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Last update: 2011-08-08

(If it could) a foetus speaks

2011-08-08 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)


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Original audio source (LOR_18_11_05.mp3)

They all take care of me: the church, the state, the doctors and judges. For nine months they all wish me the best. I am something precious and they protect me.

As an unborn I am supposed to grow and flourish. Ignorant as to my gender, my language and my race -- with meals on tap and free bed and board -- I can have a good time without worrying about what tomorrow brings. You see, we unborn get it good even if we don't know who we are.

Come to think of it -- and thinking is something I'm not usually noted for -- for all I know I could be an orangutan or some other life form as my zoological attributes are presently unapparent to me. Such ready scholarship is not my forte and besides I am yet to learn to read or speak and have no idea what my kind looks like.

But let's assume I possess 23 chromosomes and may pass my born days as human. Give me nine months to get my X's and XY's together and I'll be dilated to meet you.

In the meantime, they all take care of me: the church, the state, the doctors and judges. If someone should get it into their head to harm me, she (it is usually a "she" apparently) had better watch out. I belong to the state. The church owns my soul. And the doctors and judges ensure that nobody inflicts pain on me.

But after nine months I'm on my own. For 50 years of my life to come nobody will care for me. I'll just have to help myself. A job? It'll be up to me. An education? That's something my parents should pay for. If I should steal for my own relief, a judge will put me in jail. If I am desperate the church will comfort me, but it won't get me a job, or feed me, or house me. Don't harm others, I'll be told, especially not the unborn.

Encouraged by this message I may make a good fist of it. If of a religious persuasion and fostered by the church I may be enrolled in the God-Man-Boy-Love Association because the church abhors abortion much more than it does paedophilia.

As I said, it will be up to me. Pretty soon I'll be on my own and my transgressions will be my own fault. But for the time being, while I remain trapped in this woman's body, I'm everybody's business but hers.

To be cared for by so many is a wonderful feeling. (Whatever that is. I have not, as yet, experienced an emotion but I'm looking forward to it). For nine months I'm the apple of everyone's eye. Don't mess with the foetus, they'll say, that's where babies come from (and babies grow up to be workers and soldiers).

People who I don't know and whom I may never meet are watching over me. Aren't I the lucky one? But tell me: why doesn't it stay this way?

From LOR Archive


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Coming out.

2010-09-05 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

I admit to it. It was some time ago when I first realised that despite the pressure of my friends and family it was time for me to come to some resolution, if only at first for my own peace of mind. Once I had got that right in my head, all the rest seemed to follow. I knew straightaway what I wanted to be by recognising what I had become -- perhaps slowly at first and then with greater clarity.
But that was the easy part because you can never be one just by yourself. Saying you are in itself won't change things at all. You have to do it. You have to act it out publicly; otherwise you let yourself down and the expectations you have of yourself. Simply changing your label isn't enough.
So it's more than coming out. You can't do it alone and certainly not in private.
And after all these years I am still a practising Socialist. Outwardly I look the same, but when I'm on a roll I'm at it hammer and sickle.
It's true that we tend to be shunned in polite society. I admit that. There are some that pretend we aren't there, that we somehow don't exist just so that their sleep won't be disturbed. Ours, unfortunately, is the politics that is not supposed to speak its name.
My parents initially thought it was just a phase I was going through. “Don't worry, Alice”, my father would tell my mother, “he'll grow out of it. He'll meet a nice girl and settle down.” But I never did grow out of it. Once I got used to it, it became addictive and seemed to fit me like a glove. I couldn't get enough of it. All my social frustrations and desires could be channeled into this ready-made outlet I grew to love.
Despite the phobia you may share about us, maybe sometimes you have wondered: what does Dave Riley do with the nice folk he marches with? I'm sure it has crossed your mind on occasion.
In reply, I can say that some of my best friends are Socialists, and I've always found them to be a great bunch of people. We have our moments of high passion each time a festival of the oppressed comes our way and we really get to come into our own. Other times it's simply a case of keeping your finger on the social pulse. We are, you see, as much social as socialist and will always respond if we think we can lend a hand. When passions are inflamed, we Socialists can be very empathetic.
To you this must seem like a very serious business. Partying the way we do it -- so energetically and with such relentlessness -- may seem no way to party at all. But that's the way we like it. When you come out like we do(and come on so strong too) you don't want grass to grow under your feet.
I am often asked if I was born this way. Much as you may think I am different, unusual or queer, I am basically just like anyone else. The world made me what I am today, and it is the world that stops me wanting to change. I'd rather change it than me. That's what I get off on, if you really want to know.
Despite your impressions, Socialiism lasts longer than sex.

