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Last update: 2014-11-12

DC76: Squirt Quest

Length: 1s

The name says it all right? Pretty much. Harvard has an Anal sex class. McShane is upset a gay bull is going to die. He's also ticked off at the male race for being lame. There's more. Go listen. 



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Length: 1s

Drunkards Call 75 is a a packed two beer show. We've been slacking so we sacked up and brought you a little more show for the low low price of free. We hope you enjoy it. please leave feedback on Stitcher and Itunes.  Don't forget to go to wickedradionetwork.com for more shows from Wicked Radio. Also check out our replay on Radio Fubar at Radiofubar.com


Ebola: How the stupid are dealing with it.  Bad Ass of the Week Pussification of the Week: PeeWee Football Coach is fined $500 and suspended Dream Sex: Is it cheating and what if you are boned by a ghost. …



DC74: Sand Paper Tongue

Length: 1s

Full cast and crew tonight. Wifex joins us along with Dr. John. Topics range really good beers (obviously), A brother and sister banging in a semi, A guy who jerks off in his hot co-workers cofee, and another installment of ask Drunakrds. Enjoy!


Thanks to @realwifex for joining us tonight. Be sure to check out WareWithall on iTunes and @sharetheware twitter.


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DC73:You Can Titty Fuck Without Motor Boating, but You Can't Motor Boat without Titty Fucking

Length: 1s

McShane and Fitz are joined by Wifex from Wicked Radio network. The topics were obviously beer related but turned into a horny free for all. We discussed what we'd do if flashed by a gnarly pair of teets. We got into women that refuse ot masturbate before marriage. We were mystified by that as well. Also, a nice little soapbox rant about the militarization of our police force! Yes, the last subject makes no sense with the rest of the show unless you take into account that this is the Drunkards Call and we don't really care!

Make sure you check out 'I must be Dead I Must Be Dead Photography

and www.imustbedead.com

This iss what Fitz will be doing in September

Big thanks to Wifex for joining us. She. is. awesome. 


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DC72: Black Butte and Stones Fractal Beer

Length: 1s

Fitz and I have a new show for ya. We discuss what we think are man made holes in the ground in Siberia. Conspiracy theories start here. We talk GMO's and human evolution, because we're experts right? Sure. GI Joes that are abominations of the toy world. Lastly a guys vibrator. Yep it's your normal Drunkards Call.




The Beers

Black Butte XXVI



Stone Stochasticity Project: Quadro Triticale




Holes in Russia





Useless GI Joes



The GuyBrator





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DC71: The Machine Job

Length: 1s

Yes, we're still around. We just took a few months for other shows, life, and Dr. Jon got a new PHD. I'm not sure what the PHD was in but it was something rad. Tonights show we get into Soccer err futbol err what ever you feel like calling it. Fitz has been following the World Cup and he gives us the run down on it. Then we get into a machine that extracts semen. Well we didn't get into it. We talked about it. At length. Graphically as well. We're happy to be back and we want you to listen, drop us a line, send us email, and send naked photo's to fitz. fitzysemail@gmail.com. Write that down and use it. 




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The Big Bad Wolf and Proctophotography

Length: 1s

Once again we can't plan it. We set up this loose skeleton of a show and then throw it out once we get started. It just happens. We had six folks recording tonight and it was a treat. McShane, Fitz, and Dr. Jon were in as usual. Tina, Tom, and Phil from Scotland joined us and tried to keep us in line. Make sure your kids are in bed, grab a beer, sit back, and open your ears for a raunchy treat. 


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DC69: PETA Pockets

Length: 1s

Keeping this one simple kids. We discuss:

Humping Hot Pockets Humping Pizza Humping 60 year Old Cougars We also drink some pretty great beer.  Music is 2 Cellos. Not our typical faire but pretty damn smooth.  …


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DC68: Drunkards Beer Fest

Length: 52s

We go to a beer fest for Growler Radio. Fitz and I report back for our beer broadcast and we take it very seriously. This is what happened in between the amazing interviews and great craft beer content. So I suggest listening to that show as well. This one...Well if we fail to record ever again, it wil be our legacy.  I don't think many shows can say that. Listen at your own risk. 


Chat with ya soon, 




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DC67: Screamers

Length: 1s

McShane, Fitz, and Dr. Jon wreck pretty much all topics. Some improvisation took place, and orgasm's for science was too interesting.  This was easily one of our more fun shows to produce. By produce I mean drink to. When I say drink to I mean get shitty. We talk about a myriad of topics including the move to streaming a broadcasted stream over RadioFubar.com. The boys discuss an article in the Atlantic about science needing your orgasam. Yeah nothing can go wrong with that subject. Also some listener feedback! We love our peeps. We love you. We love beer. Disclaimer *we intended on talking about Bieber a little and Dennis Rodman but decided fuck it midstream and threw that stuff out. 

Drunkards Call!

Thanks for lisntening. 


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Vote for Drunkards Call and Other Indepodcasts!!!

Length: 2s

Come on please take the time to show us some love. Maybe a kind reach around?

Go here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2014BEASTAwards

Vote for  Drunkards Call,Growler Radio, Talking Raw with Micah Shaw, and all of the shows and hosts that put out shows on Independent Podcasts.


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DC66: Does the NSA Have a Shaved Vagina

Length: 1s

This week's episode McShane and Fitz assault the new year talking about the NSA's surveillance program and shaving ones vagina. That's right. We have managed to incorporate the two into one show. So you should listen . Also we discuss our shitty fantasy football season and how Toph won. Fuck you Toph but good job. We're not bitter at all. Seriously good job. Also we talk about some other stuff. Go lsiten. 




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DC65: Echos #2 This is...Christmas

Length: 36s

This is Christmas. Well at least per Drunkards Call it is. This is another in our line of DC Echo's shows where we drop a sound track in for a short discussion on, well whatever comes up. This week we endure Christmas music. If this show doesn't get you in the mood for Christmas it's definitely going to take you out of it.  Happy Holiday's and cheers to ya!


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DC64: Papa Smurf and Gang Bang Santa's

Length: 1s

DC 64 has Fitz, McShane, and Tina discussing Mandela passing, the presidents selfies, Santa Porn, and some really good beer from Port Brewing. 


