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Last update: 2011-10-12


2011-10-12 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

NITRATE is the first release of The Hollywood Saloon's new in-depth series discussing the major film releases of the past 50 years. NITRATE, itself, is an explosive collection consisting of 21.5 hours of exclusive content across 11 individual shows. NITRATE is exclusive to The Hollywood Saloon website and will not be available on iTunes. Visit www.hollywoodsaloon.com for more details. …


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Saloon Shots 23 - Who the Hell is TinTin ?

2011-10-08 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

From a far away land comes a new name in adventure...and it has nothing to do with a dog and everything to do with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Taking pages from the classic series and translating them to the screen with the latest in digital technology, THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN has been designed as a blockbuster from the first frame. But for who? With American audiences in the dark and foreign markets getting the film two months early, the roll out for TinTin is writing a new chapter in Hollywood's pursuit of foreign coin. Join Andy and John as they track the latest trend in movie making and search for the secret of domestic bliss. …


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Super Summer 2011 vol.1 - THOR

2011-08-19 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

He was brave, loyal and reckless - the future king, but the fate of the gods held a different path for Thor Odinson. Seeking great glory and deep pockets Marvel Studios calls on the Mighty Thor as it's next multi-million dollar big screen hero taping British Shakespearean Veteran Kenneth Branagh to guide the thunder to audiences around the globe. Leading off the Super Summer 2011 - 5 Volume episode, John and Andy reach deep in to Odin's vault seeking to wield another artifact to complete the Avengers puzzle. …


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Saloon Shots 22 - Dark Gripe Rising

2011-01-28 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

Gotham City. Same bat time. Same bat gripe. With each new breaking story from the next chapter in the Dark Knight Saga comes a wave of critical disposition to rival Batman's greatest gallery of villains. The cloud of creation and confusion create a thunderstorm of opinions that now take root in the vast empty spaces of the internet opinion blog-o-sphere. Going where they have gone before, Andy and John return to the Gotham streets and examine the fears, frustrations and fantasies of Bruce Wayne's greatest opponents...his fans. …


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Never Happened

2010-12-24 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 3s

More than once upon a time in Hollywood, the passion of making a movie and the realities of production have failed to come in sync, leaving behind only the dreams and whispers of a film that Never Happened. Joining this illustrious club of rejects, John and Andy dig into the vault of old and new movies that failed to make it to the starting line...while also debating the merits of many that did. From a lost Kubrick epic to one more adventure with Snake, Harry, Axel and Max, the Saloon kicks open the attic to sneak a glimpse into the great WHAT IF …


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FACE-OFF : the social network

2010-12-01 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

From deep inside the binary code of inspiration and innovation, Mark Zuckerberg and friends teamed together to expand the idea of social networking on the Internet. A few years and Facebook later, it has over 500 million members and continues to grow. Where did it all begin? Why are there multiple lawsuits? Is Zuckerberg really an asshole? Taking a deep look into the origin story of one the the web's most popular and successful pages, join John and Andy as they hit the "like" button and dive into the details of the latest film from writer Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher. …


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Saloon Shots 21 - Team EDIT

2010-10-20 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

From Hollywood's earliest pioneers of creation and collaboration, the pairing of director and editor has helped to push and expand the language of cinema in ways never before possible. The titans of twin thinking have discovered ways to take the unique art of film editing and create a musical language on par with peers in any other collaborative art. With the tragic death of Quentin Tarantino's editor Sally Menke, the quiet and magical relationship between editor and director becomes the subject of a long night of drinking and discussion for John and Andy. Breaking open a bottle of the Saloon's finest, the rich and inspiring work of these great artists are given a proper toast of gratitude. …


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Saloon Shots 20 - 45 Days Later

2010-10-13 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

The Incredible Shrinking Window of movies from theater to on-demand just got a new kick in the pants from news that a proposed 45 day window for theatrical exhibition will now open the door for a premium on-demand service, new movies costing $24.99. Can a premiere weekend "ultra-premium" service be far behind? And what other forms of financial band-aids does Hollywood have up it's sleeve? Taking a page from previous Saloon Shots, Andy and John expand the discussion to better grasp the ever changing needs of the modern movie multiplex vs. home entertainment viewing. …


