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Last update: 2015-03-29

2 - Tanner Smith Looks For Home

2015-03-29 :: Grant Burkhardt
Length: 34s

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Behind the lens of that camera, Tanner Smith is an original. He's caring, interesting, quirky, weird, intelligent, and he's my best friend. In this episode, he and I talk about the concept of home, and comfort, and contentedness, and how our priorities have changed since we lived together for three years in college.

I also talked briefly to Lindsay Ratowski, the creator of the Fifty Coffees site that inspired me to start this show. The full interview with her will be available as a mini-episode in the coming weeks.

The first two episodes of The Middle are available on iTunes (!!!) and should be on Overcast, too, if you listen to shows on that wonderful app. Thanks for listening!


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Pilot - John Wernecke Makes A Move

2015-03-04 :: Grant Burkhardt
Length: 28s

In the pilot episode of The Middle, I explain the idea for the show and avoid being hit by that big fern branch.

Then, my first guest is John Wernecke. He and I talk about his recent, big decision, and about comedy, ambition, and being two white guys.

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The Middle

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The Middle

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