embed_flv("240", "20", "https%3A%2F%2Fratbagmedia.wikispaces.com%2Fspace%2Fshowimage%2FBlather20080318.mp3?file_extension=mp3", false, false, "/s/mediaplayer.swf");


Original audio source…


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The Blather is back

2008-03-18 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Things wax and wane in this world. And as fate would have it we are now being piloted through terrestrial political space by their nibs, Rudd, Swan, Gillard and sundry endorsed others who have taken upon themselves the task of captaining the good ship of state.

...and all who sail in her.

Such as me.

I cannot help myself but a quickening and a yearning is upon me and I'm unable to resist the urge to partake of my Ratbag persona and once again give in to a mordant obsession with our collective political lot.

Is this a good thing, do you think? Is it healthy to partake of my sarcastic urges and pretend, once again, than Mrs Riley's son is a satirist?

As it is writ:"Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own."

So true. So true. Satirists are always right. It is the attitude that must to be fueled by brazen arrogance.

And I am 'always right' when I'm in that mode -- that is , when i want to be.

But other times when it's just me being me I'll be ever so humble. True dinks! And I'll be wrong! Definitely. I'm sure I will. It's guaranteed.

[Thinks:So long as I don't get the two attitudes mixed up].

Given these hastily conceived provisos, we can now announce that The Blather is back in business . (Although, I warn you that you'll have to bare with me as I find my voice which is around here somewhere...)

Blather March 17th, 2008

embed_flv("240", "20", "http%3A%2F%2Fratbagmedia.wikispaces.com%2Fspace%2Fshowimage%2FBlather20080317.mp3?file_extension=mp3", false, false, "/s/mediaplayer.swf");
.Original audio scource…


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Blathering all the time

2008-03-15 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Subscribe to The Blather

Download each program to play on your desktop or portable mp3 playerCopy & paste The Blather feed into your reader. live bookmark or podcatcher(eg: Juice. ITunes, etc)Or subscribe via email
Not sure? Are you in in two minds as to whether you'll subscribe to Ratbag Radio? You're asking yourself perhaps,"Can this stuff damage my ears, addle my brain, or expose me to sounds I really don't want inside my head?"

You're thinking,"Ratbaggery --can I risk it?"

Sure you can. Sample the wares. Check out The Blather by listening to this promo. It won't tell you a darn thing worth knowing but it sure has all the attitude you could ask for. So come on: stick it in your ear!

It will take less than a minute to play.

* 51 secs 64kbps 401KB 24kHz

Listen: Mp3 download

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A Note regarding iTunes

iTunes still has The Blather listed as "Ratbag Radio" so that's what you need to search for in the iTunes Store to loate The Blather in the iTunes podcast catalogue.

Open iTunes on your computerUnder the “Advanced” menu, select “Subscribe to Podcast…”In the window that opens, paste this URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RatbagRadioBlogClick the “OK”button…


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The Blather #16 - "From within the Shadow of the Golden Circle cannery..."

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

This episode of The Blather explores the geography of our opening phrase; “From within the shadow of the Golden Circle Cannery...” as an excuse to test walk Ratbag Radio’s new recording setup around our neighborhood.

24 min 13 sec / 80 kbps / 44kHz / 13.86 MB / Mono


The Blather's recording rig:
ifp iRiver 795Sony ECM-DS30P Compact Electret Condensor Stereo Microphone

powered by ODEO


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The Blather #15 -- Choosing with Work Choices

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The Blather considers its options in regard to Work Choices -- the new industrial relations package bought in by the Australian federal government. The Blather also attends a boisterous Mayday event and learns, along with some proletarian others, to chant a special chant.

15 mins 50 secs / 80 kbps / 32 khz / stereo /9.07 Mb

Listen: Mp3 download…


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the blather #14 - At an anti war rally

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The Blather goes to an antiwar rally on March 18th and talks with participants who are protesting against the continuing occupation of Iraq. This event marks the third anniversary of the invasion and the protest in Brisbane , Australia,was one of thousands world wide.

