. In this show We take time to explain exactly what a fuge is, and what they can do. We then break into more detail like fuge positioning, lighting, contents and reasons as to why you use certain things. Here is the link to subscribe to the feed. We also get into fuge lighting for lit fuges, and bring up the idea of dark refugiums.


Share: Refugiums-TR-Ep54


2006-06-01 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 49s

In this months Reefkeeping edition of the Talkingreef Podcast, we are joined by Greg Hiller. Greg is coming on the show this month to talk about safeguarding your system. We discuss many common design flaws, and ways to setup your system better to prevent catastrophic failures.


Share: SafegurdingYourSystem-TR-Ep53


2006-05-24 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 37s

alright, well this video is about 2 weeks in the making... This was specifically challenging to get the ideas on what to do, but i hope you enjoy it. This video is about the basics of PVC concepts, components, cutting, fitting, priming, glues, etc..


Share: Plumbing-TR-Ep52

ZEOvit Intro-TR-Ep51

2006-05-18 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 32s

We have another interview this week. Jake Adams reporting from IMAC, does an interview on the ZEOvit system. they cover many of the basic ideas and concepts of ZEOvit and how it works.


Share: ZEOvit Intro-TR-Ep51

New Premium Benifit

2006-05-16 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 6s

We have a new premium member benefit. Its not a little new feature, or a messaging tool like the pager. This is a real, full blown, awesome new benefit. So you want to know what it is?? well download the latest podcast episode and you will find out all the details.…


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2006-05-11 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 31s

Here we are at Episode 50 In this show i give you a bit of an idea where Talkingreef started at and how we have grown, but the main show topic is on cycling. I know i have covered this in many other shows, but here i actually go into the details of what you are doing and why. its is more targeted at new hobbyists, but im sure there something for everyone. the idea here is that its important to know what to do, but even more important to know why you are doing it


Share: Cycling-TR-Ep50


2006-05-04 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 52s

well here it is, the hyped up Round tableshow, we discuss the following items Tank Feeding Whats in your fuge Planning for vacation Favorite tank critters since this is the first show like this he audio still isn't great, i will be working to make sure future round table shows sound better.


Share: RoundTable-1-TR-Ep49


2006-04-27 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 29s

In this months Reefkeeping edition of the Talkingreef Podcast, we are joined by Brian Plankis. Brian is joining us today to talk about his observations on pest anemone predation by an under researched Aeolid nudibranch


Share: AeolidNudibranch-TR-Ep48


2006-04-20 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 28s

In this show i get into equipment, supplies, and various methods you can use to prepare your self and your tank for a power outage. make sure you check it out, and if you have further questions or want more information, simply reply here, and we can discuss other items


Share: PowerOutages-TR-Ep47


2006-04-13 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 53s

Here is Question and Answer show # 5 In this show i answer many follow-up questions in regards to the phytoplankton and Rotifer culturing videos. i also cover topics and questions regarding wet/dry filters and overflow boxes


Share: Q-A#5-TR-Ep46


2006-04-06 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

This week are joined by John Kelly. John is from Goniopora.org and is joining us to talk about his work and research with the various goniopora corals.


Share: Goniopora-TR-Ep45


2006-04-04 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 12s

The third video episodes is finally out. In this show i walk you though a basic DIY drip system. This is the system i mentions and linked to in the Kalk episode You can find details to that show, and the link to the original article i worked from here


Share: DIYKalk-TR-Ep44


2006-03-30 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 20s

In this months Reefkeeping edition of the Talkingreef Podcast, we are joined by the widely known and highly respected Randy Holmes-Farley. This month Randy publishes his second part in a series of articles about the use of ozone in our aquariums.


