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Last update: 2006-05-10

Tech Renegades Update

2006-05-10 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

Hello fellow Tech Renegaders! We will be putting together some new episodes in early June. School and work has taken its toll on The Ironclad and myself over the past few months. Hang tight though because we'll have some new Mac programs, Wii discussion, and shady tips coming in the future.



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Tech Renegades - Episode 17

2006-03-29 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our seventeenth episode, we talk about:

- PS3 Hard Drive Confirmed
- Play Gamecube Backups Without A Mod Chip
- iPod Access
- Play Windows Media Files In Quicktime
- Track FedEx Packages Via Maps
- Get Coupon Codes With Google
- JM Website Recommendation
- The Ironclad's Movie Recommendation

Running Time: 20:35

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Episode_17/TechRenegadesEpisode17.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 16

2006-03-19 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our sixteenth episode, we talk about:

- Xbox Media Center
- Windows Vista Revisted
- Streamload Online Storage
- Crack Zip file passwords
- Firefox config/plugins
- Nintendo DS – GBA/DS emulation
- JM Hardware Recommendation
- The Ironclad's Music Recommendation

Running Time: 24:50

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Episode_16/TechRenegadesEpisode16.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 15

2006-02-22 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our fifteenth episode, we talk about:

- The end of Xbox 360 shortages?
- Check Gmail in Outlook
- OS Selector
- Privoxy
- iPod Tricks
- JM Recommendation
- The Ironclad's Recommendation
- Our favorite quick hacks

Running Time: 21:43

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Episode_15/TechRenegadesEpisode15.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 14

2006-02-06 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our fourteenth episode, we talk about:

- ProduKey
- Send text messages with Google
- Internet Explorer 7 Beta
- DVDFab Decrypter
- Track XBox 360 Stock
- $200 Nintendo Revolution
- JM's CD Recommendation
- The Ironclad's DVD Recommendation

Running Time: 21:04


Yo ho ho, and a bottle of bad milk for my homies...
The Hawks lost. *Le Sigh*

But, there is a silver lining.


This week, JM recommends a radicool rock CD that should, as expected, blow your Sprinkle-laden ear drums.

We also update our news on the Next Gen Parade. We give you all a URL for a 360 tracking website, and we talk about the potential for success of the Revolution, vis a vis, it's cost and speculated launch numbers. *NOTE: Multisyllabic words are not used as freely in this episode. So, feel free to share with the masses.*

We take our first crack at really "sticking it to the man" -- If you watch cell phone commercials, you know what I'm talking about. That's right bitch, it is because you really are the man. And yes, I can hear you now. You're crying because Tech Renegades and a formidible online entity are gonna stick it to you.

Also, JM blesses us all with a great DVD backup program. You know, because you let your cats play on your discs, and they have claws now because you're not the boss anymore. I told you to pick up the +13 CatNip from the store... now your silly White Sabre Cat of Flatulence is owning your copy of Urban Legends 3.
... And that's why he wanted to talk about it. It's for the DVDs.

Stay tuned and spread the good word about Tech Renegades, and surely you will be rewarded in the Great Beyond... in Moon Pies. Not even joking. So, c'mon, start talking about how awesome this show is!

Only kidding.

See you all next week, where we will have more devious deeds to do than you can shake a 20-Sided die at.



The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Episode_14/TechRenegadesEpisode14.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 13

2006-01-30 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our thirteenth episode, we talk about:

- Mac Mini Tricks
- Nintendo DS Lite
- Xbox 360 Shortage continues?
- iTunes Releases TV Shows Before First Airing
- Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router
- Google Video
- JM Website Recommendation
- The Ironclad's Video Game Recommendation

Running Time: 23:12

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Episode_13/TechRenegadesEpisode13.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 12

2006-01-23 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our twelfth episode, we talk about:

- ReplayTV To Power Happauge Tuner Cards
- Xbox 360 Hacked?
- Gamefly Disc scratching
- Blizzard shuts down cheaters
- Automated torrents
- OS X 10.4.3 Installation
- JM Website Recommendation - Pricewatch.com & Resellerratings.com
- The Ironclad's Website Recommendation - Facebook.com

Running Time: 22:51


Ah, my fellow renegaderiers. It's good to be back!
That said, thank you for your patience over the past few months. Though, with the magnificent Kim on the mic, it's easy to believe that so many folks stayed with us.