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Saloon Shots 19 - GROAN

2010-10-06 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

People were sensing it. The SIGNS were clear. What was once an UNBREAKABLE relationship between director and audience was just not HAPPENING anymore. As the expansion of the M. Night Shyamalan brand moves into the next "presents" phase, an unwelcome cry of groans and anger came from potential buyers. Stepping out of THE VILLAGE, Andy and John jump into the M.Night fire and explore who, if anyone, is still WIDE AWAKE for his new movies. …


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Saloon Shots 18 - Marvel Madness

2010-07-22 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

Never have the words "Continuity is a Bitch" been so profound as Marvel Studios continues its drive toward the creation of THE AVENGERS. After setting up individual films for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk -- the new regime at Marvel have decided to make some 11th hour changes, finding themselves once again, knee deep in a "Hulk Smash" crises. With Edward Norton out and Bruce Banner #3 in the spotlight, Andy and John dive back into the Marvel swamp, wading through the latest obstacles in Comic Book Cinema. …


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Saloon Shots 17 - Megan's Law

2010-05-24 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

With 24/7 news infotainment cycles, just about any and every word from the famous gets recorded and raced around the world within hours of delivery. Today's new breed of celebrity can settle scores through multiple forms of multi-media. But at what cost? When one of Hollywood's oldest codes is broken, all eyes and ears perk into action. Now the Saloon pours another shot, soaking in the statements that spin around the world, making and breaking careers in seconds. …


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Apocalypse Hollywood VI: Expanding the FILMverse

2010-03-01 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

For years, when considering the story and events in a motion picture, audiences were left with only the information provided between the start and finish of a film. Then came the novelization, which created a new market for expanded material based on movies. Radio Dramas, Comics and Sequel Novels would also follow this trend, lending new stories to Blade Runner, Star Wars, Aliens and more. Now a major film property has the luxury of having video games, graphic novels and animated films to help expand and deepen the stories they want to tell. Cracking open this vault of extra material, Andy and John add another chapter to the expanding universe of Apocalypse Hollywood and dive into one of the industry's most exciting and growing trends.…


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Saloon Shots 16 - WannaBe 3d

2010-02-05 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

It came. It saw. It leaped from the screen and conquered. The next level of the 3-D cinema experience sprang into audiences laps and within six weeks, scored a quick two billion dollars. Now the AVATAR effect has jumped into full green light mode -- with new announcements weekly about the latest Hollywood films making the 11th hour 3-D changes to their production. Will this new wave of "wanna be 3-D" satisfy the newly enriched Pandora crowd or could this be the exact type of quick cash-in that drives 3-D back to the benches. With glasses on and eyes wide open, Andy and John take another look at the newest chapter in the 3-D saga. …


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Saloon Shots 15 - The Big Apple

2010-01-29 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

From iPods to iTouch to iPhone, the development team at Apple has continued to meet and greet the challenges of 21st century portable entertainment devices. Now in the year we make contact, the iPad is unveiled to the world, combining portable and personal needs with the latest in future tech. Has Apple entered the next level or is this just another cool toy? Join Apple geeks Andy and John and they unwrap the promise of "something wonderful" …


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Saloon Shots 14 - 28 Days Later

2010-01-21 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

From one year, to six months, to three months, the release window schedule for home video entertainment has always been in an ever changing flux. When DVD sales skyrocketed, the goal of getting movies into the hands of customers faster and sooner became a Hollywood battle cry that reaped millions in profit. Now Warner Bros. has stepped forward to alter that schedule once again, but this time for the Netflix rental market. With a new 28 day hold on all new releases for Warner titles at Netflix, customers will now have to play the waiting game once again or seek out alternative rental or purchasing methods. Is Netflix being left out? Or are new releases only a pawn in a larger Netflix endgame? Fresh off the headlines, Andy and John break open the Netflix/Warner deal and drink up the details, discovering all kinds of incentives inside the bottle. …


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Saloon Shots 13 - Spider-Man 4ever

2010-01-14 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

The spider sense is tingling and the warnings are now clear: Spider-Man 4 is no more. Creating a new web of intrigue, Sam Raimi has left the production of what was to be his final Spider-Man film and in his place a new script and re-boot concept awaits. Will this be the end of Spider-Man? A new beginning? Grab the empty seat at the bar as your friendly-neighborhood gunslingers break open the Daily Bugle and spin into action. …


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Saloon Shots 12 - Rat Branded