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DC63: Echos

Length: 37s

Welcome to the 63rd installment of the Drunkards Call. Rather than put out the typical Thanks Giving show, Fitz and I have something much more personal to share. This is a reminiscing of what once was our early 20's. Weird to say but that was a long time ago. This is a show that is a bit more Raw. It connects a time period we experienced to the band Everclear. First, We were not groupies in the least and we listened to an incredible variety of music back then and still do. That is probably what made this connection even more unique. We just had a lot going on in pour personal lives that connected to these two albums.

This special format we may do more often. We'll see, but basically it's a narrative to a strange time where we were still growing up and screwing up. We hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave feedback please. Be sure to go to www.wickedradionetwork.com and check out all of our networks goodies. 

Play list for this show were excerpts from 'So much for the Afterglow' and 'Sparkle and Fade'. Please go check put Everclear out on iTunes and Amazon. 

In order of appearence

Santa Monica

Heroin Girl

The Twistinside


Everything to Everyone

Father of Mine

Pale Green Stars

You Make Me Feel Like A Whore

Like a California King

Her Brand New Skin

Heart Spark Dollar Sign

One Hit Wonder

We appreciate your listening and will talk to you soon. 


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DC62: Drunkards Debate II

Length: 1s

Finallyback on the straight and narrow, whatever that means. Fitz is back in studio along with Dr. Jon. We take on a myriad of debate topics as we further investigate the intricacies of life. We invite you to listen as well as check out the band we played during this show. Black Pistol Fire!!! They are amazing, check out their site, http://blackpistolfire.com/#home You can find them on iTunes and MusicAlley.com

Thanks for listening and know that you all kick ass.



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DC61: Sex and the Single Male

Length: 1s

McShane gets ambushed by Donny Fox. It was a lot of fun and you find out a great deal about the Independant podcast crew. This one get's pretty raunchy so don't play it in the car with the kids. Definitly don't let you mom listen to it. Probably want to leave Reverend Arbuckle off the list as well. Joining us tonight was ABV Mike from Growler Radio. KT from NHL Hits and the ever lovely Micah Shaw. Sit back and listen to what it is like for a single guy just trying to get a nut.

Check us out at the mother ship www.wickedradionetwork.com. You'll find all of the shows from the family of deviants we call friends. 

Thanks for listening. 


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DC60: Blame It on McShane

Length: 1s

DC 60 is released for all of your to masturbate to! My lovely pipes are bringing your this epsiode with out Fitz. Which means it will will be less interesting with about the same amount of swearing. I aim to please and know you enjoy an Fbomb now and again. So rub one out why dontcha. This show is an hour long music filled rant. I guess I was just feeling my oates as it were. You should listen because, well it's Drunkards Call G'damnit. 



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DC59:Technical Difficulties

Length: 1s

Wow was this a rough show to get out. Technically speaking this is a pretty brutal show. Conversationally speaking it was superb. Frank Branches from Wicked Radio Network was with us. We had a great time chatting about Arizona's retarded governor. We also got into Louis CK's view on kids and tech. As a bonus Fitz goes on a helluva rant at the end of the show. For all the frustrations we experienced, it was still a very fun show. We apologize for the sound quality this go around and promise we'll do better down the road. 

Find Frank at @frankbranches on Twitter or at wickedradionetwork.com

Music is by Music on the Radio and presented for the educational value. Consider yourself educated. 

Thanks for listening.


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DC58: Drunkards Debate I

Length: 1s

You are about to experience a very fast paced episode where droning on about subjects is not alowed. This is the first Drunkard's Debate. Topics are chosen randomly by a random number generator. We do no prep work, at times we don't even understand what the point of topic. This was one of the most fun conversations we've had.

Some of the topics are:

Nascar a sport?

Marrying sheep is ok?

Is underwear necessary or have we been lied to?

Teeter Totter or swing set?

and much much more...

This is not safe for work nor should you allow your kids to listen. 

That is all!


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DC57: Martin Luther King and the Clitoris

Length: 1s

We're Back!!!!! Well we figured you needed a break from us. Sure you could not download us but we prefer you do. So with taking off August we're back to assault September in a big way. Jon is here. We have some excellant beers for you as well. We discuss Martin Luther King, Minimum wage and the clitoris. Where else can you find this? No where. That's exactly right.  Music for tonight is Social D. You need to buy all their music. Mike Ness. Nuff said. Theme music by FINN. Song is "Alligator".  Find him on Music Alley. 


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DC56: Sometimes You Gotta Shove It In

Length: 1s

Quickly, Fitz and McShane are joined by the lovely and talented Tina. Right out of the gate she boosted our level of debauchery to new heights. This chick has some serious game. McShane get's really drunk. Fitz pretty much has to drive the show. Which he did a great job. We discuss having sex on the stairs, craigslisting for sex in Walmart bathrooms, Stalagtites in vagina's, bi-polar tantrum throwing women, and some really awesome beers. Buckle in for one of our most fun shows yet. Ofcoruse that's me saying that so take it for what it's worth. 

Theme song by Finn it's called Alligator. Find it on www.musicalley.com. Awesome site please check em out. 

Music is a little taste of Alice and Chains. 



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DC55: Pickin Up Chicks at the Catery

Length: 1s

DC55 features brews passed along by the Perfect Pour Podcast. Definitly check out there show. Great guys and brother of another mother to Growler Radio. We'd include Drunkards in there too but we really don't want to ruin their image. Let's face it, we make things dirty. 

Donny Fox joins us for some day drinking and music chat. The big topic is what's the worst band of the 90's. Talk about inflamatory. It blew up our twitter feed and our facebook page. Come on in and enjoy. The comments were great we love our listeners and podcast friends. 

Opening music if from FINN by way of musicalley.com

Facebook go to Drunkards Call

Twitter: @Drunkardscall and @ayemcshane


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DC54: Parade of Assholes

Length: 1s

DC 54 found us talking about Stone's Ruinten, our new fantasy football league, Treyvon Martin, Gay rights, Ice Cube, Aaron Hernadez, and Sam Adams beers. That was a lot. The chat was our usual brand of distain for morons coupled with our guest, Jon, declaring his love for the XFL. Vince McMahon if you're listening, hit us up.  

