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Last update: 2009-07-10

The Liberators - Episode 39

2009-07-10 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

We're back after a long break. Say hello to Czar Obama!…


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The Liberators - Episode 38

2009-01-09 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Biggest Jackass of 2008 is announced!…


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The Liberators - Episode 37

2008-08-10 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

Who do you guys think is the Jackass this week? Oh behave - John Edwards!…


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The Liberators - Episode 36

2008-07-17 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

Learn about the Country's largest home mortgage finance company - Poop Mae. And let's not forget a new episode of "Who's the Jackass" is out.…


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The Liberators - Episode 35

2008-07-07 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

Is Alec Baldwin the Jackass once again? Will T. Boone Pickens open up the West Texas to North Dakoda corridor and turn the United States into the "Saudi Arabia" of wind? Find out on this week's episode of the Liberators!…


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The Liberators _ Episode 34

2008-06-11 :: TheLiberators89@GMAIL.COM (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators are back after a long break! Lot's to talk about like Elliot Spitzer's fall from power, Obama, the economy and of course your late Christmas present has finally arrived.... After the podcast, be one of the first ever to visit the world's first "Anti-social" network -- that's right www.whoisthejackass.com is now here for everyone to enjoy!!…


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The Liberators - Episode 33

2008-03-05 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators nearly dissolve - but Mark pulls Eric back in from the ledge! The Markets are melting down as we told you, and watch out for meddlers in the VISA IPO! The Presidential election has nothing on our new recommendation for a delicious stew. Of course we thank our loyal listeners for this suggestion! Please enjoy Episode 33…


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The Liberators - Episode 32

2008-01-10 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators respond to a lot of listener's e-mail from last week. Lil' Wayne from West Baltimore writes in along with others. Barack may be the least dangerous from the current political pool of Jackasses, and much more.…


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The Liberators - Episode 31

2008-01-04 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

Happy New Year Everyone. We apologize for the delay in delivering this podcast, and hope everyone had a great holiday. Is John Edwards the most dangerous man in America? Is Hillary Clinton a man? Is Mitt Romney a Jackass? Find out on this week's episode of The Liberators!!!…


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The Liberators - Episode 30

2007-11-15 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators tell Barack to answer the question already! Barry Bonds could be behaving like a Jackass this week? Find out on this Thanksgiving episode of The Liberators.…


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The Liberators - Episode 29

2007-11-01 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators warn Condi to watch out for Code Pink! We give our listeners more on the economic meltdown coming our way...and of course a new episode of "Who's the Jackass" is served up and ready to go.…


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The Liberators - Episode 28

2007-10-16 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators ask our listeners which NBA star is a jackass who gets beaten up by his wife? We are also more than a little annoyed over the Nobel Peace Prize which was given for a movie about global weather patterns - and much more.…


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The Liberators - Episode 27

2007-10-09 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

October has been a fantastic month in New York and The Liberators have been hard at work. Special thanks to our listeners who wrote in to us during our long break. A new episode of "Who's the Jackass" is here for all of you, and we'd also like to know if you think that the person in the photo for today's episode is a man or a woman?…


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The Liberators - Episode 26

2007-08-15 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators are watching as the subprime and alt-A markets burn. Folks - this is not good at all!!! Fortunately, however we have Sean Penn talking to Hugo Chavez and a host of other candidates for "Who's the Jackass" to lighten up your day.…


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The Liberators - Episode 25

2007-07-24 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

This week The Liberators ask Reverend Al, where were you when Flavor Flav got roasted by Comedy Central? It was much worse than anything Imus said, but strangely you were silent in the press. Perhaps Al was out counting all of the agricultural subsidies to dead people? New York's Governor faces the firing squad this time, and of course prepare yourselves for another episode of "Who's the Jackass".…


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The Liberators - Episode 24

2007-07-18 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators fight back against Sean Hannity and stand up for Ron Paul....Hannity is the sole Jackass of the week, and guess what, he can't shout us down on our own podcast! Find out what happened this week with congestion pricing in New York and with our ongoing battle to market and promote sugary cereals. It's all here on The Liberators... …


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The Liberators - Episode 23

2007-07-11 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

New York's Emperor, oops we mean Governor, has no clothes yet again this week. Along with a host of other jackasses to expose, the Liberators take it to Elliot Spitzer once again.…


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The Liberators - Episode 22

2007-06-27 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

June 28th has been exceptionally hot in New York City, but the Liberators really turn up the heat on both the Nanny State and the Tax Man this week. Of course, another week has passed and guess what - there are still plenty of Jackasses to deal with...…


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The Liberators - Episode 21

2007-06-19 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators shout out to a jackass or two from the past. And it also looks like our own Mayor Bloomberg might take a crack at ending the madness that is Hillary Clinton.…


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The Liberators - Episode 20

2007-06-03 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators are finally back after a very long break. And you know folks, the old saying is true, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Tune in to hear about your new old pals, Lindsay, Paris and Al Gore.…


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The Liberators - Episode 19

2007-03-05 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators discuss everything from the "Scooter Libby" trial to the sub-prime mortgage crisis. ...and don't worry "Who's the Jackass?" is back as well. …


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The Liberators - Episode 18

2007-02-21 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators are back this week with more characters for "Who's the Jackass" than men out there claiming that they fathered Anna Nicole Smith's baby! We also manage to squeeze in some time to talk about taxes...…


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The Liberators - Episode 17

2007-02-07 :: The Liberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators ask Paul Bremmer, "Where the hell is our $12 Billion dollars?" The Jackass Brigade is still going strong and even more madness in New York State. In this episode we cover everything from new iPod laws to the new nightmares in Albany. …