2009-10-02 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

Product placement in motion pictures and television is nothing new. It is a full time enterprise, up and running for years, aimed at squeezing every bit of potential branding into and around a product that will be seen by millions. Now the next wave of opportunists have arrived, ready to be seen. Jumping into the fray with his Brett Ratner Brands, the Rush Hour director has taken a creative step into the world of directing brands into movies, using his knowledge and expertise to ensure that Hollywood's characters and products carry a "RatnerBrand" seal of approval. …


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Saloon Shots 11 - Cronenberg FLYS Again

2009-10-01 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

To redux, or not to redux? That is the question facing David Cronenberg as new reports surface about the auteur's interest in re-helming the remake of his remake of THE FLY. After creating and playing in the world of Brundlefly for the big screen and the stage, does Mr. Cronengerg have a new formula to experiment with? …


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Saloon Shots 10 - Disney + Marvel

2009-09-30 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

From Mickey to Magneto, the rich history of characters from Disney and Marvel has populated imaginations for generations. Now for the first time, the Marvel crew are joining the Mouse House to help expand Disney's growing reach into youth culture and beyond. Is this a desperate sale? A quick dip for cash? Or an elaborate move that will give the Marvel heroes the home they need to succeed? …


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Saloon Shots 9 - CGI PORN

2009-07-18 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

From optical, to model to full computer generated image, the magic of visual effects has allowed filmmakers to add new levels of fantasy and realism to storytelling on film. But then the storm of the 1990's arrived pushing this unique speciality into the forefront. Now CGI has become the top billed star in Hollywood. Who needs story when you've got millions of terabytes to feed? The early fun, fascination and wonder has become a full P.T. Barnum experience of cinematic chills and thrills...and little else. Running for cover without an umbrella, Andy and John try to survive in an all digital rainstorm of sound and fury...signifying nothing. …


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Saloon Shots 8 - Again With The Indy?

2009-07-01 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

The crack of Indy's whip returned to screens in 2008, followed by a tidal wave of opinion, frustration and castration. Now the serial wheels are spinning again - emphasis on spin - and talk of a new Indiana Jones adventure has been discussed. Will Steven Spielberg use this opportunity to once again apologize for his last Indy endeavor or has the mold been set for the next generation of the Family Jones to continue in the same stride? John and Andy open a bottle and pour the shots, to once again unravel the past, present and future of Hollywoods favorite archaeologist. …


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Saloon Shots 7 - Released

2009-06-27 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

From the long lead of broadcast to DVD, the window of releasing television programs to home video has slowly gotten shorter, untill now. Welcome to the next level by watching the entire season the day after it finishes airing. With 24 leading the wave, the latest hammer to smash the old model comes down in full force. Will other shows follow the lead or continue down the same old beaten path? Join Andy and John as they once again discover that what was once new may soon become the norm. …


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BOND NEVER DIES - Quantum of Solace

2009-06-20 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

After going up against enormous odds in 20 previous films, James Bond came roaring back with Daniel Craig in CASINO ROYALE, firmly establishing a new Bond for the 21st century and creating a successful reboot for the franchise. Now 007 is taken into newer territory by embarking on a direct sequel to the previous installment, seeking his own QUANTUM OF SOLACE. With a new director on board, Bond is thrown into the shakey-cam-quick-cut chase genre in what has become not only the shortest Bond film to date, but also one of the most debated. Join John and Andy as they get their new assignment for the 22nd Bond adventure in the SAGA OF 007. …


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Saloon Shots 6 - Fake to the MAX

2009-05-26 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

In the modern age of theatrical film screening, the IMAX brand stands head and shoulders above the rest. Combining awesome size and spectacular sound, the IMAX experience has helped make the IMAX brand one of the most unique theatrical experiences ever. However, now IMAX has moved into the multi-plexes with a new screen and projector systems which they are still calling the IMAX experience. Same? Different? Irrelevant? Join in as the Saloon measures the screen and -The Experience- and dives into the conversation. …


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Saloon Shots 5 - Down Rated

2009-05-15 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

We live in a time where Hollywood is so scared of opening night box office reports that they are willing to manipulate a film in order to receive a specific MPAA rating. The rating they desire is, of course, dictated to create the most broad mass appeal avaliable. Why not bring the kids to see a Terminator film, shouldnt it be for everyone? (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13) …


