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Last update: 2015-03-14

Episode #38


Podcast begin’s with Capone’s pre-show ritual involving a microphone and his ass.
Capone’s favorite tv shows and Discovery channels bullshit cooked reality shows. Then Capone reflect’s on his horny teenage years which included a shit-ton of cheap booze and many unsuccessful attempts at getting laid. Plus Capone’s current favorite track from Joywave is played along with an old School request for “I Need a Freak” from Sexual Harassment. Also Robin Thickes broke ass, Ferguson Missouri, and Militarized local police are discussed on Episode #38 of
The Terrible Truth Podcast!…


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Episode #37


Thanks for all of your emails and support! You have been asking for us to play this clip! Episode #37 begin’s with an oscar worthy performance from Capone imitating his late Father masturbating.
Rapper “Flo Rida” stops by the show to perform! Eventually Capone get’s to your emails. Then remind’s the world of our competition. Enjoy!…


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Episode #36


After 2.5 months on hiatus, Capone returns with the first show of 2015!
Episode #36 of The Terrible Truth Podcast begins with Capone’s groundbreaking discovery that involves his “fitbit” and “fitbit”.
Then... a secret masturbation technique perfected by Capone’s non-dominant hand is explained. Plus William Shatner / Nimoy corpse drama, Deliverance, ABBA and much more on Episode #36 of TheTerribleTruthPodcast! Enjoy!…


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Episode #35


Capone is back from a ridiculous bout with pneumonia and fired up! Welcomes new hater “Lyle” from New Hampshire. Then explains his stance with the whole
Sony Pictures hacker situation.


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Episode #34


Award winning journalist and author of “Shadow People”
Scott Thomas Anderson joins Capone for
Episode #34 of The Terrible Truth Podcast. Enjoy!


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