This new episode contains all sorts of goodies. No ground breaking hacking, but there is an awesome site that will help you remember the oh-so-complicated plot of Desperate Housewives, as well as other great shows. Tune in to find out ;o)

We also follow up a story on user-made WoW servers -- to a very nasty end for some.

We also gots some great recommendations to whet your whistle. JM helps you shop more effectively and smarter online, and I help you get closer to us. Huzzah!

Again, thanks for tuning in, and enjoy the show!



The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Episode_12/TechRenegadesEpisode12.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Special Episode 2

2006-01-06 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In this special episode, I talk about:

- Creating a Samba File server

Running Time: 10:28

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Special_Episode_2/TechRenegadesSpecialEpisode2.mp3

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Happy Holidays

2005-12-25 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

We should have a new episode up within the next week.

~Tech Renegades


Greetings TechRenegaderers. That's right, you all get an extra er for emphasis. Indeed, JM has given me the pleasure of sharing a name with a famous escape artist... probably because I done disappeared for the past month.

I am back now.

After Thanksgiving, I went through the turmoil of finals. After that, I was in Warshington visiting my folks. Currently, I'm in Georgia visiting the most amazing woman ever and her family. Yeah, she's my girlfriend...

Which brings me to a recent discovery I have made: I'm not so sure that you all, the faithful listeners of TechRenegades, should trust the information that we give you. My reason is this -- We both have significant others, and everyone knows that geeks don't have the pleasure that JM and I both have. We are blessed with wonderful women that are willing to lower their standards enough to be with us. And everyone knows that true geeks and nerds don't have girlfriends.

End Revelation.

And while we're talking about 'R' words, lets talk about my resolution for this year. I won't disappear like Houdinni again. Cause now I have another mic and skype, so we should be good for a new episode every week from here until the end of days! Or, at least until Microsoft destroys the world...

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Please look forward to a new episode in the coming weeks. I missed you guys, and I missed JM... my hetro-life-mate.




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Tech Renegades - Episode 11

2005-12-12 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our eleventh episode, we have a special guest Kimberly, and we talk about:

- New Sony DRM flaw
- Sony DRM bypass
- Xbox 360 initial release problems
- Best Buy stockpiling Xbox 360's?
- Firefox 1.5 first thoughts
- Second Copy
- Animal Crossing: Wild Word DS
- New Gmail Features
- JM Book Recommendation - Jenna Jameson Biography
- Kimberly Video Game Recommendation - Sims 2 - Nightlife

Running Time: 23:43

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Episode_11/TechRenegadesEpisode11.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Special Episode 1

2005-11-29 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In this special episode we talk with Daniel about:

- World of Warcraft Pirate Servers

Running Time: 12:21

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/Tech_Renegades__Special_Episode_1/TechRenegadesSpecialEdition1.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 10

2005-11-22 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our tenth episode we talk about:

- Linux Live CD List
- Allofmp3.com
- Black Friday 2005
- Apple Intel iBook in January?
- PSP Hacks
- Google Movie Times
- JM Website Recommendation - Jinx.com
- The Ironclad's Comedian Recommendation - Pablo Francisco

Running Time: 26:34

YO YO YO! HEAVY B ALL UP IN THE HIZZY! ... And bouts ready to drop some knowledge on you about Linux. B-otch.

I only wish I was gangster. My older brother says I resemble Jesus in my current state of appearance, but that's neither here, nor there. Cause I'm not... contrary to what many believe. But I could never be the great JC... enough sacrelig for one entry, no?

Well, now comes the ever so glorious TENTH episode. I can hardly believe that we still have people that listen to our show! So, in that way, I'd like to give thanks, this the eve of Thanksgiving, to you guys, the listeners. I really can't say enough. We have a blast recording this stuff, and it becomes so much better when we hear that someone enjoyed what we put out. It's super radical, and I certainly speak for both of us when I say, "Thank you."