15 min 22 secs / 7.04 MB / Mono / 64 kbps / 44 kHz

Listen: Mp3 download…


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the blather # 13: Joel Beasant plus satires

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The Blather talks to our very own genetic designer (who makes a special appearance just to be on the show); chews the fat with a singer in a rock and roll band; tells Tasmanians how they should vote at their upcoming poll;defines what it means to be Aus-tral-ian (yet again!) and says a very very dirty word.
28 mins 33 secs / 13.07 MB / 64 kbps / 44 kHz
Listen Mp3 download
Listen: Mp3 streaming

Andorra interview (Joel Beasant)Andorra web site:
Andorra songs: Baxter (background to interview) and Xia Xia Market.
Andorra Mp3 files can be played here:



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AudioActivism: notes on how to make a digital recording and how to broadcast it!

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Recording audio on your computer is easy DIY. It doesn’t cost much to set yourself up and the working protocols are straightforward.


a computer with a sound cardan input device(such as a microphone or external sound source like a tape recorder, Mp3 player, radio, etc with connecting line which is available from places like Dick Smith's Electronics)a digital audio editor such as Audacity which is available as a free download from Sourceforge(free)OR a recording and conversion progam such as Podproducer(free)OR an MP3 edit and record program such as Mp3 Direct Cut(free)OR (the simplest of all) visit Odeo Studio and record your podcast there
Both Audacity and Mp3DirectCut will require you to download a Lame encoder file (preferably into the same folder as their program.) The best source and DIY info on that is here.
(Mp3 DirectCut's info on Lame is a bit confusing)

While you can employ any number of cheap microphones available from Dick Smith’s Electronics you may find Logitech your best value for sound quality for recording at your desk..To purchase a high quality microphone will cost you hundreds of dollars and the audio buffs have any number of recommendations for high quality sound. So don’t go there in a hurry -- you’re not a record producer or a DJ. In effect, a microphone may be your one essential purchase. (A set of earphones may be a preferred extra too. Logitech make a headset/mike that would suit many circumstrances you may have to deal with but any old pair should do to plug into your pc speakers of phones jack.)

METHOD ONE [on the web]: ODEO

At you computer --go to the Odeo Studio site. Follow the prompts and record your voice. 'Tis extremely straightforward and a simple DIY.

METHOD TWO[on your desktop]: Using a sound editor

Fire up the pc, load up your sound editing program (such as Audacity)and start recording. Audacity has web based tutorials showing the basic DIY so too does Podproducer.

Save your sound file to a preferred format (such as , & preferably, Mp3).


Once you have created your recording you have three options:

Upload your audio onto your ISP provided web space by using a FTP program. This you may not have amongst your on hand programs. However, if you sign on with OUR MEDIA both web space for archiving your media and an uploading program are provided free as part of the OM registration package. The OM site is a bit unstable and doesn’t always work to rule, but why look a gift horse in the mouth?
Send your audio file as an email attachment to someone(or let them know its url if you publish it on the web) -- like Ratbag Radio -- who can use it so it can be circulated as a podcast or other form of web based audio. Ask first, though. If you cannot convert your tape recording to a computer file, and it's a potent audio item that warrants broadcasting, post it via snail mail to someone who can make use of it after editing and converting it to a digital format.

Once you have your sound file uploaded somewhere you can direct people to it by sharing and promoting its url. If you want to podcast you’ll need to set up a web or blog page with XML attributes. Both can be set up and self managed for free, such as on Blogger, and the XML attributes can be orchestrated for free through such systems as Feedburner. Establishing a blog and engineering a XML feed will take you only a few minutes. There are a few tricks to engineering Blogger for podcasting which you need to follow.

This may sound complicated, as you aren't supposed to know your way around this XML format, but it is a straighforward process.


You can record media away from your pc by employing either a standard tape recorder or a MP3 player with record attributes* (or a mini disk recorder ). You may find that the MP3 recording will be of better sound quality than a tape deck. If you record directly to Mp3 or other digital sound format you won’t have to transpose it later.

Some MP3 player/recorders -- like iRiver -- also come with an aux jack that can take a microphone. But these will require some form of preamplification between the mic and the recorder. The nattiness of these are made by Visivox.

Mp3 recording is limited by the fact that the device may only have an inbuilt microphone which will have a limited sound reach. This is fine if you keep it up close to the mouth of the speaker but may be of limited use in a public forum type situation unless you part with your device and attach it to the speaker's rostrum or mike stand. If you do not have a mike extension you could also plug it into the the meeting's sound system if the organisers let you.