Share: Ozone-TR-Ep43


2006-03-29 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 8s

The second video episodes is ready. In this show i walk you though my setup and show you how i do my rotifer culturing and splitting. Please feel free to let me know and i will provide the info


Share: RotiferCulturing-TR-Ep42


2006-03-23 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)

This week we have a special show. In TOpic one we are joined by Jake Adams who discusses some topics about zooxanthellae, and then In topic 2, Jake interviews Dr. Dan Thornhill of The university of George Athens


Share: Zooxanthellae-TR-Ep41


2006-03-16 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 32s

For this weeks main topic we are going to discuss Anemones, we are going to start with basic anemone anatomy, them move to selecting a healthy anemone, and finally anemone care in your marine aquarium


Share: Anemones-TR-Ep40


2006-03-13 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 13s

The first in a series of video episodes is now complete. in this show i walk you though my setup and show you how i do my phyto culturing and splitting. i did this on a total whim, so if i left out any important info, please feel free to let me know and i will provide the info


Share: PhytoCulturing-TR-Ep39


2006-03-09 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 44s

This week we are joined again by our friend Travis Staut, many of you may remember travis from Episode 35, in which he joined us to talk about his site Reefpedia.com. Well Travis is a man of many talents, and websites.. and one of his other sites is reef-life.com, a site dedicated to aquarium photography and travis is here to tell us all about how to get good photos of your tank.


Share: AquariumPhotography-TR-Ep38


2006-03-06 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 3s

Special thanks to Kevin (Kj_Yoda) for proving this cool video from the Atlanta Aquarium…


Share: AtlantaAqurium-BonusVideo-2


2006-03-02 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 47s

In this months Reefkeeping edition of the Talkingreef Podcast, we are joined by a new Reefkeeping author, Chris Jury. Chris is joining us this month to discuss the myths and concerns about the way hobbyist name and classify corals.


Share: CoralNaming-TR-Ep37


2006-02-26 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)

Was just playing around and made a cute little video, thought i would share. I will only be releasing this show in the feed as a bonus to all that are subscribed. Enjoy…


Share: BonusVideo


2006-02-23 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Well here it is, the long awaited seahorse show. Joining us again this week to tell us all about seahorses and there care, is our own David Perry, we will cover everything from basic tank setup, filtration, feeding, and tank mates.


Share: Seahorses-TR-Ep36


2006-02-16 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 37s

This show starts out with an introduction to Reefpedia from our friend Travis Staut, the founder of Reefpedia. For the main topic of the show i explain what Protein skimmers, how protein skimmers work, and i cover the top 4 types of protein skimmers that are available on the market.


Share: Skimmers-TR-Ep35


2006-02-13 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 9s

In this little bonus show i am joined by the Talkingreef Staff, Gwen, and Dave. We have all gotten together to announce the first in a series of contests that Talkingreef will be doing. We also bring up some items like SaltwaterU and the upcoming Seahorse show.


Share: Contest2-TR-Ep34


2006-02-09 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 51s

In this show we talk to Jake from RazerCoral, to get an inside look at how an online coral business operates. We also take a look at some common aquarium pests. this stuff is followed by and introduction to Bio Fluorescence by Jake Adams


Share: OnlineCoralStore-TR-Ep33


2006-02-05 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 8s

Just a quick show with some listener feedback. First one is from Jake of South Carolina University in regards to the use of Natural Seawater, the other 2 are general listener comments


Share: FeedbackShow1-TR-Ep32


2006-02-02 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 14s

Reefkeeping edition of the talkingreef podcast In this episode i interview Dr. Sanjay Joshi on his first in a series of articles about light. In this episode Sanjay breaks down the fundamental details of what light is and why its important


Share: BasicsOfLight-TR-Ep31


2006-01-26 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 29s

In this show i am joined by our very own Dave Perry (JustDaveP as he's know in our forums). Dave joined me in the show to talk about the collection and use of natural Seawater (NSW) in our reef tanks.


Share: NaturalSeawater-TR-Ep30


2006-01-19 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

A quick how to video on fragging Xenia coral


Share: XeniaFragging-TR-Ep29


2006-01-19 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 28s

in this part 2 of the substrate series, i discuss some of the main differences between using a Deep sand bed, shallow sand bed, and using a bare bottom. i also discuss soem items related to diatoms from a recent thread in our forums


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2006-01-12 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 22s

In this Part 1 of 2 series i give you a more in-depth look at sand beds, what htey are and how they work. Going over the details in how they actually provide such a great source of natual filtration for your tank. breackign don the different zones in the sand bed, and how each one functions.


