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Last update: 2012-11-29

(81) Eva Longoria Lies About Eating Cheetos On Twitter!

Length: 8m 15s

New mini-podcast, can you believe it?! Haven't posted in a very long WHILE but had to say something about some of the things we have seen on our Twitter timeline NAMELY Eva Longoria LYING about eating Cheetos! Miss you all terribly and not sure when there will be another podcast but someone had to tackle this tough issue once and for all! Music: Earth Versus the World - The Polish Ambassador  Love to love you, Sandi Catch up with us at http://TheLesbianMafia.com and http://twitter.com/thelesbianmafia Eva Longoria's Snacking Tweets: The first one made us FURIOUSLY unfollow her and the second tweet is what made us realize we had to deal with this issue once and for all! Then we went back to her page (because we missed her) and saw she had been shit-whoring for Baskin-Robbins and Frito Lay and said she was in a guacamole and chips coma from going to Beso's restaurant and that she saw the movie Lincoln. She's one of a handful of celebs we do still like but even a tulip like Eva doesn't get a free pass, she needed to be dealt with and made an example because no one wants to see commercials on Twitter!   She's LYING!   Disclaimer: The word "retarded" was said in this show and it was not done to offend anyone. If you love or know someone, or know someone who knows someone who is mentally disabled, or if you're one of those superior beings who never says anything offensive because you're perfect and more evolved than us, we're sorry, we weren't trying to malign anyone. As we have said before, we have never and would never call someone who has a mental disability retarded BUT in conversation sometimes the word slips out. We love you all. 


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(80) What Are We Talking About?

Length: 36m 50s

Ciao, long time. Ignore the color of the audio player (on the site) it's ugly and needs to be changed. Nicole begins with an audio apology for being a slacker s.o.b so I “audio” answer because these bitches do NOT help me for shit! Let's hope they aren't as LAZY in the sack as they are with NOT EVER helping me with this podcast!!! It’s just me and Nicole on this one and it’s gets a little contentious and I do some yelling because the Lesma bishes have been slackin’ too long but it’s all in good fun and we FINALLY got another podcast out for crying in the rain! Now that they have been shamed publicly maybe we’ll be able to post more regularly? One never knows does one?! This one is a little random and nutbar-ish, there’s a little talk about being Ma, blackberries and Nicole’s refusal to give up her old man phone when she gets a free upgrade, Sarah Palin in the movie Game Change, acupuncture, Dr Lee, hospitals and the how much scarier they are when you know what really goes down there, birds, reincarnation, why wasn't Ricky Eva Peron in Evita? Madonna, exes, the Wizard of Oz and more! Music by: Let the Music Play – Space Download on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/LetthemusicplayBP Available on other portals on May 7th. Gloria Gaynor - Never Say Goodbye Download at amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=never+say+goodbye+gloria+gaynor …


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(79) Chica Bomb

Length: 53m 10s

Finally been bullied into posting a new show, it’s been forever! Been having some technical issues with the site, PLEASE ignore the hideous colors on the audio player, they’re DEFINITELY temporary, but we ARE going to try to post more regularly and if you don’t like this one, blame the listeners who finally got us to get it done and post this one! Longer than usual mono where I talk catalog models, and things. Nicole decides to record while drinking which is the first time anyone on the show has ever been under the influence. We talk horoscopes, the lesbian Bernie Madoff and in case anyone couldn’t tell she was drunk she starts off telling me how wonderful I am and it eventually turns to how awful and controlling I am! Then a chat with Lale about love at first sight, her impending visit to NYC and why I’ve alerted Homeland Security, and why sexual attraction and kissing may be chemistry but does it mean they will be good in the sack? A little bit of a cut in at the end into the middle of a convo we were having about Maria Belforti who we blogged about a while ago and how bishes like Shim think they have power of attorney over God. And P.S. we’ve got nuthin’ against the Buddha-man and not trying to hurt or make anyone feel judged, just trying in my own inadequate way to make a point about abandoning God because of idiots. http://thelesbianmafia.tumblr.com/post/10841134783/response-to-nyt-article-click-here-first-rights Music by Dan Balan – Chica Bomb Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Chica-bomb-original/dp/B0061O92Y4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1326871464&sr=1-1 DO check out the Chica Bomb video here, you may like it! You’re welcome. =} http://youtu.be/bshlibX_G9w Love, Sandi Xxo …


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(78) Lezbun Sessions

Length: 42m 15s

mono is super short and TBFTGOG plays for too long but what are ya gonna do? experimenting on skype with Lale in LA and of course the sound is dreadful. we talk cigs, lesbian repair men, and more!!! Nicole and I chat about her leaving the psych ward gig, coming out at her new one, and other stuff like what to do when you find out that you’re not sexually compatible with your partner late in the relationship. disclaimer: horrified at even the possibility of my nephew being gay because I know exactly what the repercussions are for being gay in my family. http://twitter.com/thelesbianmafia Bonus TLM Audio via Twitter: AUDIO: (10/19/2011) Nobody’s Bitch Take on OWS – This is just an audio addition to the Tumblr post from earlier today….http://chirb.it/24PJ4M Original Tumblr blog re: OWS (10/14/2011) http://dld.bz/aw7Tb AUDIO: 4 Minute Debate via 7 yo Nephew http://chirb.it/8brGqM talk to you soon! yours, sandi …


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(77) The We Hate This Show Show But Love You Like Crack Cocaine

