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Last update: 2012-07-09

Podcast Update

Length: 1m 24s

We have moved to a new podcast!! The One Percent Podcast …


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The Douchebag Diaries Ep.2

Length: 1h 0m 40s

We have a much better guest on the show this week our good friend Ben Ory stops by and we mess with the ever present Maggie once again. …


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The Douchebag Diaries Ep.1

Length: 1h 8m 52s

An hour of two Douchebags talking about no one and nothing in particular and maybe coming off a little racist in the meantime.... What could be better???? Listen, Comment and Subscribe!!!! …


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The Douchebag Diaries

Two Douchebags who talk about nothing for an hour what could be better???

The Douchebag Diaries

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