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Last update: 2015-04-09

The Effect Show - Rikki Tries It Himself

Length: 1s

Wanna hear lame? Listen to Rikki Roxx try to do the entire show by himself. This was a last minute show, and neither Kelly or Nikki were around to take part in the show. Rikkis OCD for continuity got to him and he got out an Episode #7.

There was a 'Beer Of The Week' and Rikki went over some news articles and asked for listener input, as the stories will be rehashed next week when the full crew is in house. Also, Rikki went national with 6 songs from 6 different states. Tune in for the trainwreck.


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The Effect Show - Batting .500 Aint Too Bad

Length: 2s

After a couple week hiatus, Kelly Tucker returns for his 3rd appearance on the show. Yep, thats right, hes batting .500 and has been on half of the shows for The Effect.

The crew wastes no time getting back into the swing of things with some very fun and exciting topics. This is definitely one to download if you are first starting out with us. 'Nikkis News' is more of an opinion segment, 'Beer Of The Week' is lacking, again, and 'Famous F&#*ables' goes on for yet another week.


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The Effect Show - Special Guest

Length: 2s

This week, rather than run with Rikki and Nikki as the only hosts, as Kelly Tucker is AGAIN absent from the show, they bring in long time friend and band wife Star May (her husband Andrew May is from the local Detroit band Six Months Gone).

This show had A LOT of content that had to be cut from the show to allow for certain time constraints, but what was left was hilarious as the ladies ripped on Rikki quite a bit. Also, a lengthy discussion on what it is like to be on 'the other side of the stage.'


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The Effect Show - The Poop Chronicles

Length: 2s

This week its all about the poop, and then it get serious. This week its just Rikki and Nikki holding down the fort, and the first big topic is Nikkis rocket powered poops. But thats just the beginning.

They tackle 'Beer Of The Week' 'Nikkis News' 'Famous F*#&ables' plus a whole bunch more. There is comedy, there is serious discussion. This is definitely a keeper.


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The Effect Show - Threes Company

Length: 2s

The full case is finally back in full swing, as Rikki, Kelly and Nikki are all back at the table. A late start meant Rikki and Kelly had a few beers prior to laying down the show.

In this episode we will give you an update on the Nuclear Hellfrost/Pantera issue, as well as other topics, we also get into 'Nikkis News' 'Beer Of The Week' 'Famous F*#&ables' and more. Definitely an entertaining one.


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The Effect Show - Audio Deuces

Length: 2s

This week Kelly Tucker is not in the house, as he had personal issues to deal with, leaving Rikki and Nikki to fend for themselves for two hours. This week Rikki and Nikki covered the usual segments, and made several big announcements. Listen to the full podcast for all the hilarity!


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The Effect Show - Finally The First

Length: 1s

After a week off to get everything geared up, the trio makes their first appearance in the official 'First Episode' of The Effect.

After the 'Pilot Episode' was done for the most part by Rikki and Kelly, Nikki joins the cast this week and brings back the fan favorite 'Nikkis News.' 'Beer Of The Week' returns, as well as several topics of discussion.


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The Effect Show - Pilot Episode

Length: 59s

This is the 'PILOT EPISODE' of The Effect Show. Getting our feet wet for an abbreviated one hour introduction show. NIKKI ROXX makes a brief appearance, but the show is handled by KELLY TUCKER and RIKKI ROXX.

The only segments to make their appearance are the classic stalwarts of 'Beer Of The Week' and 'Weekend Calendar.'


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The Effect Show

The Effect Show is a weekly podcast showcasing rock music, beer, babes, and anything the three cohosts think will make for entertaining, raw, and edgy entertainment.

The Effect Show

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