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2006-01-04 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 36s

This is the first show that has been released under the new partnership with ReefKeeping Magazine.
In this show i interview Stephen Pro on his article titled "Cyanide and Its Unfortunate Use in the Marine Ornamental Industry".


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2005-12-29 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 39s

Here it is, show 25, the final show of the year
Here ya go, for all those that had questions about Stony corals. In this show my 2 cents on breaking down the common misconceptions about the branching stony coral.


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2005-12-22 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 46s

Here we are.. One show away from show number 25 :)
This show is the follow up to show number 22. In that show i discussed selecting healthy fish. In this episode I discussed selecting and identifying healthy coral.

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2005-12-17 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 8s

Well its finally official. The TalkingReef Podcast has started its first contest. Thanks to all the value contributions from the listeners, this should be a great contest. in this contest The TalkingReef Podcast will be giving away a Free SCWD shipped to your door and no cost. Please see the show notes and this podcast episode for all the details.

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2005-12-15 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 17s

Back in episode 8 i discussed selecting your first fish... Now i am going to broaden that a bit and discuss what to do when selecting and purchasing your fish overall. I discuss things to look for, and information you need to know when making a purchase.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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2005-12-06 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 29s

Here's show number 16. due to scheduling conflicts, Matt was not able to join me for the second filtration episode, so i have delayed this episode. So to get you something, what i have done is a 4th Question and Answer show. These are questions from our forums, that have not been answered on the show. Hope you enjoy them. The next filtration show should be out very soon.

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2005-12-05 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 22s

Well, this week I got a chance to meet a great Talkingreef member and supporter, Gwen. She is in a Nano Tank build off contest over at TheReefTank. This is a great site, and a great contest. Because of this, and the other interest in Nano tanks, i decided it would be good to do a show on Nano tanks.

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2005-12-01 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 22s

Test Kits, we all use them, but can we trust them... In this show i briefly discuss some recent experiences with some test kits i have used. This is not a full 1-to-1 comparison, but it is some opinions and observations i have made while using various kits.

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Steven Pro Interview-TR-Ep19

2005-11-23 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 54s

This week i did a special interview with Steven Pro. Many of you may know him from Reefkeeping.com, or from reefcentral. Steven has recently completed an experiment on different products that claim to be reefsafe. Well Steven put them to the test, to determine if they are really reef safe or not. The results are quite interesting. I think the Interview went remarkably well. So please check it out, and leave any comments, questions or feedback in the forums.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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ZERO Impact Reef-TR-Ep18

2005-11-17 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 17s

An interesting question was raised in the forums this week. It was regarding an Ecologically friendly reef/fish tank. An there happens to be just a thing. the ZERO Impact Reef, and i have done a whole show about it, and how to set it up. Check it out, and leave a comment if you have any.

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Cutting Costs-TR-Ep17

2005-11-10 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 31s

This week i thought i would put together a list of ideas to save you money when setting up or changing your tank. So if you are interested in saving some money with your tank, make sure you check out this episode. I would especially like to hear your ideas. If you have cost saving tips, please call in and leave me a message explaining your cost saving tips and i will play them on-air

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2005-10-31 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 12s

This is a quick update on the TalkingReef Community. Im just letting everyone know about some new changes, and services that are available to the community. this is a short episode, and does not have a normal topic, or Q/A session.

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2005-10-27 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 1s

Here is the first show in our filtration series. This show goes in-depth on Mechanical filtration. Discussing items like filter floss, sponge filters, and protein skimmers. And after we answer the user question we get into some free discussion. This is a rather long show, but lots of information, and is a very open form. including some on air tests, also, there have been a couple times were we put each other on the spot.. Check out the show to see how its all handled..

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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2005-10-19 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 35s

Well we finally started it. This is the first episode were I (Rob) and my new Co-Host (Matt) got together and recorded a show. In this episode Matt and I answer your questions. We both had a lot of fun doing it and will continue to do shows together, so please check it out and let us know how you like it.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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2005-10-13 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 35s

Podcast Episode 13

Im back with a bit of information about Kalkwasser AKA Limewater. A great and cheap way to maintain calcium and Alkalinity levels in your reef tank. Please stay tuned for the special Question and Answer show, with my new co-host. This Q/A episode should be out soon.

