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Last update: 2012-09-06

Rabbit Bride

Length: 3m 3s

"Rabbit Bride", Household Stories from the Collection of the Brothers Grimm, translated from the German by Lucy Crane, Macmillan & Company, 1882. Read by Jennifer Caress, September 2012. Source: http://ia700202.us.archive.org/5/items/householdstories00grimrich/householdstories00grimrich.pdf …


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Talking with author John Prescott, author of Hell

Length: 22m 24s

Hear the promotion for my new novel, The Return of Spring-Heeled Jack, and listen to the third chapter of John Prescott's newest novel, Hell! Music: "News of Sorrow" by Kevin Macleod. …


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Author Charles Day, Legend of the Pumpkin Thief!

Length: 13m 32s

Charles Day, author of the newly released YA novel __Legend of the Pumpkin Thief__ and his wicked sidekick, The Evil Jester, stop by to say hello and talk about the new book! Charles is a lot of fun and this is one interview you're sure to enjoy. :) Also, if you're looking for a fun new drinking game, take a swig every time I say the word "awesome" and see how long it takes for you to black out. Pick up a copy: (https://www.nobleyoungadult.com/Books/382/The-Legend-of-the-Pumpkin-Thief) MUSIC BY Kevin Macleod! …


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Discussion with Certified Hypnotist, Elias Caress

Length: 37m 21s

Hypnosis is a door into our subconscious minds, which is why I've always found it fascinating. Here is a conversation with my brother, certified hypnotist, Elias Caress. www.eliascaress.com …


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Loren Rhoads Ghost Story!

Length: 8m 24s

Happy Halloween everyone! As we conclude this beautiful month October, I want to thank all the authors for contributing their ghost stories. But because I love a good scary tale I just can't make myself close the door on this, so if you have a paranormal story, don't keep it to yourself! Send it to me and I'll share it with our listeners: jennifer@jennifersghost.com Now here is Loren Rhoads true tale about her friend Blair. :-) Enjoy! …


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P.S. Gifford's Ghost Story!

Length: 11m 54s

Author P.S. Gifford's childhood encounter with a haunted house and its deceased occupants. …


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JG Fahrety's Ghostly Tale!

Length: 7m 8s

During this most sacred month of October, I am bringing you as many ghost stories as I can gather! Fact or fiction, if you've got a ghostly encounter, share it with the rest of us. Contact me at jennifer[at]jennifersghost.com. Here is author JG Faherty's true tale of a childhood encounter! …


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Featuring Guest Writer Lawrence Santoro: So Many Tiny Mouths

Length: 51m 16s

We are treated to guest writer, Lawrence Santoro reading his uber scary story, So Many Tiny Mouths! Find Mr. Santoro on Facebook and tell him what a great job he did :-) …


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Talking with Peter Giglio

Length: 26m 39s

A great conversation with Evil Jester's Peter Giglio! www.petergiglio.com http://eviljesterpress.lefora.com/ Music by Kevin Macleod …


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Conversation with an Editor

Length: 21m 9s

Listen in while I crack the mind of editor and horror writer Hollie Snider. That's right, editors are people, too. ;-P *~*Music: "Ether Disco" by Kevin Macleod*~* …


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Guest Starring Paolo and Petero! (Actually, It's Just Peter)

Length: 32m 54s

Today I am honored to have guest writers Paolo Mateo and Peter Giglio. Paolo reads his brilliant poem, "Death by Sentry's Cue." And Peter Giglio reads his short story "The Power of Words", which will be featured in the upcoming anthology Live and Let Undead, edited by Hollie Snider. I'll be interviewing him in a later episode! www.petergiglio.com I kindly remind you all that each work is copyrighted, all rights reserved, and only the lowest douche would steal someone's work. …


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Dark Continents Publishing Interview

Length: 1h 13m 36s

The creative forces behind Dark Continents Publishing talk about South Park, Star Wars, Steampunk, Splatterpunk, small press, ebooks, Borders, and a little thing I like to call horror. We had a lot of laughs and I thank Mr. Youngquist, Mr. Chamberlain, and Mr. Prescott for joining me from all over the world. :) And because we were all meeting from 4 different places on the planet, life does occasionally interrupt the broadcast: one can hear a vacuum in the background during a small section, my dog barks at ghosts, and one can hear me typing notes as we go along. Sorry about that. I forgot that sound travels. It was great fun and again I thank everyone very much for joining me. :) _*_*_Music by Kevin Macleod via incompetech.com_*_*_ …


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Blood of the Broken Interview

Length: 3m 50s

This interview with actor Max Sage was conducted approximately 16 hours before his body was discovered. Postmortem DNA tests revealed that Max was responsible for the murder of Phaedra Michelle Cornigan. It is suspected that further testing will reveal his implication in several more murders. …


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Blood of the Broken Trailer (Short Version)

Length: 1m 1s

The newest horror/thriller novel, Blood of the Broken, hits bookshelves August 1, 2011. …


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Guest Starring Peter Joseph Swanson!

Length: 5m 53s

On this episode, we have a very special guest. He is an amazingly talented author who is reading from his fantasy novel, Merlin's Charge. :) …


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Q&A Part 2

Length: 11m 17s

Welcome back. I am your host, Angelica, and we are here with a caller who claims to be a demon. For those of you just tuning in, a gentleman called in last week and introduced himself as a demon. We had a rather interesting conversation, had a lot o…


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Somewhere Between Here and There

Length: 1h 49m 59s

The third story of Perverted Realities, Somewhere Between Here and There introduces us to Cree for the first time. Cree finds herself lost and alone, left to fight in the dark against those she cannot see, only hear. When she doesn't return home, Fr…


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Actors and voice-over artists read the short stories of Jennifer Caress-- far better than she ever could-- including the Perverted Realities series.Hosted by Iliad Strange, a character straight out of Dragging Wings. Contents: horror, dark fantasy, and just plain odd material.

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