Length: 36m 0s

We really do hate this particular podcast with a passion. We talk a lot about nothing but here it is regardless, because we feel intensely pressured to post content even if it’s devoid of meaning … like Julie Chen’s every tear. Mostly all of it is recorded on the portable, which is lazy, so it’s tinny, there’s lots of shouting and the sound goes in and out. You know we like to keep it Hollywood. And while we realize not every song your girlfriend/partner likes is autobiographical, especially if they’re a music lover, we’re just saying if she is bizarrely obsessed with a song, you might want to pay attention to what it’s about. If you’re a lesbian worth your salt you’ve already raided her closets when she was in the shower anytime she’s ever done anything remotely suspicious, but some of you get lazy. We’re just saying … don’t sleep on a biatch! Love you more than Crank. Sandi …


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(76) Kaleidoscope

Length: 38m 35s

Not really sure what's happening here but at listener's requests we tried AGAIN do to a prank and clearly it's not working out. Just can't seem to get thru them like we used to, not sure why. We will try again in the future and hopefully get them right again. After the Gay Girl from Damascus hoax revealed that Lez Get Real "A Gay Girl's View on the World" was yet another hoax. The site is still up, they've accepted zero accountability and if possible seem even crazier than we already thought they were. They've said they will continue posting it's normal stupidity under Lez Get Real "A Gay Girl's View On the World" posing as lesbian women even though the site is run by a heterosexual man who did 2 years probation and community service for domestic violence; a transgender, who is supposedly lesbian transgender, ya ok... and one of their mother's. No lesbians. These imbeciles, specifically Bridgette LaVictore has been aggressively cyber stalking us for quite a long time but didn't put them on blast before we understood the details. Unfortunately we can't blame all of our stalkership on these locusts, we could have an academy awards ceremony to house all of them. And re: opening, of course we don't know if anyone really is or isn't an alcoholic, it's best to assume we're probably exaggerating, but in some cases we are definitely NOT! Are lesbians exempt from every being considered slutty? Not that we don't adore the word Slut amid the right occasion, but really. What else? Who has a memory longer than a webpage download these days, can't remember it all, tune in and find out! Listener voicemail from geminichanel is regarding show # 59. A lot of this is recorded on the portable which requires some shouting. Please be forgiving of this situational scenarioscope. And BTW neither of us have ever cheated and we think it's gross. And we love you vegetarian's too, sheddap! Except for the preachy sanctimonious a-holes, we just tolerate you. Love you long time. Yours, Sandi …


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(75) Prank Fails and Jive

Length: 41m 22s

Maybe we’ve outgrown the pranks, yeah? We tried over and over and over to get through one prank and failed every single time. Tune in and you’ll hear how pranks with lots of potential go from bad to worse because of our inability to execute, as me and Niki pretend to be a couple on the rocks. At 59, Mom spontaneously tells her very first joke ever, from of all places, an ER bed during a medical emergency; conversely, after decades of buffoonery my trying out some goofy generic one liners like “This place is hotter than a Turkish bathhouse!” on very busy doctors and nurses fell completely flat. Thank you for all of your well wishes. Mom is coming along, while she kills ME in the process! Some chatter with Nikki about Shakira (?), falling Grandparents, Dancing …God knows what else; And some convo with Lalee about other things, sometimes weird things. A lot of this podcast is recorded on a portable which requires some of the yelling-ish, bear with us. Missed you. Love you long time. …


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(74) Are Women The Inferior Sex?

Length: 55m 18s

20 minute monologue, a message to 2030, crazies, gay male sexist oppressors, tackling the tough questions on woman-haters and why they have no b@lls, Hollywood crap movies, then Lale calls in and we talk Giffords, fire arms and Jersey Shore. blogs referenced Why we have too few women leaders http://is.gd/jgBNG LGBT and Liberal Feminist Hypocrisy Defend Islam While Women are Whipped http://is.gd/iHfnz …


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(73) Karma By Dog Leash

Length: 23m 40s

Mark Dadoff; Feminazis who are just as man-hating as misogynists are woman-hating; Liberal Nimbyism; Reactionary righty pundits who play the game and believe w/o bothering to thoroughly examining their beliefs… Mark Madoff, oldest son of Bernie Madoff, hangs himself with dog leash in SoHo apartment http://is.gd/iDPAZ Music: All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey http://is.gd/iEJky update: was wrong re: Malkin. knew disparity btwn top 20% & bottom 80% but didn’t see the connection btwn top 20% and top 1%. after going over these stats it clears up why ppl in top 20% have same $ ideology as top 1%. 20%ers, they don’t even come close to bottom 80%. huge diffs btwn top 1% and top 20% but there still is a rather revealing link. so lib dems in top 20% who feign outrage at Bush Tax extension & somehow still loveypoo their 0bama are full of shit phonies. oh, and they’re so benevolent & “caring” ..touting 0bamacare which is NOTHING like the European model & is NOT “Medicare for all.” Who Rules America? (stats update Dec 2010) http://is.gd/jc9R6 …


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(72) Master of Intellectassy

Length: 25m 57s

Solo Rant. Lots of yelling. Warning: If you are in love with 0bama DO NOT listen to this show and start whining. Just continue shunning us, we love that. Maybe it was the guy who shot the TV at Bristol Palin over Dancing with the Stars who Twittered TLM last night. He tried to school me and let me know my place. I’m certainly not as smart as he is if I don’t recognize what a “MASTER of Intellect and Genius” 0bama is. Interesting choice of words, Master. Surely, I must not be as much of a GENIUS as said Twitterer because I don’t senselessly Palin-bash and can have a completely objective conversation about her. In fact, I find people who can’t, embarrassing. Certainly Palin is not a even a human being and deserves to be scorned because… well, basically she should just die, of course. Silly me, I should know these intellectually superior things. PS – Recovering from a bad case of bronchitis, please excuse. Music: King of Anything by Sarah Bareilles http://is.gd/hZJAH …


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(71) Are We Podfading?