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Saloon Shots 4 - IronHypinitas

2009-05-14 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

The act of over-hyping a good film into something more than it really is. This condition was first reported in the early 21st century when multiple film after film continued to disappoint audiences and then suddenly a good film comes out that doesn't suck. But what would normally end there has a new life...a life of mega-hype and unrealistic expectations that elevate the quality and status of what used to be just a good movie. …


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Saloon Shots 3 - Senequelphobia

2009-05-13 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

In today's cluttered, branded marketplace, the early perception of a film can make or brake an opening weekend. A recent case of announcing a sequel to a film months before it's release has become commonplace. This senequelphobia, or fear of not announcing a sequel before a film opens is sweeping the halls of Hollywood like a virus on a rampage. No branded property is safe as a standalone feature anymore. Without announcing a sequel in advance, the audience might think it's not very good or worthy of a sequel. So senequelphobia settles in and executives everywhere are now spending more and more time plotting exactly when to release the announcement of the sequel, sometimes even before the first trailer or poster is released. …


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Saloon Shots 2 - Archived?

2009-05-12 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

Leave it to Warner Bros. to once again show the industry how it is done. With the opening of Warner Archives and the announcement of new titles to be released each month, a new game changer has charged into town. Moving from 20th Century thinking into the age of the 21st Century, Warner Bros. leads the wave into the future and answers some lingering questions for fans of their movies. Join John and Andy at the empty bar stool and get the full scoop on the future of movie distribution and delivery. …


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Saloon Shots 1 - 3D Hustle

2009-05-11 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

The new age of 3-D is springing from screens all across America, but for Regal Cinemas, a line has been drawn in the sand. As the studios continue to search for new ways to entertain AND cut costs, the idea of passing the buck of 3-D glasses onto the backs of the theater owners is opening an entire new discussion. Should the theaters owners consume even more profit losses while bowing down to threats from the studios? Join John and Andy at the bar stools as they line up the glasses and dive into the conversation. …


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Apocalypse Hollywood V: Fertile Cinema

2009-05-08 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

After another summer of pop and circumstance and a long cold winter of creation, what kind of crops is Hollywood planting for the future? With the proliferation of sequels, remakes, reboots and rip-off's, it seems that corporate branding has replaced any chances of original movies being created in today's assembly line environment. Now returning from the lost wilderness of Tinseltown's past, Andy and John break out the garden tools and go to work digging into Hollywood's latest strategy for self-mutilation. What happens when Hollywood stops planting new franchise seeds for the future? Where do we go when the crops are dead? …


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The Temple of Jones

2008-07-03 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

From the sands of Cairo, to the jungles of Peru, to the mine shafts of India to the sewers of Venice -- one name has footprints in them all Indiana Jones. Starting from his first adventure in 1981, the travels and heroics of Professor Henry Jones Jr. have captured the imaginations of audiences, young and old, all over the world. After a 19 year sabbatical, the famous archaeologist returns in a brand new installment in his long career of archaeological pursuits. Now Andy and John travel back to the serial days of youth, catching up with Indy in the 1950's. It's a whole new world for Dr. Jones and the hosts of the Hollywood Saloon crack the whip and join the action.…


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Early Works

2008-01-15 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 3s

Before 2001, Raging Bull, The Terminator, E.T., JFK, Safe, Star Wars, Back To The Future, Boogie Nights, Pulp Fiction, Do The Right Thing and sex, lies and videotape...they were just young movie watchers with a dream. A passion. A cinematic vision so strong that no force on Earth would be able to stop the creation of their first works as filmmakers. From the black and white student films of 16mm, to home grown Ektachrome Super 8 movies to VHS flicks edited with two VCRs, the early talent and creativity of these filmmakers was in full force years before they directed their first feature films. Now John and Andy go back to film school and reach deep into the celluloid closet to unearth these Early Works and learn how these youthful building blocks of discovery would later produce some of the most important motion pictures and filmmakers of the late 20th century.…


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HALLOWEEN - The Shape of Fear

2007-11-11 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

It was 1978. Leaves were falling, children were laughing and Michael Myers escapes from a sanitarium fifteen years after killing his sister on Halloween. A little town called Haddonfield was in for a big shock the night HE came home. Thirty years and nine films later, the legacy and legend of Michael Myers, The Shape and Halloween are now inseparable. Before Jason, before Freddy, before Pinhead and before remakes, John Carpenter and Debra Hill set out to make a low-budget thriller about babysitters in danger. The resulting film would go on to haunt audiences all over the world and forever change the meaning and menace of Halloween. Now, Andy and John walk the bloody streets of Haddonfield to backtrack the phenomenon of the Halloween films and the continuing influence over horror filmmaking today. …


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art of commentary.

