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Last update: 2013-06-30

Jimmy Murphy Sr (Choctaw) Part 2


Growing up without a dad was not easy. But it was in the loss of his father that Jimmy came to know God as his Heavenly Father. Listen as he reflects on how that happened, and then explains how that can be true for you too. …


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Jimmy Murphy Sr. (Choctaw) Part 1


It's not often that a boy gets to see his father die. It's even less common to hear someone talk about it. But that's what Jimmy does as he shares what happened the day that his dad unexpectedly took his last breath. What goes on in the heart of a child when they witness something like that? And what does it mean for yet another boy who grows up without a father? …


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Deborah Bradley (Cherokee) Part 2


'Unfortunately, I ended up having to hear my husband at that time tell me that I had to make a choice between him and God. And I told him there was no choice; 'I live for God now,Â’ and he walked out." …


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Deborah Bradley (Cherokee) Part 1


My mom looked down at his boot and said, ‘What is that?Â’ And there was a bulge in his boot and I just remember this... I was very young, but I still remember every detail... and he said, ‘ItÂ’s a gun,Â’ and he pulled it out and he showed it to her. And just in a flash, a shot went out. …


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Ted Murdock (Cree) Part 2


You've heard alcohol referred to as spirits. Have you heard though about spirits leveraging the bottle? No doubt there are some who will admit this, perhaps others have never thought about it. What Ted experienced was frightening beyond imagination on his journey to loose the chains that bound him. …


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Ted Murdock (Cree) Part 1


When alcohol is your master, it effects every part of your life. For some, it comes on slow. But eventually you begin to realize the grip is not you on the bottle, but the bottle on you. Ted speaks candidly of his journey to find something the bottle could not offer. …


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Hazel Hahne (Lakota Sioux)


Hazel grew up on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota. When her family moved to the town of Dupree, she experienced prejudice for the first time. However, at a young age she ended up getting married to a white guy in order to get away from the abuse at home. The result was not what she was expecting. …


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Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache) Part 3


"I never dreamed, I would not have dreamed this life, because it would not have occurred to me that it could happen. But God has opened up doors of ministry and influence and opportunity that are beyond my comprehension, and HeÂ’ll do the same for you." …


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Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache) Part 2


"I had evaluated everything that came into my life, even as a young street urchin. I knew it was all about me, every person that came down the sidewalk, everything that happened to me in my life, immediately my thought was, ‘How was this going to affect me? How do I get benefit out of this?Â’ Just a little con artist, a little manipulator, and totally self-absorbed, maybe by necessity, as all the street urchins are, but thatÂ’s the way I had learned to think and exist." …


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Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache) Part 1


"Danny was the big man on campus. He was the meanest, toughest, most foul-mouthed boy on the ranch, and we all wanted to grow up and be just as tough and mean as he was. But he would kick us around, hit us, yell at us, force us to do his chores and things, just a very mean fellow, but one day Danny just changed, totally without any explanation, without any warning his life changed. His demeanor changed, his vocabulary changed everything about him, and nobody knew what had happened." …


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Cheryl Anquoe-Parnacher (Kiowa) Part 2


She tried everything, and couldn't find peace. She even thought of suicide. It wasn't until she connected with the same thing that her Kiowa ancestors learned that Cheryl found what she was looking for. Listen as she shares the rest of her story. …


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Cheryl Anquoe-Parnacher (Kiowa) Part 1


Cheryl is a Kiowa from Oklahoma City. Her family is originally from Mountain View, OK. In this first part of her story, Cheryl talks about the confusion that resulted from her parents splitting up. She recalls going to church as a child, but as she got older, she chose another way. She got involved in drinking - using it's favors to try to find peace. But it only brought more pain. …


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Gilbert Tracy (Navajo) Part 2


Admitting that he had a problem with alcohol was difficult, but it was necessary. Though his wife stayed by his side and his family stayed together, his drinking had taken it's toll. He felt that he may become another statistic of alcohol. He felt that God was so far from him. But He wasn't. Listen as Gilbert tells how he found forgiveness and restoration. …


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Gilbert Tracy (Navajo) Part 1


"I used to sit on the hillsides back when we had no electricity or running water in our community I grew up in. And I used to gaze into the sky at night and the only friends I had were my dogs. I would sit there on a hill. I'd wonder where, and why and all these things. My sense of belonging... and all these questions were always there." …


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Raymond Muckuk (Ojibwe) Part 2


"It was amazing because of who I was. When that craving was taken away from me, from my drinking, from my fornication, it was just a relief, like I was someone else, someone brand new." …


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Raymond Muckuk (Ojibwe) Part 1


"I was so depressed, and often I would wander off and just walk around in the bush and try to make sense of it all, what life, what it meant. I never felt so lonely in my life, and I had no hope. So I started thinking about suicide; it was the most ugliest place IÂ’ve ever been in and I tried in so many ways to make sense of it, but I couldnÂ’t see it. 'ItÂ’s either kill somebody or kill myself', thatÂ’s what I was thinking. 'How am I going to do this?' So I said, 'Well, IÂ’ll die drunk, because thatÂ’s the only thing IÂ’m good at.' So I made that choice." …


