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Last update: 2012-12-06

All around the World

Length: 5m 19s

What to lean on when their are troubles in the world. Winner of this months Strong Future International music contest. To buy more music from this artist go to this link to the Signswift project. http://www.tripleclicks.com/music/artist.php?id=88 …


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Dream the Dream

Length: 6m 24s

We journey in this life sometimes taking for granted the dreams we should hold true. …


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Its 2012

Length: 4m 0s

Believing in the changes in the world for peace and harmony …


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2012 (Harmonizer) First Movement

Length: 3m 49s

The intro first movement of 2012 about searching hearts for peace. …


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Welcome to the Soakers House

Length: 4m 12s

WARNING THIS MAYBE CONTAGIOUS!You might dance and run and shout like you've never did before. Full of worship, full of praise, you might forget your troubles this very sameday. …


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Sing Freedom

Length: 6m 34s

About a song for Freedom for everyone around the world. That singer could write the words about Freedom for everyone. Signsift album adition. …


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I Carried You

Length: 5m 11s

Song based on the poem and photo footpints in the sand. …


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The Secret Garden

Length: 3m 50s

Another song for the Signswift album being produced this one will be submitted to record labels. Along with three other entry's being work on in this syth project. Its about having your own space away from the chaos to pray, meditate being still in fast a pace world. …


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You Walked the Walked Again

Length: 5m 59s

Going threw the changes all about walking some of the same situations but coming threw each problem the victor. This is a sample track of writing music and sampling. It was decided this track wouldn't be on Signswift coming album. This is a demo run of the music for I carried you. Not to be included in Newest album. …


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Dark Night of the Soul

Length: 6m 9s

Signswift concept album continues one out of many. When no one seems to understand or believe in you sometimes you just have to get out of the way and let the truth reveal itself. …


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Soakerized ~ Everlasting God

Length: 3m 30s

A short version of a song from a long concert version by the Soaker Aka Dj Whirlwind Mcgee working on the final Universal theme. …


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The Tight Rope

Length: 6m 29s

From group project Signswift. About the pressures of life standing on the edge. …


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The Soakers House -Let it Rain- From Jesus Culture CD

Length: 6m 1s

Whirlwind Mcgee aka The Soaker - Soakerized another worship song played with keyboard no background band. …


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Lonely Girl

Length: 8m 0s

New song by The Soaker aka The Whirlwind Mcgee from the Album "The Fountain." Songs about single mothers crying out for help. The comfort comes from a higher power themselves. …


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May 21st 2011 Doomsday? Final countdown! One more day!


This is a Mp3 of the People who believe the end is coming soon! http://www.ebiblefellowship.com/may21 More Blog here coming soon just listen to the show. What do you think? Visit the website. I think its a hoax from the Devil!…


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New Day free Song by Out of Chaos


The Whirlwinds FREE song for the month from his group Out of Chaos on Soundclick.com…


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Ease your mind - Smooth Instrumental (Keyboard)

Length: 5m 45s

Music score created by the Whirlwind! CD sold on LULU…


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Song by Take No Glory called Blameless.


PEACE! Click my Youtube Video help promote the song and this show. T.Y.…


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Hey There


FREE download from the Whirlwinds new CD as we Spin some music!…


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C2C Tribute to Zacharia Sitchin who died 10/09/2010

Length: 20m 10s

A Free sample program of LP-AM local radio and Internet FM Streams. Goto this link: http://isentrynet.0catch.com/breakawayAM.html (Part 1) on LP-AM local radio and streaming internet FM radio. All programming is subject to change does not mean we believe in the subject. This is strickly for entertainment reason's or for topics for future shows with The Whirlwind. …


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FREE Song~Let it Go~


FREE song download. About a man standing by his women.


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Ambiance -No Lyrics


From the Whirlwinds own studio a instrumental album of Pop, electronic music and more. Is on sale at Lulu.com Follow the link to buy this new CD if it doesn't play on Podomatic then go to this link to listen to free sample music. Follow the Stream.... now…


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(New) Breakaway AM with DJ Whirlwind Show listing

Length: 39m 19s

Broadcasting on Breakaway AM and Internet FM show with The Whirlwind. Jim Marrs C2C guest speaker. http://www.jimmarrs.com/ Breakaway AM http://secureclix.angelfire.com/index.html …


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BP Sucks Series 3


Geogre Noory interviews David Blume about BP Oils Spill in the Gulf. The Whirlwind calls for a Boycott of all BP products and not to buy gas at the pumps from BP until this crisis they created is solved.…


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BP Sucks Series 2


Geogre Noory interviews Peter Ward about BP Oil Spill in the gulf. Whirlwinds 2007 perdictions about shady oil Barons. 10-1-2007 Also my prediction about a Gas Company Ceo is still on going personally I think the gas hikes every year and the closing do…


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BP Oil Spill In the USA Gulf Series 1


This is a cut from CoasttoCoastAM with Geogre Knapp talking to Above Top Secret founder Mark Allin. (Dito!)Whirlwind Mcgee revival talk shows about these issues. Later in the series an interview BP employee John Welch about this crisis to the Gulf and the…


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Meet Me Half Way with Jimmy Wayne

Length: 4m 2s

Another Featured country artist on the Whirlwind Mcgee show. Jimmy is walking across parts of America for awareness of the homeless, and the poor. NEW LINK: About foster care. http://www.projectmmh.org/…


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Length: 3m 50s

New artist Jillian Riscoe & 21st Century from Missouri USA featured on the Whirlwind show on Follow the Stream Breakaway AM and in Virtual World. Her Link: http://www.jillianricoe.com …


