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Last update: 2013-07-01


2013-07-01 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

We have just witnessed one of the most famous festivals in the history of body odour. Glastonbury is a multi-day gathering of trendy sorts with the capacity to tolerate unreasonable: queues, prices, hygiene, food, noise, sleep depravation, rudeness, stupidity, decorated wellingtons, poor weather and obnoxious youths for a few days of “atmosphere”. I’m not sure I have [...]…


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2013-06-24 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 56s

Have you ever been a willing imbiber of nature’s most infamous weed? Perhaps you stumbled upon an intimate gathering at a party you weren’t invited too, where a spontaneous draw from a soggy-ended roll-up left you staring at a side-board for several hours, unable to freely explain the breadth of your contemplations whilst inexplicably eating, and enjoying and large [...]…


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2013-06-17 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Do you stare at a plastic box for hours on end and think it’s normal? We do too. What’s worse though, is that we obediently devour the manufactured sewage that ceaselessly pours from it. In this week’s podcast we bang on about it a bit.…


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2013-06-10 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Joining the human race along the journey towards a decadent annihilation when Earth becomes too toxic for us to inhabit will be our little machines or “gadgets”. To define something as a gadget is a subjective exercise. However, one fact you can be sure of is that all gadgets may be categorised as either to be [...]…


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2013-06-03 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Not our strong point this one. Exercise is both tiring and painful and so entirely unadvisable. An hour in the gym makes you hot, sweaty and self conscious, so do yourself a favour and sit down, tuck in to a hob nob and enjoy not having to use communal showers. These days it’s OK to [...]…


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2013-05-27 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Welcome to the Lowbrow Review: nonsensical banter for morons, by morons. This week’s Podcast is all about man’s captivity of wild animals within a domestic environment. That’s right, we’re talking pets. We discuss the different animals commonly imprisoned in our homes but mostly talk about Dogs and Cats. So before you bung that annoying kitten into a carrier [...]…


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2013-05-20 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

I’ll get straight to the point. This week’s Podcast is our most dangerous ever! The insurance company has cancelled our policy, our families have been informed and funeral music chosen. We are venturing across normally taboo boundaries and talking about women! Hold tight for an hour long, white knuckle waltzer ride of bland chatter between [...]…


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2013-05-13 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Yep, the good weather has finally arrived! Dig out the sunglasses and prepare to complain about how hot it is; this week’s topic is Summer. Sit down on the deck chair for a hour of glorious, warming entertainment from your two favourite podcast hosts: Del & Doof. Want a 99? So do we, but we’re [...]…


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2013-05-07 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Remember those Tripod things from War of the Worlds? We think they should have vaporised Tom Cruise and his badly acted children too. Especially the screeching little girl with the stupid fucking face. Anyway, those Tripod things were piloted by Aliens and they were impressive, not only because they used lightening to board their vehicles but they had massive laser [...]…


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2013-04-29 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Funny bone (tummy) rumbling? Feeling a little bit peckish (grumpy)? Yes (yes)? Well get your lug-holes around this week’s Lowbrow Review for Heaven’s sake! Our topic is everyone’s favourite stomach filler: Food! Join us for an entertaining hour of irrelevant and ill-informed opinion to satisfy the biggest appetite. For a starter we have death by Hamburger. [...]…


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Music Part 2

2013-04-22 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

The patiently awaited second part of the Music Podcast is here. Click the link above to have a listen. Please accept our apologies because only a small part is dedicated to music. Most of it is just us banging on about golf stuff and insulting musicians stage names. Again. Subscribe to us on iTunes and [...]…


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Music Part 1

2013-04-15 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

A world first here at The Lowbrow Review: A 2 Part Podcast. The subject is music and because we did a poor job of covering the entire subject in one episode, we’ve decided to do another one and call it “2 part”. Listen to this weeks by clicking the Play button above now. Alternatively look [...]…


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2013-04-08 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Hello. Welcome to The Lowbrow Review; a weekly Podcast that reviews anything and everything. Using bad language. In all senses of the term bad. For your listening entertainment this week, we review Telephones. Those annoying yet scarily pervasive bits of metal and plastic we shout into. Just today, whilst I was in a video game shop minding my own business, [...]