Length: 44m 51s

Understatement of the year: “That really hurt me;” Nona’s World War II PTSD poverty complex; Some chatting w/friends re: Liza Minelli; Lez Social Scene; Mr. Softee; Being taken advantage of by one of Giulliani’s; Dirty Talk; Your vadge & chlorinated toxins, including dioxin; Sister Louis Marie & more! This one’s a little slow moving, it’s been a while. P.S. – If you mis-take this intro for “making fun of fat people” and NOT the hilarity of a crazy news piece, you might want to continue listening b4 getting nutty. We have never once made fun of “fat” people…and even if we did…if you can’t laugh at yourself then you have NO place listening to THIS show anyway. Take care brush your hair. Be neat brush your teeth. …


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(70) What The Hell Is Going On?

Length: 30m 43s

Miley Cyrus, Tammy & Melissa Lesbalimony, Opinions and what do they really mean?, The Definition of a Lesbian conclusion via Twitter, The Real L Word, Julianne Moore in Kids Are Alright is gonna learn right here and right now that Lesbians are not bisexual. Somebody has to tell us what in the gay hell is going on in the world that some VERY delusional people actually think this is a topic for debate. (update: there were some issues w/ today’s podcast post. no one was able to link or comment. it’s fixed now. sorry for the trouble) …


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Length: 3m 12s

Hellooo! As of May 3, 2010 this program is relaunching it's website http://www.thelesbianmafia.com and has a new iTunes address: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lesbian-mafia/id370996168 Please come by http://www.thelesbianmafia.com and check out the new digs. It way more user friendly and functional, we hope you like it. We'll be taking your comments feedback and suggestions on the site and at info@thelesbianmafia.com. See you there! Love you long time. Sandi …



(68) Eat Me

Length: 35m 35s

Due to the high volume of requests we've posted this recent material that didn't turn into a show, so here are some lazy files off the portable. March was our 3rd anniversary, thank you very much to those who have donated, and/or purchased apparel, and for tuning in and hanging out with us. We love your company! We've also received your voice-mails and will incorporate them in to future shows, please be patient it may take a little while but we love hearing from you! http://www.twitter.com/thelesbianmafia http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lesbian-Mafia/64622264260 http://www.myspace.com/thelesbianmafiacast CALL THE LISTENER COMMENT LINE: 206-984-4093 LISTEN TO THE LESBIAN MAFIA ON YOUR TELEPHONE: 651-925-1610 …


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(67) bell hooks

Length: 27m 19s

Hello Lovers, We are still on a bit of a vacay and hope to return soon. In the meanwhile, we managed to snag part of an interview we heard on WBAI with esteemed author, thinker, teacher, and foremost theorist on feminism, gender, race, class and culture, bell hooks, author of over 20 books. She discuesses parenting, critical thinking, Precious, conflict, the deradicalization of feminist women's studies and black studies, women's health and self-care. First, there is a highly relatable funny opening by Gina McCaully from the What About Our Daughters blog. Enjoy! Talk at you soon! Hugs, -s …


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(65) 'Outrage' Director Kirby Dick

Length: 56m 55s

Interview with prolific filmmaker Kirby Dick on his controversial movie Outrage, which outs closeted gay politicians who vote to pass anti-gay legislation. His film SICK (1997) won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance and the Grand Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Dick also directed the controversial TWIST OF FAITH (2005), a film about a man who confronts past sexual abuse by a priest, which was nominated for an Oscar. Closing commentary from Sandi. Outrage is available for purchase on Amazon and/or rental on Netflix, etc. Click here for trailer: http://www.outragethemovie.com www.kirbydick.com …


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(64) Love & Rage (Mini)

Length: 15m 0s

She's not a f'cking "WRITER"! Blasphemers. Soy. Quack therapists, pills and doctors... oh, and don't listen if you're hypersensitive about these issues and can't deal with anyone having a different opinion and/or life experience than yours. This isn't NPR, byatches. …


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(63) Stop the Insanity! w/Susan Powter

Length: 1h 2m 0s

Out Three-time New York Times best-selling author and creator of the “Stop the Insanity!” movement, Susan Powter, like you've never heard her before. We talk Wellness, Radical Feminism, Lesbian Culture, her new book The Politics of Stupid and more ... http://susanpowteronline.com ____________________________ PS. The Trevor Project crisis and suicide prevention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth 1-866-4-U-Trevor http://www.thetrevorproject.org ___________________________ PPS. We're sending the warmest wishes of peace and happiness to you and yours through the holiday season, and cheers to a new decade. Pass the sparkles! …


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(62) Intrvw w/ Playboy Bunny Stephanie Adams