This episode has some awesome links, so be sure to check the comments for them! One in particular is BF2005.com. If you, like my mother, are going to be shopping on the dreaded Black Friday, be sure to listen up to this episode for tips on how to find the best prices at your favorite retailers from BF2005! It's time sensitive, so... what are you doing here? Why are you still reading this? GO! Go NOW, dammit.

Well, actually... could you stay for a little while? I'm kinda scared, here in this blog all alone... and I'm scared about the new iBook. You thought I was scared of MicroSock coming after me? Think again. Those fools at Apple are about to take over the freaking world -- One neo-beatnik at a time.

I'm preparing my virgin belly and eyes for tomorrow, Thanksgiving, which for those of you who are not familiar, is filled with football and ridiculously copious amounts of food. And, for those of you from outside of the US? It's pretty much the same thing that you suspect we do daily. :o) I love stereotypes!

Speaking of stereotypes, check out the recommendations for this week. Jinx.com is a great place to find them. And at affordable prices!


Anywho, enjoy the show, and be sure to tell us whatcha think. Have a safe holiday, everyone, on behalf of JM and myself. We wish you and yours the absolute best!



The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/TechRenegadesTechRenegadesEpisode10/Tech_Renegades__Episode_10.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 9

2005-11-15 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our ninth episode we talk about:

- Tor & PeerGuardian
- Opera
- Cryptext
- Nintendo Revolution Price?
- Yahoo Desktop Search
- Google Weather
- WPA Password Generator
- JM Website Recommendation - Newegg.com
- The Ironclad's Website Recommendation - Penny-arcade.com

Running Time: 23:32

Howdy ya'll. Indeed, it is time for anotha rowdy episode of Tech Renegades.

However, I have to say that this episode is extra special. The reason? You're listening to it. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the show, and I hope that people are being honest. Cause if people think that we suck... we need to know who to kill. Only kidding!

This episdoe we have a lot of awesome tools for ya'll. Everything from easy-to-use encryption software all the way down to protecting your precious little bootay while your downloading on BitTorrent. It may seem redundant, how much stuff we have for that, but I have two things to say to you: A) You can NEVER have too much protection; and B)All this stuff serves its own function. So, we strongly encourage you to utilize the tools we got for ya'll. We won't let you down! I have been using many of the tools that we mentioned in this episode, and they RAWK! I would like to think that if you are going to listen to any episode, it'd be this one. Well, this one, and the last one... and the rest of them.

Honestly, though, after this episode, JM and I are gonna take the week off for Thanksgiving so's that we can chill wit our friends and family. But have no fear! We will release the epic episode ten for you all JUST before T Day. As for Tenacious D and his homies down under? They don't like Thanksgiving. They're way too cool for that :o) But, we'll wish them a fantastic Turkey Day just the same.

We love you all. Really. Thank you all so much for your support and for your comments. We also SERIOUSLY contemplate ALL of the comments and suggestions you all give us. You guys help build the show too. However, if your question or suggestion has not been addressed, don't fret -- We either haven't gotten to it yet because of the sheer volume of stuff we already want to cover, or we're working on getting that stuff in order! So, don't stop now! Spread the word and the butter, cause Tech Renegades wants to keep this going!

Thanks again, you all.



The direct download link for the podcast is:

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Tech Renegades - Episode 8

2005-11-06 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our eighth episode we talk about:

- E-Bay Sniping
- Windows Media DRM
- Farstone Game Drive 10
- Sony PS3 Launch Date?
- Nintendo Revolution Release Date?
- Xbox 360 First Impressions
- F.E.A.R. - First 20
- JM Recommendation - Vonage
- The Ironclad's Video Game Recommendation - Star Wars: Battlefront II

Running Time: 29:15

Hello, boys and girls and ... other. We're back once again with another action-packed episode of Tech Renegades! Thanks for coming back... we weren't too sure after talking about the iPod porn stuff last episode. We know. Virgin ears. Internet. Right.

