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Last update: 2015-04-04

The Dark Beer Show

2015-04-04 :: sir.taliesin@gmail.com

"I just don't like dark beer..." In the Dark Beer Show, The Scotsman and Drew enjoy an 825 State Stout from Epic Brewing Company, in Colorado. They discuss the merits of this dark beer and dark beer in general. In this show, they cover the WIDE ranges of flavors and colors contained in the appellation "Dark Beer" as they talk about why you may, in fact, actually LIKE a dark beer if you'd give it a chance. What makes a beer dark? Are dark beers always heavy, highly alcoholic brews? Listen to the Dark Beer show to find the answers to these, and many more questions, as well as to get a list of beers that are approachable by the inexperienced dark beer drinker. …


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2015-03-28 :: sir.taliesin@gmail.com
Length: 48s

In this, the Style Show, The Scotsman and Drew enjoy a style-defying beer called the Master of Disguise by Stone Brewing Company. The MoD is labeled as an Imperial GOLDEN Stout. Yeah, the bottle said Golden. Hear their reaction to this tongue-befuddling concoction, as well as a discussion about beer styles. What is a beer style, and what is it good for? Isn't it enough to know whether a beer is "good" or "bad"? Do I have to know that it's a bad American Stout, or a good IPA? Well, they will go through the evolutions of styles, who defines them, and whether there's still good reason to have styles today on this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show.…


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What is Beer?

2015-03-21 :: sir.taliesin@gmail.com
Length: 51s

The Scotsman and Drew discuss the ingredients of beer: Barley, Hops, Water, and Yeast. What are these simple-yet-Oh-So-Complex ingredients and how do brewers use them to make the liquid awesomeness of beer? In this podcast, we answer some questions: Is there really a beer purity law in Germany? What was the Reinheitsgabot instituted for? Are there any other ingredients used in the creation of this most wonderful beverage? In the midst of all of this, they enjoy a Rogue New Crustacean Barleywineish Imperial IPA Sorta. (Yeah, that's the name. Leave it to Rogue.)…


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Beer Appreciation

2015-03-14 :: sir.taliesin@gmail.com
Length: 41s

The Scotsman and Drew enjoy a Kodiak Brown Ale while discussing how to properly appreciate beers. From the packaging of beer (cans or bottles?), to the 4 senses you can use while appreciating beer, to even some of the types of glassware available to you as a beer drinker, Drew and the Scotsman cover the basics of beer appreciation. Never thought you’d hear a discussion on how to drink? It’s here on show 2 of the Ale Evangelist Show.…


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The Maiden Voyage

2015-03-07 :: sir.taliesin@gmail.com
Length: 39s

The Scotsman and Drew talk about why they like beer, how they got into beer, and what the Ale Evangelist Show will be about. The briefly touch on beer styles, and what their favorites are. St. Patrick’s Day gets a mention, as does the Great St. Patty’s Day Bash at P. Wexford’s in Modesto, AND Chris Ricci’s LuckyFest in downtown Modesto.…


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The Ale Evangelist Show

The Ale Evangelist Show The Ale Evangelist Show is a podcast designed to help get out the good news of fine craft beers, enjoying them, where to find them, and what they are. We aim on this show to have a broad mix of information on what makes good beer good, as well as a smattering of interviews from brewers, establishment owners, and moguls in the beer scene around the Central Valley of California. About Your Hosts, the Ale Evangelists: Scotsman, Chris Dow I’ve been interested in beer since somewhat before I SHOULD have been interested in beer. One night, I was attending a party, and a friend and I went to pick out beer. I suggested the names of some well-known mass-produced beers of the time, and was summarily sworn at in the middle of the store. Surprised at his vehemence, I asked and was informed that “GOOD” beer was worth buying, while the other stuff was swill. Sensing a challenge in this, I made it my business to, when it was legal for me to do so, learn all I could about beer, brewing, and the enjoyment of these activities. I am by no means THE expert on the subject, of course. Plenty of talented brewers and imbibers know far more than I, but it is my passion for this fine beverage which drives me to talk about it so often. As I often say, beer is not the most important thing in the world to me, but it’s definitely up there. My nickname comes from my ancestry as well as another of my passions, Scotland. You can take a Scot out of Scotland, but you can never take Scotland out of the Scot, and I am proof of that. Drew, Andrew Edwards Andrew’s history with fermented beverages begins, like many, with a quest to enjoy life. If wine gladdens the heart of man, as the Good Book says, then beer and spirits should not be ignored, either, thought Drew! Drew was drawn to spirits early on with an emphasis on mixology. A skilled mixer, Andrew introduced many of his friends to the wonders of well-made cocktails. As Drew began tasting various beers far and wide, he began gravitating more and more toward the fine craft beers becoming ubiquitous in the area. Soon, he was collecting an enviable cellar stable of fine ales. A traveler for his work, Drew collects fine beers from his travels and always brings some amazing stuff to the table.

The Ale Evangelist Show

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