You can record anything provided you are aware of copyright limitations -- but even that doesn’t seem to be a obstacle for many.


public meetings,guest speakers,classes and workshops.interviewsradio programs, even TV.your own monologues, opinion pieces, eccentric POV take on the world,.etcreadings from books, pamphlets or the alternative press like Green Left Weeklyyour own news roundup or campaign profile.political memoirs by interviewing activists from older generationssound montage reports on a local picket, rally or demonstration.

You can create your own radio program complete with music and whatever else takes your political fancy.


If you want to know more check out the discussion and information resources inks at the Ratbag Radio Discussion Forum.

Some of the most useful of these are:

leaninginhandProducing a Podcast with the Gear You Own TodayPodcast About the PodcastPodcast DIY


Those who have come to podcasting from radio will insist that the primary task in any recording session is good mic technique. There's a good discussion here about this. At first the language may seem obscure but follow the recommendations and download for free two of the audio level meters suggested, and use them when you next record on your computer. The meters will train you to modulate your voice and be more aware of others who you may record. Similarly, making your own "pop" screen is DIY handiwork you could invest in. The screen makes a big difference to the sound quality and makes you feel like a recording artist for those tiems your are at your computer.

However, you can also deal with 'plosions like this by locating your microphone for optimum use: approximately a hand's width (ie: about 6 inches)from your mouth; to the left or right of your mouth and above your lips so that the mic is located upper right or left from your mouth. That will deal with any popping sounds you generate --- but keep fiddling with the mic position to get the sound 'right'. If you are holding the mic don't keep fiddling with it.


To really experience the potential of web audio you should download your own podcatcher. A podcatcher is a program that subscribes to and downloads podcasts. While there are a few freebies you can try, one of the most popular free downloads is the cross platform Juice. You don't need a Mp3 player to listen to podcasts either -- Mp3 players are primarily useful for listening to podcasts away from your computer.


Being no geek we make do with what seems like a good idea at the time. Since sitting down at a computer is sterile, The Blather was recorded on an iRiver T30 flash player by using the mic/line-in jack. Since any mic in there requires power, the mic we currently use is a mono headset microphone like this one. which runs off a AA battery(we purchased it for $AUD20). We nonetheless have to boost the sound level up a few dB when we edit. But the freedom to walk and talk into a good quality mic like this is great.

A discussion about employing portable devices for podcasting, including Mp3 file, is here -- and a review of a few hardware options can be read here.

Since May 2006 The Blather has been recorded on an iRiver ifp 795 --which has plug and play power and a higher recording volume for both line in and inbuilt microphone. Unfortunately this model is no longer being made by the company.

RR's planned recording strategy is explored here.


ODEO offers a easy interface so you can record audio commentary for Ratbag Radio. If you are asked to contribute or you want to send feedback or make a comment about a Ratbag Radio episode you can use tthis line:

Send Ratbag Radio an audio comment

Click on that and you be taken to an ODEO message screen. Just follow the prompts and speak. You have a full hour of recording time to say your piece and share your views. Your audio will be sent to Ratbag Radio's inbox for listening.


If you have anything to add to this outline please make a comment on the RR forums. If you have any questions or need assistance in getting started please feel free to make a comment there.

This guide will be redrafted and improved as more know how and DIY interaction is amassed.

For a review of the potency of podcasting and the impact the new digital audio technologies are having on AM and FM radio, listen to this MP3 documentary.


Try to keep audio levels between -12dB and -6dB
Try to keep peak levels between -6dB to -3dB
Try not to exceed -1dB

Soft signal -20 dB
Loud signal -6dB
Very loud -2dB

For music:-6 dB to -2dB
For spoken word: -6dB to -12dB
Loudest no more than -6dB
Softest at least -12dB


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the blather #12

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The blather #12 plays some heavy rock music, chats with the Casual Workers Alliance, and drafts a special examination paper for all those who seek to enter fortress Australia.