Length: 47m 55s

After reading about Playboy's first out "lesbian" centerfold, Stephanie Adams, "switching teams" on page 6 of the New York Post, we decided to give her a call (before we ripped her hair out, meh heh heh!) to hear her side of the story. http://stephanieadams.com http://www.GODDESSY.com We would also (again) like to thank Hadas B. for the contributions to this program and continual support, especially the recent contribution to LOVE 146 in honor of The Lesbian Mafia. http://www.love146.org …


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(61) Gettin' Hyphy

Length: 43m 30s

The Ariana Nation is getting hyphy on Biden; We gettin hyphy on The Penis director Polanski who rapes 7th graders; Some of YOUR voicemails; Chat w/Bobbi about Jada & Lil Kim's cheek bones, Cougars, LTRs, Chat w/Niki about Guns & Women, 911 Conspiracy Theories, Dancing Guidettes ... http://www.altfg.com/blog/directors/roman-polanski-petition Woody Allen signed this petition. WOODY ALLEN! You can't make this shit up. The only ones missing are R. Kelly, Phil Spector, and Baretta ... but there's still time! Whoopie said it wasn't "rape rape" and went on to justify the rape of a child on The View. After overwhelming criticism she "sort of" retracted it. Weinstein has been a tireless crusader for the rapist pedophile. The list gets longer every day of the deranged loons who support the rapist pedophile. Full list as of Oct 7, 09: http://www.altfg.com/blog/politics/petition-for-roman-polanski-signatories last comment: "After Roman raped his 13 year old victim, he sent his cronies and sycophants to her school where they released the pictures he took of her with the words LOLITA and TEASE written on them. She was in 7th grade. She was humiliated and basically “raped” again. He attacked her Mom as well in the media. Why is it her Mom’s fault that he raped a 13 year old girl after drugging her? He said in an interview filmed in 1978 of the victim that “She wanted it” basically calling her a slut. Roman used these classic rape defense tactics to send her a message and smear her character. Again, she was 13 and in 7th grade. This is the reason why she is “media shy” and wants to walk away from this, because she is scarred and afraid he and his freinds will do it again". Correction: The the anti-gay marriage DOMA "Execture Order" was signed in june which was in the first 150 days or so, not in the first hundred days. Too lazy to correct it after it was taped but you get the drift. Article referenced re: women AIDS patients http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,20797,26016669-5003402,00.html?from=public_rss …


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(60) Just A Couplea Hos

Length: 40m 20s

Feminism, Bailout disgust, Chat with Kaye about straight on straight sexual harrassment, the women's movement, the black power movement, gay life in Jamaica from a straight native's perspective, Buju Banton, Rap, MacKenzie Philips, ect., ect. Check out Lizzy the Lezzy's site and fun new book: http://www.lizzythelezzy.com …


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(59) Show Me Love DJ

Length: 51m 10s

Fantasies of the Sarah, Chat with Nikki re: Pimping Miss Universe, Anti-Relationship Relationship talk, Kim Kardashian's curves, Jessica Simpson's diet and more! http://www.thelesbianmafia.com Twitter www.twitter.com/thelesbianmafia Facebook search and add us! Myspace www.myspace.com/thelesbianmafiacast Lesbian Mafia Apparel: http://thelesbianmafia.spreadshirt.com LISTEN TO THE LESBIAN MAFIA ON YOUR PHONE! 651-925-1610 Leave a message on Voice Mail - 206-984-4093 …


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(58) Slut Bitch Cunt

Length: 43m 55s

Eminem & Dr. Dre's bitter response to Mariah; Another Rant about Republicrat Demublicans; Nikki, Bobbi, and Lalee call in to chat about H20, a Sexless Marriage, Crooked Cash Businesses in the NY, Rude LA Drivers, Tranny Chasing Music: Talk to Me - Peaches PSA's: Kiko Lombardi of Visitronix.com


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(57) How Can a Fish Look Like a Horse? (mini)

Length: 16m 55s

King Nero Bloombucks, X the hunting ... the abortion issues ... oh and that whole anti-gay marriage issue, and it's Palin Lust, Bruno, etctera ... …


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(56) Painkiller

Length: 22m 4s

Wisdom Teeth, Percodan, 7 day junkie, Addiction, Politician/Banker thug class and Argentina, Mute MSM report on nothing that mattters as usual, Myspace is up and running, thankfully, http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=211975370&blogId=488907509 The Lesbian Mafia is a federally registered tradmark. Music: Painkiller - Steve Bug (feat. Miss Kittin) Space Cowboy - Eve St. Jones Behind - Flanders …


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(55-A) O Solo Mio mj, perez, pride

Length: 28m 49s

Be sure to tune in to part B. of this show which is right under this one :) Late posting this so it's a bit dated. Haven't had time for an official gay pride show, hope this solo bit will do. Part A. RIP MJ or maybe not; Perez: Is language an excuse for violence? Does hating on the victim of physical violence make the haters abusive? How would you disable an aggressive person in your face acting like they were going hit you, knowing you were gay and unlikely to strike back at them? Republicrats; Stonewall's 40th Pride anniversary through losses and gains in what feels like a fractured and divided community, A little distance with that Polygamy please and thank you, Da, Da, Da .... …


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(55-B) MJ Overkill & Otherness

Length: 26m 46s

B. Late in posting this sorry if it's a little dated. This is a portion of the show 55 that was going to be cut and tossed, thought it was overkill on the Micheal Jackson talk. For those of you who are interested and want to hear yet more MJ talk, tune in. There are also some musings on closets and celebrity culture that ended up in this post as well. Haven't had time for an official gay pride show, hope this solo bit will do. …


