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Last update: 2015-03-17

The KupMuff Show 217


Tonight sketch comedian Joe Moore and the host of Passive-Aggressive Hour, Steve Rees join us. We spoke of St. Patrick's facts, Doom Wizard, pro wrestling and so much more. And Steve refuses to make the Transformers noise, because he's an adult. This is the only podcast you should listen to while pretending to work.…


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The KupMuff Show 216


Tonight we were joined by Dr. Kevin Moore, co-host of "What Could Possibly Be Wrong?" on the Discovery Science Channel and nothing went wrong with this episode at all. The Good Dr schooled us on physics, homemade rail guns, and just how dangerous the pursuit of making science both fun and intellectually stimulating can be.…


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The KupMuff Show 215


Tonight Nick admitted to drunkenly peeing into his trashcan so they embarked on their best drunken peeing stories. Chris searched the web for the most annoying commercials ever made and watched as Nick's rage spiraled in disgust. It's everything you never knew you wanted on a podcast.…


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The KupMuff Show 214


Tonight we spoke about our Wawa pal Craig and how he says "matches or a lighter" over and over and how we hope somehow he's a fan. Our hearts go out to fellow Laffcaster, Bobbi Kristina, and we speak of Jeff's sad Ruby Tuesday date with his mom. We're planning on going door to door like a Jehovah witness to share the word of Laffcast. We also learn about literal dining, how if you go in to a "Wings To Go" you have to eat the chicken fingers in store, but the wings...you have to leave with them.…


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The KupMuff Show 213


CMuff's Triumphant Return: We learn all about CMuff's new, fun, medical condition, TTP. He proves he can't be killed, no matter what. And he and Michelle get...en-couched. Guest: Kricket Lee.…


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The KupMuff Show 212


Kupsey and CMuff welcome Pat Graves to the show to discuss their favorite Christmas memories and gifts. And they reminisce about some childhood stories and wonder how they aren't dead by now.…


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The KupMuff Show 211


This episode of The KupMuff Show was like rectal hydration for your ears. We discussed how high school reunions are total letdowns cause they are nothing like the ones in movies and how Kupsey thinks everyone who has children and never followed their dreams is dead inside and living a life of quiet desperation. John Falk called in with a rebuttal.…


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The KupMuff Show 210


The Laffcast News Network took the mobile strike command news van that somehow magically looked exactly like the studio to Ferguson to investigate and report on the protests. The trip was sponsored by Walgreen's, Walgreen's, for when you need hand sanitizer while rioting cause you don't know if the looter you just high fived has a cold. Listen to our hard-hitting, honest reporting. The news team assembled.…


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The KupMuff Show 209


Tonight we're joined by comedian Chris Dolan (@CMDolan) for our Veterans Day themed show. Chris and CMuff give us a small insight into the corporate world for when we later talk to former Sergeant, Dennis Nappi and compare how military life is very much the same. Dennis also shares his wonderful initiative, www.serviceofchange.com, which helps reintroduce soldiers back into a civilian life. Thank you to our service men and women. Your efforts are one of the main reasons why bullshit podcasts like this one can exist. Hooah!…


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The KupMuff Show 208


Resident Larp enthusiast and comedian Dave Piccolomini joined us in studio to give us the rundown on Live Action Role-play and Cmuff decided that Eagles fans wearing jerseys on Sundays are no different from dudes carrying swords in fields pretending to be Aragorn from lord of the rings. It's sword fighting for dudes who only sword fight with each other in the bathroom. We trace the origins of larping, learn all the terms, and somehow Kupsey walks away with a new hobby and visions of finally creating a He Man costume.…


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The KupMuff Show 207


On the show tonight we reviewed video game history starting with pitfall and a brief stop in ET which is still the worst game imaginable. The guys then moved on to Nintendo and relived their youth playing Tecmo Super Bowl and Cmuff breaking controllers. The guys wish that "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start" gave them unlimited lives. …


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The KupMuff Show 206


The Artist formerly known as Kricket Lee and Kupsey engage in an epic West Side Story/Singled Out/Yo MTV Rap battle for the best friendship of Jake Mattera. Kricket stole the show and Jake from Nick's clutches with a touching cover of Patrick Swayze's "She's Like the Wind" but the show ended with the formation of the best friend league, kind of like the justice league but nothing like it at all. Tune in, gain a friend, be like the wind. …


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The KupMuff Show 205


Tonight, we travel back in time to Chris and Nick's childhood as the studio becomes a toy store. They've decided to stop hiding and "bring their guys" out of the closet. they can hide their love for 80's toys no longer as the studio is filled with apperances by Destro, Cobra Commander, Optimus Prime and an AT AT. They lamented Jeff's generation and their lack of cartoons and toys having any lasting culural signifigence or impact since nobody is lining up to see a movie about "Street Sharks" yet we all want a decent GI Joe movie. Be a "Master Of The Universe" and watch this program. Some men have drug dealers, these guys have toy dealers.…


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The KupMuff Show 204


On this show we're joined by Jonny "TruLove" Rizzo and we spoke of the self hatred and loathing that goes along with comedy. We discuss that ridiculous outfit Kupsey wore to our show on Saturday. And we figured out that Ray Rice could have avoided trouble if he only ate funnel cake.…


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The KupMuff Show 203


Nick objects to the hacking of celebrity photos on ethical and moral grounds which leads to a spirited debate with his Co-host CMuff and guest Steve Rees. The talk is toys and the nostalgia attached and Nick shows off just how much of a nerd he is while we play a game of "KupMuff Lookalikes." It is the show that somehow didn't solve the Ray Rice debate nor quell the Fappening. It's the show The View called "this one is a can't miss. I wish I was on that list."…


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The KupMuff Show 202


'I'll be appearing at the Brinton Lake Cancer Center for the next seven weeks receiving Chemo if you want to see me.' We are joined tonight by the number one fan of comedy, Chris Curtis, as well as Philly's Phunniest Winner Matt McCusker. Chris Mezz drops in to update us on his treatment and Steve Rees plugs the Philly Podcast Festival. Steven Hawking calls in and leaves some karaoke on our voicemail and CMuff does his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.…


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The KupMuff Show 201


This week the guys welcome funny @dunkin_stories writer, and Philly's Phunniest Phinalist, Jake Mattera, as well as Comedy TrainRek host, Jim Korhan. We discuss the recent joke thievery occurring in the comedy community, the death of comedic great, Robin William, Tony Stewart running over a guy, and Nick rants about comics book stuff...something or other. A fun show all around.…


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The KupMuff Show 200


Momma and Poppa Scamuffa are in studio tonight to help celebrate 200 episodes of KupMuff. Nick and Chris take a trip down memory lane and look back on what it was like growing up with the Scamuffa family.…


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The KupMuff Show

Kupsey and CMuff talk sh!t on everything they can fit into an hour and they won't hold back. The KupMuff Show...minutes and minutes of entertainment.

The KupMuff Show

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