Listen: Mp3 download

Listen: Mp3 streaming

Email : Ratbag Radio

Baxter -- Andorra: “Andorra is a political rock band that organises shows and events where we try to communicate positive resiliance to the things we caree about..” The band is based in Sydney and their latest song , Baxter, focuses on the Baxter Migrant Detention Centre -- a place where Australia locks up ‘outsiders’ -- then throws away the key. Andorra band members are: Eric Mackenzie - guitar, Matt Campbell - hammond organ and piano, Greg Penkow - bass, Steve Barrett - drums and Joel Beasant - singer
Andorra web page: http://www.andorramusic.com.au/

The Baxter Detention Centre is located in the desert in outback South Australia.
Refugee rights links and information:

Amelia Taylor Interview
Amelia Taylor is an activist with the United Ca
sual Workers Alliance -- Gold Coast, Queensland.

UCWA web page: http://ucwa.org.au/

For information about New Zealand’s Supersize My Pay campaign: http://www.supersizemypay.com/
Unite Trade Union: http://www.unite.org.nz/

Entrance Examination: Australia
Written and performed by Dave Riley
Background audio -- a version of Advance Australia Fair which was recorded in 1937 and is held by the National Library of Australia

Running Order Theme music -- jawsharp 00.00
Welcome to the blather
Andorra’s new song, Baxter 02.23Information about Andorra’s activities 05.16
Interview with Amelia Taylor 06.54
Satirical monologue: Entrance Examination--Australia 24.00Announcements 29.17
29mins 47secs/ 64 kbps / 44 khz / 13.64 Mb / Mono

Ratbag Radio...keeping an ear out for you


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the blather #11

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

This episode of The Blather is an exercise is getting the audio right or at least 'better'. After being the victim of some sloppy recording protocols, heretofore, Ratbag Radio has gone back to the DIY textbooks to improve the business to hand.
Have the Ratbaggies been succesful? I'm sure you will let us know:
00.00.00 Jawharp theme and welcome01.20.00 The war on terror is upon us all....and we're all going phobic. DIY diagnosis of a new pandemic.(satire)03.19.00 The new industrial trinity -- a message and discussion about the spiritual significance of the new IR legislation recently passed by the federal government.(satire)06.18.00 Complementary closing remarks.07.21.00 The Blather ends with the same bang and bluster with which it began.3.5MB / 7.21 Mins / 22 kHz /64 kbps
Ratbag Radio...keeping an ear out for you

Listen: Mp3 download
Listen: Mp3 streaming
Email : Ratbag Radio


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the blather #10

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Proudly Un Australian!

The blather this time around exchanges words with Melbourne based artist, Azlan McLennan. McLennan's latest art work -- a burnt and mounted Australian flag -- was confiscated by local police because treatment of the flag that way was deemed (by them, apparently) to be "offensive".
Read GLW article here and 7.30 Report transcript here.

The seizure of the art work without due process has raised the issue of censorship especially in the context of a major roll back of democratic rights --such as the recently passed anti terrorism legislation with its wide interpretation of what constitutes' sedition'.

In response to this incident a national campaign has been generated in support of McLennan's democratic rights and against political censorship.
Go to Azlan McLennan's websiteProtest Political censorship: campaign resourcesSign on line petition
The blather also shares with its listeners the wherewithall to create your very own DIY, burnt flag, UnAustralian art work. Just the thing for the lounge room wall above the mantle piece!

27 min 29 secs / 12.59 MB / 64 Kbps /22 kHz

TECH NOTE:The interview was recorded over a standard landline speaker phone using an iRiver T30. Once Ratbag Radio generates a capital reserve (donations of money please!!!)we will be improving our hardware options via a retooling program.

In the meantime we'll make the best with what we got.

Ratbag Radio ... Keeping a ear out for you!

Listen: Mp3 download
Listen: Mp3 streaming
Email : Ratbag Radio


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the blather #9

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The week Ratbag Radio's the blather talks about a very big ship, a dejected political party trying ever so hard to re-invent itself and a contagious disease. So there's sure to be something for everyone --and if not, half the fun is in the browsing, ain't that the way?

000 Intro orchestration (jawharp)
030 Welcome and such3.25 Ratbag Radio's special organic sound scape4.10 The Blather visits Ronald Reagan9.00 Discursive commentary on parliamentary parties9.30 Bertie Wooster re-invents the Australian Labor Party12.00 Some thoughts on phobias12.75 What to do with self combusting un-Australians
15.25 Envoi. See ya later.Urls of podcasts referred to:
HansIsland Nimbin RadioMindwalkYou are the GuestRatbag Radio's special organic sound scape comes to us through Medialint via the FreeSound Project.15 min 08 secs / 64 kbps / 24 kHz / 6.93MBRatbag Radio... keeping an ear out for you

Listen: Mp3 download
Listen: Mp3 streaming


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the blather #8

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Ratbag Radio celebrates Australia Day -- January 26th -- by sharing with its listeners its unique POV thus:

Lead in with a special kookaburra chorus accompanied by RRÂ’s own in-house band of jaws-harpists.A meditation on the nature of what it means to be Australian.A promo for the HansIsland podcastAn eulogy to the late Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer -- beloved son of the nation.The Blather concludes with our own especially made up version of the Australian national anthen -- Advance Australia Fare -- played by the New World Order Kazoo Orchestra.
Ratbag Radio: keeping an ear out for you.