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Charles Paul (Maliseet) Part 3


Charlie's childhood experiences of physical, mental and sexual abuse left him a hating, cold and violent person who for forty years succumbed to the empty life of alcohol, drugs, crime and destruction, until one day God caught his attention, and he discovered the source of real life. …


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Charles Paul (Maliseet) Part 2


Charlie's childhood experiences of physical, mental and sexual abuse left him a hating, cold and violent person who for forty years succumbed to the empty life of alcohol, drugs, crime and destruction, until one day God caught his attention, and he discovered the source of real life. …


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Charles Paul (Maliseet) Part 1


Charlie's childhood experiences of physical, mental and sexual abuse left him a hating, cold and violent person who for forty years succumbed to the empty life of alcohol, drugs, crime and destruction, until one day God caught his attention, and he discovered the source of real life. …


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Darla Shupik (Lakota) Part 2


The drinking and drugs so easily could have taken her life. But somehow she survived. Darla tells about how God turned this broken individual into a new creation. He took away the drinking and drugs, the anger and hatred... and now she's a new person. She gives God all the credit. …


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Darla Shupik (Lakota) Part 1


Darla shares with painful honesty how broken and difficult life was. Hers is a story of simple survival. Abuse, drugs, poverty, anger, hatred... these marked her life. One day she came across an ol' partying friend whose life was now so different. Was it possible that Darla's life could change too? …


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Matthew Backwater (Cherokee) Part 3


"It was like everything he was saying was heÂ’d taken a page out of my life, and he was reading it before everybody and telling me how no matter what IÂ’d done or where IÂ’ve been, God loved me so much that He was going to send His Son to make a way for me to be able to have that relationship with Him that He wanted in the first place." …


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Matthew Backwater (Cherokee) Part 2


"I got sentenced to six years, three years in and three years probation in the prison system, and in prison or jail, itÂ’s all about race. So I hooked up with this Native brother and, you know, I just started doing things that he was doing." …


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Matthew Backwater (Cherokee) Part 1


"The whole time growing up, I always swore that IÂ’d never be like my dad. I was always going to be there. If I had kids, I was always going to be there for them, and when I finally had kids IÂ’d still say that, but you know, even though I was there, they would have been better off if I hadnÂ’t been, because of the things they saw me do. I turned out worse than my dad. I showed them that, 'IÂ’m here, but I care more about getting drunk or high then I do about you.'" …


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Shannon Sanderson (Cree) Part 2


Shannon knows the pain of losing a child. She lost one of her babies five months after he was born. He lived through seven operations, but eventually ended up on life support. Finally, his organs began to shut down. She was faced with the decision to remove the respirator from him. Listen as she explains what happened next. …


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Shannon Sanderson (Cree) Part 1


Shannon is from the James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. When she was young, both her parents were alcoholics Later on they became Christians, but she got into partying. When Shannon found out that she was pregnant, she tried to turn her life around. She didn't want her kids to see the same things she saw when she was a child. …


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Mike Andrews (Tohono O’odham/Quechan) Part 3


Podcast Image"There is a hope in knowing Jesus Christ that our Indian people don’t have to die from alcoholism, they don’t have to die from abuse from f…


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Mike Andrews (Tohono O’odham/Quechan) Part 2


Podcast Image“I don’t like you telling me about your God, and I’m going to kill you.” He pulled out a knife, and I’m thinking, "Lord, here I come; I’m …


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Mike Andrews (Tohono O’odham/Quechan) Part 1


Podcast ImageMike grew up in foster homes and boarding schools, longing to be back with his family. When he got into high school, he learned to play sp…


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Florence Flett (Cree) Part 2


Podcast Image"I didn’t understand until I realized my own sin. All this time I thought I was a good person; I went to church, I didn’t drink, I didn’t …


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Florence Flett (Cree) Part 1


Podcast Image“Flo, you know what happened is that I got saved, I got saved.” Of course he started preaching to me, “You need the Lord too, you need to k…


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Gordon Thayer (Ojibwe) Part 3


Podcast Image"I can’t tell you the freedom I had; the tears of joy start flowing, I was so happy, so glad, the enormous feeling of release, of peace, an…


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Gordon Thayer (Ojibwe) Part 2


Podcast ImageAs tribal chairman, Gordon participated in ceremonies where offerings were made to the spirits, but soon found out that the spirits were no…


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Winnie Bair (Cree)


Podcast ImageHave you ever felt wicked because of what someone else did to you? Winnie knows what it's like. How about losing someone close to your he…


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Carroll Hill (Mohawk)


Podcast Image"I remember this one night, I said, “This is enough of this,” and so I loaded up the rifle when we went to the bush the next day, and I jus…


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Leo Bird (Cherokee)


Podcast Image"We would hear the medicine man begin the countdown to evening time to get ready for the stomp dance. But, even though we all were there, …


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Harlan Dennis (Hopi) Part 2


Podcast ImageHarlan accepted Jesus as his Savior, but it took 5 to 6 years for his family to believe the change in his life was genuine. After observin…


