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Last update: 2011-03-09

Woman is not for everyone.

Length: 13m 9s

A scary story about a troll under a building... no seriously. It's a true story. …


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Don't call it a Cunt back.

Length: 17m 3s

The Menstruator is back, though she never really went away. Hrc-Her party. Stephen Fry and HIV. Reversing chronic pain. …


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The Menstruator's Padcast

Just some idiots and some books. http://www.myspace.com/the_menstruator Email The M-themenstruator@gmail.com PuVa-puvabidefender@gmail.com CALL CALL CALL 330-2TAMPON Send your zines, demos, nasty letters, neck ties, blood samples to: The M 630 N 3rd Street PMB60 Philadelphia, PA 19123

The Menstruator's Padcast

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