Enjoy DC and be sure to rate us on iTunes and Stitcher. Drop us email at mcshanesmail@Gmail.com. Also you can follow us on Twitter at @Drunkardscall and @ayemcshane. 

Thanks for listening. 


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DC53: The NSA is Watching You! and the FBI, and CIA, and Probably Your Neighbor

Length: 1s

We took a bit to get this one out because we wanted to do it right. Ok, really McShane had a party to go to last weekend and didn't want to record from the party. So here we are. Fitz and I discuss the revelation that is the NSA is watching you. Well not a revelation for us, but the rest of the country seems surprised by this. Also we discuss our favorite muppets and why Kenye West is an awful humanbeing. Thanks for listneing and please rate us on iTunes and Stitcher. That little thumbs up goes along way towards satisfying our ego's. 

Talk to ya soon!


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DC52: BAM It's National Masturbation Month

Length: 1s

Welcome back to another edition of the Drunkards Call. Topics include some excellent beer, Angelina Jolie's preemptive boob strike, National Masturbation month and of course a great new way to get your wife into porn.  Jon is back with us and shares a touching story about a guy who poops on his balls. McShane can't pronounce Cacoa and Fitz has had enough of it. We also think it's fitting that you drink a shot every time Fitz drops his email address.

Thanks for listening and please rate us on iTunes. Favorite us on stitcher and don't shy away from retweeting us. We do this for you, a little love back is all we ask and it only takes a few seconds.  



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DC51: Fear the Pencil

Length: 1s

We're a little angry tonight. Just in general. There comes a time in daily life that you get sick of all the shit and just need to vent. Well McShane reexplains why we do what we do. Social media takes a bashing from the boys as do folks that manage it poorly. Then they get into the topic of pencils and how violent they are. This is the show. The Drunkards Call. The pub chat. Two guys getting together at the end of along week chatting about the stupid things and saying what needs to be said.


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DC 50: Arnold Schwarzenegger is Cumming

Length: 1s

We've made it 50 shows! Holy hell can you believe it? No neither can we. Tonight's show is going to be some reminiscing and some direction finding. The boys have a couple big announcements regarding their Podcast. The Boys determine that every time McShane says the word "cumming" you need to drink. Good luck! Three beers are had, Fitz only really likes one of em. A giant condom is found. The boys also play some celebrity D&D.  Special guest  and a special thank you for our handler tonight Doctor Jon. Music is Pennywise. Go download them. Buy em on iTunes, Amazon, or where ever your little beautiful sparkly little heart likes to do it. 


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DC49: Robot Sex and Guernsey Cows

Length: 1s

Very fun night that started off with a poll to our listeners. Big shout out goes to all of the Wicked Radio Crew for the feedback they gave us on this one. The premise was whether or not it's cheating to bang a robot. Simple? Not so much. Awesome debate ensued over some awesome beers. Donny from NHL HITS Podcast joined us. The guys also discussed prom season and the amazing Movie Hanna. Our music drops were from a Ska band called Catch 22. Really good stuff you should go buy their music. It's awesome. 

Please download and review us on iTunes or listen on Stitcher. ​


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DC48: The Whiskey's Neat and the Brunette's are Badass

Length: 1s

We were honored with the presence of one Kirk Diedrich. A very funny man from L.A. who took his time breaking down why whiskey is awesome. Then He took us on a ride listening to the band Blacktop. That wasn't all though. Then we got into some very classy dames. You see we're enchanted by the elusive brunette. Stop in for our Whiskey show. We dont do many of these so it was a fun event to be apart of.

To find Kirk

Twitter @KirkDiedrich

Tumbler Romantic Bastard

The Whiskey's


12 Year Old Jamison


25 year bushmills


Rittenhouse 100 Proof Rye - Romantic Bastard

Buffalo Trace - Whiskey Ginger

Maker’s 46 - One cube

Hancock’s President’s Reserve - Straight


Watkins Whiskey Select

Band featured was Blacktop

Song 1: Let Me Go Home Whiskey

Song 2: Hot Lips and Swivel Hips

Exit Track:Here I Am, Always I Am


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DC47: Sound Explosion - Punk Rawk Hammer

Length: 1s

McShanes was left to play with his own devices tonight. What does that mean? No that doesn't mean he was toching himself. That's a given.  What it means is that he had some time and the atitude to produce Sound Explosion. This is going to be a more regular podcast on IPA. Look it up on iTunes and Stitcher. However it started here on Drunkards Call.  You might hear our other podcasters like Micah Shaw, or Donny Fox take a stab at it but this is the begining. So while it's starting with DC47 we would love for you to follow the show over at IPA or www.indiepodcasts.com. McShane loves music way to much to not play some awesome tunes every now and again. This is just our comitment to the art.

Tonight you'll hear:


Minor Threat



The Decendants


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DC46: Pope that Pussy vs The Glory Holes of Arizona

Length: 1s

McShane and Fitz are finally broadcasting in person. No Skype to deal with this week. We also had an awesome guest in house with us as well. Magnanimous  an M.C. from Detroit and great friend of the show stopped by to point out some of the absurdities there are in today's news. He's a talented and very funny guy. We're confident you're gonna dig em. Topics are obviously some excellent beers, but we also discussed the new Pope and speculate as to what the deal was with the previous. Some Science chat came into play when we discussed Meteor's blwoing up the earth. We capped the night with the wild world of sex in Arizona. Do enjoy and please leave us feed back on iTunes and Stitcher. Visit us and all of our shows at www.indiepodcasts.com

Thanks for Listening



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DC45: The Road Trip

Length: 1s

McShane is flying solo which means he doesn't have anyone holding his leash. Fitz is on his way to vegas to raise hell, chase skirts, and be a naughty boy. While McShane would love to be there he can not make it this go around. Something about a 10th wedding anniversary and his losing testicles if he does go. Instead of the usual formula  McShane goes on an indie music binge downloading awesomeness from from MusicAlley.com. Seriously go there and check them out. Where did this come from? Well a show had to be done and McShane went to the twitter folks and they inspired him to unleash all that is cool about indie labels. So here's to the little guys.  Please enjoy and please leave some feedback on iTunes and Stitcher.