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(54) Potty Training & Stalkers

Length: 43m 40s

Opening song by Wendy Ho, widely known and beloved in the community and gay rights supporter. To purchase more of Wendy Ho's music go here: http://www.wendyho.net Friend Wendy on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wendyho (Don't listen to S, it's show 54 not 55, it's 54) A Smother's love, Getting scammed for juice, Why does Heide http://theheideshow.podomatic.com say lesbians look like men? Potty training, Do-me more, Big-Hollywood Limousine Celebutards love Criminal Wall Street Bail outs, Stalkers ... Thanks AJ http://www.myspace.com/askajanything for playing the Wendy Ho song on your page. other music provided by DJ Phil of Funky House London http://funkylondon.podomatic.com/ song titles: Today Is My Day - Tikaro, J Louis & Ferran ft Clarence Don't Let this Moment End - Carlos Gillardo ft. Rebeka Brown eeek! murdered radio djs artlce http://radio.about.com/library/weekly/aa080303a.htm …


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(53) Skeleton Closet Confessions

Length: 43m 51s

8 minute Mash-up, Then Nikki Guest Hosts and says it's show 54 but don't listen to her it's #53; ate mail from God?/Yeshua; Aimless feminists; and answer listener inquiries from show 52 re: (Sandi's) run in with a past flame's ex-hubby a few weeks ago and we both confess a few skeletons in our closets ... …


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(52) Three Legged Lesbians

Length: 47m 40s

Donation thank you's; Multi-Tasking; Stupid Americans; Oxymorons; LoHans Solo 2.0; Odd Couples ... and more! Reproduced and renamed song *You're a Stupid Cunt* by Kiko Lombardi of: http://www.visitronix.com Music bed provided by DJ Toni Teresi http://www.myspace.com/nypstar …


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(51) Guest: Shannel of Rupaul's Drag Race

Length: 40m 44s

McDonalds after midnight, Musings on (Logo's) Rupaul's Drag Race, Shannel (Bryan) talks about why she chose to leave Drag Race, Life as a seasoned Drag Entertainer, and Beauty secrets! www.myspace.com/shannellv www.shannel.net …


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(50)-Shows & 2 Years / Let's Get Serious

Length: 37m 7s

Show #50 starts with an awful PC Love Song, Sleepy after posting show 49 it turns into a more reflective monologue about the past two years; Then come YOUR voicemail's of well wishes! Please PLEASE forgive us if your call did not make the show. Listened to all of them and every single one was appreciate more than words can say. Love you bastids! Music provided by Funky House London Style: http://funkylondon.podomatic.com Always & Forever Yours, Sandi …


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(49) YOUR Voicemails w/ Sandi's Commentary

Length: 1h 2m 37s

YOUR calls with commentary by Sandi …


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(48) Glossy Glam Drag Race

Length: 29m 5s

Intro from Our Friends at the I'm Going to Kill You Podcast Rupaul's Drag Race, Bigots From All Walks of Life and/or Opposing Parties Etcetera Can ALL Agree on One Thing: H8 Legislation. PC Polizia, Homogenization, the Fairness Doctrine, Freedom of Speech, Women and Food, Stupidity: the Side Effect of Narcissism and more ... www.imgoingtokillyou.podomatic.com http://www.myspace.com/rupaulsdragrace …


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(47) Lesbonanza

Length: 50m 55s

Sandi talks to Nikki and Lale about Electro-Shocks, L Word Spoiler (not so much), Thrillaaah Micheal Jackson, Lady CaCa, The Lesbian Mafia Stimulus Package: 350 -1 millions, Revolution and more ... NEW! The Lesbian Mafia is now syndicated on www.NoSaintsMedia.com & Tuesdays @6pm EST On: www.RadioDentata.com! & Daily @12pm EST On www.ReapSowRadio.com Come and give the show a listen! Myspace http://www.myspace.com/thelesbianmafiacast Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thelesbianmafia Lesbian Mafia Apparel: http://thelesbianmafia.spreadshirt.com LISTEN TO THE LESBIAN MAFIA ON YOUR PHONE! 651-925-1610 CALL IN to the Voice Mail - 206-984-4093 …


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(46) New Years Poo

Length: 40m 39s

Rectifying Rick, Burka's, Poopy diapers, Bitter Old Cat Ladies and Dirty Old Dog Men, Burn that Sex, Kenosha, Marshals ... …


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(45) Asexual Lesbian

Length: 1h 6m 56s

Ordering bibles, Religious blobs, Chat w/Lale re: Rehab, Gays, Marriage, Relationships, Sex, an Asexual phase …


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(44) Part 2 Interview w/Melissa Ferrick & Prop H8 Protest Recap

Length: 46m 10s

Prop H8 Protest Observational Observations,, Part 2 of the Melissa Ferrick Interview! We talk File Sharing, Touring, Sobriety, Porn Names and More. To Catch Melissa Live Check Out Her Tour Schedule ... http://www.myspace.com/melissaferrick The Lesbian Mafia is syndicated every Tuesday @6pm EST On: RadioDentata.com! & Daily @12pm EST On ReapSowRadio.com NEW! LISTEN TO THE LESBIAN MAFIA ON YOUR PHONE 651-925-1610 …


