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Last update: 2013-07-01

Episode 6: Passion

2013-07-01 :: Floate Design Partners

Many people would have you believe that passion is an important part of good design. They're probably right. But how can you use it? Are there times it's inappropriate? (With guest Fox Woods)…


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Episode 5: Bridging Design and Development (LIVE)

2013-06-17 :: Floate Design Partners

Designers and developers have an interesting relationship. We've heard tales of respect and annoyance. So is there a way for designers to prepare their work better so developers can work more smoothly? Part of our live series.…


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Episode 4: The Brief

2013-06-03 :: Floate Design Partners

When clients and designers come together to create work, they rely on a thing called "a brief". But what is it? Where does it come from? And how can you kill it? We speak to Melissa Hendry to find out.…


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Episode 3: Changes

2013-05-20 :: Floate Design Partners

A discussion with the CEO of Tweaky about the value of making changes and how to teach other people to not take the work involved in changes for granted.…


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Episode 2: The Inspiration Myth

2013-05-06 :: Floate Design Partners

In October 2012, Ross wrote a blog post about removing the idea of inspiration from the design process. Does inspiration exist? If it does, is it at all useful? How do we convey what we do to our clients in a meaningful way that doesn't involve fairies?…


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Episode 1: Being Wrong

2013-04-22 :: Floate Design Partners

We wanted to hit up the most important part of being a designer. We decided the first thing everybody needs to know is that it's okay to be wrong in the right circumstances and with the best responses.…


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Episode 0: Design behind Melbourne Music Week

2013-04-07 :: Floate Design Partners

The Nudge is a podcast in which we try to be better designers by looking at where we can improve. Our live events centre around finding out about the design process from a client's point of view.…


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