Be upstanding.

11 min 29 secs / 56 kbps / 24 kHz / 4.73 MB

Listen: Mp3 download
Listen: Mp3 streaming


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the blather #7

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Two satires

In this edi
tion of the blather we take it upon ourselves to generate some satiric mischief.

Our first concern for the new year is sex (egads!) and the fruits of many a man's loins.Our other distraction is multiculturalism --flavoured with a clove of garlic -- here in circus Oz.10mins 42sec / 32 kbps / 2.45 MB

Listen: Mp3 download

Listen: Mp3 streaming


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the blather #6

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The new industrial legislation that has been introduced by the federal government is massively unpopular with the vast majority of Australians. This legislation is a major attempt to destroy collective organizing on the job.

In this edition of the blather, Sue Bolton, the trade union co-ordinator for the Australian Socialist Alliance, discusses the political context of these changes and explores the potential for a united fight back.

Program Notes

Socialist Alliance is an anti-capitalist party which was formed in 2001.Since then the Alliance has grown in size and strength, establishing branches nationally. Union Fightback is a loose network of trade unionists which was formed out the June 2005 National Fightback Conference.Petitions to the ACTU can be downloaded here.31:05 mins / 64 kbps / 14.2 Mb

Listen: Mp3 download (right click to download to disk)

Listen: Mp3 streaming


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the blather #5

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Recent changes to the supporting mothers’ benefit have been engineered with both cost cutting and ideology in mind. In this interview with Linda Seaborn, the blather explores the consequences of this new attack on women (and their children) which is being promoted under the banner of a promoting the rigid framework of a "traditional" nuclear family. The blather also explores the broad context of these 'reforms' as Linda relates them to the impending changes to workplace conditions under the new IR bill.
Linda Seaborn is a member of the National Council for the Single Mother and Her Child.
Many resources are available through the NCSMC website.

NATSEM Report: The Distributional Impact of the Proposed Welfare-to-Work Reforms Upon Sole Parents, (pdf)as commissioned by the National Foundation of Australian Women

Welfare to Workfare Public Campaign Kit.

the blather#5: 31 mins, 29.7Mbs

Listen: Mp3 (Right click to download to disk)

Listen: Mp3 streaming


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the blather #4

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The Venezuelan Revolution

a special blather edition on the Venezuelan revolution featuring an interview with Paul Benedek who has recently returned from Venezuela which he visited as part of the solidarity brigade.Benedek is the author of a new booklet: Venezuela: Diary of A Revolution.
Click book cover for further details

Music for the broadcast:--Quirpa de Santa Inés (I)
--Vota NO (Grupo Madera)
These Venezuelan songs can be downloaded here.

Further information about Venezuela is available from the following web sites:

Green Left WeeklyVenezuela SolidarityVenezuela Analysis

The blather # 4 : Ratbag Radio 8pm Sunday, October 30, 2005
Podcast/Mp3 download and streaming -- also broadcast over Pirate Radio Network overnight Sunday and overnight Monday from 10pm. Length: 45:42 mins. 41.8 Mb.

Listen: Mp3 download


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the blather # 3

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

Listen: Mp3

Another mix and match experimental edition of the blatherLead in tune/identifier > chat (on the big issues of the day) > selected music > more chat > end song example: The Red Flag interpreted by the New World Order Kazoo OrchestraSelected Music: Uh ah Chavez no se va (Grupa Madera) from Starting next Sunday the blather will be broadcast and uploaded every Sunday night. Program schedule: the blather on Sunday nights (RRT)Dave Riley is slowly cranking up broadcast-speak. Not quite DJ material but we’re going places here on Ratbag Radio. Stick with us on this journey. 14 minutes/12.8Mb


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Mike Davis on The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

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Show feed from Democracy Now! broadcast for Wednesday, October 19th, 2005, which features a long interview with Mike Davis, professor of history at the University of California, Irvine. He is a renowned urban theorist, social historian and author of six books including City of Quartz. His latest book, which has just come out is, The Monster At Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu.This is an important interview with a lot of information that is not being ciruclated about Avian Flu. For transcript. Visit HERE. Democracy Now! is a daily US based current affairs news and views hour from Pacifica which offers its own podcast feed which can be accessed here.


