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Last update: 2009-03-29

Tilt! The saucersunday (video) podcast #1

2009-03-29 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Becuse we really don't have anything better to do on Sunday... we drink! Tilt!…


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#72 - A new podcast YAY!

2009-02-03 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Totally unsafe for everyone that works at the RIAA. I Just don't really care anymore. They lost the battle, podcasters won! So, MC Hammer, Rick James, Tiffany, Dead or Alive and Robert Palmer... And for a change your host just announces records and nothing else (almost nothing else). Therefore, here is the shortest of your kastpods in known history! ENJOY!…


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#71 - All Useless Flutter

2008-11-01 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Elections, Gun Control, Maceo Parker, T-Rex, Porn Stars…


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#70 - Back with a Dog

2008-02-21 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Long time no see folks. Music, Music, Music, as well as me rambling about my love for little Nina, reconnecting with old friends and moving from Oklahoma to Tennessee. ItÂ’s kind of a “Something old, something new, something borrowed, nothing blue” episode. As per usual, the banter is about nothing in particular and the burps are loud. Speaking of burps, we have a new sponsor. After Heineken and Senseo, we are making way for Steel Reserve. Maybe the beer wasnÂ’t such a good move, but the interstate relocation seems to be OK so far. I would give you a playlist, but frankly, I donÂ’t rememberÂ… Hahahaha, what else is new...…


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#69 - Tester Strips

2007-11-11 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Rambling about the dog, fragrance departments, mainstream artists on indie podcasts, podcast user magazineÂ… And Great music! By: T-Rex (Marc Bolan), Silva Jaguar and Jackie Marshall. Honorable mentions for: IODA (Promonet) Kellie Pickler and Garth Brooks as well as Senseo and cigarettes. NOT SAFE FOR WORK!…


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#68 - Shhhhhh Don't talk

2007-09-28 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Not saying a dang thing...…


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#67 - Official Stevie Salas Day

2007-06-09 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Move Stevie Salas guitar playing goodness than you know what to do with. Easy on the talking hard on the music.…


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#66 - Mothers day Special

2007-05-13 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

For all moms! But dads can also listen...…


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#65 - History is Invented here!

2007-04-15 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Cars, Jimi, Elvis, a song that could mean my death... What is not to like!…


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#64 - Bum Rush Busted!!!

2007-04-01 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

If you are a podcaster, please please please, spread the word. It has come to my attention that the bumrushthecharts initiative was nothing but an elaborate media stunt by Podshow. It had nothing to do with social media but everything with making money. Some very reliable sources gave me some very disturbing factsÂ… Now itÂ’s up to you to further expose the hoax! ItÂ’s a total travesty that podcasters are being abused like this!!!…


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TPD Street Stories #1

2007-03-29 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

After all the bragging I did about the Tulsa Police Podcasts. I figured it is high time I'd let you in on the fun! So here it is... Officer Jay talking about his very ODD day in The Tulsa Police Street Stories Podcast #1…


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#63 - The Real Deal

2007-03-04 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

ItÂ’s Episode (sixty) three. The Episode of useless rambling (about high school kids, American Idol, Anna N. Smith), eclectic music and experimentation on the --frontier of engineer-- (I am messing with my audio) and not for the better either, but hey... I had fun!…


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#63 Minus - Life Unscripted Reloaded

2007-02-11 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Well, I had to do it sometime, so hear (pun intended) it is... I revisit what episode 62 would have been about had Audacity (the recording software) not ate it, play some music, ramble some and do a soundcheck…


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#62 - Life Unscripted

2007-01-21 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Sometimes things just happen! and when they do, I talk about it. Music from the Gospel Hummingbirds. For more details you just have to listen. Except of course that something went mysteriously WRONG!! For some weird reason, only the last 3 minutes of the 20-some minute recording session got saved. I guess this really is life unscripted! Great, I pour my heart out and the computer throws it in the trash! *sigh*…


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#61 - The very last episode!