2007-10-15 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

It came from the belly of the beast known as Laser Disc. The little analog wonder known as the 2nd audio track suddenly opened up new possibilities for providing unprecedented content for and about a film. Now directors, writers, actors and film historians are given the chance to set the record straight or unlock a few technical secrets as they talk over the images of their film. Now you too can have a film class lecture on a disc, to be studied and analyzed again and again. Join Andy and John as they switch over to an alternate audio track and explore the wild untamed world of directors commentary tracks and all the children it has spawned. Can a Saloon Commentary Series be far behind? Tune in, sync up and discover the gold in the hills. …


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APOCALYPSE HoLLyWooD IV - The Summer Pass

2007-09-28 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

From the depths of JAWS to the outer reaches of STAR WARS, the summer blockbuster has spawned and grown for over thirty years, reaching record breaking numbers in 2007. While audiences flock to the latest in CGI-escapefest, critics are faced with the daunting task of putting films, movies and other summer spectacles into perspective. Now the Hollywood Saloon investigates the SUMMER PASS and takes the May - August plunge of dumb summer fun. Have movies gotten better, worse or remained about the same since the summer of Grease and Jaws 2? Join John and Andy as they swim the multiplexes of summer sequels to discover the new meaning of a summer movie. …


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BOND NEVER DIES - The Saga of 007 pt.3

2007-08-13 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Four Bonds down, two to go. From the rebirthof Goldeneye to the reboot of Casino Royale, Bond steps into the 90s and beyond. After a long six year absence, 007 is back in action with Pierce Brosnan filling out the tux and giving the Aston Martin a proper spin. In four larger-than-life missions, Brosnan carries the 007 torch through the post Cold War,and helps to keep the character alive and vital. After a four mission imposed retirement, Brosnan is replaced by the boldest Bond move of them all -- a reboot back to the beginning with the very first Bond story of them all -- and a new James Bond to play the hand. In Part III of the BOND NEVER DIES Spectacular, Andy and John join the ranks of 007 fans everywhere and sign on for the initiation of Daniel Craig and the rebirth of James Bond for the 21st century…


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STYLE - Film Grammar at the Movies

2007-06-03 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

In the beginning there was only a single shot and take. Then came the first cut, followed by the close-up, the dissolve, the dolly, the crane, split-screens, rapid-editing and expressionistic camera angles. In a word, style was created. Jump forward 100 years and the remains of these attention grabbing devices are used more than ever in commercials, music videos and feature films. From Griffith to Scorsese -- John and Andy chart the cinematic path of infusing a signature motif into motion pictures.…


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FuRy ROAD - Car Chases @ The Movies

2007-04-06 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

From McQueen to Friedkin to The Blues Brothers to Bourne, the set-piece known as the car chase has been a Hollywood staple for over 40 years. Drop into gear and put the pedal to the metal as Andy and John buckle up and go for an extended ride through the greatest car chases of all time -- or so some say. The Saloon races the streets of San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami, L.A., Rome and even the apocalypse to uncover the finest examples of high speed octane action ever captured on film.…


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2007-03-09 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

In the beginning there was VHS and it was good. Followed by LaserDisc, that was even better.. Then the sell-through market came marching home and movie collecting was never the same. Jump ahead to DVD which proved to be the biggest and best format yet. But the battle for video supremacy is not over yet, as HD DVD begins knocking on the door of the consumer. But in a replay of the early 80s video wars, HD is entering the ring swinging with both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. Two systems. One format. Who will survive? Who will care? Join Andy and John as they dive deep into the video format madness and provide some answers for the next wave of video collecting.…




2007-01-25 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

The idea of an alternate cut of a film is nothing new. But for some fans and films, this is not enough. Enter the newest phenomenon of Fan Edits, where a fan of the film gets busy with scissors (or a mouse) and assembles the ultimate version of their favorite film. Using passion as payment and You-Tube as distribution, these outlaw editors are combing through deleted scenes and proving that the best version of your favorite movie can now be your own. Now John and Andy jump into the fire and examine these new step children of cinema, discovering new fates for Superman, Star Wars, Spinal Tap and more. …