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(43) Exclusive Interview w/Melissa Ferrick! (Part 1)

Length: 1h 2m 54s

**Exclusive Interview w/Melissa Ferrick (Part 1)** Prop 8 Turrets by Yours Truly, Part 1 of an Exclusive 2 Part Interview w/ Out Lesbian Singer/Songwriter, Indie Icon, Melissa Ferrick! We talk New Couches, New Album: Goodbye Youth, Touring w/Ani DiFranco, Relationships, Coming Out and More ... FRIEND MELISSA FERRICK: http://www.myspace.com/melissaferrick The Lesbian Mafia is now also syndicated every Tuesday @6pm EST On: RadioDentata.com! & Daily @12pm EST On ReapSowRadio.com NEW! LISTEN TO THE LESBIAN MAFIA ON YOUR PHONE 651-925-1610 Listener Voice Mail - 206-984-4093 Lesbian Mafia Apparel: http://www.thelesbianmafia.spreadshirt.com …


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(42) A Frannie & Freddie Halloween

Length: 42m 39s

A Bi's Revenge, Battle Weary Rant, Cinnamon Buns, Hairy Legs, Women & Guns, Wall Street Perps ... NEW! The Lesbian Mafia is now also syndicated every Tuesday @6pm EST On: RadioDentata.com! & Daily @12pm EST On ReapSowRadio.com NEW! LISTEN TO THE LESBIAN MAFIA ON YOUR PHONE 651-925-1610 Listener Voice Mail - 206-984-4093 Lesbian Mafia Apparel: www.thelesbianmafia.spreadshirt.com …


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(41) Madge Got Single

Length: 28m 14s

Madonna & Guy's Divorce, Brittany, Drugs, Sweatshops. da da da da da …


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(40) London Calling. Shoot Your TV!

Length: 34m 8s

She Calls to Say She Has Sense, Friends from www.DubiousInent.com Send Over a Fun Hello, Zeitgeists Addendum released 10/02/08 http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912&hl=en, Compulsive Sunflower Seed Overeater, Negative Television Hysteria, CNN Journalist Jill Abrams book The Myth, The Muse, The Meshuga http://www.myspace.com/jillabrams, Rachel from London discusses London Police, Heather Mills etc .... …


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(39) Tatooed Atom Smashers & 13 Bisexual Lesbotrons

Length: 1h 12m 10s

Vladimir is Displeased w/the Bing Bang, Aries Discrimination, Lesbian Mafia Tattoos, Sex Addiction, *Guest *Heide* (formerly of Chaos Radio) and Her Dream Life, Houseboy Slaves, Dominatrixes Make Strange Lovers, 13 Types of Bisexuality - Which One Are You? *Guest: *Reap* of Pulse Talk Radio & www.PulseRadioOnline.net talks Black Holes & San Fran ... The Lesbian Mafia now rebroadcasts DAILY @ 3pm EST on: www.PULSETALKRADIO.COM Lesbian Mafia Apparel: http://thelesbianmafia.spreadshirt.com Voice Mail - 206-984-4093 …


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(38) Paranormal Lesbian (Mini)

Length: 16m 57s

Snotty Neighbors Headgames, Animal Love & Gratitude, Soy, Obsessed Weirdo's, Paranormal Voices from the Netherworld ... The Lesbian Mafia now rebroadcasts DAILY @ 3pm EST on PULSETALKRADIO.COM! Click here for PULSE TALK RADIO: www.pulsetalkradio.com …


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(37) She Fills In Cause WhatsHerFace Is On Hiatus

Length: 27m 20s

Guest Host Nikki Fills In While Sandi Is On Brief Hiatus, (go easy on her) Most of this is nonsense but it's stuff was laying around the hard drive from a few weeks ago so we figured we'd post it, why the Hey not?! "Elegant" Farm Dinners?, Irrational War Mongers, Aussies Tear Into Sandi with the "Stupid American" Quiz, Fishing, Neurons ... Idiocy ... etc. http://www.myspace.com/spicenewyorkcity …


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(36) Bernie & LINDSAY the Lezzy?

Length: 44m 40s

Bernie, Isaac, LINDSAY the Lezzy Trash-Talk, to Drill or Not to Drill, Hydrogen Cars, 12 Steppin' Gift Bags, Word of the Day - Tourniquette, Why Don't they Fall? Not Even Science Can Conclude and More Bernie ... This show is dedicated to the late great, Bernie Mac. …


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(35) Fruits, Porn & Cheats 101

Length: 1h 2m 39s

Frustrating Fruits, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ferris Bueller's Day Off Getting Off, Interns, Infidelitors, Porn, and more trash-talk! (some of the calls had bad sound, sorry :/ Featuring music by: Sarah Greenwood's - GSX! http://www.myspace.com/gsx Vote for her VIDEO HERE: http://www.logoonline.com/shows/dyn/the_click_list/video_voting.jhtml …


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(34) Deleted Scenes!

Length: 33m 7s

Could a podcast have Deleted Scenes? The answer is yes! Got a portable was testing it out so most of this is stuff that would have normally been deleted but for the sake of consistancy here it goes ... Bullshit & Dolphins, Portable Recorder Nonsense from Various Locations, Best Buy, Rude Toll Booth People, Word Games with Futchy Cops Who Love Rainbows, Sexist Family Dysfunction, Bed Bath and Beyond Mom, Christine Quinn for Mayor, Closing off with a very important PSA from John Cusak ... or is it? …


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(33) What Does Gay Pride Mean to YOU?