2006-12-31 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Of the year! No silly year-in-review thingamajiggers in this oneÂ… NOPE! Just good music, complaints about copy protection on VHS tapes, me not smokingÂ… and all your burps and ehs and ahs that you have come to expect from the ex-pat Amsterdamian.…


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#59.b - The Episode following the Missing Episode

2006-11-26 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Ok, so some of you reported withdrawal symptomsÂ… Well, I am back! ItÂ’s after thanksgiving and we are headed into the Xmas season. I said I would re-record number 59, butÂ… Nah! It ainÂ’t ever the same the second time around. So while the music selection is very much like the episode that you will never get to hear, the banter in between is very much different.…


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#58 - I am BACK!! With more guitars then you can shake a microphone atÂ…

2006-10-29 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Wow, I canÂ’t believe I am doing thisÂ… Yay! Another podcast! This time with Blues, Blues and more Blues (so Marco if you are still listeningÂ…) All music today is courtesy of Promonet and it was (in case you are interested) part of my “cohesion in sound” experiment. Anyway, I spend a lot of time in this episode explaining why I have been away for so long — itÂ’s what you get when you have been away for so long — as well as mentioning some weird news facts that I found strewn about over the InternetzzÂ……


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#57 Funky with cell phones

2006-09-24 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Cell phone providers that disconnect your phone just so you get in touch with them. Where in the world is Adam Curry (number 8, I believe).…


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#56 Up Close and Apple

2006-09-14 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

While slaving away at work, I did manage to do another show (I hate the word showÂ… as if it somehow isnÂ’t real). Number 55 is full of music and Flash GordonÂ… I could not reach the Curry houshold, so there is no “Where in the World is Adam Curry”. He is either in London or Second Life anywayÂ… ENJOY me being ticked off with the phone company!…


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#55 Selection Eclection

2006-09-01 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

While slaving away at work, I did manage to do another show (I hate the word showÂ… as if it somehow isnÂ’t real). Number 55 is full of music and Flash GordonÂ… I could not reach the Curry houshold, so there is no “Where in the World is Adam Curry”. He is either in London or Second Life anywayÂ… ENJOY me being ticked off with the phone company!…


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#54 The Conspiracy Theory

2006-08-20 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

First off all, My apologies for the lousy quality of my voice. Of all people I should know that if it sounds bad in the cans it sounds bad in the Mp3Â… Oh well. Today I talk about the big conspiracy that we call Podcasting. Do you really think you are listening to Skinny White Boy? How do you know? Because Adam Curry is in London! What? Listen to the latest installment of “Where in the World is Adam Curry.…


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#53 The Thinnest Man KastPod

2006-08-13 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

With More Music from Jody, my new Theme Song (By Diamond Dave Somerville) and some assorted junkets…


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#52 Much KastPod about Nothing...

2006-08-03 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

I am back from surgery! With nothing to say and I am taking my time to do it. Music from Jody, Rich and the Fall Out Boys. Stupid jokes and another episode of: Where in the Worls is Adam Curry (hint: Condo). Today I am actually taking the time to share some listener comments and have a lot of beerus interupticus.…


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#51 Jumping Jack-AssÂ… It is a Gassssss!

2006-07-20 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Installment 4 of WITWIAC (the Adam Curry bit), Music of course, Wolfman Jack in the Historical Sound Byte and I just cannot seem to shut up about the conspiracy that is Global Warming. Of course my SUV is to blame for thatÂ… No, itÂ’s the windy people of KansasÂ… Oh no wait, ItÂ’s the windy state of Kansas and the windy PEOPLE that eat beansÂ… Oh no wait that is the sollution to the problem! Farts and other things that produce wind. If we all keep eating beans we will have no energy crisis. If we stop eating Mexican food, wellÂ… we will run out of oil in the time it takes to listen to this KastPod. Oh you think this text is incoherent? Wait till you listen to the show!…


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#50 Grandpa on Gay Rights!

2006-07-16 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

In this episode I lash out to the boners who think that our gay and lesbian friends should not be allowed to get married. There is music from: Fall Out Boy, Albert Collins and from Joan Jett. The latter recorded a song for the album: ItÂ’s about Eve an album to raise money for Breast Cancer research (among other things). Why is this episode called: Grandpa on Gay Right? My favorite little kid was visiting the White Boy family for the last two weeks and you get to hear the chronicles of a podcaster babysitting. Adam didnÂ’t show up for Where in the World installment number threeÂ……


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#49 It's about Damn Time!

2006-06-30 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Finally! I am back from my podcast vacation. Somewhat self-inflicted, somewhat mandatory, my doctor told me to take a break if I didnÂ’t feel like dying from a heart-attack at 40 (years of age, not number of episodes). But I am all done with that and now itÂ’s time to get back into the shwing of things. 30 minutes of already classic, already vintage SWB. Music by Los Lonely Boys, Pat Boone and lesser known but nevertheless killerÂ… Pat Vitagliano. Took the recorder on my trip to Dallas last week, so some soundseeing as well as yours truly burping (hey what else is new) into the MicrophoneÂ… And of course, the second installment in the series: Where In The World Is Adam Curry!…