Thanks for listening. 














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DC44: The Ugly Bug Ball

Length: 1s

This was recorded on February 8th. I apologize for the delay but there was this horse, and elephant, and a farmer. I'll explain someday. This was the Valentines show. We find you some dating sites to look at so that you aren't lonely any day of the week. We also and unexpectedly go off on a tangent destroying Blink 182. In closing we talk about an awesome new series made for Netflix, "House of Cards".  Stop in for a beer. Drop us a note at indiepodcasts@gmail.com. Please leave us feedback on iTunes and Stitcher. We appreciate your listening.

Talk to you soon!



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Shot Time! Format Change We're Going Christian!

Length: 1s

This is our announcement about a format change to Christian Programing. 



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DC43: A Masturbating Pooper and Beyonce's Boobs

Length: 2s

Back again for antoher installment of drinking debauchery and fun with Wicked Radio's very own Wifex. You really should check their network out after checking ours of course. Find them at www.wickedradionetwork.com. They are full of awesome shows. Find us at www.indiepodcasts.com.

Tonights show we discuss a story about a guy who got a little excited while naked. Inadvertantly we compare Janet Jacksons rack to Beyonce's. Also Tom Brady isn't going to the Super Bowl and no one cares.

Thanks for listening. Please don't forget to rate us on Stitcher with a thumbs up and drop us a 5 star on iTunes.

@ayemcshane on twiter


Thanks for listening.

Music for tonights show is the  Mad Caddies. You need to buy their stuff on iTunes and Amazon. GO do it!


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DC42: Django Chained to Whiskey Dicks

Length: 1s

McShane, Fitz and Sir Micah Shaw of Talkin Raw W/ Micah Shaw is on tonights show. We discuss all sorts of sillyness. Starting with our holiday, the NFL Playoffs, the NHL is back, and the baseball hall of fame vote. The main Event was Twitter Porn. The boys discuss the Twitter feed of @R_Sideny_V. Awesome porn feed that toes the line between art and hardcore porn. Just awesome stuff. The movie for tonight was Looper. We recorded January 11 2012.


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DC41: Merry Drunkmas!

Length: 1s

McShane and Fitz discuss the Phoenix Brewers Invitational in Phoenix, Holiday movies, and www.boobpedia.com. No really we did. Just a stocking stuffer for ya. For our fans expecting the Christmas Party to be released, it evolved into a much different beast and is now a pilot episode for something more unique. You can find all of our shows at www.inkandaudio.net @ayemcshane on twitter and check out @inkandaudio there as well.

Thanks for listening.


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DC40: Dicking Whipping Pussy Punchers vs John McClain and Hans Gruber

Length: 1s

The title of this show could be deceiving. Let's just say, people say the darnedest things. The boys are getting into the holiday spirit with their first offering of cool shit for Christmas. Also they discuss a ton of beer. Fitz decided to empty his fridge. He drinks a Duck Rabbit MIlk Stout, a sour Brown from He'Brew, and a Pilsner from Coney Island. McShane was the daisy only sucking down one. Of course it was A Vampire Slayer from Clown Shoes. So it wasn't a total failure. The movie is Diehard. That's right we're going back to 1988 and discussing one of our favorite Christmas films. Like we were going to review it's a wonderful life or something.




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DC39: Happy Thanksgiving! James Bonds Perfectly Formed Ass vs Tony Danza

Length: 1s

Happy Thanksgiving! We're late but on time. Not late like your girl is preggo but we're here for turkey day. This show we throw down with an 80's moshpit. Guys like Danza, Baio, Don Johnson, and String Fellow Hawk from Air Wolf all square off in a battle royal. We discuss Willy Moon and his attempt at having "swagger", old school sqagger. Also our movie review is Casino Royal what a great movie. Even with Skyfall coming out we need to respect our roots. Of course connery but this is the start of the new legacy of Bond. Daniel Craig style.. Come on in and stay awhile!


@ayemcshane on twitter



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DC38:Hurricane Assoil and Steven Spielberg Vs George Lucas and Tyrion Lanister - Disney Beware

Length: 1s

Four men entered the ring and they all walked out alive. However there was definitely some fowelness to be had. Donny stared down Hurricane Sandy. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas cock fight. Fitz put the second to worst thing ever in his mouth. Micah quadruple fisted drinks. McShane directed traffic and by the end of the show couldn't talk again. We had a chat room! They were awesome. You should join us next time on Mixlr. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and Stitcher. We love all the feedback and you can find @ayemcshane on Twitter. Drop him a note and you'll get talked about heartily on the show.

(faux) steven and lucas. Geez!


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DC37: Halloween Special 2012 Fitz vs Open Water Clowns

Length: 1s

What an amazing night. We were truly honored to have such an awesome guest with us to discuss everything creepy. Wif ex from the VampCast and Twisted Sisters Cast was on board for a wildly horrifying ride. So horrifying we're hoping we didn't "scare" her off. She's a tough awesome gal, and an awesome follow on twitter. ​Topics delved into were Zombies and how we'd survive the zombie apocalypse. We also got into what makes for a scary movie. Definitely kick back and check us out and please make sure the lights are low as we definitely go bump in the night.


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DC36:Naked in San Francisco Vs Autonomous Road Head

Length: 1s

Drunkards Call #36 finds our heros in a battle of Porters. Four Peaks brewings new offering Pumpkin Porter and Firestone Walkers Porter to be exact. Topics for the show had a vedetta settled by The Firnecast. They are awesome and you need to check out their podcast badly. Go here http://firnecast.blogspot.com/ . Also we debated being naked in public in San Francisco and self driving cars. Our movie of the show was Batman Begins. Music we just had to play two versions of Rusty Cage. One by Sound Garden and the other by the man in black himself, Johnny Cash. Check em out on iTunes. It's a no brainer.

Thanks for listening. Please send us feedbak.iTunes is wonderful Mcshanesmail@gmail.com or hit me on twitter @ayemcshane. www.inkandaudio.net is where we call home. Please stop by for a brew or two.



