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Last update: 2015-04-06

The Single Guy is Back.e14

2015-04-06 :: The curious couple

We are joined by “the single guy” once again  He shares his stories of his lifestyle birthday party and his unbelievable poolside party before the Skin party.  His stories entertain as expected.


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Neighbors with Benefits.e13

2015-04-01 :: The curious couple

There’s a new show on A&E called Neighbors with Benefits.  It’s a reality show about the swinger lifestyle.  After watching the opening episode, we talk about our take on it and how much of it is real and true, and how much isn’t.  For those that listened to podcast #12 - Pills, we left you hanging on the results from T taking the pill.  We fill in the gaps.


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Fantasy Talk.e12

2015-03-23 :: The curious couple

We answer listener emails and tweets.  This leads us to some of our personal fantasies that may make you blush.  We also talk about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon which inspires us to consider creating the next phenomenon.  


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2015-03-12 :: The curious couple

We announce some of the changes we have coming up with the podcast.  We talk about pills for men and the pill for women in the lifestyle.


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Flirt party turns into an orgy.e10

2015-02-10 :: The curious couple

“Flirt” meet and greet party in Dallas at Absinthe bar.  The guest list looks excellent so we make the trek.  An orgy ensues with a bunch of people we haven’t met.  Good times and honest talk between the two of us


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Picking up a waitress.e09

2015-02-09 :: The curious couple

Another fun get away to Dallas for a night at a club.  We stay with friends at their home and end up picking up the waitress on the way to the sex club.  Good times unfold along with some truth and honesty.


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T&A joined by “the single guy”.e08

2014-12-03 :: The curious couple

We are in Dallas for another fun weekend.  This time we’ve met up with our friend, whom we’ve referred to as “the mayor of swingsville.”  We pick his brain about being a single guy in the swinging lifestyle.  He shares his story, as well as stories of his recent vacation to a SDC cruise takeover.


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Our Swing Club Fails.e07

2014-12-03 :: The curious couple

We discuss our experiences with some of the less than ideal situations we’ve encountered.  We like to focus on the fun we have, but we thought hearing some of the other experiences would be entertaining and educational for you.


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Infamous Ice Storm Getaway.e06

2014-10-09 :: The curious couple

We have a crazy wild adventure to Dallas unlike anything we could have planned. Our first interaction with a unicorn and a single dude…and squirting.


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Our first house call.e05

2014-10-09 :: The curious couple

Our first time meeting a sexy couple for the first time, at their home, with the intentions of staying the night.   Also we talk about a fun experience at the 13th floor.


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Our first FULL swap.e04

2014-07-24 :: The curious couple

The title says it all.  Here’s the stuff that went on behind the scenes in our heads as we took this leap.


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Our first soft swap.e03

2014-07-21 :: The curious couple

We continue our weekend in Dallas.  Saturday at Colette and our first soft swap experience


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Let’s try playing.e02

2014-07-02 :: The Curious Couple

We decide to be more than just observers.  We have our first threesome and learn a lot about our relationship and our ability to communicate.  


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The beginning, we are curious.e01

2014-07-02 :: The Curious Couple

Early on in our relationship we were able to openly discuss our interests, fantasies, and curiosities.  Out of that curiosity we ventured into the swinging lifestyle just to have a look around.  This was the first step of many fun stories.


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The Curious Couple for the Curious Ear

Our experiences as a curious couple venturing into the swinging lifestyle

The Curious Couple for the Curious Ear

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