BOND NEVER DIES - The Saga 0f 007 pt.2

2007-01-11 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

A good spy never retires, he is only reborn. Moore, Roger Moore takes the helm of the most famous franchise in movie history, bringing with him a new style and attitude to James Bond 007. From Live and Let Die through A View To A Kill, Moore would take on the tuxedo for more missions than any 007 to date -- even going where no Bond has gone before, into outer space. With the new Bond came a new size and growth to the 007 legend, ushering in a new generation of fans and continuing to thrill and amaze audiences with the most outlandish and record-breaking stunts ever captured on film. In Part II of the BOND NEVER DIES Spectacular, Andy and John trace the steps of Roger Moore in all seven of his 007 missions and follow the trail of Timothy Dalton as he steps into the most famous tux ever worn. James Bond would survive the 80s...and beyond.…


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BOND NEVER DIES - The Saga 0f 007 pt.1

2006-12-03 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

From Dr. No to Diamonds are Forever, the first seven James Bond adventures helped usher in a whole new brand of action-adventure entertainment. At the center of it all is Bond, James Bond -- perfectly personified and established by Sean Connery. In his first five assignments, Bond would face some of his most memorable villians and henchmen, even finding the time to fall in love and get married -- helping to establish the Bond formula that would continue to brew for over 40 years. In Part I of the BOND NEVER DIES spectacular, Andy and John reach back into the origins of Ian Flemming's most famous spy and blast through the first seven of her majesty's secret service missions.…


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2006-11-15 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

From Nickelodeons to the Mini-Series, the cinematic form of storytelling has been exploited in almost every imaginable running time length. From the epics and serials of the past to the new formats of the present, the future of the film canvas just got a shot of nitro from todays explosive DVD and Television market. With the expansion of cable television and home theaters, audiences around the world have made it clear they are ready for the long stretch when it comes to programming. This SHIFT has raised the creative stakes in todays film and television market, blurring the lines of novel, movie and tv show into a whole new canvas of limitless posibilities. Hop on board with Andy and John as they ride the Shift Express and examine how this new watermark in cinema storytelling will forever change the way we think about what used to be called the movies.…


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Star Wars @ HOME

2006-09-14 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

A long time ago, in a VCR far far away, the home video revolution got a galactic boost when STAR WARS finally came home for repeat viewings. For the first time, fans could play, rewind, fast-forward and freeze-frame their favorite moments from the groundbreaking film. Now celebrating its 29th Anniversary, the STAR WARS HOME VIDEO SAGA adds a new chapter with the release of the original theatrical trilogy for the first time on DVD. Looking back at the Wampa trail of releases, Andy and John jump into hyperspace and celebrate the various issues, re-issues and reduxs of every STAR WARS home video release. From VHS and Beta, to Laser Disc and DVD, the saga is given the ultimate Senate discussion, with many alterations by the Jedi and Dark Forces examined. Listen now, before a new release on video adds another chapter to this ongoing battle.…


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LITTLE FAT GIRL - The Future of Cinema

2006-09-07 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

From Super-8 16mm film, to VHS and Mini-DV video to HD, in the last 30 years the tools of amateur filmmaking have grown up to introduce a new generation of future filmmakers. Instead of scissors and splice tape, todays film professional now edits on a computer with Avid or Final Cut Pro -- and they are no longer alone. The Digital Revolution is here and the future of cinema is the Little Fat Girl in us all. Looking into the future, John and Andy trace the development of filmmaking tools and explore how the new saviors of cinema will not be lining up at the gates of Hollywood looking for work, but instead creating a new type of film that will have the industry redefining and reinventing itself once again.…


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DC vs MARVEL - Battle II

2006-08-04 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

From Kryptonite, to batwings to golden lassos -- Detective Comics aka DC Comics has lead the way in mystery-suspense and action -adventure stories -- both on and off the comic book page. From radio and television serials, animated films, Saturday morning specials to the IMAX silver screen -- DC has continued to be a driving force in the imaginations of children and adults over the word. Now in Part II of the ongoing Marvel vs. DC battle, join John and Andy as they break down the DC wall and dive into the Justice League of America and serve up some super info on your favorite super friends. Will DC prevail in the battle for movie supremacy? To find out more, tune in now, same bat time, same bat channel.…