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DC35:Two Epic Beers and Cool Shit (Number Two!)

Length: 1s

McShane and Fitz decided a night of cool shit was in order The boys found two beers with excellent stories behind them. Fitz had the beer Positive Contact from Dogfish Head. Did you know Dan the Automator  (Upcoming  Album Deltron 3030) was associated with the beer? We didn't and the find was awesome. McShane was all over Tres Pistoles from Unibroue. Featured tonight is the Webseries H+, a boy named Caine, and of course the Movie "Man on Fire". Music was from The DropKick Murphy's and Flogging Molly. You need to download them from iTunes or buy the Cd's. Support the awesome bands!

Thanks for listening. Please don't forget to rate us. We love the feedback. 


@ayemcshane on Twitter


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DC34: Armstrong Eastwood and Every Great Man Movie vs Phyllis Diller

Length: 1s

The dunkards were out in epic force as Dawn, Donny, and Mdubb were in the house. The topics revolved around one center theme, men and how cool we can be. Ofcourse as events usually unfold there are twists and turns and the unexpected came up. Also  Mdubb is broadcasting from a truckstop! Welcome to another night with the Drunkards.

@drunkardscall on twitter

@ayemcshane to get ahold of the man

www.inkandaudio.net for more audio goodness


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DC33:The NFL, Barry Sanders, Jon's Sister, and Sherlock Holmes

Length: 1s

This should end August with a bang. We discuss the upcoming NFL season and Jon mentions his sister "knows" Barry Sanders. We also talk about the Guy Richie version of Sherlock Holmes. Come on in and enjoy the Drunkards Call. Thanks so much for listening. Please rate us on iTunes and give us a favorite on Stitcher if that's your thing.



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DC32: The Olympics are Over but The Circus is Still in Town!!

Length: 1s

It's the 3rd act of our Olympic play. We bring you the closing ceremonies and our wrap up up the 30th Olympiad. We think it's 30th anyways. McShane and Dawn are here with you as well as a blast from our past. You might remember him from The bacon lube episode. Mdubb is in the house. Sit back and let your ears enjoy.


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DC31: The Olympics and Being Mars Curious Vs the Douche Baguettes

Length: 1s

We've taken some flak from douche bags dogging nationalism. The funny thing is they don't understand the olympics. Please allow us to explain just what the olympics are and a hellofa lot more. Micah Shaw from the Fancy Gentlemens Club joins us. McShane and Dawn tussel. Beer is drank, we honor our gods and the Olympic mascot looks like a penis with legs.



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DC30: Its The Olympics!! The Opening Ceremonies vs Bob Costas and Michael Phelps

Length: 1s

Here we go kids! It's the first episode of the Olympics. We discuss the opening ceremonies and the first few days of compeittion. Sit back and enjoy.  We sure as hell did.


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The Best of the Worst of the Begining

Length: 1s

It's half man half show tonight. We give you some of our best err worst err however you want to call it moments of the past year. Enjoy. Please rate us in iTunes and favorite us on Stitcher. That thumbs up always makes us happy. Also you can check out www.Drunkardscall.net and www.inkandaudio.net for more shows of fine quality.



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DC29: The Olympics are Coming

Length: 48s

Growing up we had a fascination with the Olympics. Anything was posible. One performance could move a nation. Much like our broadcasts do. Ok maybe that's more like a bowel movement but really the olympics were an awesome event. It was patriotism, competition, and excitement. Something that we can't find in pro sports. These were young adults excercising their rights to dream. Join us as we start our coverage of the London games of 2012


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DC28: 100lb Ball Sack and a Safe House

Length: 1s

McShane and Dawn come back to you with a new entry into the Drunkards Call Broadcast annals. This week the gents decided to take on David Cameron forgetting his kid at teh pub and Wesely Warrens gigantic scrotum. This weeks movie review dealt with the latest Denzel movie 'Safe House'. Awesome movie. The guys liked it. Warning though this is filled with spoilers. Come on in have a beer listen to the Drunkards tell their latest story.

Please favorite us on Stitcher and give us a thumbs up. Drops us a rating as well on iTunes if we strike your fancy.


Drunkards Call Broadcast


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DC27:George Lucas and the Butt Chuggers

Length: 1s

This was our Sci-Fi show. We talked about face eating zombies in Florida and some pretty cool movies. Wish you had a light saber? So do we. Donny from Growler Radio and the Fancy Gentlemens club Podcasts is here, so please enjoy. If you'd like to follow us please do so and subscibe to iTunes or favorite us on Stitcher Radio.

@ayemcshane on Twittter




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DC26: Summer Time

Length: 1s

It's the Drunkard's Call Summer Show. McShane and Dawn welcome summer time with a little reminiscing. A little Science and A GREAT DEAL OF BEER! The boys went to the Canned Beer fesitival in Scottsdale AZ on May 19th. They had a grand time. Reel Big Fish was there, our boys were drunk and entertained. Listen to the break down and enjoy alot of talk new awesome breweries. 

Please rate us on itunes and check us out on stitcher. Make us your favorite!


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DC25: Being Professional and Gay VS Breastfeeding Moms and Jack Nicholson

Length: 1s

Season 2 kicks off with a bang! We're so professional now. Just you wait. We're gonna impress ya!










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Special Live Broadcast DC24: Beer, and Kink, and Midgets Oh My!

Length: 2s

Explicit waters ahead beware! Six beers went in and only one came out alive. You'll have to listen to find out which one was victorious but know that the night was raunchy. Five friends came together in a testosterone charged fest of opinion laiden drunkin rants. We covered the importance of using teeth, the definiation of Metta World Peace, and how Kink is good and sensorship is bad. Also, midgets are cool, but there is no hope for Justin Beiber. 



