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Last update: 2010-12-01

poddog show

2010-12-01 :: daryl cognito
Length: 19s

Celebrating the Canadian National Day of Podcasting, Daryl Cognito presents a brand new Poddog Show. Dogs in the news Dog goes missing Courtney Cox’s daughter wants a dog. fake leg for dog My Week in Podcatching JaK attack Big Show Jawbone OkaZoo Christiana Dan Klass Tip Tap Tip Saturday Morning Poke…


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Poddog show 5 (repost)

2010-05-24 :: daryl cognito
Length: 26s

First posted August 10 2005…


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Poddog show 4

2010-05-02 :: daryl cognito
Length: 23s

First released on Aug 9 2005…


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Poddog Show 3 (rewind)

2010-04-19 :: daryl cognito
Length: 25s

First posted august 4 2005…


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The Poddog Show 2 (rewind)

2010-04-02 :: daryl cognito
Length: 20s

First release on July 27 2005…


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The Poddog Show 1 (rewind)

2010-03-22 :: daryl cognito
Length: 29s

First released on July 20 2005 this was my first attempt at podcasting. Sadly the show notes for that episode are long since lost.…


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Learn how to podcast in Calgary


This is your last chance to regester for the June 7 class. The �Nuts and Bolts of Podcasting� will cover everything you need to know to start podcasting. Recording, editing, hosting and Feeding. It is a hands on class, meaning you will learn as you do. Ideally, participants should have their own laptop, but we [...]…


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That’s it folks

2008-03-28 :: daryl cognito

I have decided to pull all the old poddog shows from the feed. The shows are downloaded a lot each month but I’m not sure why, except maybe because of itunes “get all” button. Now bandwidth is not the problem, but I would rather redirect people to Atomic Suburbia. If you are really interested in [...]…


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Posting from an ipod touch


I really have not been playing with the touch all that much but I do enjoy it. I like watching Ask a Ninja when I have a spare 5 minutes. I bought a 10$ speaker and I love showing people the promotional video for a little non profit I volunteer with or when there is [...]…


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Air Supply Dreams


Shortly after PAB 07 I was approached by the lovely and amazingly talented Sage Tyrtle to be a guest on the Quirky Quiz, part of her wildly popular Quirky Nomads Podcast. I am not kidding when I say this was the single most exciting thing to happen to me since I got into podcasting. Sage [...]…


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The Poddog Show

Daryl Cognito's first podcast, re-published by popular demand

The Poddog Show

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