This episode, we tackle some news regarding launch dates for the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution. We also discuss rather briefly the first impressions of the XBox 360. We had a chance to take a peek at it and play Jackson's 'King Kong.' It's hard to describe in words -- the experience of testing out a new console. Perhaps interpretive dance may be in order, but I'm crumby.

In the way of hacks, we got little goodies that should whet your whistle. A neat alternative to Alcohol 120% that compresses files automatically? Hrmmmm.

Other game related stuff circulates around my recent gaming endeavors -- JM's copy of FEAR and, of course, a nod to Battlefront II. Both of the mentioned titles are pretty freaking rad. SWBFII plus a lot of freetime equals hardly any boredom. If you can handle getting railed for an extended period of time, start on 1337 difficulty from the beginning and see how much of the impossibly taxing campaign you can complete :o)

Thanks again for dropping in on us. Evidently, the word is spreading about us, and that is awesome. We have tons of fun brining you radically biased opinions and totally uninformed news... Wait, I didn't mean that. *gulp* What I meant was we really enjoy giving you all information, tools, and tips that are surprisingly fun and sometimes useful.
Promise honest.
We have a lot of fun doing this show, so help us keep it going if you like it... that way everyone wins, not like the end of that Tarentino's 'Reservior Dogs' flick... man.

Stay tuned for more news, and please drop us a line. We already read every book in the world, so more material would be nice.



The direct download link for the podcast is:

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{On the 'XBox, Quasi Disappointed' meter of one-to-five, this episode of the righteous 'Tech Renegades' receives:}
[4.75 -> JM to BTI 'THAT Was 'no load times' and 'superior graphics?!']


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Tech Renegades - Episode 7

2005-10-30 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

Hey everybody! I hope you all are as excited about the new episode as we are about making them. Though we don't really get that excited about making the episodes, I know you guys are stoked about the show. Or are you? Hrmmmmmm...

Kidding aside, we've got tons of good stuff for everyone in the family during this episode... from WEP cracking and hacking to iPod shinanigans and pornography.

Again we'd like to thank Tenacious D for his contribution our last episode. I enjoyed the segment, and everyone knows that I have awesome taste. Only kidding. Not kidding about how awesome Dan the Man's contribution was, but rather my boast. *sigh*

Keep an eye out for more updates from JM and I. Please give us feedback on this, the beloved LJ, or if you like, check out the voting system on podcastalley.com. Search for our cast, and you better bet your sweet soft seat cushion that we'll be there. Let us know if there is anything that we ought to do differently, or let us know what we are doing well, if you may be so bold. I must express deep gratitude to everyone that has posted comments here. We take everything you all say to heart, because without you, we're still talking to ourselves :o)

Again, thank you for your support, thanks for listening, and spread the word.


In our seventh episode we talk about:

- Dodge It
- SwitchProxy
- Nintendo Revolution Controller Crappy, Cheap?
- AirSnort & Tools
- 99 Nights
- iPod Porn?
- JM Retro Video Game Recommendation
- The Ironclad's Retro Video Game Recommendation

Running Time 22:20

The direct download link for the podcast is:

1-Click Subscriptions


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Tech Renegades - Episode 6

2005-10-16 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our sixth episode we talk about:

-Net Stumbler
-Kingdom Under Fire
-Australian Courts Modchip Ruling
-Legal Use Of The iPod In Australia?
-Underground Search Engine
-iPod Video
-Nintendo Wi-Fi At McDonald's
-JM Funny Website Recommendation
-The Ironclad's Video Game Recommendation - Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi

Running Time: 29:33

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/TechRenegadesTechRenegadesEpisode6/Tech_Renegades__Episode_6.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 5

2005-10-08 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our fifth episode we talk about:

-BitTorrent Search Engine
-Gears of War for the Xbox 360
-ReplayTV Show Sharing
-Peter Jackson to direct the new Halo movie?
-Make a slipstream copy of Windows XP with SP2
-Xbox Mod Chips
-Show-Hide Desktop Prank
-JM Movie Recommendation - Love Stinks
-The Ironclad Video Game Recommendation - Ikaruga