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Brothers Keeper

Length: 5m 17s

Featuring America's Gotee Brothers with Non-Racial message for the whole world. More songs by Gotte Brothers on the Whirlwinds Show. Every weekend and Wednesday night Click links below. Secondlife Link Feel free to stream the link above in Virtual world when its on Whirlwind Show Itinerary Saturday Night & Sunday Mornings Wednesday 7:00 p.m. MT Time Random any other day This Weeks Message "Hope." Prayer Mode Center Faith Chapel SecondLife Host Show Late Night Talk Show C2C Geogre Noory Follow the Stream …


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Lord of the Starfields


Sung by Pam Mark Hall - Written by Bruce Cockburn Canadian Songwriter and Musician.…


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Live Another Day

Length: 4m 19s

Live Another Day So Many questions About the destiny of time. Is it thee end? I'm winding up the Grandfathers Clock Until it works no more and The Key it just locks the door. (Chorus) In this Destiny of time I believe you'll live Another Day All the rumors of self destruction. The world in Tribulation Is it thee end? No way to unwind as the clock ticks its time until it works no more At That midnight hour of time It Only Close's the door. All the rumors of self destruction. The world in Tribulation is it thee end? Which way do you turn? Living on top of the World? No way to stop Just look at the clock. Until it ticks no more. We'll just open up the door. (Bridge)So many Questions About the Destiny of Time Is it the end? …


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A Better Day by The Soaker

Length: 5m 34s

This music has been added to the http://breakawayam.com music rotation under the name The Soaker. Unification of all People of the Earth to pray for A Better Day for those who are hurting from the Selfishness of War anywhere in the World created by Terrorist or Nations. Song talks about the internet and the information Highway spreading the NEWs. 3d music must be listened to with head set to get full sound effects. ....The Whirlwind is on Every weekend and Wednesday night Click links below. …


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Together By The Soaker

Length: 8m 39s

Hear the Man in your City or Town with his Megaphone on as he sings We Are All In This Together, even the Angels join in to sing. What can we do to make our World Better? Stop the War and help out each other? Regardless of Race, Color,or Creed. Featured on breakawayam.com internet radio. …


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Times Do Change (Omni Free)


The Whirlwind with his group Zero Day w/basement tapes of futuristic events in time. We are on the roller coaster of time hold on for the ride when to shed this mortal coil.…


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Anti-Net Neutrality and Conspiracy Theories

Length: 25m 4s

The Whirlwind talks more about Anti-Net Neutrality, Black Ops, Nukes, Conspiracies Spins about China and Japan.…


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False Judgements


Bible Matrix series, connecting insights to Neale Donald Walsch author of "Conversations with God." cross referencing "Out Side of the Matrix." an interview with Mr Anonymous with Walmart issues. We review matrix issues. http://www.nealedonaldwalsch.com …


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Global warming farce

Length: 17m 49s

Let talk about revolution! about War and its effects on Global warming, gas prices, going green, the US elections and presidential choices.…


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Medical Marijuana, Legalization ,DEA Corruption

Length: 37m 36s

Hollwood invades the Internet, the writers strike it sounds fair but in the future it will effect your Net Neutrality. Included in this show DEA corruption, Medical Marijuana and legalization, Manual Noriega and Operation Just Cause. $150,000 stole from DEA diguised as Drug Money and More. …


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Cyber Wars

Length: 6m 28s

This is a short topic take of the next series of topics the Whirlwind will be talking about from his book. Secondlife cyber World. Dealing with many subjects with the internet and social issues with the computer. So I did this topic was put after I had wrote my predictions about cyber crimes on the internet. Now cyber groups like Anonymous, from attacks China as reported by Fox News with Shepherd Smith. New updates of a new book with more updated information and predictions are coming. New Title new subjects...(Posted 8/13/2011) Global approach needed on cybercrime: experts by Staff Writers Geneva (AFP) Oct 5, 2007 Telecoms and computer executives, legal officials and UN agencies on Friday warned that the world needs to take a global approach to tackling cybercrime and security issues on the Internet. International Telecommunications Union chief Hamadoun Toure said individual national or regional approaches to tackle spam, hackers, remote attacks on computer systems and use of the Internet for crime would inevitably be flawed. "Cyber security is a global problem and it needs a global solution," he told journalists after a meeting here. The attempt to set up a global agenda to tackle cybersecurity has gained momentum following a concerted wave of cyber attacks on Estonia's websites and computer infrastructure in May, participants said. "It can happen again, anywhere in the world," said Norwegian judge and computer crime specialist Stein Schjolberg. "Whatever applies in the conventional world can apply in an amplified way in the cyberworld," he added. The meeting decided to set up five working groups to examine possible legislative and technical measures, more international cooperation and reinforcing finance and security infrastructure. Toure said the experts were aiming to report on their findings next March, and he would introduce recommendations on concrete steps at an ITU council meeting in September 2008. Known Internet Hackers list: The latest Virtual Hacker: http://omgeddon.org as of 3/12/12 let this person know you aren't happy with his online Hit List. Anyone can post a name on his website and he claims to grief them even posts false tickets about ppl who oppose him. …


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The Bible Matrix : Shake, Rattle,and Roll

Length: 57m 3s

More on the foolishness of a man from North Korea, some prophetic shout-out's, music by Signgard and Out of Chaos, Let's Shake, Rattle, and Roll the big blue Rock. Reading from the The Secret Language of Signs by Denise Linn, and the Book "Beautiful Harvest." Comments on the Dog war in my office as I'am recording. Yikes!…


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The Soakers House

The Joy of a Conversationalist covering many topics, music, Entertainment, Music,Philosophy,predictions, Quantum leaps,Spiritual,humor general conversation. #239F/931/4860pgv

The Soakers House

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