Length: 1h 1m 9s

(1hr) This podcast's topic: "Why Is Gay Pride Important to You?" We took your calls!! Some special guests called in also and are sprinkled throughout this podcast. Lizzy the Lezzy - http://www.myspace.com/ruthselwyn Gay Carrington - http://www.youtube.com/user/GayCarrington Jamesson - http://www.myspace.com/jamesson JHermBaby - http://www.youtube.com/user/jhermbaby Italian Stallionette - http://www.youtube.com/user/ItalianStallionette Kentucky Lightening!!!! http://www.myspace.com/sarah_hyland and Carla Jean Johnson Deputy Marriage Commissioner of S.F. City Hall Find them, friend them, subscribe to their Youtube. They will provide you with lots of goodness! Lesbian Mafia Apparel: http://thelesbianmafia. spreadshirt. com Voice Mail - 206-984-4093 P.S. - Special thank you to Jill Abrams P.P.S. - Anyone who did not make this show please forgive me. Next call in show you will be first, promise. Just message me to let me know. xxXoo …


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(25) The Pope Show & Debbie Gibson

Length: 4m 30s

The Pope reps in NYC, The Pope-mobile, Pope apologies, The Pope on Evil Eve, The Pope, Pope and more Pope .... (repost from 4-17-08) …


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(15A) LesbianGangs, Turkey Day Adventures and Guest Nikki

Length: 37m 10s

(repost from 11-15-2007) …


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(3) Interview Marga Gomez + Etc.

Length: 38m 40s

there's some echo on the crank call, sorry 'bout that. if you've been gay for more than a minute, you probably know who marga gomez is. for someone like myself who is a bit of a funny person, it was an honor to have her grace the show. hope you enjoy it! (repost from 4-13-2007) Interview w/ Marga Gomez and My Anxiety …


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(32) Burn the Witch! (The Radical Show)

Length: 19m 10s

Sort of a Mini, A Plea for Manners, Not Radical Enough?, Soda, Witch Burnings, Banana Clips, Silje Nergaard …


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(31) But Do You Have Gas?

Length: 12m 10s

Fill-er-Up, Stem Cells, Where In The World Are Our Senators?, St. Clare's the Molesters, Andy Can Kiss What I Twist and I Don't Mean My Wrist, Schools Out, Sinus Dreams, Out With The Netti-Pot and In with Hydro Pulse ... http://www.hydromedonline.com/ …


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(30) You Like the Crazy

Length: 28m 55s

Isis, American Chappaquiddick Idol, Listener v/m, Quarrels, Monsters, Not so Smiley Cyrus, What's a Hooker to Wear?, This American Life, Bottles of Red for Billy Joel ... and last but not least, if you listen very carefully you will learn the real reason why cops eat donuts! Only here at the Lesma! Featuring music by: Music Producer PiperRox http://www.myspace.com/piperrox_house_things …


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(29) It's Oceanic

Length: 9m 40s

Literalism's, Show #28 Anxiety, Degenerates, Gambino's?, Liquid Symbiosis ... …


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Length: 2m 10s

Please forgive me ... …


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(27) The Complete Guide to Loosening Uranus

Length: 40m 46s

The Shadow Knows, Melissa's Mash-Up Submission, Listener Call In, Polygamists, Summer Diets, Gym Observations, Kardashian Meaninglessnesses, Fantasies, Subconscious Seriousness and more ... Music Featured by: The Trucks http://www.myspace.com/thetrucks …


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(26) TLM-Minute: Be My Therapist For 8&1/2 Minutes

Length: 8m 30s

Harley Davidson Vests, Balloons, Horseshit Beach, Mental & Emotional Clutter, To Say or Not To Say, Meanies ... Why Pay A Therapist Who Probably Has More Problems Than I Do, When I Can Podcast? …


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(24) TLM Minute. A Cry For Help

Length: 3m 50s

The Lesbian Mafia Minute. Can Someone Find Me a Governor Please? …


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(23) We're 1! Let's Get Serious ...

Length: 32m 58s

New Show Post! #23 - We're 1! Let's Get Serious ... Up Close and Personal with Sandi solo. St. Pats, Elliot Spitz, Courtesans, 1 Year Anniversary Introspection Featuring Music by Natalia Zuckerman in the artists corner: http://www.myspace.com/nataliazukerman Lesbian Mafia Apparel http://thelesbianmafia.spreadshirt.com Voice Mail - 206-984-4093 Happy St. Pats peoples! …


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(22) Tumult, Love Lesbian Style and Whorey Moments

Length: 47m 49s

Valentine's Stressors, Infidels, Long Term Love, The Lesbian Moment of Truth, Whorey Moments, Lesbian Bed Death? …


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(21) got tha panties all up in their 2@

Length: 52m 45s

I dunno …


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(20A) Ass Angst and Hill On the Hill (1hr)

Length: 1h 15m 23s

Myspace Angst, Snobby Personal Add Respondents, Sleeper Cells, Crazy Fox Foxy, Peddy R. Kelly, If not Hillary then Who, and Happy Hood Friends …


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(20B) Goddess Radio Interview w/Zsussana Budapest

Length: 42m 25s

Fellow Podcast - Swannie of Goddess Radio Interviews Zsussana Budapest author of The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries GoddessRadio.podomatic.com …


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(19) Where's Dildo?

