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Last update: 2009-02-25

Episode 8

Length: 30m 9s

The Mike and Joey Jesus Show finishes off Season one with a long but amazing episode.Featuring: The Mike and Joey Jesus Band…


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Episode 7

Length: 14m 53s

The Borstal Boys, Floodcast, Ghost Rose the Valley. Guests: Borstal Boys, Eric Wareheim, James Quall…


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Episode 6

Length: 26m 16s

A grouchy boy who hates Christmas must face destiny to save it.Special Guest: Cennagon & Chato, and Mitch "it's PE" RUPEFeaturing: It's the damn Christmas episode. YOU DON'T NEED NO SKITS!Episode Directed by: Josh Davis and Mike Davis…


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Episode 5

Length: 25m 24s

MULTICAST! In this episode, the gang heads to Portland, Oregon to film some stuff that nobody really cares about. Also, Joey & Joey have the night of a lifetime for '24 cast'. Check this stuff out. It's a HOOT!Special Guest: Andrew Gorny, The Pizza PoetFeaturing: Mike's Book ReportEpisode Directed by: Jordan Cole and Mike Davis…


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Episode 4

Length: 24m 58s

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!! This episode brought to you by Myspace Karaoke. Tons of Halloween fun, Moose Interview, 5 safety rules.Special Guest: MooseFeaturing: Cody's Home CookingEpisode Directed by: Josh and Mike Davis…


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Episode 3

Length: 29m 50s

WEEZER ON THE SHOW! Mike and Josh get to go backstage at Weezer's Portland Show and talk to the band and Karl from weezer.com. Huge thanks to 94.7 and Weezer!…


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Episode 2

Length: 24m 58s

The Crew heads to Seattle for wacky fun and interviews on the streets!Special Guests: Slim Pickens…


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Episode 1

Length: 19m 18s

The first episode of the show. Lots of great stuff.Special Guests: Cennagon and Chato…


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The Mike And Joey Jesus Show

The Mike and Joey Jesus Show is an internet variety webshow starring the comedy trifecta of Mike Davis, Joey Britten, Josh Davis, Jordan Cole, and Cody Graves.The normal show format includes interviews, guest appearances, short films, musical performances, fast cuts, and a barrel full of laughs. (Not necessarily in that order)

The Mike And Joey Jesus Show

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