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#48 Where in the World is my Anniversary

2006-06-02 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

ItÂ’s June 2nd (well 3rd as I type this)! Exactly one year after SWBK number 1 came online! We are celebrating, but not too muchÂ… In todayÂ’s episode I start the exciting new segment: Where in the World is Adam Curry (or WITWIAC for short). In this new segment that, from now on, will adorn every KastPod we check in with Adam C. or one of his family members to check where he is hanging out this time. In this first installment, the honor goes to his wife Patricia! We are further celebrating with music you might not realize is totally PODSAFE. Tom Jones, John Lee HookerÂ… to name but a few. In upcoming episodes I will play more tunes that are _amazingly podsafe_ And the celebration goes on, by lashing out to the President of the Homeowners Assoc. The A-Hole! I also went to the casino tonight, where I lost 80 dollars in 20 minutes and smoked 500 cigarettes in 1 minute. That has got to be a WORLD RECORD!…


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#47 The Soul Patrol

2006-05-25 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

LetÂ’s talk about American Idol, the show everyone loves to hate. Yez I voted for Taylor Hicks! We had bunches of shows on TV like this when I was a kid. This was back in Holland where they have a passport that contains an error that nobody knows about (up until today that is). And while Mr. Hicks had to become Simon CowellÂ’s bitch and there are probably better ways to get your 15 minutes of fame, most indie artists donÂ’t seem to get what it takes and offend me in the process of being clueless. Luckily, there are artists like Charmaine Brooks, Cruisebox and Marpesia that do get it!…


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#46 Porn Porn and More Porn (Condom required)

2006-05-20 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

All about spam, and why I like porn, but not email about porn!…


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#45: Memphis and the sucking Microphone

2006-05-13 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

So you were wondering where the show was? It was out there, just not in the RSS feed. So if you pick up my show thru Juice or iTunes... Well, it is late! SORRY!…


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#44: Your Dialtone Delivered

2006-05-06 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

I am mad with AT and T and with the FCC and I am drinking beer-soda and it just doesnÂ’t burp as well and, and andÂ… Great music, funky too!…


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#43: Tornado Radio

2006-04-29 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

It helps if I actually put the new episode on the server huh?? Anyway, music from Charmaine B., Jeremy Gimbel and also Stevie Stilleto. I talk about why weather radio is so cool, the new Mandy Moore movie (a must see) and announce the discontinuation of the Voice Mail Hot Line.…


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#42: Nay No Ya Ka Pad Cast

2006-04-20 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Hurray I am 36! I am, not the KastPod (it is 42). Today we are Giving Liz Phair a shout out, play music by Angela Carnegie and a reprise of Joel Melton, we also have the Cantonese version of the CruiseBox hit On a podcast. And if all that ainÂ’t enough, Amelia Earhart in the Historical Sound Byte. You probably will not get this until it is some sort of Friday where you are, but while I am typing this it is still the Thursday showÂ……


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#41: Getting Personal

2006-04-06 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Ok after show #40 some of you were left wondering which songs it was that I played as I had refrained from identifying them in any way shape or form. Well, my apologies, I remedy that today. Meanwhile this show is historic in its own right in that it was simultaneously recorded on Thursday April 7, 2006 (which doesnÂ’t exist) and also on Thursday April 6, 2005. Yup! I did it again! But this time I can blame Lydocane for my loopiness.…


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#40: Money Talks and Talk Walks

2006-03-30 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Just dang good music, no more... Not even me!…


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#39: Podcasting is Dead

2006-03-24 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Not reallyÂ… but that is what some of the Dutchies say. I pay no attention to that Bologna (Balony) and just go on entertaining, primarily, MYSELF! By popular demand this entry in my RSS feed will have NO timestamp (you are welcome Bernard) and the music today is Jazz, Country and Rock (in that order). Watch out for episode 40 that will contain none of me and EVERYTHING that is cool music-wise. Until then, say hello to this crap.…


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#38: Immigration Policy (RELOAD)

2006-03-16 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

I was really happy with this one, not because of the sound quality, or because my execution was all that good, but because it felt so good. Then I heard tha scratchy sound. That damn dawg... No, not the family-basset, but that darn aniaml that thinks it needs to help you find things in Windows XP. Just didnÂ’t wanna go away. Today 3 totally different songs (different from one another that is), discussing the immigration policy in the Netherlands and making you smarter by drinking beer.…


