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Last update: 2013-03-15

California Seizes Guns

Length: 22s

Bloomberg featured a story called “California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms.” How do you lose an unalienable right? Kids with guns. The gun control debate is driven by irrational fear. Governments use precedent to shrink the envelope of freedom. Guns are personal property and they have value. What if they seized your gold? Roosevelt outlawed gold. You cannot elect bad people and then expect them to respect your rights. The supreme law of the land is the Constitution. Executive orders are not laws. It’s your freedom they hate.


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Patrick Henry

Length: 14s

A brief history of the events that led up to Patrick Henry’s famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech, and a reading of the speech.


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Booby Trap Justice

Length: 21s

California is proposing crazy new gun laws. Possession of hollow point bullet will become a felony. It will  become a State where only criminals have guns. It isn’t even safe to visit California. A nationwide gun rally last Friday. Tennessee man is arrested for bring a gun to a gun rally. The Constitution has been suspended. Woman demands that we pay for her kids. Government is to blame for expensive health insurance. We’ve become a nation of bandits. We need a Party of No. Legislators should not be called Lawmakers. There are too many laws. Please help promote this show.


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Free to Kill

Length: 13s

Obama claims authority to kill Americans. Homeland Security has stockpiled enough ammunition to fight a full scale war for 30 years and they are still buying more. It might be time to abandon the Republican Party. We’ve become a one-party nation. Giving high tech military hardware to our enemies. What happened to the Tea Party? People who love liberty need to work together to defend liberty.


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Marriage and Divorce

Length: 17s

Fight for your marriage. Society’s problems are symptoms of broken families. Children need to grow up in functional families. The purpose of marriage is misunderstood. Divorce injures children. Read Leadership and Self-Deception. Be kind. Don’t criticize your spouse.


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A Post-Constitutional America

Length: 16s

We are now living in a post-constitutional America and it’s heartbreaking to think about what our children will inherit. Dr. James Garrow claims Obama is restaffing the military with people who are willing to shoot American citizens. Utah Sheriffs Association pledges to defend the 2nd Amendment. The Constitution can’t protect us now. We need to prepare ourselves for the future.


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The Unthinkable Happened

Length: 21s

We lost the most important election in American history. The American experiment is over. The predictions were not hyperbole. Obama has ruled with caesarian arrogance. He will now become more lawless. We lost the Supreme Court. We lost the Constitution. We lost the abortion debate. We lost on Obamacare. Tyranny is now the status quo. Conservatives must recognize that things have changed. America is divided along lines of virtue. A lot of people have written off freedom, but our founding principles are still true. Which side are you on? I choose freedom.


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Health Insurance vs. Prepaid Medical

Length: 27s

The 2012 presidential election is the most critical of all American elections. If we don't win this election by 2016 it won't matter anymore. Obamacare must be repealed within the next twelve months or it never will be. Safari Club International gives Jim Matheson their misguided endorsement. The NRA made the same mistake in 2004. Single-issue voters are two dimensional thinkers who harm their own cause by failing to see the bigger picture. Elizabeth Emken is challenging Dianne Feinstein to be a senator from California. Health insurance should cover only catastrophic care. Prepaid medical is not health insurance. Insurance companies don't provide health care. Doctors are just mechanics and patients are just customers. Government drives up the cost of healthcare by corrupting the market. Only free market principles can reduce the cost. America is a special place and is worth what it will cost to save it.


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Length: 19s

Mitt Romney debates Barack Obama, and voters get their first honest look at the candidates. What makes someone qualified to be President?


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Liberty or Equality

Length: 30s

Free people are never equal and equal people are not free! Freedom and Equality are mutually exclusive. You cannot have both. There is no virtue in Equality. “A Parable to Those Who Favor Equality” was written to illustrate the brutality of equality. The interpretation of this parable explains America’s present crisis. The enemies of freedom are advocates of equality and they’re all motivated by envy.


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2012 Democrat National Convention

Length: 19s

As I predicted, the Democrat convention was disturbing. Their lies were told so casually it was as if they just didn’t care if we knew they were lying. Obama inherited a Democrat economy. Bill Clinton did not ever create a budget surplus. Clinton’s whole legacy is about lying and cheating. Liberalism is a mental disorder that is caused by a thought virus. We have to defeat these people. Conservatives didn’t lose in 2006. We forfeited. Conservatives must unify with one goal, to defeat Democrats. Conservatives must start behaving like adults.


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2012 Republican National Convention

Length: 15s

It was great to watch the convention on YouTube. Thanks to the Internet we don’t need to be dependent upon the apparatchik media. I have not been a Mitt Romney supporter, but I am now comfortable giving him my support. What is right is more important than who is right. Paul Ryan was an inspired choice for Vice President. The real battles in politics are fought within the party. Conservatives need to be loyal to the Republican party.


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Length: 29s

Rush Limbaugh celebrates 24 years. The Fairness Doctrine. What is inflation, and how does it affect the economy and the cost of living?


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The Colorado Shooting

Length: 15s

The only responsible and mature way to view the violence at the theater in Aurora Colorado is objectively, unemotionally, and strategically. The political class is always eager to use tragic events as an excuse limit freedom. Gun ownership is a God-given right. Freedom is more important than life. Nobody does mass murder like a government once the people's weapons have been confiscated. Freedom is what matters most.


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Length: 33s

Mia Love is a fresh new face in Utah politics, a popular and successful mayor, a conservative Republican, and a candidate for Congress. But the news media can't get past the fact that she is black.


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Length: 28s

Government welfare is destroying the future of America, and many conservatives are contributing to the problem. What is a conservative?


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Length: 29s

This is the pilot episode of the Admiral Jack Podcast. In this episode Shannon Carlson talks about an incident involving a TSA agent in Orlando, reads an essay titled The Blue Shirt Exemption, waxes philosophical about the Declaration of Independence, and then reads the full text of that declaration.


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