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The Liberators - Episode 16

2007-02-01 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

Hillary Clinton is really a man baby! French People and Monkeys are always funny, and The Liberators are still upset with Elliot Spitzer... Of course, we couldn't sleep at night if we didn't give our listeners a healthy dose of "Who's the Jackass?" this week as well.…


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The Liberators - Episode 15

2007-01-25 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

It's a very cold Friday here in New York City...but The Liberators are burning mad at our new Governor Elliot Spitzer. Wait till you here about his most recent absurd statements. "Who's the Jackass" is back again and the people of New Jersey are warned against eating squirrel meat (this is not a misprint).…


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The Liberators - Episode 14

2007-01-17 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

Happy New Year Everyone! We're back from a nice break and it seems that while we were out the only thing that opened more than Brittney Spear's legs was Nancy Pelosi's Mouth. This week we cover everything from Chinese Internet addicts to our evil V.P. Dick Cheney.…


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The Liberators - Episode 13

2006-11-10 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

Today the Liberators have broadcasted a special show on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in honor of Veterans Day.... And as always, there is no shortage of candidates for "Who's the Jackass". …


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The Liberators - Episode 12

2006-10-19 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

October 20th brought rain to New York City, but there's a bigger storm brewing on "Who's the Jackass" between Paul and Heather, as well as with our friend Borat. The news portion of the show will also be served up in a different format this week on Episode 12.…


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The Liberators - Episode 11

2006-10-12 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators are back from both PhD studies and their West Coast Swing... We've found no shortage of content for "Who's the Jackass" and we'll also keep you posted on everything from the latest news on Trans Fats to the recent horror in the Amish community.…


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The Liberators - Episode 10

2006-09-07 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric & Mark)

The Liberators are back from a nice summer break with plenty of news items to discuss. It looks like Paris Hilton is following in the foot steps of last month's "King Jackass" Mel Gibson, and as usual there are many more folks who made the list this week. We also respond to our listener's e-mail by discussing some of our core values on this show.…


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The Liberators - Episode 9

2006-08-02 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark & John)

We've arrived at August 3rd folks, and the summer's really heating up here on The Liberators. This week we bring you "Who's the Jackass?" and cover ground from Malibu all the way to St. Tropez. We also go over some questions from our listeners covering various topics including the Estate Tax and Minimum Wage legislation.…


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The Liberators - Episode 8

2006-07-26 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark & John)

July 28th brings so many Jackasses that it's getting hard to keep track! We also cover the current wave of madness in the city of Chicago, the sad epidemic of obesity, and some good news for a change in the papers.…


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The Liberators - Episode 7

2006-07-05 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark & John)

Welcome to the July 6th Episode of the Liberators. "Who's the Jackass" takes us everywhere from the World Cup to U2's lead singer Bono. It's amazing, but we never seem to have a shortage of candidates for this segment. We also cover the recent missile tests in Korea, the big casino shutdown in New Jersey, and Western Union hatin' on the Arab man. Please keep your e-mails coming to: TheLiberators89@gmail.com…


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The Liberators - Episode 6

2006-06-21 :: TheLiberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark, & John)

Episode 6 is here and Cameron Diaz is no longer with Justin Timberlake, I wonder "Who's the Jackass?" This earth shattering news comes along with e-mails from our listeners regarding topics such as a sex offender registry, and New York City's effort to save us all from getting fat by banning fast food restaurants Uptown....also watch out for your six shooters folks. Remember to keep the e-mails coming to TheLiberators89@gmail.com…


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The Liberators - Episode 5

2006-06-14 :: theliberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark & John)

Welcome back everyone, today's show on June 15th brings about a discussion regarding the general health crisis in America. The Liberators go everywhere from an "International" incident at Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia to the losing battle that we're all fighting against high-fructose corn syrup. Quaterback's riding around with no helmets, "Who's the Jackass" is back, and e-mail backlash about John's love for the South, it's all here on The Liberators.…


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The Liberators - Episode 4 (a)

2006-06-06 :: theliberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark, and John)

The Liberators - Episode 4a Welcome back on June 7th everyone. We hope everyone survived yesterday, as it was the number of The Beast! Mark purposely held off on giving birth out of respect for the Devil's dark powers... If that sounds absurd, wait till we tell you what the rest of the Country should be worrying about...including Tucker Carlson, The Estate Tax, The Marriage Protection Amendment, and The World Cup!…


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The Liberators - Episode 3

2006-05-31 :: theliberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark, and John)

We bring back "Who's the Jackass" this week, as well as a follow up discussion on the War in Iraq. The War discussion was sparked by an article that appeared in this week's New York Post, written by Ralph Peters, a retired soldier with the Army's 1st Platoon Bravo Battery (4-320 Field Artillary). Perhaps, Mr. Peters should do a little reading by Marine General Smedley D. Butler, before going to print next time.…


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The Liberators - Episode 2

2006-05-23 :: theliberators89@gmail.com (Eric, Mark, and John)

With over 2,400 U.S. Soldiers killed in Iraq, and over 17,000 injured to date, we're thrilled to see the outpouring of emotion on the front page of the New York Times. Unfortunately, these feelings were expressed for a racehorse named Barbaro. The Liberators want to ask the Times - What about the people? Maybe it's just not a relevant part of "All the News That's Fit to Print?" …


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The Liberators - Episode 1

2006-05-15 :: theliberators89@gmail.com (Eric and Mark)

In our first episode we discuss President Bush's immigration speech as well as introduce the segment "Who's the Jackass?"…


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The Liberators

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