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#37: The No Show

2006-03-09 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

I have been playing with Cubase, 2 of my guitars, 1 of my basses and a whole bunch of soft-synths and drum machines. So much that I did not prep a new show at all (Shame on me!). Instead I give you my progress on the song (thatÂ’s a bg word for my trials and tribulations) I am doing. Also I talk about my non-career in Music. The working title for the song I am doing is: RiffRaff and the other music is by the Mother Hips.…


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#36: The Rising Sun

2006-03-02 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Once again, Ambulance LTD, because I have it and you canÂ’t buy it yet(I am special)! Japanes/American conflict in the historical sound byte and some chatting about the new issue of the Podcast User Magazine. Short and sweet and all the music you needÂ……


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#35 The weekend edition

2006-02-24 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Music Mistakes and Mundanity!…


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#34 Back in the Saddle

2006-02-16 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Except of course that I am violently afraid of horses, so saddle me up a cow. TodayÂ’s episode sees the long awaited return of the Historical Sound Byte, I mention (thatÂ’s too good to pass up) the US VPÂ’s recent hunting accident, look back at the well perceived experiment that is/was the Dutch KastPod and play some KICK ASS music! I am also wondering where some of my regular listeners went. Should I do a segment like VH1Â’s Where are they now?…


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#33.2 Een tussendoortje

2006-02-12 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

If you are wondering how come you canÂ’t read the title, itÂ’s in Dutch. Today I decided to do something different, a KastPod in my Native LanguageÂ… The rest of this post will be, guesÂ… Vandaag had ik gewoon even zin in wat naders. Bij deze dus, een geheel onvoorbereidde (en dat is te merken) KastPod nummertje 33.2. Gewoon gezellig, muziek, ge-ouwehoer, chaos. Net aslof je in de kroeg zit, maar dan met een mikrofoon!…


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#33 The Game Show Network

2006-02-09 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

New opening music, because once in my life I watch GSN and notice that Lingo stole my opening act! I donÂ’t know what is wrong with them, how can they do that? Neither do I know what is wrong with meÂ… Lately I havenÂ’t had enough energy, I guess, to do a KastPod and today that even gave me the jitters. The music is kick-ass! ThatÂ’s the one good thing, the IRN is going to dissolve and thatÂ’s more bad news I didnÂ’t need. I am stressed, I am overworked, I need to find my good ole podcasting self back and have some fun! Anywho, The music is by: Candy Butchers, Infamous Jake and the Pinstripe Mafia and Dutch band Mama Loo (all bands can be looked up on my *Featured in the KastPod* page)…


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#32 Rock and Roll Baby!

2006-02-02 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

We are closing the Alannah campaign, but fear not there is plenty of good stuff still to come!…


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#31 Covenant Shmovenant!

2006-01-26 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

From the new Studio in T-town, T704B (no I am not changing any of the jingles) I tackle the covenant that governs the owner ship of the house I just bought. For 100 dollars a month, the home-owners association thinks it can tell me that I cannot park in my own driveway. Screw that! In the Alannah update: 3 podcast played the promo with hopefully a lot more to follow. I received email from Miss Myles, the one and only! Bad News: No way Black Velvet will ever be PodSafe. Good News: IÂ’ll be the god damn judge of that! If I have to take it up with Queen Elizabeth, I will! All tunes tonight (but one, the Aces), courtesy of www.podsafeaudio.com…


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#30 More Alannah

2006-01-19 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Once more... All about Alannah Myles and my new campaign to make the Queen of Rock (in my book) PODSAFE!…


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#29 Forget the Biddies, Gimme Alannah

2006-01-12 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

All about Alannah Myles and my new campaign to make the Queen of Rock (in my book) PODSAFE!…


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#28 What did they do with the Presidents brain

2006-01-05 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Happy New Year everyone! Hard to believe itÂ’s here already, or is that a thing that only old folks say? AnywayÂ… Besides testimony in regards to the JFK assassination in the Historical Sound Byte, a song about that very subject, trying to find the answer to when you download and listen to my shows and some more tunes. All music (well almost all anyway) is courtesy of IODA.…


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#27 New Year Almost Here... (NSFW)

2005-12-29 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

The last show of 2005. Today I am revisiting some of the music I played in 2005. This -Not-Safe-For-Work episode also features my thoughts on advertising placed INSIDE urinals and a Holiday wish from Wanda Wisdom (although I think itÂ’s mostly what she wishes for herself). Music by Brother Love, Burnshee Thornside, 2NU and Cruisebox Hope yÂ’all will have a MAH-VA-LUZ new years! From T-Town, much LoveÂ… Skinny White Boy…