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2013-04-02 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Yep, we’re talking about Weddings. Stop blubbing, step away from the buffet table, press play and joins us as we attempt to catch the Bouquet and feel-up a bridesmaid on this most special of occasions. We’ve also got shiny shoes and coloured waistcoats. iTunes subscriptions are dead easy to sort out and mean that every [...]

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2013-03-27 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

The Lowbrow Review is an hour long Podcast of puerile badinage between a couple of immature 30-somethings with nothing better to do. That is not a lie. Neither is this week’s subject: Lies. We don’t lie, we just talk about lies and give lying a review, that’s all. We also talk about Cross-country running, Bullshitters and poor [...]

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2013-03-18 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Yep, this week we are talking about driving fast. And slow. Del drives fast. I drive slow. Of course, we mention old people driving up motorways the wrong way, Del’s Lorry, Tanks, Speed Cameras and Father’s day. So stop dithering and speed your mouse over to the Play button above and listen to the show! [...]

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Poor TV

2013-03-12 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

OK. We all know TV is a fucking nightmare and it’s only so very popular because us humans are terrible at thinking for ourselves, but good at sitting down and staring at pictures of Buffoons. We are lazy and unimaginative. TV understands this; it requires our sloth, and we embrace it. Therefore, unsurprisingly, this week’s Podcast berates TV [...]

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2013-03-04 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Stop Sleeping on the Job!!! Wake up and listen to the Lowbrow Review, you fool; It’s bound to be slightly less boring than whatever mundane, soul-sapping mediocrity you get paid for. As you might guess, we Lowbrow Reviewers don’t like proper working jobs and stuff, so this week’s Podcast provides absolute confirmation of this fact. The consequences will probably [...]

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2013-02-25 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Probably our finest Podcast yet; this in-depth critique on clothes and fashion has been described as “an hour of rambling nonsense by two clueless fools with no value or benefit whatsoever, to anything living or dead” which we are quite proud of. Highlights include Del’s Wellingtons, Chiropractor bum pain, Justin Bieber’s hat, Planks on your face and [...]

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Theme Parks

2013-02-18 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Hold on to your hair-pieces, this week we are talking about Theme Parks!! You know, the places with Roller-coasters, enormous queues and overpriced refreshments. Join us as we take a swerving and jolting ride through the great family day out that, like Theme Parks, will have you screaming till you are “hoarse” and then vomiting [...]

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2013-02-11 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Stop Press! World exclusive! This week, for the first time ever, you can enrich your life by listening to the new, mediocre Podcast from the Lowbrow review! We are talking about Zoos, so get your sewing kit out and prepare for some side splitting banter between your incompetent hosts, Del & Doof. If you have [...]

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2013-02-04 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

This week’s Podcast is taken straight from the Lowbrow Review Rehearsal Sessions (LRRS if you are the kind of person that likes acronyms): Not originally intended for broadcast, this is a classic show of nonsensical rambling with added bungling. About Cars. Del does bang on quite a bit about his big Ravioli. We also mention [...]

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2013-01-28 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Check out the first ever full show of the Lowbrow Review Podcast now. Click the button above to play or subscribe to our RSS feed below. This weeks episode is all about weather, you know the stuff in the sky. We don’t thoroughly cover everything and have no real qualifications to substantiate anything we say. [...]

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Launch Show Preview

2013-01-27 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 47s

In keeping with the snippet already posted here is another short clip of eye-watering banter for the upcoming Launch Show. Listen to the first full show on 28 Jan 2013 right here. It is supposed to be on iTunes too but God only knows what going on there. Anyone know what RSS means? Email us: thelowbrowreview@gmail.com Facebook [...]

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Podcast Snippet

2013-01-23 :: The Lowbrow Review
Length: 1s

Ohhh you lucky people. As he has got Ants in his pants (not trousers, but proper pants), Del has kindly spent some time preparing a little sneak peek of the Lowbrow Review Podcast. It’s not very funny and the music is a bit wrong but we enjoyed ourselves making it. Lets us know what you [...]

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