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DC23: Zombie Guns Vs Live Nude Maids

Length: 2s

That's right kids. McShane built a zombie gun before the Russians did. He fixes Dawns neighbor issue then the guys debate naked maids in Texas, Ozzie Guillen's love for Castro and the Taurus Judge hand gun. That's right it's sex, beer, communism and guns on the next episode of the Drunkards Call

www.drunkardscall.com for Show notes



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DC 22: The Girl with the Whoopi Goldberg Tattoo

Length: 2s

Helluva night folks. We had a jam packed show and an awesome guest. Donny from Beer Frontier Podcast was with us bringing a great deal of beer knowledge. Dawn explained how he took on  a nasty cold with whiskey. McShane pussied out drinking some excellent beers but they were rather low in the ABV category. Come in sit down and enjoy the latest from the Drunkard's Call.

Thanks for listneing. Please rate us on iTunes and Favorite us on Stictcher. 




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DC21: Molsen Eholes Vs St. Patrick - Who's Worse?

Length: 1s

Hey gang, Made a large blunder in the first release so here is the show again! Thanks for your patience. I am alittle retarded. www.drunkcardscall.com


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DC20: Pearl Jam is 20 and the Arizona Debates are Bitchin!

Length: 1s

We inadvertantly took February off. We're back with more music and the same grotesque amount of profanity!!!


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A Conversation about God, RIck Santorum, Transvestites, and Celebrities

Length: 2s

FIrst, we have a phone number for you to call with quesion, comments, and stuff you'd like to see us torch. (480)714-2229  and if you use it be warned it will probably be on the show.
Second, Doctore and Dawn were both on set with me this week. As you can imagine this show got graphic.

Have fun!



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DC18: The New Prohibition - A Battle over Censorship

Length: 37s

The new prohibition is what we're talking about. Internet censorship rubbed in your face by the American government. Short show McShane, Dawn, Doctore, and Mdubb attending. Mdubb brought a special guest for us as well. His gas powered vibrator. 


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DC17: The Drunkards Year in Review - Bibi Jones ass vs Real news - Yeah We Chose Bibi too

Length: 2s

This starts the New Year with a bang. McShane get's pretty drunk. Dawn swears China will beat us by 2050. Doctore joins the boys to break down life and encourage debauchery. Yes it's a threesome and not one that you want to tell anyone about. 


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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Obama ok's beastiality, Linsay Lohan looks Like a Crack Whore, and Dawn Teaches Us About the Vogal Germans!

Length: 1s

Its our Holiday show. Pants are optional.


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DC15: Great Rants - Christian Bale, William Shatner, Bobby Knight, and more

Length: 40s

McShane is on his own this week but you still get some fun. Listen in on some expert rants from some people that you wouldn't think of. Some others that are just plain scary. Thanks for listening. Check us out on iTunes and Stitcher. Also please rate us and let us know what you like. @ayemcshane on twitter email mcshane@thespartansink.net. 



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DC14: Sunny Smut and Bacon Lube vs. You can't text Vagina...or the word idiot...or cumbubble

Length: 2s

As you can tell by the title this is a raunchy one. With good reason though. We have a problem people who say porn is bad. Just a fact. We were enlightened on personal lubrication flavored with bacon. Then we got into Pakistans problem with what people text. They are banning 1,695 words. We cap the night by a softerside of the Drunkards. We wanted to try and relate to our ladies out there. A special thanks to our guest tonight, MDubb. He brought a sick disjointed elemenet of fun and we look forward to his return soon. 

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh yeah, the beer was excellent as well. Really Bacon Ale? Thanks Rogue!



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I love you, Sincerely Steve McShane

Length: 2s

A quick message explaning that it's not you. it's us. We'll be delivering DC14 this weekend. We fucked up the first attempt and we're starting over. Quality folks. We really do care. Write us if you'd like to see a topic mentioned. mcshane@thespartansink.net or look me up on twitter @ayemcshane. Stay classy, talk to you soon. 


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DC13: Michael Moore - The 50 Million Dollar Douche

Length: 1s

McShane owns up to going to a Lilith Fair concert for pussy. Dawn was pissed off by Comedy Central. Michael Moore pulls epic douchery. Barack Obama and his ties to ACORN. Ohhhh what a two weeks it has been.


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DC12: Occupy Ellen

Length: 1s

What does a slow news week and surly pesimissim get you? That's right, a new addition of the Drunkards Call. This week we delve into our own experience at Occupy Phoenix. McShane hosts a new game show called Ass or Mouth. The boys also play Robot, Retard, or Respectable. Don't worry there was a fair amount of assholery to discuss so we do slam the media a bit too.  It was a night of bad vodka and lesbians we'd have sex with and some we'd rather kill ourselves than nail. Do embark on the newest journey. I hope you are either high or drunk yourself though. You will need it.



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DC11: Steve Jobs is Gone but We Still Have SkyNet!

Length: 2s

DC11 was a good time. The beers were 50/50 but the conversation was alot of fun. We talk about Steve JObs and what an awesome visionary he was. We're not mac geeks, we're just guys that appreciate a visionary bas ass. Next is Syria and an interesting set of events that is leading to a brawl with Turkey. Then we get into Occupy Wallstreet and how no one gives a a damn. Which sucks, because we do give a damn and others damn well better. Finally we get into the attack of the drones!!!That's right, no one is safe, they all have computer virusus and you're gonna be a target. So bend over and grab em. Much fun, please download and don't forget to rate us and gives us feedback please.

Thanks for listening!

Steve McShane


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DC10:Perilous Objects Vs. Squid Shooting Rocket Sperm

Length: 2s

McShane and Dawn return for Show 10. The world has been nice enough to give us tons of ammo. This was a night of truly perilous objects.  We kick off the show with one of the most important theories in physics being turned upside down. McShane dropped a bomb on Dawn by bringing up Obama's revamp of No Child Left Behind. Then there was this execution that might have been an severe error.  Lastly Squid and their love for Bukake.

Comments try us at feedback@drunkardscall.net.

On twitter @AyeMcshane

Or look up Steve McShane on Google + Be the first to follow there.

