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Last update: 2015-04-07

TWIK012: Space Travel

2015-04-07 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 4s

A very brief overview of the basic mechanics involved in space travel. Equations and Constants Time in hours to accelerate: Hours = Δv x .0455 / Acceleration in Gs Time in days spent coasting: Days = Distance (in AU) x 1076 / Δv Earth’s Orbital Velocity: 18.5 mps Earth’s Escape Velocity: 6.96 mps Constant acceleration: … … Continue reading

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TWIK011: Machine Learning

2015-03-31 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 5s

Machine Intelligence is a sub-field of artificial intelligence. This episode was recorded with our new acoustic box. Let me know what you think. Methods of Machine Learning Genetic Algorithms Decision Tree Model Association Rule Learning Artificial Neural Networks Inductive Logical Programming Support Vehicle Machines Cluster Analysis Belief Network Simple Harmonic Motion I researched Machine Learning … … Continue reading

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TWIK010: Kowloon Walled City

2015-03-24 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 6s

Kowloon: Libertarian paradise or anarchist criminal nightmare? Why not both? Kowloon is one of those historical things I’d heard about that I just knew I had to put into a book someday. And, after a fashion, I did. Several major scenes from Ghosts of Shaolin are set there, though the real Kowloon wasn’t a haven … … Continue reading

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TWIK009: Japanese Village of Knightsbridge

2015-03-17 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 5s

A Victorian exhibit of cultural condescension. In the late 19th century entrepreneur Tannaker Buhicrosan built a Japanese village in an exhibition hall in the middle of London. That’s pretty much what this episode is about. The Japanese Village is a set-piece in the last chapter of Bartleby and James, featured twenty years after its decommissioning. … … Continue reading

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TWIK008: Geography of Victorian London

2015-03-10 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 5s

London is a city within the city of London. My first novel was set in London, and I did quite a bit of research into the layout and character of what was the biggest and most important city of the late Victorian era. This episode is a birds’ eye view of some of the city’s … … Continue reading

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TWIK007: Detective Fiction

2015-03-03 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 5s

Who Dunnit? This episode is more concerned with Who Solvit. Today we’re examining the Detective Fiction literary subgenre, from its origins in Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin, older works that may have inspired Poe, and the Golden Age of detective fiction in the 20s and 30s. I myself started the Galvanic Century series with short detective … … Continue reading

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TWIK006: I-Ching

2015-02-24 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 5s

The I-Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient divination manual. In this episode we talk about the development and use of the I-Ching from divination to moral philosophy to divination again. The Yarrow Stalk Method This is the means of using the I-Ching for divinatory purposes laid out in the Confucian commentary. One takes … … Continue reading

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TWIK005: Qi

2015-02-17 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 5s

If you want to find fortune and success, you must learn to harness your qi. I was going to do an episode on different forms of “life energy” in different cultures, but the topic turned out to be far too massive for a single episode. Instead, I’ve broken it up, and this week we’re discussing … … Continue reading

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TWIK004: Galvanism

2015-02-10 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 6s

This episode is the first in a series about the wonderfully strange pseudo-scientific beliefs held during the 18th and 19th century. Luigi Galvani Most of the episode focuses on early beliefs regarding electricity, particularly its potential medical applications as explored by physician Luigi Galvani, from whom we derive the term Galvanized. Seeding future episodes This … … Continue reading

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TWIK003: Sleep Deprivation

2015-02-03 :: Michael Coorlim
Length: 6s

Sleep deprivation is a natural high. This episode is all about not getting enough sleep. I never do, yet I’m always tempted to stay up later and later to try and get more done. Give a listen and learn about how this is a terrible idea. We start off talking about how much sleep we … … Continue reading

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