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Last update: 2006-08-22

The Secret Magdalene

2006-08-22 :: Ki Longfellow
Length: 42s


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The Secret Magdalene - Interview

As a non-Christian this book came to me highly recommended by a friend. And I cannot recommend it highly enough myself. I have never felt so immersed in such a vivid depiction of the ancient world. Ki Longfellow brought Jerusalem, and its surrounding desert tribes, alive for me, as well as Egyptian Alexandria which held me in awe as the story carried me there across the Nile, and into the city and its famed library during its heyday. The story was a page turner, and the philosophy of gnosticism it depicts, during the time of its origins, fascinated me. The philosophy evolves naturally with the story, and humanizes Jesus as he struggles with his personal questions and doubts. As a non-Christian, THIS is a Jesus I could believe in. I had no idea of the complexities of Jewish culture during those times, and the story of Jesus moved me deeply. So much so that I cried both times I read the book, and books don't make me cry! If you're looking for a tale of magic, mystery and suspense, in which to lose yourself. This is the one! - A Reader

The Secret Magdalene - Interview

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