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Last update: 2006-03-14

The Oddcast March 2006

Length: 33s

We thought since we've been doing this for two months now it was high time we do a best of episode...best of out blog that is. March is The Blogcast. Basically all the segments have been featured on our blog in one way or another. We've got music from Dala, Raymond Scott and the Mountain Goats. I play the best chess player in Jamaica and go tanning for the first time. Proud Canadians fail at identifying what the CBC is and we take a listen to the world's most downloaded show, The Ricky Gervais Show. Let's knock it out of first.…


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The Oddcast

A monthly odd podcast filled with interviews, music, monologues, stories, and other odd bits. It's as if Rolling Stone, MAD Magazine and the New Yorker got together, banished their popularity but kept their style, and tried their hands at the newest form of media... the podcast.

The Oddcast

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