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Last update: 2012-07-17

AKG132 - Project: Nosh

2012-07-17 :: Emma Cooper

Project: Nosh is all about eating things I've grown in the garden…


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AKG131 - Chocolate

2012-04-01 :: Emma Cooper

If a pile of chocolate eggs awaits you for Easter, then this show ought to whet your appetite!…


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AKG130 - Coffee

2012-02-23 :: Emma Cooper

Have a go at growing your own coffee…


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AKG129 - Unsown Treasures 3

2012-01-28 :: Emma Cooper

A new year, and a new selection of treasures are unearthed from my seed box…


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AKG128 - Frost

2011-12-23 :: Emma Cooper

Episode 128 of the Alternative Kitchen Garden Show looks at frost, and the effects it has on plants and gardens…


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AKG127 - Unsown Treasures 2

2011-11-25 :: Emma Cooper

What's been hiding in the herbs section of my seed box?…


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AKG126 - Dave Hamilton

2011-10-09 :: Emma Cooper

Emma interviews Dave Hamilton, author of 'Grow Your Food For Free'…


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AKG125 - Unsown Treasures 1

2011-09-19 :: Emma Cooper

Join me for a look at the seed treasures I forgot to sow this year :)…


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AKG124 - Edible Insects

2011-08-29 :: Emma Cooper

Could we turn garden pests into dinner? Insects may be on the menu.…


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AKG123 - The Future of England's Forests

2011-07-25 :: Emma Cooper

A vision of sustainable English forestry.…


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AKG122 - Easy Unusual Crops for Allotments

2011-07-24 :: Emma Cooper

Six easy unusual crops that are good for growing on allotments (and elsewhere!)…


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AKG121 - Saffron

0000-00-00 :: Emma Cooper

How to grow saffron, the world's most expensive spice.…


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AKG120 - New website

0000-00-00 :: Emma Cooper

Introducing the shiny new Alternative Kitchen Garden website.…


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The Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast

The Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast, presented by garden writer Emma Cooper, is full of advice and tips on growing edible & useful plants in a sustainable way.

The Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast

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