Running Time: 24:01

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/TechRenegadesTechRenegadesEpisode5_5/Tech_Renegades__Episode_5.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 4

2005-10-03 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our fourth episode we talk about:

- MIT Unveils $100 Wind-Up Laptop
- Gmail Drive Shell Extension
- Mario Joins "SSX On Tour"
- Use Replay Music to record DRM audio
- Rise of Legends
- Xbox 360 Live Predictions
- Store usernames and passwords securely with KeePass
- JM's TV Show Recommendation
- The Ironclad's Video Game Recommendation

Running Time - 29:01

EDIT: Welcome back, you renegades you! Thanks for dropping into our cavernous abyss to listen to our super radicool show! We both hope that you all are enjoying it. And, as it stands, we finally have over 100 subscribers to our podcast! Consider this a huge hug from the both of us, unless you smell goofy -- in which case, we'll have to douse you with Aqua Velva and put on our HazMat suits. Then, we can hug you.
ANYWAY. The point is, thank you for supporting our show. Please keep the buzz going, if you think that we're worth it! If not (Grrrrrrrrrr), then please let us know how we ought to improve our show. After all, it's for you guys!

Word on the street is that the 1337 h4x0r JM has some pretty good stuff in store for episode five, so stay tuned!


End EDIT :o)

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/TechRenegadesTechRenegadesEpisode4_1/Tech_Renegades__Episode_4.mp3

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Tech Renegades - Episode 3

2005-09-25 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

Welcome back to the esteemed LJ of Tech Renegades. Chances are, if you weren't here, you'd probably be somewhere else!

This episode will feature more file sharing goodies as well as some talk about the PS3 launch. We will also discuss some radicool footage from upcoming PS3 games.

Please feel free to lend us your feedback in the form of a comment here or a severed moose head. *Note: Sarcasmic goo was generously sprayed on the 'or a severed moose head' comment. Please do not send a moose head to Tech Renegades or anyone. Ever.*

Oh, we also promise that there will be less laughing from The Ironclad. More content. Less lauging.

In our third episode we talk about:

-iPod Nano
-Gran Turismo PS3 Trailer - CGI or In-Game Footage?
-PS3 Launch Titles
-Killzone PS3 Trailer - CGI or In-Game Footage?
-Google Define command
-P2P between 2 people
-JM's CD Recommendation
-The Ironclad's DVD Recommendation

Running Time - 26:26

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/TechRenegadesTechRenegadesEpisode3_0/Tech_Renegades__Episode_3.mp3

1-Click Subscriptions


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Tech Renegades - Episode 2

2005-09-21 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

In our second episode we talk about:

-Shrink To 5
-HD Advance 2.0 for the PS2
-Doing a search within a specific site using Google
-Using Google to get website passwords
-Blocking your IP with the iPhantom
-The new World of Warcraft Patch
-Xbox 360 Launch Titles
-Using a Knoppix-STD Live CD to "recover" a Windows Password
-Using the AdBlock extension in Firefox

Running Time - 29:31

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/TechRenegadesTechRenegadesPodcast_0/Tech_Renegades__Episode_2.mp3

1-Click Subscriptions


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Tech Renegades - Episode 1

2005-09-17 :: podcast@techrenegades.com (Tech Renegades)

This is Brent of Tech Renegades setting up the first post!

Welcome to our LJ, and thank you for your interest in our radicool podcast. Tonight was our first episode. Please excuse the feedback, my (Brent's) microphone is an asshat, and needs to stop squealing. The show was pretty sweet. And, um, if it sucks, that's not our fault. It's your fault for not understanding the layers upon layers of wit and genius. Please enjoy, and please return. Oh, and please tell all your friends about it.

The direct download link for the podcast is: http://www.archive.org/download/TechRenegadesTechRenegadesPodcast/Tech_Renegades__Episode_1.mp3



My Odeo Channel (odeo/7117a6897502f931)…


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Tech Renegades

Inspired by The Broken and TWIT, this new 30 minute podcast covers shady technology and the latest video game news. It's definitely worth adding to your podcast rotation.

Tech Renegades

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