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Talkingreef - Ep12

2005-10-06 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 27s

Podcast Episode 12

This weeks episode is regarding Tank maturity, i got some information for a post on Reef Central, this topic was from a question that was asked on the ReefCentral forums, and answered by Eric Borneman. This is being reproduced with his explicit permission

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Talkingreef - Ep11

2005-09-29 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 25s

Podcast Episode 11

This episode i share some more comments and feedback and a couple questions.
Main show topic is about Powerhead care and maintenance, and some tips and tricks to rejuvenate your powerheads

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Talkingreef - Ep10

2005-09-22 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 33s

Podcast Episode 10

This week i am discussing my progress through a recent problem with my Plate coral (Fungia sp.)
Some Special thanks to John for creating some very nice banners and logos, to Matt for helping with some marketing for the show, and helping to make the show more interesting (more to come on this soon)
Also special thanks to Aquariumpros.ca for supporting the TalkingReef Podcast

The online photo database of marine inhabitants is progressing nicely. So please go in to the photo gallery and check it out.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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Talkingreef - Ep9

2005-09-15 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 31s

Podcast Episode 9

This week i have received some good questions, so because of this, i am doing this show as Question and Answer show #2. I think i like having a topic show and and Q/A show. i may continue with this format in the future. Either way full details are in the notes, click "Read More" for all the details.

I have also started the online photo database, of marine inhabitants. Please go in to the photo gallery and check it out.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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Talkingreef - Ep8

2005-09-10 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 29s

Podcast Episode 8

Main topics here are Selecting your first fish, and Fish acclimation also answer more listener questions and open my offer to start an online photo database, of marine inhabitants

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Talkingreef - Ep7

2005-09-08 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 24s

Podcast Episode 7
Heres is the question and answer show.
i had received some questions that took more than a few minutes to answer so i made a whole show of them

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Talkingreef - Ep6

2005-09-02 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 21s

Episode 6 release
In this episode i discuss synthetic sea salts, what they are, how they work and how to place them in the tank
Im still looking for guest hosts, along with comments and questions.
Make sure you help promote the show, if you are on a message board, forum, or news group, let other know about the show.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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Talkingreef - Ep5.1

2005-08-27 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 29s

Episode 5 release
In this episode i discuss power heads, what they are, how they work and how to place them in the tank
Just a reminder to all, im still looking for guest hosts, along with comments and questions. Also, make sure you help promote the show, if you are on a message board, forum, or news group, let other know abou tthe show.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


Share: Talkingreef - Ep5.1

Talkingreef - Ep4

2005-08-23 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 28s

i apologize if some people get this one twice. Apparently something went wrong with the RSS feed, so i am having to publish it twice.
Here it is... The, hopefully, long awaited, episode four.
In this show i cover the importance of water current, and basic coral classification.
Just a reminder to all, im still looking for guest hosts, along with comments and questions.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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Talkingreef - Ep3

2005-08-15 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 27s

Episode 3 is finally here, sorry it took so long.
Check it out, provide feedback.
In this episode i am finishing up on a final item related to the Nitrogen cycle, and ranting about a couple common problems that plague many reefers

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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Talkingreef - The Nitrogen Cycle - Ep2

2005-08-08 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 19s

The main topic of this episode is to give a good base understanding of the nitrogen cycle and how it works. I also briefly adress potential problems when things get out of hand, and how to start the cycle in a new tank.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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Talkingreef - Intro to Saltwater tanks - Ep1

2005-08-06 :: podcast@talkingreef.com (Rob Weatherly)
Length: 28s

In this episode I am introducign the new podcast, and discussign some very basic topics. I know its kinda all over the place, but there was alot i wanted to cover. Future episodes will be alot more organized as i get into more specific topics.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/9557826f25be4e0b)…


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Discusions about anything related to marine saltwater and reef tanks. Here we will discuss everything from basic Fish Only tank care to advanced reef system care. We will also discuss equipment and DIY type projects.


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