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inner side Scooter: Love. Beasts and Revolution

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PROGRAM NOTES: length -- 30 mins/27Mb

CREDITS: The Rolling Stones, John Stewart and TDS, Scooter,Whoopie Cushion, Laughing Kids, Kevin Neland, Some Other Actor, Spike Milligan, HarrySecomb, Peter Sellars, Pink Floyd, Dave Riley, Audio from indyfilm"Join the Resistance: Fall in Love" read by Amy Ray from Indigo Girls . PLUS Dickie Richards

Scooter Webpage: http://acksisofevil.org/

Dickie Richards: http://www.talkwarrior.com


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the blather

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The new anti-terrorist legislation is due to wash over the great southern land and flush out the nasties. Will you be among them? Will the blather?
Arab Hip Hop. My Land by Dam: http://www.dam3rap.com. Check them out and the wide world of Arab hip hop through the Dam rap portal. And finally, The Internationale rendered into sweetness by the New World Order Kazoo Orchestra. program: 15.03 mins/ 13.79MB Check out the blather's new theme. (Is it too loud for you? Is it blather-y enough?)
the blather will also be broadcast over Ratbag Radio, Monday and Tuesday nights from 11pm on repeat cycle, every 15 minutes (or thereabouts) until 10 am the following morning --RRT -- Ratbag Radio Time.
Contact the blather with suggestions, feedback, audio and other stuff

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The Blather #17 - Going nuclear...

2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

This episode of The Blather considers the energy conundrum and asks Professor Ian Lowe what gives with this push for nuclear power in Australia. Before we get to the prof we have a bit of fun.
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Further reading
ANTSO report:Introducing Nuclear Power to AustraliaEdited transcript of the interview with Ian Lowe


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the blather [Wed Oct 5]

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The blather: today's test & experimental broadcast is more of the same 'ol same 'ol with more vocal confidence than last time you missed it. Dave Riley offers a couple of readings and a few improvisational thoughts -- none of which are particularly interesting --beginning and ending with a musical medly on the kazoo.
Broadcast: 30 mins in length(REPEATS 0n the half hour) 8pm -11pm Ratbag Radio Time Wednesday, October 5. So tune in on the half hour to catch the broadcast.[RRT runs 30 minutes later in the centre of Australia and two hours later over there in the west]
Feedback: dhell@optusnet.com.au


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2008-03-14 :: ratbagradio@gmail.com (ratbagradio@gmail.com)

The good people at Mindwalk have taken up a LOR podcast and re-broadcasted it with additions. Check out their show. It's great!

PROGRAM NOTES: Firstly, Jody Paulson speaks of the Bush supporter whodesecrated a memorial in Crawford. A Seymore Herschedit by Kavi.org excerpted from Democracy Now. JohnLennon, Jello Biafra and Eminem inthe mix. A greatpiece by Paul Garcia featuring Bush and Jim Morrison. A Bill Burroughs / Jim Morrison classic, and finally arather biting podcast/audioblog from a fellow namedDave down in Brisbane Australia. Strong language used..

That said, if you enjoy Jody Paulsons fine work as Ido, please consider sending her a contribution. She produces these commentaries out of her own pocket, and times are very tough as all of you well know.

Send donations to: PO Box 427214, San Francisco, CA 94142 Special thanks to Skidmark Bob and Free Radio SantaCruz for their continuing support.

Mindwalk can be heard on Free Radio Santa CruzTuesdays at 1p as well as many other Pirate, LPFM, and internet radio stations world wide.

Credits: Jody Paulson, Skidmark Bob, Peter Gabriel,K77, Amy Goodman, Seymore Hersch, Paul Goodman, JohnLennon, Kieth LeBlanc & Jello Biafra Paul Garcia, GWB,Jim Morrison & The Doors, William S. Burroughs, JelloBiafra spoken word, Eminem, Green Lantern, Dave Riley

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The Blather

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The Blather

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