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Last update: 2009-06-05

Getting Started with Premiere Elements 7 : Module 1.03


This first SimplyDV video podcast comes in the form of a sample module from Disc One of our new series of screencast tutorial DVDs - "Getting started with Premiere Elements 7". This module, entitled "Creating your first sequence" describes the basics of assembling a simple sequence from video clips that are pre-installed with the software on your computer. …


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 12


Colin chats about the new-look SimplyDV website; he gives his thoughts on the new Canon HV30 HDV camcorder in addition to discussing two new standard definition camcorders from Panasonic - the SDR-H280 "Hybrid" HDD/SD cam and the SDR-SW20 "shockproof, waterproof" SD card cam. Also under the spotlight are Aiptek's PowerDV AHD200 high definition "pocket-cam" and Pinnacle's freebie editing application - VideoSpin. His "Pick of the Month" 3rd party software utility is MPEG Streamclip from Squared5.com.…


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 11


Is there a reason why a prominent camcorder brand would prefer you not to have access to good, fair and objective reviews of their latest products? We consider why this might be and look at how this impacts on other considerations you might wish to make when deciding on which new camcorder to buy. Also in this podcast we look at VoltaicHD, a great piece of low-cost software designed to make life easier for AVCHD camcorder owners wishing to import and edit their clips in their favourite Windows PC and non-Intel Apple Mac video software.…


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 10


In this first SimplyDV Podcast for 2008, Colin talks about the new Panasonic HDC-SD9 and HS9 AVCHD models and mulls over the new camcorder offerings from Panasonic, Canon, Sony and JVC for the coming season. He also reflects on the increasing number of new consumer camcorders that now offer full specification high definition recording and asks the question "Will 2008 really be tape-based consumer digital video's last year?".…


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 09


In this edition, Colin chats about the impressive Canon HV20 HDV High Definition camcorder and explains why he prefers it over Sony's equivalent model, the HDR-SR7 model. The podcast also provides an update into new video editing software, such as Pinnacle Studio Plus 11 and Ulead Videostudio 11 Plus, which now provide the capability to import and edit footage shot with the new generation of AVCHD tapeless high definition camcorders from Sony and Panasonic. This edition of the podcast also kicks off a new feature - Listeners' Emails - the first of which is on the subject of the HDV and DV recording options of current HDV camcorders.…


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 08


This whole episode is devoted to an exclusive review of Panasonic's brand new SDR-SD1 AVCHD High Definition camcorder that's taking the video world by storm, and which records High Definition widescreen digital video and still images as well as 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound to High Capacity SD (SDHC Class 2) memory cards.…


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 07


A look at the significant new camcorder offerings for 2007, including an overview of the latest models from Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC. This first SimplyDV podcast of the year also looks at the main competing video formats and considers the significance of two new "Full HD" High Definition camcorders from JVC and Canon - namely the Everio GZ-HD7 HDD cam and the HV20 respectively - both of which offer full 1920x1080 resolution video for the new high definition era.…


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 06


Adobe's Mike Impietro talks about the new features Premiere Elements 3.0 has in store for new digital video editors.…


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SimplyDV Podcast Number 05


This week, we look at how you can convert your old VHS, Hi8 and Video8 recordings to digital video; there's also guidance on choosing and using tripods, and if you're keen on digitising all your image, sound and film or video keepsakes, you'll find a new book (of which Colin is a co-author) called "Go Digital: Keep the Past Alive!" just the thing to have handy.…


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The SimplyDV Digital Video Podcast

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The SimplyDV Digital Video Podcast

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