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2006-06-28 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

How many cuts does it take to finish a film? Or is it ever really finished? In todays explosive world of DVD -- there is now room available for multiple versions of the same film. The Directors Cut is no longer a privilege, its a marketing term. Directors of the past and present are now going back to re-edit, touch-up, re-mix, redux and re-alter their original films for future presentations. So which version is final? Is the Final Cut really final? Join John and Andy as they dig into the process of Special Editions and provide a final word on the final cut.…



DC vs MARVEL - Battle I

2006-06-14 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

From the colorful pages of youth to the big screen dreams of adulthood, Marvel and DC comics have been at the forefront of heroic and myth making characters for over 70 years. Now in the 21st Century, the ultimate battle for cinema supremacy begins. In Part 1 of our DC vs. Marvel series (titled Marvel at the Movies) we explore the origins of Marvel, from its humble beginnings in comics, to its triumphant entry on the silver screen. The Marvel characters have gone the distance and now stand ready to finally be realized in movies in ways never before imagined. Join John and Andy as they start down the long road of mutants, freaks and super-villains, toward discovering who the true super power of the new cinema comic millennium is.…


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SABOTAGE - The Media's War Against Hollywood

2006-05-23 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

In todays 24 hour Entertainment News world, the media is striving more than ever to sink their teeth into todays Hollywood blockbusters. With Box Office reports (and projections) now arriving the day after a film opens (and sometimes on the same day), the culture of cash over content has taken a turn for the worse. Should box office receipts account for all opinions on a product? Should Hollywood continue to feed the media wolves or take back control of the story and stop reporting grosses? Join John and Andy and they explore the medias new agenda and see how this type of reporting is hurting Hollywood more than helping it. …


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LOST IN SPIES - the abrams file

2006-05-12 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is a bio-breakdown of multi-hyphen talent J.J. Abrams. From sceenwriter, to producer, to director -- since 1990 J.J. Abrams has been effectively working his versitilty of talents in a variety of genres on the big screen, while helping to expand and explode the canvas of television entertainment. Join John and Andy as they accept the Abrams assignment and examine the career and first feature film from the creator of Alias, Lost and Felicity. No self-destruct necessary. …


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GUILTY PLEASURES - Theater of Shame

2006-04-26 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Tired of making excuses for that copy of Showgirls on your shelf? Afraid of what people will think of that Roadhouse DVD? Well STOP and celebrate the shame! Break out those movie treasures youve been hiding and join John and Andy as they champion the dirty side of loving a movie you probably should hate. These are the kind of films that bring a perverse joy and a constant reminder of how universal and subjective films really are to everybody. Shame? What shame? We love em, and so should you. …


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InSide SpiKe - by any means necessary

2006-04-11 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

In 1986, 40 Acres and a Mule Productions released it's first independent film She's Gotta Have It, announcing a new look, vibe and voice in black cinema A Spike Lee Joint. 17 films (or joints) later, Mr. Shelton Lee has amassed a bold, brave and colorfully creative body of work, moving effortlessly between comedy, drama, biography, documentary, commercials, music videos and more. Join John and Andy as they track the progress of Mars Blackmon and showcase how a street kid from Brooklyn became one of the most important voices in late 20th century filmmaking....contains adult language.…


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LEGACY - What Will Endure?

2006-03-25 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Legacy is defined as something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past. Hollywood has a rich tradition of films that have become Legacy. Many films have endured the test of time and become classics, but are the times changing? Is the well running dry in light of the new surge to make fast bucks? Is Hollywood, in search of the ultimate opening weekend, slowly destroying the process of creating films that become Legend? Join John and Andy as they discuss the process and future of Legacy. …


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PAPER CINEMA - Lights, Camera, Read

2006-03-15 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Before the internet, Entertainment Tonight and DVD Behind the Scenes documentaries, the only way to learn anything about the craft of film was to read about it. From screenwriting, to directing to the day-to-day life on a movie set, these literary confessions allow the reader to learn everything they crave to know about their favorite pastime. Whether you are a film watcher or filmmaker, the stories found within these pages will enlighten your appreciation for the passion and craft of making movies. Join John and Andy as they turn the pages of Hollywood, expanding your enjoyment of what goes on behind the camera. You can lead a filmmaker to the library but can you make them read? …


