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Last update: 2015-03-21

Assessment and Generosity

2015-03-21 :: Chris Friend
Length: 29s

The traditional take on assessment positions the teacher (or the state) as the one with all the answers and asks students to prove that they can figure out what the...…


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Compassion in the Classroom

2015-02-24 :: Chris Friend
Length: 16s

Maha Bali’s featured column on Hybrid Pedagogy prompted the topic of this episode—compassion—but from an unusual angle. She and I talked about the problems we see with the way plagiarism is...…


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Listening to Students

2015-01-27 :: Chris Friend
Length: 23s

  Much of the conversation about modern education discusses what we as teachers can say or do within our classrooms. Relatively little attention is paid to what we can hear...…


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A Soliloquy on Contingency

2014-04-15 :: Sean Michael Morris
Length: 13s

I don’t share the sheer outrage that some adjunct professors are directing at the tenured ranks. I really do believe that the majority of tenured faculty — I obviously can’t...…


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An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning

2014-03-04 :: Chris Friend
Length: 15s

There is something that bothers us about conversations about replacing face-to-face teaching with online learning: they often fall into a trap of assuming that incorporating synchronous interaction is the optimal...…


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The Maker Movement and the Rebirth of Constructionism

2014-01-23 :: Sean Michael Morris
Length: 16s

Educational theory and practice have begun to appear more frequently in the popular press. Terms such as collaborative learning, project-based learning, metacognition, inquiry-based learning, and so on, might be new...…


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