Einstein might be wrong


God particle

Obama No Child Left Behind


Davis execution


about the original trial


Bi-sexual squid








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Drunkards Call Special Engagement - Ten Years after September 11th

Length: 2s

We decided very quickly on Friday morning, we should put a show out for September 11th. We didn't put much planing into it and it actually came out pretty nice. Skype was a bitch again and some of the audio quality lacked. So we hope you are able to bare with us. Our subject matter starts with where we were when the tragety happened. Then we get into what came next and how messed up the world has been. Home land security is dsicussed, our incursions into other countries. We also get in deep with conspiracy theory's about the day. There were plenty of them and we got plenty deep. We hope you enjoy the show. Know that we find no levity in that tragic day. However as we are, we found plenty of other things to rag and rip on. 

Music credits

Goldfinger - Answers

ReelBigFish - Cheer Up

Weird Al Yankovic  - Party in the CIA


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Dc9: McShane vs The Tar Babies

Length: 1s

Dc9 McShane vs The Tar Babies


It doesn’t happen often but McShane was trashed. By the end of the show, his speech was retarded more than normal. He decides to eat corn chips while chatting, and asks Dawn if he’d ever use a...Well listen to the show and find out what he asked him. Also Tar Babies were in the bottom of his glass. Evidently, that was funny. 

The boys took on the Bart Protests in San Francisco and Anderson Cooper being a dick head. Nothing like Potty jokes in prime time.

BART Protest


Anderson Cooper Being a dickhead


The Beers



Coastal Fog


Sierra Nevada & Dogfish HEad




Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap your neck

1st Drop

Immortal Technique - Freedom of Speech

2nd Drop

NoFx - Kill all the WhiteMan

Comments please email feedback@drunkardscall.net

Thanks for playing


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Drunkcards Call Conversation 7 Pt2: Why in the Hell Does God Need an Approval rating?

Length: 2s

Drunkards Call Conversation 7 Part 2

      Well here you go. This is bonus material from Conversation 7.  There was so much to talk about we decided it had to be two shows. Part two contains stupid media. Frist we have a clip discussing gods approval rating. Next we  Bill Nye dumbing it down for a Fox News Anchor,and of course more beer. Come on in, sit down and stay a while.

Dawn down 


Don't try to run this on your iPad or iPhone. It's flash and it won't work. Pretty stupid way to run your site now adays


Gods Approval Rating


Bill Nye dumbs it down for FOX NEWS


End Music

NOFX - The Idiots are Coming


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DC8: McShane Goes Solo- So Much for the Freedom To Assemble

Length: 14s

            McShane couldn't sleep. He's seeing very clearly that our freedom to assemble is being trashed by governments. What sparked this episode were the riots in England and then the BART shutting down cell coverage in four major transit locations in San Francisco. Not much to say. McShane is bothered by it. Check out the links. Think about what happens the next time you decide to protest a law. Ponder the next time you go to just a meeting, maybe a council meeting. Technology has now given big brother the ability to stop you from speaking out.  It’s safe to say that the drafters of the constitution would be irate over this. 

Freedom to Assemble Wikipedia

NY TIMES Article on BART shutting down cell towers

English Prime Minister Pushing for Ineternet shutdown

Thomas Jefferson Quotes


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Drunkards Call Conversation 7 Part One: James Harrison's a Vagina

Length: 1s

Show notes for August 1st 2011

First important note is that Dawn was in rare form. Ear muff your children because he was feeling it.. He's drinking Theobroma and really likes it. 

Secondly you'll notice this is part one of our two part conversation. As usual, the drunkards of The Drunkard's Call ran deep. Part one attempts to contain our glee over the NFL starting back up. The boys talk about free agency and discuss what the hell some teams are thinking. Also why Carson Palmer is a hero in our eyes. We had to bring up James Harrison's apology to Roger Goodell. We love James. He's an animal. We have the upmost respect for him. However, we have to call it as we see it. James, you are in the Vagina Box for 2 minutes.

Doctore slipped away for an “encounter” for a couple of hours as well. He brought up the "Real Doll" which blew my mind. I knew they were out there but had no idea how hot they...Ahem..Anyways. Part One is here. So please enjoy.... 

Beers for Part One


Clown Shoes

Brown Angel



DogFish Head




ESPN Trade Tracker


RealDoll Discussion


Biography by the BBC here's part 1 and Part 2 of it. The rest you can get on youtube...

G4 Inside the Real Doll manfacturing plant


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DC6: An English Robot and Panda Whores

Length: 1s


It was a strange night. Two beers sucked. Two other Beers were rather good. One beer was ehhhh. The main thing is that they were all drank. We had a good chat, and uncovered the Robot Milibrand, how shitty the TSA is, and that Male Panda's are as much a slut as any human male. I blame the female Panda. 

Hope you Enjoy,




Old Wold Brewery- Blonde Nitro


Nimbus- Oatmeal Stout


Stone-  Belgo Anize Imperial Russian Stout


WF Dawn

Nectar Ales - Hemp Ale


New Belgium - Lips of Faith - Super Cru



Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belize

Belkin - Beer of Belize



China Loves the US for Leaving Space


Comcast Hates Gamers


Pandas - They get around


TSA passanger happy line


Last space shuttle launch


Robot Ed millibrand audio


-Great bads I suggest highly. Check em out on Itunes. Good fun. Nothing robotic about em. 

Helmet - 'Unsung'

Warsaw - 'Club Sex'

Volbeat 'Sad Mans Tongue'

Bracket - 'Sour'

The End


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Dunkards Call EP 5: The Doctore Files

Length: 1s

This show finds us in the wilds of Doctore’s living room.The man is so amazing he takes on Drunkards call without a mic, only projecting his thoughts into our conversation. He takes us on a wild ride tackling the infamous IPA style beer.  It was time for McShane to put up or shut up regarding his distaste for the IPA. He put up. Just not out, for a change. Other topics debated were Liberty and stoopid legislation oozed it’s way in to the talk. Deep questions were answered. Such as why the United States is becoming pussified. How does one pick up strippers? All of this for free. You can’t beat it with a stick. If you don’t hear a pipe and drums playing well you aren’t American. Enjoy and don’t be a vagina.

McShane Beers

Ska’s Decadent IPA


Bear Republic Racer 5


Doctore’s Beers

Stone Cali-Belgique IPA


Wood Aged Double IPA


Important Links

Hungry Monk


Ron Paul - Ron Paul on the Today Show: I'm not a Fringe Candidate - 6/20/2011

Life Vest Law


Jack Churchhill


Bravo Pick up Master




Music Credits

It’s about the Rebels -

     As with any of the bumper music we play, it’s for you to be enlightened and you can always follow up on it with a run to iTunes.