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APOCALYPSE HoLLyWooD II - Meltdown 2005

2006-01-13 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

It was Hollywood vs. The Press vs. The Consumer in 2005 as Tinseltown fell from grace with disappointing box office receipts. The big question is WHO is to blame? - An industry frightened of change and growth, a over-dramatic media machine bent on hype and controversy or the consumer who is content to just watch from home. Join John and Andy as they seek enlightenment in the struggle. WARNING Beware of KONG BOMB !! …


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MasterClass - David Fincher

2005-12-16 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 2s

David Fincher has been behind the camera for some of the most original, innovative and technically masterful commercials, music videos and feature films in the last twenty years. His work has a singular look and passion that has elevated him to the highest ranks of creative artists working in motion pictures. Join John and Andy for the 1st edition of MasterClass, a new series dedicated to a single filmmaker whose work has risen above the industry standard to achieve signature status. …


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LOCKDOWN - Welcome to Movie Jail

2005-12-11 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Youre a Hollywood Hotshot Film Director, but after your film dies at the box office no one returns your calls. Its like you have the plague. Youve been thrown in MOVIE JAIL. Join John and Andy as they look into Hollywoods own unspoken form of punishment for those who dare to disappoint in Tinseltown. …


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2005-11-26 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

EXT. SALOON - DUSK, WriterDirector Shane Black prepares to enter the Hollywood Saloon, his fingers twinkle cautiously over his .9 Millimeter Baretta resting quietly in its holster. Saloon Gunslingers, John and Andy enter, camera right, guns drawn. Soon this scene will erupt into a hail of firey discussion covering the films of Black including Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout and his latest entry KISS, KISS, BANG, BANG. …


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2005-11-18 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Rewind. Reinvention. Reimagining. Redux. Remake!!! Join John and Andy as they dig deep into the roots of Hollywoods continuing fascination with re-creating old films into potential new blockbusters. What makes a good remake? How long untill a remake is necessary? Where will it end? Recycle! …




2005-11-04 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Film vs. Film - Trilogy vs. Trilogy - Original vs. Special Edition - John vs. Andy. Join us at the Saloon as we celebrate the Saga by digging deep into all things Star Wars. The Good, the Bad and the Ewoks. …




2005-10-28 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Considering RE-BUYING that new edition of your favorite movie on DVD? Think again as it may not be the last time your asked to shell out your cash for the same flick. John and Andy look at the many ways that studios try to trick us into re-purchasing things we already own. Dont fall for the DVD RIP-OFF !!!! …


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DOMINO EFFECT - The Fire of Tony Scott

2005-10-20 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Spanning a directing career of 23 years and 13 films, Tony Scott has directed some of the worlds favorite movies. From the pop action of Top Gun to the stylized grit of Man on Fire, Scott has left a huge mark on the modern cinema canvas. Andy and John look at his entire body of work including his latest entry DOMINO.…


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SOLD OUT - the decline of movie marketing

2005-10-15 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

The current state of lackluster movie marketing has left us with uninspired and creatively bankrupt promotional material. Do good movie trailers, posters, websites and even fonts really make a difference? John and Andy look to the past in search of answers for the future. …


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Chasing Serenity

2005-10-04 :: Andy Siems John Jansen

Join John and Andy as they follow the crew of Serenity on their maiden cinematic voyage. Will this be a GEEKS ONLY trip or will Serenity be the next big thing in Sci-Fi?…


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McMovies - Fast Food Filmmaking

2005-09-27 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

Formula driven, pre-packaged and developed for opening weekend grosses and DVD, the McMovie is Hollywoods tainted Happy Meal. Listen as John and Andy go searching for a full meal deal. …


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2005-09-14 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

TV Shows on DVD are becoming a national addiction. John and Andy dig into this new trend, focusing on it s addictive nature and ask why we can t just put down our remotes. Shows like ALIAS, 24, SMALLVILLE, LOST and THE WEST WING act as Digital Crack.…


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APOCALYPSE HoLLyWooD - 5 ways to save the Industry

2005-09-02 :: Andy Siems John Jansen
Length: 1s

John and Andy take a detailed look at how Hollywood is suffering under the weight of it s own failed practices and just how it might be able to save itself from complete BoX Office destruction. Even if they wanted to fix things, would they?…


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