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Last update: 2006-04-23

Season 1, Episode 12

2006-04-23 :: Scamper

In the 12th and final episode of Season 1, Brendan, Nate, Keith and Mike wax nostalgic on the past three months and debut a brand new song from Scamper's upcoming "The Boulevards EP".…


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Season 1, Episode 11

2006-04-16 :: Scamper

Taped just hours before Scamper's Rumble semifinal appearance: Nate lets it fly, Mike speaks his mind, Brendan interviews Scamper's doting wife, plus music from Fooled By April.…


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Season 1, Episode 10

2006-04-09 :: Scamper

On location in a van with Tony: Another gig day audio journal, this time with a surprise ending; music from WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble semifinalists Campaign For Real-Time and Appomattox.…


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Season 1, Episode 9

2006-04-02 :: Scamper

The triumphant return of Nate, Scamper predicts the future, and music from Sucka Brown.…


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Season 1, Episode 8

2006-03-26 :: Scamper

Nate goes missing, music from The Rudds and Casey Desmond, and the decidedly uncomfortable Bandlywed Game.…


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Season 1, Episode 7

2006-03-19 :: Scamper

Encounters with local rock bands Fluttr Effect, Aloud, and Taxpayer; one lucky contestant competes for $25 of Scamper's hard-earned cash; and a new segment: Nate Sets U Str8.…


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Season 1, Episode 6

2006-03-12 :: Scamper

Scamper bridges the generation gap, and makes it a little easier out there for a pimp, also music from Plan B.…


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Season 1, Episode 5

2006-03-05 :: Scamper

Letters... we get letters; Brendan accepts a wrestling challenge and puts his dignity at risk; WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble trash talk, music from Boston's Mach 5 and Harris.…


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Season 1, Episode 4

2006-02-26 :: Scamper

The Scamper Podcast goes global, an interview with comedian Tim McIntire, and music from Boston's own Bon Savants.…


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Season 1, Episode 3

2006-02-19 :: Scamper

Mike competes with Brendan on the $25 Scampyramid, dream analysis, cupcake analysis, and new music from Aloud.…


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Season 1, Episode 2

2006-02-12 :: Scamper

You are the 5th member of Scamper as you listen along to Brendan's audio journal on gig day, also new music from Kay Hanley.…


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Season 1, Episode 1

2006-02-06 :: Scamper

The origins of the band, an exclusive interview with Kay Hanley, and brand new music from Scamper.…


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