    I know this week, I was highly enlightened. I hadn’t paid much attention to Hank III other than knowing he’s not proper country. I just hadn’t had the time or desire to listen. Well I was wrong. This guy is a bad ass. He’s not country. He’s HellBilly. Like his grandpappy before him, he’s spares no one by bucking the system and doing his own thing. If this was country, I’d listen to it a lot. Rebel, that’s good stuff.

    The Real McKenzies had to make an appearance tonight as well.If you can listen to their music with out running around with Claymores and kilts you’re dead inside. I had the pleasure of doing whiskey shots with them before a show once. I had no idea that I was drinking with them until it was too late. They were on stage, I was in awe. 


Hank III


Half Time

Real McKenzies

Scottish & Proud


Hank III

Country Heros

Follow us at:


Steve McShane on Twitter




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Drunkards Call Ep.4: Father's Day Means Not Being a Pussy

Length: 1s

     Good seeing you again! This week McShane and Dawn welcome you back with four new beers.  McShane took on Le Merle Saison and Traquair 2020, a Scottish ale. If only he had a Kilt and Claymore to run around with after drinking that brew. His co-conspirator Dawn handled Killer Penguin by Boulder Beer. His insight on Killer Penguin was not only unique but depthy with a hint of WTF am I drinking. Also he  enjoyed Ska’s Pinstripe.    Conversation      The first part of the show was all about the musicians Beck and the man in black, Johnny Cash. Also the boys paid tribute to Dads everywhere as well as discussed what it is to be a man.      Part deux found the lads rather liquored up. As you can imagine the conversation stretched into the unknown.   Lebron James was eviceratated by Dawn (figuratively). McShane debated the multitudes of pleasure one can gain from drinking Le Merle Saison.  Also Dawn solves the NFL lockout. Roger Goodall, we have one word for you…FLUFFERS!      Do enjoy, and take a shower when done.   Beers Drank LeMerele Saison http://www.northcoastbrewing.com/beer-LeMerle.htm Traquair 2020 http://www.traquair.co.uk/content/traquair-house-brewery Killer Penguin http://www.boulderbeer.com/ Ska Pinstripe http://www.skabrewing.com/main.html "The beers are actors in our play of sickness"  ~Waiting for Dawn Music Credits • Intro contained a little bit of Beck’s “Time bomb” which was released as a single in 2007 • During the Beck conversation we listened in on his very popular song “Loser” off of the album Mellow Gold. This was released in 1994. Seriously, 1994! • Johnny Cash was heard during the conversation about being a man. The snippet was “Ring of Fire” retrieved from album the Essential Johnny Cash. Numerous albums to find it though.  The important thing is that you download it and listen. Americana and the basis for any self-respecting man to build his sensibilities around.  • Half time show contained a Mash up of Fugazi’s “waiting room” and Buck O’Nine's “Irish Drinking Song”.  • As always we use music to flavor our conversation and awaken your senses to something finer.   …


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Drunkards Call Ep. 3: Beer, Shaq, and Chaos Theory

Length: 1s

It was a rather wild ride trying to get this episode completed. Big time technical difficulties on our first attempt led to a second attempt the following night. There were still some hiccups in the completed version but, we plowed through the wreckage to publish a nice cast.  Shout outs to our new markets in Texas and Zurich. That's right Zurich. Conversation ranged from Shaq'a retirement, to Chaos Theory. Of course we also answer the important questions like, which beer is for drinking after sex, after shitting, and which one you'd drink before diving into a fight. This is the important stuff. Long cast but a very fun time. Enjoy!




Rogue Chipotle Ale


 Deschutes Hop in the Dark




Rogue Hazelnut Nectar


Left Coast Voodoo American Stout



Newsy Shit


Silly kids Kidney’s are not for buying iPads with


 Cyber attacks 


 Is it really hacking?


 Cupcake hack by MI6


 Shaq-Tastic retires


Bunkerbuster.mp3 Curtesy http://soundbible.com/1847-Bunker-Buster-Missile.html  License: Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mike Koenig


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Drunkards Call Episode 2: Godzilla Vs. Mothra

Length: 1s

The Spartans Ink Presentes: Drunkards Call Episode 2

Hosted by McShane and Dawn

New beers, Kirk Cameron vs Stephen Hawking, and the real reason why Godzilla hates Mothra. 

RSS: http://drunkardscall.libsyn.com/rss


McShane tasted

Pepe Nero


DAWN toiled with:


Music credits go out to the Drop Kick Murphy's Check em out on Itunes!


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DC 1: Beer Versus Seal Team Six

Length: 2s

thespartansink.net Presents

May 6th 2011 Show Notes for Beer Versus Seal Team Six

Beers consumed

Rogue Mocha Porter


Port Brewing- Old Viscosity


Rogue Morimoto Soba


Samuel Smith - Organic Cherry


Rockart Brewary - The Riddler


Audio Content




 Segment Bumper Music 

Six Hung Sprung

Location: Arkansas-Western
Signed up: 24 Apr 2006 10:18 PM
Members: Cullen - Bass ; Jake - Guitar, Lead Vox ; Scott - Trombone, BG Vox ; Michael - Drums ; Shane - Trumpet, BG Vox
Genre: Ska
Influences: Less Than Jake, Led Zeppelin, NOFX, Green Day, Reel Big Fish, The Offspring, The Vandals, Sum 41, Reliant K, The OC Supertones, etc.
Website: http://www.sixhungsprung.com

Drinkin Buddies

 Bar Talk Healing

Your Big Mistake 


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The Drunkards Call

The show is all about beer and good times. Well Movies and good times. Ok some sports and good times. Politics and well other annoyances too. Whatever it is you want this show probably has a great deal of it. McShane and Fitz hit you right between the eyes with whatever is on their mind. Headlines you bet. Cool stuff absolutely as well as some excellent music you should check out. Cheers!

The Drunkards Call

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