Length: 5m 38s

Losing one's mind is not the only concern here at the Lesma ... …


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(18) My Xanax and Rehab 'All In One' Trip

Length: 2m 58s

Sandi's shares her Xanax experience in a "1" minute commentary. …


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(17) 1 Minute Commentary on Tom and Katie

Length: 2m 7s

It's been common knowledge for decades that Tom shoots blanks. I know Morton thinks he has the lowdown, but he doesn't ... I DO! …


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(16) New Year, Same Ol' Foolishness ...

Length: 37m 19s

Republican Pizza Pies, Nipple Clamps, Porn Virgins, Naughty Blue Chippers, Ear Piercing Karaoke ... does any of it really have any meaning? …


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(15B) Freestyle Friday Nostalgia Hour at Remix

Length: 2h 9m 30s

lost a lot of sound quality when converted to mp3 but here goes ... There's A Party Going On - Nayobe You'll Never Find Another Love - Take It While It's Hot - Sweet Sensation Dancing On The Fire - India Give Me Back My Heart - Corina I Remember What You Like - Jenny Burton Clave Rocks - Amoretto Hold Me - Rios Sisters Don't Take Your Love - Lydia Lee Love Touch Me With Your Heart - Eileen Flores Try Yazz - Two Without Hats I Have Dreams - Eileen Flores Second Chance For Love - Nayobe Don't Break My Heart - Sa-Fire I Won't Stop Loving You - C-Bank January February - Tina B Come Get My Love - TKA Look Into My Eyes - George LaMond 99 and a half Out of Control - Corina I Do Both Jay And Jayne Please Don't Go - Nayobe …


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(14) Halloween Swinging! (1hr)

Length: 55m 54s

Questionable prank; Alix Olson’s, “Cute For a Girl;” Lale complains about the prank, Some talk about swingers, Brit catches one of Tila Tequila's TV suitors out at the local Halloween party, Loa sings ABBA and inhales second hand maryjane, Shelzy apparently wears too much costume at her local Halloween party … …


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(13) Lez-Bionic Birdy Friends and Cheezzzy Sound Board Fun

Length: 41m 58s

Sandi creates her own special automated message for The Lesbian Mafia, Motherly Love, Messages From Birds, Cheap Shots At The Lezzie's On TV, Fem Sergeants "Wanna Have Some Fun," Laughing and Seeing Visions, And Good Vibrations, All Make For A Typical ADD Show. …


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(12) The Lesbian Teen Show (1hr)

Length: 59m 21s

Sandi talks with teenagers Mandy, Tash and Mary, about relevant and retarded issues. What's on the minds of lesbian youth today, safe dental sex, and how to off an abusive parent ... all in one 54 minute show. …


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(11) Idiocy Abound and Professions of Love for MJ

Length: 37m 55s

Voicemails from Cindy, Hairy Hedges, Sick Vick, Hicoughs, Ay Bay Bay, Fartisodes, Professions of Love for Mistress Juliya, Orbit Bubble Gum, What Is Dirty Armenian Sex?, Curve Girls ... …


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(10) Back From Hiatus

Length: 43m 37s

Thanks Nadya, for Babkas Bikini Wax Messages, Back from Techno-challenges, Child Abusers, Vibrating i-Phones, Pseudo-Lesbians have babies, Joe Walsh as a cure for insomnia, Combi-Christ for adults, Hilary for president, but only because she has a vagina. …


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(9) Interview w/ Lea Delaria and More Nonsensical Babblings

Length: 56m 48s

Interview with Lea Delaria and some more nonsensical babblings .. …


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(8) The Gay Fucking Fucky Pride Show Coming Out Stories

Length: 57m 6s

Adam & Andrews Tatu parody 'I'm a Lesbian,' My software ate the real show so here's the fake one , Bickering lezzies, Gay Pride but not in Miami, I need to get Bucked?, Coming out stories, Really bad greaseball accents, Shout outs! …


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(7) The I Have No Show, Show. Going Topic-less!

Length: 35m 4s

All I need is the right man, Thank God I'm gay, No topic whatsoever, Being ditched, Bad Karaoke Nonsensical ramblings, Paris? Kelly Clarkson? Farting? A tasteless show indeed ... …


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(6) Interview w/ Kate Clinton and My Feminazi Ramblings

Length: 44m 4s

Fancier than Uhaul, Rare Exclusive Interview With The Goddess Kate Clinton, Sexy Feminism, Closing Ramblings From Yours Truly The Feminazi? …


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(5) Is Being A Lezzy-Cakes A Choice?

Length: 51m 6s

Converted Lezzy's sing Nelly FArtado in Pathmark, Choosing a sexuality?, Vegas karaoke and sexy tranny hookers, Peter Lugar's steak sauce for 99 cents, Gay beams only for special people, Arguing Lezzy's with tourrete's ... and Shout Outs! …


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(4) PMS and Worst Psycho Lesbian Stories Revealed

Length: 50m 30s

pms, weapon weilding mattress stabbing, gas station fights, holes in walls, head banging stalkers, bottle dodging, and flying chairs ... …


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(2) Stereotypes and Strapping One On ...

Length: 42m 52s

Juwanna Mann? …


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(1) Am I Offensive to Bisexuals?

Length: 36m 16s

First show, cut me some slack bishes. Give it a few seconds to start. …


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