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Last update: 2006-12-09

EDM 140: Tessera

2006-12-09 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 15s

Poems about the end of summer, the wisdom of childhood, and horsing around in Heaven. Plus part 6 in the Writer's Block saga. …


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EDM 139: Signals

2006-10-13 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 16s

Our author discusses the process of creating each podcast, with poems on his home town, love, old photos, and going to Hell. …


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EDM 138: Change of State

2006-10-07 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 17s

This week's poems start right off with more snails, then meander through world affairs, ghosts, music and more. Also, Part 5 in the series on writer's block.…


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EDM 137: Myth

2006-09-28 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 16s

Another full week, with poems exploring cultural myths on art, childhood, self-image, aliens, and of course, poetry and the muse. Also, Part 4 in the series on writer's block.…


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EDM 136: Hesitation

2006-09-20 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 14s

Despite some doubts, our author pulls through with another full week of poetry. Topics include nostalgia, ice-cream, asthma, and more.…


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EDM 135: Return

2006-09-14 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 13s

Harry returns after eight weeks dark. A summary of what's happened, and seven new poems.…


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EDM 126: Halfway

2006-07-17 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 23s

We reach the half-way point in this project, with poems about writing, childhood, history, and art. Plus Part 3 in the discussion of writer's block: Inertia.…


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EDM 125: Bounce

2006-07-05 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 16s

Poems reminiscing on travel and childhood toys. Also, an anti-writing poem, a serious miss, and Part 2 in a discussion of writer's block.…


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EDM 124: Down

2006-06-28 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 15s

Poetry about poker, statues, and late night city sights. Plus, Part 1 in a discussion of writer's block.…


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EDM 123: Slight

2006-06-12 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 16s

Introspection and philosophy dominate this week, despite the onset of odd allergies. Plus, Vital Artstic Lesson, Part 5, on writing in the air.…


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EDM 122: Traction

2006-06-06 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 15s

This week, our author examines a stray dog, virtual magnets, and his to do list.…


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EDM 121: Windows

2006-05-29 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 18s

This week's poems roar in response to a poetic radio show, the writing process, and city life.…


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EDM 120: Home

2006-05-23 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 16s

Coming back strong after the move with a fair number of the poems inspired by the feeling of home. Also a discussion on writing the first and last lines of a poem.…


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EDM 119: Life

2006-05-15 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 16s

Despite one big miss, our poet writes of moving, aging, and going the distance. Plus, one of his very earliest poems from 1976.…


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EDM 118: All Ten Toes

2006-05-08 :: Harry Lafnear
Length: 20s

Our poet tests his own writing exercises, but moving boxes keep getting in the way. Plus, our first guest poem.…


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The Everyday Muse

Follow the ongoing experiment as one author confronts his muse, writing one poem a day for a full year. Each week, we will present the resulting poetry, along with his thoughts on the harnessing or fracture of his creative mind.

The Everyday Muse

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