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Harlan Dennis (Hopi) Part 1


Podcast Image"I kept telling my wife that I was going to change my life and start going to church. I was so good at lying, making people believe that w…


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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 4


Podcast ImageJeannie recounts how much of the anger and hurt in her life was a result of the murder of her youngest son at the age of 18, and how she sp…


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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 3


Podcast ImageWhen her husband walked out, Jeannie was about to reach for the bottle to ease her pain, but instead reached out to Jesus. She was driven …


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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 2


Podcast ImageJeannie and her husband were being driven apart by alcohol abuse, and she finally divorced him. When nobody else wanted him, he came back,…


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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 1


Podcast Image Jeannie grew up in an alcoholic home, experiencing much abuse and emerging with a very low opinion of herself. As a young mother of three…


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Randy Boettcher (Metis) Part 2


Podcast ImageWhen he was seventeen, Randy found himself thinking seriously about how he had offended God, and the following year gave his life over to t…


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Randy Boettcher (Metis) Part 1


Podcast ImageRandy grew up in a home where he was loved, but where alcohol was a major influence, and before he was a teen he had begun experimenting wi…


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Florence Wilson (Cree) Part 2


Podcast ImageThe plans Florence had for her future were changed when her sponsorship for training was not approved, but soon she was offered a teaching …


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Florence Wilson (Cree) Part 1


Podcast ImageFlorence has lived her entire life on the Peguis Reserve, except for a period of four years when she attended the residential school at Bir…


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Eric Sinclair (Ojibwe) Part 2


Podcast ImageEric experienced God's intervention as he was on a mission to end his life, and knew it was time to acknowledge God's claim on him. He acc…


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Eric Sinclair (Ojibwe) Part 1


Podcast ImageEric has fond memories of his childhood on the reserve. He heard about Jesus, and felt a desire to accept His gift of salvation, but had n…


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Adrienne Kinney (Cheyenne/Arapaho) Part 2


Podcast ImageWhere was the peace that others seemed to have? As she looked around, she couldn't help but notice. How come she couldn't find it? It se…


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Adrienne Kinney (Cheyenne/Arapaho) Part 1


Podcast ImageAdrienne recalls as a young girl how she was sick at school one day. As they took her home, all she could think about was what they were g…


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Ray Sparklingeyes (Cree) Part 3


Podcast ImageRay recalls how his grandfather told him stories that were handed down from his people... stories that were very scary and brought fear to …


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Ray Sparklingeyes (Cree) Part 2


Podcast Image"... and when I woke up, I was sick. Not only from what I had drank that previous night, but the burden of sin was heavy upon me. And not…


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Ray Sparklingeyes (Cree) Part 1


Podcast ImageRay grew up in northern Alberta. He loved ball games, dances, and the pleasures of life in his youth. But he had no peace. One of his fr…


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Jason French (Cherokee)


Jason French relates the Christmas story from the Bible, the story of the Christ, and tells what it means to him and to everyone who listens. …


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Andrew Nelson (Aleut)


When Andrew's wife decided to put her trust in Jesus, he was very curious. He watched her, and had her tell him what the preacher would say at church. He couldn't get away from the bottle, but he wanted to. He wanted what his wife Nida had found, and …


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Carla McKay (Ojibwe) Part 2


"God gave me the strength to deal with how to deal with having a disability, and having how to deal with my low self-esteem issues, and that life was worth living, and that I didnÂ’t need to end my life and believe SatanÂ’s lie that I wasnÂ’t worth anyth…


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Tom Claus (Mohawk)


New Years Eve is a very special time in the Claus family. It was on that night many years ago that the family gathered together around the radio and heard something that would change their lives forever. Listen as Tom reflects on the significance of th…


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Jimmy Hammonds (Lumbee)


"A friend of mine who I was raised up with came out of church and he said, 'If you keep hanging with your same friends, youÂ’re going to Hell.' That was the first time I realized that I was on my way to Hell, and it was because he brought it to my atten…


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Sophia Harper (Cree) Part 2


"I would just like to let people know that it doesnÂ’t matter what life you have lived or what youÂ’ve done. When you come to Christ, He will forgive if you ask Him to forgive your sins, and God is, Jesus Christ is just waiting for you." …


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Sophia Harper (Cree) Part 1


Sophia grew up without her mom, and her grandmother was the greatest influence of her childhood. Sophia enjoyed caring for her as she grew older, but when grandmother became ill, she sent Sophia away to other family. Feeling in the way, Sophia set out …


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Rick Burnette (Lumbee)


I went up to the car and snatched the car door open and told him get out, but when he got out, he got out with a 357 magnum, and he placed the gun on my forehead and he said, “IÂ’ll blow your brains out.” Me, I didnÂ’t care. I said, “Pull the trigger…


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The Storyteller

The Storyteller is a 15-minute weekly radio program and internet broadcast featuring true stories from First Nations people across North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Don't be fooled, this is not some religious, feel good program. This is real life. It's raw, direct and personal. If you're tired of trying to figure out who we really are, or wonder if there really is hope for something better, you may want to listen to some folks who understand. The Storyteller is heard in more than 280 communities in Canada and the US.

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