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Last update: 2009-02-02

Episode 2

Length: 28m 12s

Purple Poolwater: Episode 2 : The Journey to planet 7 dj's: The Danger Dub Duo (Violet gray + Dub-a-tak) mc: Sage Emeralds After barely surviving a deadly meteor storm near the clandestine galaxy, Space Ghost is in need of a vacation. So he decides to stop at a nearby space station to find out whats going on in the area. He picks up a flyer for a dubstep party happening tonight on planet 7 with special guest dj's THE DANGER DUB DUO! He runs out of the space station and quickly fires up his ghost ship...Next stop Planet 7!!! Tracklisting #2 1) n/a 2) Rusko- Original Cut 3) 12th Planet Feat Emu - Control 4) Crissy criss- Don't Mess About 5) Bar 9 - Bakin Bread 6) Teksteppa- Rave culture 7) DZ- Down 8) Bar 9- Shaolin 9) Search and Destroy- Desperate Measures 10) Nero- This Way *snippets taken from a live performance... …


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Episode 1-Watch Out Cuz Theres a Monster on the Dance Floor!!!

Length: 28m 39s

After winning several dancing competitions in Brazil, Blanka decides to visit Los Angeles for a vacation. One day while out sight seeing he gets a little lost and enters a dark and mysterious club for directions back to his hotel. As he walks in the building he is instantly surrounded by Amazon babes in every direction. Lucky for him The Danger Dub Duo W/ Sage Emeralds are playing a live set tonight... Will Blanka get directions? Will he Fall in Love? Will he break out his killer dance moves? 1. Zed BIAS - Solitary Drop (feat. Joshua Black) 2. BALKANSKY- Hitroza 3. The Others- Light Up Your Spliff 4. CRISSY CRISS- Soap Dodger 5. RESO- If You Can't Beat Em 6. Lex LARDEN - Flying 7. RUSKO - Snes Dub 8. RUSKO - Original Cut 9. TRENCHMAN - A Milli (instrumental) 10. An-ten-nae - Citoyen Dub 11. Don GOLIATH - Citoyen Dub 12. DJ MET - Duckey 13. DUB & RUN - Young Folks 14 . The Others - Africa 15. Joker - Snake Eater 16. DUB & RUN - Basements …


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The Purple Poolwater Podcast

Sage Emeralds and The Danger Dub Duo (Dub-a-Tak + Violet Grey)

The Purple Poolwater Podcast

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