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#26 Xmas with the IRN

2005-12-22 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Wow, this year went by in a blink! The year is almost over and I still have so much crap to doÂ… This was the year to become famous, well so much for New YearÂ’s resolutions. I officially give up! Then again, thanks to the guys at IRN I might just have a shot next year. KastPod #26 is the first that will be on the Insomnia Radio Network Superfeed. Welcome to our new listerners! IRN is a great network of the best in Music, Tech, Talk and Â… BeerÂ… and as of this week I am part of it. HURRAY! I am starting a new thingamajigger.. A fun project with my good friends Jan Polet and Mister Brad. We call it Jan PoletÂ’s Hit Test Productions. I might just, one of these days, tell you what itÂ’s all about. Pardon my French, I completely screwed up the URL to Promonet in the previous episode (#25). It should be: http://promonet.iodalliance.com. Whoops! Well, all that and a historical piece of audio from Apollo 8 too. That last bit recorded a googooplexillion miles from earth on X-mas eve of 1968! Get the whole shebang and see if you can figure out where this weekÂ’s dope mistake is located in the showÂ… Have Phun!…


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#25 The Birthday Boy

2005-12-07 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Oh wow! I have done this 24 times before (and even more if you count the shows I decided to not to assign their own numbers) What a trip! It feels like I've been doing this all my years and at the same time it's like that old song... It feels like the first time (It feels like the very first time). Speaking of old songs. I went back to my roots for this one! Courtesy of by IODA, I was able to play a Deep Purple tune, The Nails and a Smashing Pumpkins song. Just to show you what an arrogant beeotch I can be, I put myself in the Historical Sound Byte!…


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#24b Cruisebox belated Thanksgiving

2005-12-07 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

I am currently residing in the great state of Tennessee. The hotel room does have wifi but itÂ’s going up and down and up and down and up and down. Kinda likeÂ….A prostitute in NYC I guess. WifiÂ… Yeah! And what is it with the coffee in hotel rooms? They give you enough coffee to keep the entire block awake for 2 weeks but then only throw 1 (one) packet of sugar in the room! IÂ’ll upload a new show (yup I have it sitting here on my hard disk) as soon as I get to our corporate offices. Oh boy this is soooo Adam Curry!…


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#24 A Cruisebox belated Thanksgiving

2005-12-01 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Finally!! The long awaited Cruisebox interview! Whoooo-bloody-peee! All of it got very belated due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. There was just too much food to be prepared to also do a show. I wasnÂ’t too happy with that and so you get to hear about my take on what I like to call the Get-It-Over-With-So-We-Can-Get-On-With-Xmas Holiday. The music today is groovy and sexy and courtesy of www.podsafeaudio.com. Somehow my studio decided to start living a live of its own and I had to suffer the sounds from it. If you think this sounds different from the usualÂ… It does!…


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#23 Musicland Muck

2005-11-17 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Today I replay a segment I produced for Jason from Insomnia Radio. Music from (oh yeah!) Cruzbox, Ndromeda and Planet of Women. We quickly check the listener comments and all but shit a brick over Jan Polet having to give up the Hit Test (at least in itÂ’s current form) due to Music Industry Moguls that JUST DONÂ’T GET IT...…


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# 22 Cruisebox is BACK!

2005-11-09 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

And they wrote a song about meÂ… well sort of anywayÂ… In this episode: Cruisebox, Stephen Lynch, Harvey Keene and Buckethead (that last one for sure is not podsafe — but legal nonetheless). I introduce IRN, IODA and generally bounce off the walls because I am so totally psyched about the new Cruisebox tuneÂ……


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# 21 From the New Studio in T-Town

2005-10-20 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

From the new studio comes PodSafe Music and the sounds of a nation at war...…


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# 20 Weddings and other Crap

2005-10-20 :: kastpod@gmail.com (Skinny White Boy)

Hurray! The Tattooed lady is over from Holland. She makes an appearance on the KastPod. We are back to the normal numbering (so this is indeed #20) and as per usual talk about nothing at all. ItÂ’s amazing we keep managing to fill 30 minutes with this nonsense. Music by Request, Dead Armadillos, and a Dutch Lesson (TodayÂ’s word is: Stinkdier).…


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The Skinny White Boy KastPod

From the hickory-smoked heartland of the Red Dirt State (close to Texas), NPR meets Rock 'n' Roll... Sort Of! PodSafe music, Historical Audio, and lots of OPINION! Hailing from Oklahoma, Skinny White Boy (a native from Amsterdam, Holland) produces a show that has been described with terms such as: Irreveren* (with both D and T), Diabolical and Humorous. Now with: Where in the World is Adam Curry!

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