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Last update: 2006-09-20

The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 6

2006-09-20 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 12s

The final, thrilling part of the Brown Willy Story.
As Pete Fortune's screams echo over the pre-dawn moors, Linda pushes on to find her kidnapped brother. It would appear the pair's original quest for the Guinevere orchid is long forgotten. But will she be in time to rescue him from the beasts lair?
Back at the Fortune's house, Hitch and Murray seek their own breakthrough to reunite the team. Can Mrs Fortune's pot of tea really be of any assistance? And just how is journalist Blaize's story shaping up?
What has fate and Brown Willy in store for The Paranormalists...Listen on to find the truth!…


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The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 5

2006-08-25 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 10s

Can there be yet more revelations about the origins of 'Brown Willy'?
Under cover of darkness Hitch & Murray have made their way into the labs of "Bakewill & Tarte". But even with the ever present journalist Blaize in tow, the trio struggle to make sense of security guard Ted. Meanwhile on the Moors, Linda has turned the tables on Cyril & Jack as she forces them reluctantly to push deeper into the "forbidden zone". Will Pete be found by his sister, or has the beast split them up forever?
Listen on to discover more...…


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The Legend of Brown Willy-Mini Magazine

2006-08-24 :: Crocanapple Productions

Some background to the world of "The Paranormalists" in this mini-magazine. …


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The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 4

2006-08-14 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 12s

The Legend of Brown Willy continues... Three more parts to go and so many mysteries left to solve.
Just what manner of creature have the sinister morris dancers summoned from the forest with their chanting? And what fate awaits Linda and Pete, trussed together, helpless offerings to the monster? Is Brown Willy a humanzee, the product of a genetic experiment or is there a more supernatural explanation? Looks like it's down to Hitch and Murray to get to the bottom of this particular crytpozoological conundrum and save the Fortunes from a hairy fate to boot. That's if Murray has recovered from being set on fire and shot at!


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The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 3

2006-07-17 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 9s

Are you still reeling from the revelation that Bodmin Bigfoot "Brown Willy" may be the humanzee son of Hannah, Monkey World's shop-keeper? Wondering whether Murray, in his squirrel costume, will make it out of the woods alive with Dave and his gun-crazed commandos hot on his tail? Wringing your hands at what nefarious design the residents of Nettle's Reach have in store for Linda and Pete? Then you'd better download the latest part of The Paranormalists. And be quick about it!…


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The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 2

2006-07-06 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 11s

Following a sighting of Bigfoot on Bodmin Moor, Hitch's investigations are taking him to 'Monkey World' accompanied by journalist Blaize Forrest. But are Blaize's intentions as innocent as they seem? And what of the other Paranormalists? Murray is masquerading as a giant squirrel, whilst Linda and Pete's botanical expedition has taken a dramatic turn. But are we any closer to discovering who or what Brown Willy really is... …


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The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 1

2006-06-24 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 13s

The first of an exciting new 6 part adventure for our Paranormalists.
With Linda and Pete AWOL on a botanical expedition and Murray forced to entertain the kids at Butlins dressed as a squirrel, it's left to Hitch to investigate the strange reports of a hairy hominid roaming Bodmin Moor. Then with the arrival of a smarmy journalist from London and a mysterious pair of locals on the Fortunes' trail, all is clearly not as it seems... …


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The Legend of Brown Willy-Prologue

2006-05-05 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 1s

In anticipation of the forthcoming adventure featuring 'The Paranormalists', our old friend Plutarch reminiscences on his excursions in the jungles of Indo- China during the 19th century. But is the beast he encountered as fearsome as the one currently haunting Bodmin Moor? Fear not. The Paranormalists will soon return in 'The Legend Of Brown Willy!'…


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Minehead Elvis-Part 4

2006-04-03 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 9s

Minehead Elvis takes the stand and confronts the fearsome Buford Moon in the thrilling conclusion to his story. The outcome hinges on a missing boat, a haul of mackerel and an ancient map...
It's not just the Paranormalists' reputation at stake but the end of life as we know it!
How's it all going to end you ask? I'm afraid even Pete Fortune's in the dark on this one. …


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Minehead Elvis-Part 3

2006-03-19 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 12s

Minehead Elvis gets to sing and his case finally gets to court. Hitch expresses doubts about his team's future and Murray has a close encounter with the Minehead ladies' lacrosse team. But, how does Mrs Taggish make those scones? How would Dave drop a rhino from twelve yards? And just how tall is the world's tallest dwarf? All these questions and more are answered in part 3...…


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Minehead Elvis-Part 2

2006-03-03 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 11s

Clive Tagish convinces The Paranormalists to help him prove in a court of law that he really was abducted by aliens. They soon realize that there's more to this deranged singer's story than meets the eye. Much more. But will they find the truth, who exactly is Plutarch Black and will we hear Minehead Elvis sing? Scone, anyone? …


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Minehead Elvis-Part 1

2006-02-26 :: Crocanapple Productions
Length: 11s

Believing that he met Elvis Presley in a UFO above the Bristol Channel, Clive Tagish AKA “Minehead Elvis” contacts ‘The Paranormalists’ with an intriguing proposition. …


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The Paranormalists

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'The Paranormalists' is the first comedy drama podcast from the UK.
Follow the team of supernatural investigators in the English West Country as they encounter UFO abductions, Elvis, and a beast on Bodmin Moor.
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This professional production features a host of talent from British TV and radio, including the legendary Michael "Bullet Baxter" Cronin and BBC Radio 4's Neil Edmond.
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